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The Work of Fire
Author: Maurice Blanchot
Publisher: Stanford University Press
Release Date: 1995
ISBN 10: 9780804724937
Pages: 344 pages

The Work of Fire Book Summary : Maurice Blanchot is arguably the key figure after Sartre in exploring the relation between literature and philosophy. Blanchot developed a distinctive, limpid form of essay writing; these essays, in form and substance, left their imprint on the work of the most influential French theorists. The writings of Barthes, Foucault, and Derrida are unimaginable without Blanchot. Published in French in 1949, The Work of Fire is a collection of twenty-two essays originally published in literary journals. Certain themes recur repeatedly: the relation of literature and language to death; the significance of repetition; the historical, personal, and social function of literature; and simply the question what is at stake in the fact that something such as art or literature exists? Among the authors discussed are Kafka, Mallarme;, Hölderlin, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Sartre, Gide, Pascal, Vale;ry, Hemingway, and Henry Miller.

The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility  and Other Writings on Media
Author: Walter Benjamin
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Release Date: 2008
ISBN 10: 9780674024458
Pages: 426 pages

The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility and Other Writings on Media Book Summary : A series of influential essays on the visual arts that were made possible by machines, and the implications for the future of culture.

Loving What Is
Author: Byron Katie,Stephen Mitchell
Publisher: Harmony
Release Date: 2002-05-07
ISBN 10: 9781400045464
Pages: 352 pages

Loving What Is Book Summary : Out of nowhere, like a cool breeze in a marketplace crowded with advice, comes Byron Katie and “The Work.” In the midst of a normal life, Katie became increasingly depressed, and over a ten-year period sank further into rage, despair, and thoughts of suicide. Then one morning, she woke up in a state of absolute joy, filled with the realization of how her own suffering had ended. The freedom of that realization has never left her, and now in Loving What Is you can discover the same freedom through The Work. The Work is simply four questions that, when applied to a specific problem, enable you to see what is troubling you in an entirely different light. As Katie says, “It’s not the problem that causes our suffering; it’s our thinking about the problem.” Contrary to popular belief, trying to let go of a painful thought never works; instead, once we have done The Work, the thought lets go of us. At that point, we can truly love what is, just as it is. Loving What Is will show you step-by-step, through clear and vivid examples, exactly how to use this revolutionary process for yourself. You’ll see people do The Work with Katie on a broad range of human problems, from a wife ready to leave her husband because he wants more sex, to a Manhattan worker paralyzed by fear of terrorism, to a woman suffering over a death in her family. Many people have discovered The Work’s power to solve problems; in addition, they say that through The Work they experience a sense of lasting peace and find the clarity and energy to act, even in situations that had previously seemed impossible. If you continue to do The Work, you may discover, as many people have, that the questioning flows into every aspect of your life, effortlessly undoing the stressful thoughts that keep you from experiencing peace. Loving What Is offers everything you need to learn and live this remarkable process, and to find happiness as what Katie calls “a lover of reality.”

The Work of Strangers
Author: Peter Stalker,International Labour Office
Publisher: International Labour Organization
Release Date: 1994
ISBN 10: 9789221085218
Pages: 327 pages

The Work of Strangers Book Summary : Includes statistics.

The Work Family Challenge
Author: Suzan Lewis,Jeremy Lewis
Publisher: SAGE
Release Date: 1996-09-28
ISBN 10: 9780803974692
Pages: 175 pages

The Work Family Challenge Book Summary : In The Work-Family Challenge contributors from the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States explore the possibilities of challenging traditional employment structures to take account of contemporary work and family realities. They take a critical look at the notion of `family-friendly' employment, and explore ways in which the rapidly changing needs of both organizations and the workforce can be met. The volume argues that real progress requires moving the focus from specific policies and practices towards more systemic organizational change. It examines the contexts and opportunities - global, international, national, sociopolitical, legal and economic - for this change. The book concludes that positive solution

Author: Piet Vollaard
Publisher: 010 Publishers
Release Date: 2007
ISBN 10: 9064505330
Pages: 264 pages

Prototypes Book Summary :

The Work System Method
Author: Steven Alter
Publisher: Work System Method
Release Date: 2006
ISBN 10: 0977849708
Pages: 280 pages

The Work System Method Book Summary : The Work System Method is an organized approach that every organization can use for: ... Recognizing that systems involve much more than IT ... Describing and understanding systems from a business viewpoint ... Analyzing and improving systems ... Improving communication between business and IT professionals ... Increasing the likelihood of successful implementation ... Understanding the role and limitations of IT.

Twice the Work of Free Labor
Author: Alexander C. Lichtenstein
Publisher: Verso
Release Date: 1996
ISBN 10: 9781859840863
Pages: 264 pages

Twice the Work of Free Labor Book Summary : Twice the Work of Free Labor is both a study of penal labor in the southern United States, and a revisionist analysis of the political economy of the South after the Civil War.

The Work Environment
Author: Doan J. Hansen
Publisher: CRC Press
Release Date: 1991-05-09
ISBN 10: 9780873713030
Pages: 480 pages

The Work Environment Book Summary : This exciting new volume, the first of a multiple volume set, is a thorough introduction to workplace health and safety issues. Its uncomplicated presentation of material makes it a clear presentation for attorneys, teachers, architects, managers, supervisors, union members and others who regularly deal with occupational health and safety issues. Everyone concerned with recognition, evaluation, and control of workplace hazards will want this volume. It addresses topics in occupational health and safety, including worker and community right-to-know issues, worker health and safety training, and other contemporary issues. The book also offers valuable "how-to" information for occupational health and safety professionals. Safety engineers, health physicists, and industrial hygienists will want this book for its coverage of the industrial hygiene field and as a refresher of industrial hygiene principles. Each chapter was written by a practicing occupational health professional and has been integrated into a clear and comprehensive text.

In the Work of Their Hands is Their Prayer
Author: Joel Daehnke
Publisher: Ohio University Press
Release Date: 2003
ISBN 10: 0821415026
Pages: 299 pages

In the Work of Their Hands is Their Prayer Book Summary : "Enlisting works by Mark Twain and Willa Cather, as well as noncanonical sources, such as private journals, Daehnke examines the manner in which the imagery of the human figure at work and play in the frontier landscape participated in the nationalist, "civilizing" project of westward expansion. While acknowledging the growing secularization of American life, Daehnke surveys the continuing claims of the Christian redemptive scheme as a powerful symbolic domain for these writers' reflections on social progress and the potential for human perfectibility in the landscapes of the West."--Jacket.

48 Days to the Work You Love
Author: Dan Miller
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
Release Date: 2010
ISBN 10: 1433669331
Pages: 222 pages

48 Days to the Work You Love Book Summary : Guides people working in jobs they hate on how to make successful career decisions by creating a compass from their natural skills and abilities, personality traits, values, dreams, and passions, directing them to a more fulfilling vocation.

The Attorney client Privilege and the Work product Doctrine
Author: Edna Selan Epstein
Publisher: American Bar Association
Release Date: 2001
ISBN 10: 9781570738890
Pages: 762 pages

The Attorney client Privilege and the Work product Doctrine Book Summary : This third edition has been greatly expanded.There is more pratical guidance, including, for example, precautions that can help ensure, as far as possible, protection of documents from forced discovery.

The Work life Collision
Author: Barbara Pocock
Publisher: Federation Press
Release Date: 2003
ISBN 10: 9781862874756
Pages: 288 pages

The Work life Collision Book Summary : Longer working hours, insecure jobs, child care, declining birth rates, parental leave, the 'mummy track', the success or failure of feminism - the levels of passion, vitriol, despair and guilt these subjects engender attest to the importance Australians place on them, and rightly so. Their effects go beyond how we feel: they affect vital economic and demographic trends. The Work/Life Collision, grounded in thorough quantitative and qualitative research, analyses how these factors affect each other, in particular the collision of work and care and its implications for how we live. Pocock demonstrates how the existing 'work/care' regime that shapes how we live and work has high social costs - for mothers, fathers, families and those who want to be both workers and carers. She weighs the hidden costs of how we live and work now - costs that can be measured in bedrooms, kitchens, workplaces and streetscapes - and in our declining birth rate and embedded gender inequality. The Work/Life Collision goes further than just explaining our growing anxiety about quality of life, despite the evidence of unmatched material wealth. Pocock proposes ways in which a new 'work/care' regime can be built, through: the redistribution of working hours the rehabilitation of degraded and insecure part-time jobs a new system of leave from paid work, and better support for mothers, fathers and all kinds of dependants. She guides us through the real experiences of Australian households and points to a uniquely Australian solution to a fairer world.

Enforcing the Work Ethic
Author: Gale Miller
Publisher: SUNY Press
Release Date: 1991-01-22
ISBN 10: 9780791404249
Pages: 252 pages

Enforcing the Work Ethic Book Summary : This analysis, based on a year’s observation of social relations in a Work Incentive Program (WIC) office, explores the ways in which staff members organize their interactions with clients, coworkers, and supervisors. Miller focuses on rhetoric (persuasive discourse) as a central aspect of everyday work and as a means of analyzing activities and relationships. He shows, for example, how staff members, clients, and supervisors rhetorically define and justify organizational purposes, or typical and preferred organizational solutions to problems. The book offers an alternative image and orientation to low-level human service professionals and emphasizes how they actively participate in the creation and maintenance of troublesome work relationships.

The Work Family Interface
Author: Sampson Lee Blair,Josip Obradović
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
Release Date: 2018-10-29
ISBN 10: 1787691136
Pages: 416 pages

The Work Family Interface Book Summary : This volume focuses upon the complex nature of the work-family interface, and how families around the globe deal with the inherent dilemmas therein. Chapters examine how work affects families in both overt and discrete manners, as well as how family life, in turn, affects paid employment.