The War on Guns

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The War on Guns
Author: John R. Lott
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date: 2016-08-01
ISBN 10: 1621575985
Pages: 256 pages

The War on Guns Book Summary : When it comes to the gun control debate, there are two kinds of data: data that's accurate, and data that left-wing billionaires, politicians, and media want you to believe is accurate. In The War on Guns, economist and gun rights advocate John Lott turns a skeptical eye to well-funded anti-gun studies and stories that perpetuate false statistics to frighten Americans into giving up their guns.

The War on Guns
Author: John R. Lott
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Release Date: 2016-08-01
ISBN 10: 9781621575801
Pages: 256 pages

The War on Guns Book Summary : When it comes to the gun control debate, there are two kinds of data: data that's accurate, and data that left-wing billionaires, liberal politicians, and media want you to believe is accurate. In The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies (Regnery Publishing; $27.99; 978-1621575801), nationally-renowned economist John R. Lott, Jr. turns a skeptical eye to well-funded anti-gun studies and stories that perpetuate false statistics to frighten Americans into giving up their guns. In this, his latest and most important book, The War on Guns, Lott offers the most thorough debunking yet of the so-called “facts,” “data,” and “arguments” of anti-gun advocates, exposing how they have repeatedly twisted or ignored the real evidence, the evidence that of course refutes them on every point. In The War on Guns, you’ll learn: Why gun licenses and background checks don’t stop crime How “gun-free” zones actually attract mass shooters Why Stand Your Ground laws are some of the best crime deterrents we have Women now hold over a quarter of concealed handgun permits How big-money liberal foundations and the federal government are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into “public health” studies, the sole purpose of which is to manufacture false data against guns How media bias and ignorance skew the gun debate—and why it will get worse From 1950-2010, not a single mass public shooting occurred in an area where general civilians are allowed to carry guns

Guns Or People Out Of Control? America's War On Firearms
Author: Henry J. Anderson
Publisher: Healthy Pragmatic Solutions Inc
Release Date: 2020-03-31
ISBN 10:
Pages: 100 pages

Guns Or People Out Of Control? America's War On Firearms Book Summary : ☆★☆ Guns or People out of Control? : The War On Firearms☆★☆ An objective look into the world of guns in America.. Discover the truth behind the WAR on guns Second Amendment Or Gun Reform ? Will monumental change take place and abolish the second amendment infringing on YOUR right to self defense and self preservation of life? Will our historical second amendment right stand firm through these turbulent times? America is the land of hope, freedom, and opportunity. But lately has become center stage of international scrutiny and attention in regards to guns and our way of life. With all this international attention one can only imagine what America may do under the limelight. Our second amendment right apart of the very foundational heritage of this great nation is now being threatened by the people whom once embraced it. Is it really time for gun reform or is there more to the story than meets the eye? What You'll Learn.. · In my book you will discover in which direction America is heading in the midst of controversy · I bring an objective perspective to the table and divulge the facts · We are living in one of the most uncertain times in history! · Empower yourself with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision We are constantly plagued by mass shootings and innocent people die each year due to these preventable tragedies. Are you tired of the constant and meaningless blood shed that goes on in our Country? Are you ready to claim what's rightfully ours, peace, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Can we really collectively reduce gun violence in this nation? Can we really to make America great again? Find YOUR answer now! Together we can bring change! With every purchase made you help support my mission to bring forth truth to a misinformed public. Please help me on my quest to debunk myths, propaganda and lies media feeds the world...

Guns and Gangs
Author: Graeme McLagan
Publisher: Allison & Busby
Release Date: 2013-09-19
ISBN 10: 0749015888
Pages: 304 pages

Guns and Gangs Book Summary : An unprecedented investigation into the shocking realities of gun crime on Britain's streets. Guns and Gangs lifts the lid on a hugely important modern-day problem - an expensive problem both in terms of money and young lives. After terrorism, the single greatest worry for law enforcement agencies is gun crime, and in particular 'black on black' shooting. McLagan has had exclusive access to police files and case histories. Alongside his findings from these records are interviews with police officers, victims and their families, witnesses, lawyers and perpetrators of gun crime. The result is a unique, fascinating and horrifying exposé of the disturbing truth behind this plague on our streets.

More Guns, Less Crime
Author: John R. Lott
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1998
ISBN 10:
Pages: 225 pages

More Guns, Less Crime Book Summary : Argues the position that more guns mean less crime, presenting an analysis of FBI crime statistics that disprove many commonly-held assumptions about gun control and its crime-fighting efficacy

The Global War on Your Guns
Author: N.A
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date:
ISBN 10: 1418551805
Pages: 329 pages

The Global War on Your Guns Book Summary :

Empire of Guns
Author: Priya Satia
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: 2018-04-10
ISBN 10: 0735221871
Pages: 544 pages

Empire of Guns Book Summary : NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF 2018 BY THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE AND SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE By a prize-winning young historian, an authoritative work that reframes the Industrial Revolution, the expansion of British empire, and emergence of industrial capitalism by presenting them as inextricable from the gun trade "A fascinating and important glimpse into how violence fueled the industrial revolution, Priya Satia's book stuns with deep scholarship and sparkling prose."--Siddhartha Mukherjee, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Emperor of All Maladies We have long understood the Industrial Revolution as a triumphant story of innovation and technology. Empire of Guns, a rich and ambitious new book by award-winning historian Priya Satia, upends this conventional wisdom by placing war and Britain's prosperous gun trade at the heart of the Industrial Revolution and the state's imperial expansion. Satia brings to life this bustling industrial society with the story of a scandal: Samuel Galton of Birmingham, one of Britain's most prominent gunmakers, has been condemned by his fellow Quakers, who argue that his profession violates the society's pacifist principles. In his fervent self-defense, Galton argues that the state's heavy reliance on industry for all of its war needs means that every member of the British industrial economy is implicated in Britain's near-constant state of war. Empire of Guns uses the story of Galton and the gun trade, from Birmingham to the outermost edges of the British empire, to illuminate the nation's emergence as a global superpower, the roots of the state's role in economic development, and the origins of our era's debates about gun control and the "military-industrial complex" -- that thorny partnership of government, the economy, and the military. Through Satia's eyes, we acquire a radically new understanding of this critical historical moment and all that followed from it. Sweeping in its scope and entirely original in its approach, Empire of Guns is a masterful new work of history -- a rigorous historical argument with a human story at its heart.

The Guns of War
Author: George G. Blackburn
Publisher: Constable
Release Date: 2000
ISBN 10:
Pages: 1017 pages

The Guns of War Book Summary : This text is one of the rare first-hand accounts to come out of this period of the war and covers the Battle of Caen, the closing of the Falaise pocket, through to the crossing of the Seine.

We Don't Play with Guns Here
Author: Penny Holland
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
Release Date: 2003-04-01
ISBN 10: 0335225780
Pages: 134 pages

We Don't Play with Guns Here Book Summary : War, weapon and superhero play has been banned in many early childhood settings for over 30 years. This book explores the development and application of a zero tolerance approach through the eyes of children and practitioners.

The Guns at Last Light
Author: Rick Atkinson
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
Release Date: 2013-05-14
ISBN 10: 142994367X
Pages: 896 pages

The Guns at Last Light Book Summary : #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The magnificent conclusion to Rick Atkinson's acclaimed Liberation Trilogy about the Allied triumph in Europe during World War II It is the twentieth century's unrivaled epic: at a staggering price, the United States and its allies liberated Europe and vanquished Hitler. In the first two volumes of his bestselling Liberation Trilogy, Rick Atkinson recounted how the American-led coalition fought through North Africa and Italy to the threshold of victory. Now, in The Guns at Last Light, he tells the most dramatic story of all—the titanic battle for Western Europe. D-Day marked the commencement of the final campaign of the European war, and Atkinson's riveting account of that bold gamble sets the pace for the masterly narrative that follows. The brutal fight in Normandy, the liberation of Paris, the disaster that was Operation Market Garden, the horrific Battle of the Bulge, and finally the thrust to the heart of the Third Reich—all these historic events and more come alive with a wealth of new material and a mesmerizing cast of characters. Atkinson tells the tale from the perspective of participants at every level, from presidents and generals to war-weary lieutenants and terrified teenage riflemen. When Germany at last surrenders, we understand anew both the devastating cost of this global conflagration and the enormous effort required to win the Allied victory. With the stirring final volume of this monumental trilogy, Atkinson's accomplishment is manifest. He has produced the definitive chronicle of the war that unshackled a continent and preserved freedom in the West. One of The Washington Post's Top 10 Books of the Year A Kirkus Reviews Best Nonfiction Book of 2013

Guns of the Civil War
Author: N.A
Publisher: Zenith Press
Release Date: 2011-03-28
ISBN 10: 0760339716
Pages: 352 pages

Guns of the Civil War Book Summary : "Featuring guns photographed by Dennis Adler from the Mike Clark/Collector's Firearms Collection; the Dr. Joseph A. Murphy Collection; and the Dennis LeVett Collection, with additional photography provided by the Rock Island Auction Company Archives."

Licensed to Kill
Author: Robert Young Pelton
Publisher: Broadway Books
Release Date: 2006-08-29
ISBN 10: 9780307345455
Pages: 288 pages

Licensed to Kill Book Summary : Robert Young Pelton first became aware of the phenomenon of hired guns in the War on Terror when he met a covert team of contractors on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border in the fall of 2003. Pelton soon embarked on a globe-spanning odyssey to penetrate and understand this shadowy world, ultimately delivering stunning insights into the way private soldiers are used. Enter a blood-soaked world of South African mercenaries and tribal fighters backed by ruthless financiers. Drop into Baghdad’s Green Zone, strap on body armor, and take a daily high-speed ride with a doomed crew of security contractors who dodge car bombs and snipers just to get their charges to the airport. Share a drink in a chic hotel bar with wealthy owners of private armies who debate the best way to stay alive in war zones. Licensed to Kill spans four continents and three years, taking us inside the CIA’s dirty wars; the brutal contractor murders in Fallujah and the Alamo-like sieges in Najaf and Al Kut; the Deep South contractor training camps where ex–Special Operations soldiers and even small town cops learn the ropes; the contractor conventions where macho attendees swap bullet-punctuated tales and discuss upcoming gigs; and the grim Central African prison where contractors turned failed mercenaries pay a steep price. The United States has encouraged the use of the private sector in all facets of the War on Terror, placing contractors outside the bounds of functional legal constraints. With the shocking clarity that can come only from firsthand observation, Licensed to Kill painstakingly deconstructs the most controversial events and introduces the pivotal players. Most disturbingly, it shows that there are indeed thousands of contractors—with hundreds more being produced every month—who’ve been given a license to kill, their services available to the highest bidder. From the Hardcover edition.

Where the Hell Are the Guns?
Author: George Blackburn
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Release Date: 2012-05-08
ISBN 10: 155199464X
Pages: 329 pages

Where the Hell Are the Guns? Book Summary : In Where the Hell Are the Guns?, author George Blackburn returns to the early years of the Second World War. This volume – which completes Blackburn’s award-winning trilogy, extending its coverage to the entire war – brings wartime Canada and England to life in captivating, often comic, detail. With the skill of a novelist and the instincts of a seasoned reporter, this gifted storyteller traces the evolution of Canada’s 4th Field Regiment from a motley assortment of ill-equipped recruits to the cream of the Allied artillery, more than ready to distinguish itself in the maelstrom of the battle for Normandy. The Second World War comes to a generation of Canadians one sunny September weekend in 1939. It is a Canada woefully unprepared for conflict, and 4th Field Regiment is rapidly assembled from a grab-bag of volunteers from all walks of life – many of them mavericks and misfits from a depression-ravaged land. The regiment passes its first year in Canada in makeshift accommodation, including hastily converted stables and pigsties in the exhibition grounds of Ottawa and Toronto. For the first few months the soldiers must wear incomplete and moth-eaten uniforms from the Great War, and their early training is conducted using obsolete equipment or no equipment at all. One year into the war, the regiment arrives in England without weapons or vehicles, and a month later, with Britain moving toward the greatest crisis in her history, the regiment is finally equipped with guns – French ones with wooden wheels, dating from 1898. From these inauspicious beginnings, the regiment slowly evolves – with mishap and occasionally mayhem along the way – into a proud and polished regiment, which in 1942 is declared “the best field regiment in Britain.” By the time the Allied troops land on the beaches in Normandy, the boys of 4th Field are more than ready to go to war. From the Hardcover edition.

Targeting Guns
Author: Gary Kleck
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
Release Date:
ISBN 10: 9780202369419
Pages: 450 pages

Targeting Guns Book Summary : This new paperback comprehensively reviews the research evidence on the links between guns, violence, and gun control, and reports results of the author's own research as well. In Targeting Guns, Kleck follows the line of argument and careful statistical inference of his earlier prizewinning volume, Point Blank, while updating the literature reviews and statistical information, and adding two chapters.

America's Gun Wars: A Cultural History of Gun Control in the United States
Author: Donald J. Campbell
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Release Date: 2019-04-30
ISBN 10: 1440870306
Pages: 180 pages

America's Gun Wars: A Cultural History of Gun Control in the United States Book Summary : This book examines the controversies surrounding gun control, which are less about whether it "works" and more about whether the nation should prioritize traditional values of rugged independence or newer values of communitarian interdependence. • Presents an unbiased analysis and explanation of the gun control/gun rights debate • Examines the controversy in a broad historical perspective, illustrating how large social forces and prominent personalities helped to shape differing attitudes and cultures • Explains the broader social context surrounding the debate, rendering the subject more easily understandable • Highlights chapter material with documents, making it a useful resource for academic discussion or further scholarly research