The Like Switch

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The Like Switch
Author: Jack Schafer,Marvin Karlins
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date: 2015-01-13
ISBN 10: 1476754489
Pages: 270 pages

The Like Switch Book Summary : Offers advice and strategies for readers to get others to like them, assess truthfulness, and read the body behavior of others.

The Like Switch
Author: Jack Schafer,Marvin Karlins
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date: 2015-01-13
ISBN 10: 1476754500
Pages: 288 pages

The Like Switch Book Summary : From a former FBI Special Agent specializing in behavior analysis and recruiting spies comes a handbook filled with his proven strategies on how to instantly read people and influence how they perceive you, so you can easily turn on the like switch. The Like Switch is packed with all the tools you need for turning strangers into friends, whether you are on a sales call, a first date, or a job interview. As a Special Agent for the FBI’s National Security Division’s Behavioral Analysis Program, Dr. Jack Schafer developed dynamic and breakthrough strategies for profiling terrorists and detecting deception. Now, Dr. Schafer has evolved his proven-on-the-battlefield tactics for the day-to-day, but no less critical battle of getting people to like you. In The Like Switch, he presents these techniques for how you can influence, attract, and win people over. Learn how to think and react like your favorite TV investigators from Criminal Minds or CSI as Dr. Schafer shows you how to improve your LQ (Likeability Quotient), “spot the lie” both in person and online, master nonverbal cues that influence how people perceive you, and turn up or turn down the intensity of a relationship. Dr. Schafer cracks the code on making great first impressions, building lasting relationships, and understanding others’ behavior to learn what they really think about you. With tips and techniques that hold the key to taking control of your communications, interactions, and relationships, The Like Switch shows you how to read others and get people to like you for a moment or a lifetime.

The Truth Detector
Author: Jack Schafer
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date: 2020-10-06
ISBN 10: 1982139129
Pages: 288 pages

The Truth Detector Book Summary : This paradigm shifting how-to guide effortlessly teaches you how to outwit liars and get them to reveal the truth—from former FBI agent and author of the “practical and insightful” (William Ury, coauthor of Getting to Yes) bestseller The Like Switch. Unlike many other books on lie detection and behavioral analysis, this revolutionary guide reveals the FBI-developed practice of elicitation, the field-tested technique for encouraging people to provide information they would otherwise keep secret. Now you can learn this astonishing method directly from the expert who created this technique and pioneered it for the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program. Filled with easy-to-follow, accessible lessons reinforced by fascinating stories of how to put these skills into action using natural human behaviors, The Truth Detector shows you all of the tips and techniques you need to gain someone’s trust and get liars to reveal the truth.

Author: Chip Heath,Dan Heath
Publisher: Currency
Release Date: 2010-02-16
ISBN 10: 030759016X
Pages: 320 pages

Switch Book Summary : Why is it so hard to make lasting changes in our companies, in our communities, and in our own lives? The primary obstacle is a conflict that's built into our brains, say Chip and Dan Heath, authors of the critically acclaimed bestseller Made to Stick. Psychologists have discovered that our minds are ruled by two different systems - the rational mind and the emotional mind—that compete for control. The rational mind wants a great beach body; the emotional mind wants that Oreo cookie. The rational mind wants to change something at work; the emotional mind loves the comfort of the existing routine. This tension can doom a change effort - but if it is overcome, change can come quickly. In Switch, the Heaths show how everyday people - employees and managers, parents and nurses - have united both minds and, as a result, achieved dramatic results: • The lowly medical interns who managed to defeat an entrenched, decades-old medical practice that was endangering patients • The home-organizing guru who developed a simple technique for overcoming the dread of housekeeping • The manager who transformed a lackadaisical customer-support team into service zealots by removing a standard tool of customer service In a compelling, story-driven narrative, the Heaths bring together decades of counterintuitive research in psychology, sociology, and other fields to shed new light on how we can effect transformative change. Switch shows that successful changes follow a pattern, a pattern you can use to make the changes that matter to you, whether your interest is in changing the world or changing your waistline.

Work Like a Spy
Author: J. C. Carleson
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: 2013-02-07
ISBN 10: 110160817X
Pages: 208 pages

Work Like a Spy Book Summary : “The book you are holding will fundamentally change the way you look at the collection, compartmentalization, analysis, distribution, application, and protection of intelligence in your business. J. C. Carleson’s presentation of years of spy tradecraft will make you a more effective force within your organization.” —James Childers, CEO, ASG Global, Inc. When J. C. Carleson left the corporate world to join the CIA, she expected an adventure, and she found it. Her assignments included work in Iraq as part of a weapons of mass destruction search team, travels throughout Afghanistan, and clandestine encounters with foreign agents around the globe. What she didn’t expect was that the skills she acquired from the CIA would be directly applicable to the private sector. It turns out that corporate America can learn a lot from spies—not only how to respond to crises but also how to achieve operational excellence. Carleson found that the CIA gave her an increased understanding of human nature, new techniques for eliciting informa­tion, and improved awareness of potential security problems, adding up to a powerful edge in business. Using real examples from her experiences, Carle-son explains how working like a spy can teach you the principles of: Targeting—figuring out who you need to know and how to get to them Elicitation—a subtle way to get the answers you need without even asking a question Counterintelligence—how to determine if your organization is unwittingly leaking information Screening—CIA recruiters’ methods for finding and hiring the right people The methods developed by the CIA are all about getting what you want from other peo­ple. In a business context, these techniques apply to seeking a new job, a promotion, a big sale, an advantageous regulatory ruling, and countless other situations. As Carleson writes, “In a world where infor­mation has a price, it pays to be vigilant.” Her book will show you how.

Psychological Narrative Analysis
Author: Jack Schafer
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher
Release Date: 2019-05-29
ISBN 10: 039809280X
Pages: 284 pages

Psychological Narrative Analysis Book Summary : This expanded new edition continues the theme of the first edition of emphasizing the ground-breaking research that examined the grammatical differences between truthful and deceptive narratives. This Psychological Narrative Analysis (PNA) is a robust program that tests truthfulness in both written and oral communications and provides clues to the communication styles and behavioral characteristics of others. PNA techniques allow people to peer into the hearts and minds of others to discover what they are thinking and evaluate the veracity of what they say. This second edition significantly updates the material in the first edition. New research in the area of detecting deception and oral communications and written statements increases annually. As the research increases, so does the need for more advanced tools to detect deception. This new text thoroughly advances the techniques previously offered. Several new chapters have been added to expand the breadth of the text. New chapters include the placement of emotions in written statements, words and phrases that signal deception, and detecting deception over the telephone. Also included in this new edition are more examples to demonstrate how the PNA techniques work and how to master them. Substantial appendices review the PNA of written and oral communications, along with practice statements for the reader, followed by a PNA of those exercises. Written in a style law enforcement professionals prefer, this book continues to serve as an authoritative and unique resource.

The Dictionary of Body Language
Author: Joe Navarro
Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date: 2018-08-21
ISBN 10: 0062846868
Pages: 208 pages

The Dictionary of Body Language Book Summary : From the world’s #1 body language expert* comes the essential book for decoding human behavior Joe Navarro has spent a lifetime observing others. For 25 years, as a Special Agent for the FBI, he conducted and supervised interrogations of spies and other dangerous criminals, honing his mastery of nonverbal communication. After retiring from the bureau, he has become a sought-after public speaker and consultant, and an internationally bestselling author. Now, a decade after his groundbreaking book What Every BODY is Saying, Navarro returns with his most ambitious work yet. The Dictionary of Body Language is a pioneering “field guide” to nonverbal communication, describing and explaining the more than 400 behaviors that will allow you to gauge anyone’s true intentions. Moving from the head down to the feet, Navarro reveals the hidden meanings behind the many conscious and subconscious things we do. Readers will learn how to tell a person’s actual feelings from subtle changes in their pupils; the lip behaviors that betray concerns or hidden information; the many different varieties of arm posturing, and what each one means; how the position of our thumbs when we stand akimbo reflects our mental state; and many other fascinating insights to help you both read others and change their perceptions of you. Readers will turn to The Dictionary Body Language again and again—a body language bible for anyone looking to understand what their boss really means, interpret whether a potential romantic partner is interested or not, and learn how to put themselves forward in the most favorable light. *

The Light Switch
Author: James Moore
Publisher: Evergreen Press (AL)
Release Date: 2014-10-19
ISBN 10: 9781581695656
Pages: 329 pages

The Light Switch Book Summary : When God created the world, He turned on the light with the light of His presence. When man sinned, God withdrew His presence and turned out the light. But He gives everyone the opportunity to turn on the Light in their life. That Light is Jesus Christ. Unfortunately most of the world is still stumbling in a dark room, desperately needing someone to lead them to the Light. James demonstrates, through true stories of his military victories and failures, how individual Christians can take strategic ground and influence it for the Kingdom of God. The Light Switch is a call to creatively reach all those whom God has placed in our lives.

How To Control Your Anxiety Before It Controls You
Author: Albert Ellis
Publisher: Citadel Press
Release Date: 2016-07-01
ISBN 10: 080653804X
Pages: 256 pages

How To Control Your Anxiety Before It Controls You Book Summary : “No individual—not even Freud himself—has had a greater impact on modern psychotherapy.” --Psychology Today CLASSIC SELF-HELP FROM A RESPECTED PIONEER OF PSYCHOTHERAPY From social anxiety to phobias to post-traumatic stress disorder, sources of anxiety in daily life are numerous, and can have a powerful impact on your future. By following the rules of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), created by world renowned therapist Dr. Albert Ellis, you can stop anxiety in its tracks if you will admit this important fact: Things and people do not make you anxious. You do. Your unrealistic expectations produce your needless anxiety. Yet not all anxiety is needless... Healthy anxiety can ward off dangers and make you aware of negative things that you can change. Unhealthy anxiety inhibits you from enjoying everyday activities and relationships, causes you to perform poorly, and blocks your creativity. Using the easy-to-master, proven precepts of REBT, this classic book not only helps you distinguish between healthy and unhealthy anxiety, but teaches you how to: •Understand and dispute the irrational beliefs that make you anxious •Use a variety of exercises, including rational coping self-statements, reframing, problem-solving methods, and Unconditional Self-Acceptance (USA), to control your anxiety •Apply over 200 maxims to control your anxious thinking as well as your bodily reactions to anxiety ...and much more, including examples from dozens of cases Dr. Ellis treated successfully. Now you can overcome the crippling effects of anxiety—and increase your prospects for success, pleasure, and happiness at home and in the workplace.

The Charisma Myth
Author: Olivia Fox Cabane
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: 2012-03-29
ISBN 10: 1101560304
Pages: 272 pages

The Charisma Myth Book Summary : What if charisma could be taught? For the first time, science and technology have taken charisma apart, figured it out and turned it into an applied science: In controlled laboratory experiments, researchers could raise or lower people's level of charisma as if they were turning a dial. What you'll find here is practical magic: unique knowledge, drawn from a variety of sciences, revealing what charisma really is and how it works. You'll get both the insights and the techniques you need to apply this knowledge. The world will become your lab, and every person you meet, a chance to experiment. The Charisma Myth is a mix of fun stories, sound science, and practical tools. Cabane takes a hard scientific approach to a heretofore mystical topic, covering what charisma actually is, how it is learned, what its side effects are, and how to handle them.

It s a Jungle in There
Author: Steven Schussler
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated
Release Date: 2012-02-07
ISBN 10: 9781402792779
Pages: 245 pages

It s a Jungle in There Book Summary : Drawing on his own success in building a profitable restaurant business, the author discusses finding new methods of creativity to help achieve success in business, including self-branding and developing strategic partnerships.

Face Value
Author: Alexander Todorov
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Release Date: 2017-05-30
ISBN 10: 1400885728
Pages: 336 pages

Face Value Book Summary : The scientific story of first impressions—and why the snap character judgments we make from faces are irresistible but usually incorrect We make up our minds about others after seeing their faces for a fraction of a second—and these snap judgments predict all kinds of important decisions. For example, politicians who simply look more competent are more likely to win elections. Yet the character judgments we make from faces are as inaccurate as they are irresistible; in most situations, we would guess more accurately if we ignored faces. So why do we put so much stock in these widely shared impressions? What is their purpose if they are completely unreliable? In this book, Alexander Todorov, one of the world's leading researchers on the subject, answers these questions as he tells the story of the modern science of first impressions. Drawing on psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, computer science, and other fields, this accessible and richly illustrated book describes cutting-edge research and puts it in the context of the history of efforts to read personality from faces. Todorov describes how we have evolved the ability to read basic social signals and momentary emotional states from faces, using a network of brain regions dedicated to the processing of faces. Yet contrary to the nineteenth-century pseudoscience of physiognomy and even some of today's psychologists, faces don't provide us a map to the personalities of others. Rather, the impressions we draw from faces reveal a map of our own biases and stereotypes. A fascinating scientific account of first impressions, Face Value explains why we pay so much attention to faces, why they lead us astray, and what our judgments actually tell us.

Pro Git
Author: Scott Chacon,Ben Straub
Publisher: Apress
Release Date: 2014-11-18
ISBN 10: 1484200764
Pages: 419 pages

Pro Git Book Summary : Pro Git (Second Edition) is your fully-updated guide to Git and its usage in the modern world. Git has come a long way since it was first developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development. It has taken the open source world by storm since its inception in 2005, and this book teaches you how to use it like a pro. Effective and well-implemented version control is a necessity for successful web projects, whether large or small. With this book you’ll learn how to master the world of distributed version workflow, use the distributed features of Git to the full, and extend Git to meet your every need. Written by Git pros Scott Chacon and Ben Straub, Pro Git (Second Edition) builds on the hugely successful first edition, and is now fully updated for Git version 2.0, as well as including an indispensable chapter on GitHub. It’s the best book for all your Git needs.

Why We Sleep
Author: Matthew Walker
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date: 2017-10-03
ISBN 10: 1501144316
Pages: 360 pages

Why We Sleep Book Summary : "Sleep is one of the most important but least understood aspects of our life, wellness, and longevity ... An explosion of scientific discoveries in the last twenty years has shed new light on this fundamental aspect of our lives. Now ... neuroscientist and sleep expert Matthew Walker gives us a new understanding of the vital importance of sleep and dreaming"

The Grey Avengers
Author: Marvin Karlins
Publisher: Gollehon Books
Release Date: 1993
ISBN 10: 9780914839316
Pages: 250 pages

The Grey Avengers Book Summary : Karlins, a bestselling author and Princeton psychologist, bases his new novel on his studies of age discrimination and eldery, a retired military intelligence officer puts his skills back to work--and his squadron back together--to rid the nation of those who prey on the elderly--"targets of opportunity". (Gollehon Books)

How to Be Fine
Author: Jolenta Greenberg,Kristen Meinzer
Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date: 2020-03-17
ISBN 10: 006295721X
Pages: 256 pages

How to Be Fine Book Summary : A humorous and insightful look into what advice works, what doesn’t, and what it means to transform yourself, by the co-hosts of the popular By the Book podcast. In each episode of their podcast By the Book, Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer take a deep dive into a different self-help book, following its specific instructions, rules, and advice to the letter. From diet and productivity to decorating to social interactions, they try it all, record themselves along the way, then share what they’ve learned with their devoted and growing audience of fans who tune in. In How to Be Fine, Jolenta and Kristen synthesize the lessons and insights they’ve learned and share their experiences with everyone. How to Be Fine is a thoughtful look at the books and practices that have worked, real talk on those that didn’t, and a list of philosophies they want to see explored in-depth. The topics they cover include: Getting off your device Engaging in positive self-talk Downsizing Admitting you’re a liar Meditation Going outside Getting in touch with your emotions Seeing a therapist Before they began their podcast, Jolenta wanted to believe the promises of self-help books, while Kristen was very much the skeptic. They embraced their differences of opinion, hoping they’d be good for laughs and downloads. But in the years since launching the By the Book, they’ve come to realize their show is about much more than humor. In fact, reading and following each book’s advice has actually changed and improved their lives. Thanks to the show, Kristen penned the Amish romance novel she’d always joked about writing, traveled back to her past lives, and she broached some difficult conversations with her husband about their marriage. Jolenta finally memorized her husband’s phone number, began tracking her finances, and fell in love with cutting clutter. Part memoir, part prescriptive handbook, this honest, funny, and heartfelt guide is like a warm soul-baring conversation with your closest and smartest friends.

Take a Hint  Dani Brown
Author: Talia Hibbert
Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date: 2020-06-23
ISBN 10: 0062941259
Pages: 400 pages

Take a Hint Dani Brown Book Summary : One of Oprah Magazine's 21 Romance Novels That Are Set to Be the Best of 2020 USA Today bestselling author Talia Hibbert returns with another charming romantic comedy about a young woman who agrees to fake date her friend after a video of him “rescuing” her from their office building goes viral... Danika Brown knows what she wants: professional success, academic renown, and an occasional roll in the hay to relieve all that career-driven tension. But romance? Been there, done that, burned the T-shirt. Romantic partners, whatever their gender, are a distraction at best and a drain at worst. So Dani asks the universe for the perfect friend-with-benefits—someone who knows the score and knows their way around the bedroom. When big, brooding security guard Zafir Ansari rescues Dani from a workplace fire drill gone wrong, it’s an obvious sign: PhD student Dani and former rugby player Zaf are destined to sleep together. But before she can explain that fact to him, a video of the heroic rescue goes viral. Suddenly, half the internet is shipping #DrRugbae—and Zaf is begging Dani to play along. Turns out his sports charity for kids could really use the publicity. Lying to help children? Who on earth would refuse? Dani’s plan is simple: fake a relationship in public, seduce Zaf behind the scenes. The trouble is, grumpy Zaf is secretly a hopeless romantic—and he’s determined to corrupt Dani’s stone-cold realism. Before long, he’s tackling her fears into the dirt. But the former sports star has issues of his own, and the walls around his heart are as thick as his... um, thighs. The easy lay Dani dreamed of is now more complex than her thesis. Has her wish backfired? Is her focus being tested? Or is the universe just waiting for her to take a hint? “Talia Hibbert is a rockstar! Her writing is smart, funny, and sexy..." - Meg Cabot, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Little Bridge Island and Princess Diaries series

It s Not All about  me
Author: Robin Dreeke
Publisher: Lightning Source Incorporated
Release Date: 2011
ISBN 10: 9780578096650
Pages: 101 pages

It s Not All about me Book Summary : "This pocket manual is a work book that will present how to build strong, unbreakable bonds, and how to build rapport with anyone" -- from the author.

Switch Back
Author: Steve K. S. Grey
Publisher: CreateSpace
Release Date: 2015-10-28
ISBN 10: 9781518786532
Pages: 144 pages

Switch Back Book Summary : For Steve Grey growing up, abuse and uncertainty was all he ever knew. Pulled out of a difficult family upbringing when he was only a child, Steve jumped from children's home to children's home, rarely ever escaping the after-effects of the trauma that defined much of his early years. Unfortunately, the type of suffering Grey endured doesn't just get to be wiped away, as Switch Back examines how his childhood abuse also manifested itself in his adult life in ways he could have never imagined. In a personal collection of memoirs, Grey recites the most pivotal moments of his challenging upbringing, focusing on the developments that occurred from childhood, and the reverberations that are still felt to this very day. Through musings and reflections, the heart-breaking story of Switch Back delves into some of the darkest times of Grey's life, yet the optimism in which these traumatic episodes are discussed makes for a truly inspirational tale of personal drive and discovery. With Switch Back, author Steve Grey dives deep into harrowing personal experiences, offering insight for those who may have suffered through similar episodes. While difficult to overcome at the time, Grey has since moved past the memories that haunted him in much of his developing life, with a new-found goal to use those same experiences to make sure abuse like this never happens again. With this novel, Grey offers a hand to anyone who has found themselves in a similar situation, primed with one key message in particular: you are not alone.

The Switch
Author: Lilith Tempest
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date: 2017-09-02
ISBN 10: 9781973739722
Pages: 260 pages

The Switch Book Summary : Control. Freedom. Power. Hunter has everything - dream job, beautiful home, a woman he adores and who adores him. But he wants more. Needs more. What do you give the man who has everything? Nothing. You take something away - take away the most important thing he has - control. He doesn't know what he's getting himself into. Neither does his girlfriend, Kelly Ann, but the thrill of the new power she wields will soon throw them both over the edge of the cliff they only vaguely knew as desire. Ropes, chains, blindfolds and the thrill of the tease combine in this witty and steamy tale meant to bring more than just Hunter to his knees. Dive in, indulge, and give up control to Lilith Tempest as she leads you to the very edge of everything you thought you knew as pleasure. This is Lilith Tempest's first written work of fiction. She is a loving mother, devoted wife, and skilled lover bringing her adventures to you.