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Author: Marissa Meyer
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Release Date: 2019-11-05
ISBN 10: 1250220165
Pages: 560 pages

Supernova Book Summary : All's fair in love and anarchy in Supernova, the epic conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Marissa Meyer's thrilling Renegades Trilogy This volume sees Nova and Adrian struggling to keep their secret identities concealed while the battle rages on between their alter egos, their allies, and their greatest fears come to life. Secrets, lies, and betrayals are revealed as anarchy once again threatens to reclaim Gatlon City.

Author: Kass Morgan
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Release Date: 2019-10-01
ISBN 10: 0316510491
Pages: 368 pages

Supernova Book Summary : Kass Morgan, New York Times bestselling author of The 100, once again delivers pulse-pounding action and glittering romance in this thrilling sequel to Light Years. Tensions are rising between the Quatrans and the Specters, and the Quatra Fleet is gearing up for an epic fight. With a galaxy on the brink of war and loyalties divided, the friendship of four cadets will be tested. Orelia has been arrested for espionage, and her future is looking bleak . . . until the Quatrans make her a surprising offer that could save her life--and the lives of everyone in the galaxy. Reeling from his breakup, Arran finds comfort in a sympathetic boy from Loos, someone who understands how hard it can be to fit in. But is it enough for Arran to forget his heartbreak? Cormak's position at the Academy is finally secure. But when someone discovers his treasonous secret, it jeopardizes everything he's fought for, including his relationship with the person he cares about most. And Vesper is ready to become a superstar officer . . . until she uncovers a conspiracy that shakes her faith in the Quatra Fleet to its core. As secret machinations come to light, these cadets will be forced to overcome their differences and band together to restore peace to their worlds.

Supernovae and Supernova Remnants
Author: International Astronomical Union. Colloquium,International Astronomical Union
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Release Date: 1996-03-21
ISBN 10: 9780521460804
Pages: 431 pages

Supernovae and Supernova Remnants Book Summary : A comprehensive and timely review of studies of supernovae and supernova remnants.

The Supernova Story
Author: Laurence A. Marschall
Publisher: Springer
Release Date: 2013-11-11
ISBN 10: 1489963014
Pages: 296 pages

The Supernova Story Book Summary :

The Supernova Advisor
Author: Robert D. Knapp
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Release Date: 2010-12-17
ISBN 10: 9781118039502
Pages: 160 pages

The Supernova Advisor Book Summary : The Supernova Model is a client service, client acquisition, and practice management model that drives an explosive acceleration in revenue and client satisfaction by capitalizing upon the 80/20 Rule. First implemented by financial advisors at Merrill Lynch—under the leadership of author Rob Knapp—it has grown increasingly popular within the financial services industry. The Supernova Advisor skillfully outlines this proven model and reveals how it can be used to create an exceptional experience for your clients, while significantly growing your business.

Open Issues in Core Collapse Supernova Theory
Author: Anthony Mezzacappa,George Michael Fuller
Publisher: World Scientific
Release Date: 2005
ISBN 10: 9812563148
Pages: 460 pages

Open Issues in Core Collapse Supernova Theory Book Summary : Efforts to uncover the explosion mechanism of core collapse supernovae and to understand all of their associated phenomena have been ongoing for nearly four decades. Despite this, our theoretical understanding of these cosmic events remains limited; two- and three-dimensional modeling of these events is in its infancy. Most of the modeling efforts over the past four decades have, by necessity, been constrained to spherical symmetry, with the first two-dimensional, albeit simplified, models appearing only during the last decade. Simulations to understand the complex interplay between the turbulent stellar core fluid flow, its magnetic fields, the neutrinos produced in and emanating from the proto-neutron star, the stellar core rotation, and the strong gravitational fields have yet to be performed. Only subsets of these fundamental ingredients have been included in the models thus far, often with approximation.The purpose of this volume is to identify the outstanding issues that remain in order to come to a complete understanding of these important astrophysical events. As the book focuses on open issues rather than the current state of the art in the field ? although the latter will certainly be discussed ? it will remain relevant for some time.

Supernova Search Charts and Handbook Pack Set ICL
Author: Gregg D. Thompson,James T. Bryan, Jr,James T. Bryan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Release Date: 1989
ISBN 10: 9780521267212
Pages: 134 pages

Supernova Search Charts and Handbook Pack Set ICL Book Summary : This unique atlas contains 248 charts of more than 300 of the brightest galaxies, each specially prepared to facilitate the discovery of supernovae. The comparison of these charts with the field seen in a telescope enables any extragalactic supernova to be spotted immediately. The charts include 345 galaxies printed on translucent paper for use on a light-box, each one carrying an explanation of the constellation in which the galaxy lies, special characteristics of the galaxy, observing instructions, expected maximum brightness for the supernovae in each galaxy, and the reference for the sequence. A handbook accompanies the charts advising on their use, on how to make and record supernova discoveries, and reviewing the present understanding of supernovae. Published for an international market, these charts carry real potential for numerous discoveries of supernovae. Supernova Search Charts are is a must for both serious observers and the growing number of deep sky enthusiasts around the world.

Supernovae and Supernova Remnants
Author: C.B. Cosmovici,Emilia D'Anna,Alfredo Borghesi
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Release Date: 1974-04-30
ISBN 10: 9789027704276
Pages: 392 pages

Supernovae and Supernova Remnants Book Summary : Proceedings of the International Conference on Supernovae, Lecce, Italy, May 7-11, 1973

Author: Heather Hammonds
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
Release Date: 2001
ISBN 10: 9781869614669
Pages: 32 pages

Supernova Book Summary : When Amy grows up, she wants to be an astronaut. But right now, she'll settle for stargazing though she telescope her father gave her. The kids at school like to tease her, but when Amy and her friends james discover a brand new supernova, guess who has the last laugh?

Author: Dewi Lestari
Publisher: Typhoon Media Ltd
Release Date:
ISBN 10: 9881516463
Pages: 329 pages

Supernova Book Summary : Supernova: The Knight, The Princess and the Falling Star presents a series of intertwined and unconventional love stories, straight and gay, with a bit of science and spirituality added to the mix. The major characters are young, urban, and technologically highly aware. They are caught up in major forms of contemporary social conflict. The work has been highly acclaimed. The poet Taufiq Ismail has written: "A renewal has taken place in Indonesian literature over the past decade. Supernova is an intelligent, unique and truly exciting exploration of science, spirituality and the nature of love." The literary critic Jacob Soemardjo suggests: "This is an attractive novel by a young writer. It is an intellectual work in the form of a work of pop art, set in the real world. It opposes old values with new ways of understanding, so that readers can see the world in a different way."

Author: Catherine Hapka
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date: 2010-05-11
ISBN 10: 9781439114421
Pages: 144 pages

Supernova Book Summary : When you're reaching for the stars, nothing can hold you back. Star Calloway is fourteen years old, and she's the most famous pop star in the world. Her album has topped the charts, her video is all the rage, and she's about to start her world tour. There's only one thing that keeps her life from being perfect: Star's parents and baby brother have been missing for two years, and no one knows what happened to them. Still, Star knows her family would want her to be happy, and performing means everything to her. But with so many mysterious things going wrong in preparation for the tour, could the show be over before it begins?

Eta Carinae and the Supernova Impostors
Author: Kris Davidson,Roberta M. Humphreys
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date: 2012-03-15
ISBN 10: 1461422752
Pages: 330 pages

Eta Carinae and the Supernova Impostors Book Summary : In 1965 Fritz Zwicky proposed a class of supernovae that he called "Type V", described as "excessively faint at maximum". There were only two members, SN1961v and Eta Carinae. We now know that Eta Carinae was not a true supernova, but if it were observed today in a distant galaxy we would call it a "supernova impostor". 170 years ago it experienced a "great eruption" lasting 20 years, expelling 10 solar masses or more, and survived. Eta Carinae is now acknowledged as the most massive, most luminous star in our region of the Galaxy, and it may be our only example of a very massive star in a pre-supernova state. In this book the editors and contributing authors review its remarkable history, physical state of the star and its ejecta, and its continuing instability. Chapters also include its relation to other massive, unstable stars, the massive star progenitors of supernovae, and the "first" stars in the Universe.

Supernova s Unique Family
Author: LG Davidson
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Release Date: 2012-09-24
ISBN 10: 9781477263235
Pages: 36 pages

Supernova s Unique Family Book Summary : Supernova has run away! There are some changes in her family. Supernova’s parents are getting divorced and she is very sad and does not understand. Supernova travels in her spaceship to earth so she can find a new family. Along her travels, Supernova encounters different kinds of families on earth and learns that no two families look the same.

Supernova Fugue   Threnody
Author: D. R. Wicksell
Publisher: D. R. Wicksell
Release Date:
ISBN 10:
Pages: 33 pages

Supernova Fugue Threnody Book Summary : Supernova Fugue —————————— Devon Hawkins expected the stellar cartography mission to be just another job. Now he’s in a fight for his life against one of the most powerful forces in the universe, and his fate may unlock a mystery that has plagued mankind for centuries. Threnody —————————— Facing the last great trial of every man’s life, David Reese struggles to meet his end with grace; yet endings and beginnings are inextricably linked in the strangest of ways…

The Purple Supernova
Author: Alex Farkas
Publisher: iUniverse
Release Date: 2002-03-01
ISBN 10: 0595218679
Pages: 296 pages

The Purple Supernova Book Summary : Istvan Szalay and Tibor Szabo attend the Saint Istvan Gimnazium. When the pictures of the school's patron saint and his Bavarian Queen Gisella are removed and replaced with a giant red star depicting a bust of Stalin, Istvan and his girlfriend Zsuzsa conspire to set the monstrosity on fire. They are caught and sentenced to hard labor. Tibor is befriended by a German officer and entrusted with a photo of the doomed soldier's daughter Gisella, whom the young man determines to find. He is accepted to a science university and plans to become an astronomer. In the spring of 1953, Tibor manages to help Istvan escape from the labor camp, Stalin dies and the terror slackens. In the summer of 1956 Tibor is sent to East Germany and finds Gisella. Returning with her to Budapest, just before the start of the Revolution, in which the good friends take an active part. When the rebellion seems to succed, the two pairs of young lovers marry. However, soon after the Revolution is crushed by the Soviets, Istvan Zsuzsa, Tibor and Gisella must escape to the West. The Szalays travel to Switzerland and the Szabos to the United States where Tibor achieves his dream of becoming an astronomer.