Shepherding a Childs Heart

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Shepherding a Child's Heart
Author: Tedd Tripp
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1995
ISBN 10: 9780966378603
Pages: 215 pages

Shepherding a Child's Heart Book Summary : "A Shepherding the heart resource"--Cover.

Shepherding a Child's Heart
Author: Tedd Tripp
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 2001
ISBN 10: 9780966378641
Pages: 143 pages

Shepherding a Child's Heart Book Summary : Shepherding a Child's Heart is about how to speak to the heart of your child. The things your child does and says flows from the heart. Luke 6:45 puts it this way, "... out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." (NIV) Written for parents with children of any age, this insightful book provides perspectives and procedures for shepherding your child's heart into the paths of life. Book jacket.

Welcoming Children
Author: Joyce Ann Mercer
Publisher: Chalice Press
Release Date: 2005-11-01
ISBN 10: 9780827242616
Pages: 304 pages

Welcoming Children Book Summary : This book develops a theology of childhood both from a theoretical basis in biblical theology (especially the gospel of Mark) and practical experience in children and youth ministry. Mercer builds on classical theologians such as Augustine, Calvin, Barth, and Rahner as well as modern feminist theologians such as Brock and Russell. She gains insights from pastoral theologians such as Capps and Couture and from contemporary cultural criticism. Mercer challenges approaches to educational and liturgical practices with children in congregations that segregate children from the rest of the church and its key practices of service, mission, worship, care, and learning. She reframes ministries with children as processes through which the church as a "community of practice" forms children into an alternative identity that resists surrounding consumerist culture and walks in the ways of Jesus. This book offers strategies for educational practices with children in congregations as it seeks to address the question, "What might educational practices that welcome children and contribute to their flourishing look like in the context of a faith community where children's learning happens in collaboration with experienced practitioners of faith?" Outlining a feminist practical theology of childhood, it explores five basic theological claims: (1) children as gifts and parenting as a religious practice of stewardship; (2) welcoming those who welcome and care for children; (3) children as already fully human; (4) children as part of the purposes of God; and (5) acknowledging and transforming the sufferings of children.

Instructing a Child's Heart
Author: Tedd Tripp,Margy Tripp
Publisher: Shepherd Press
Release Date: 2008-02-01
ISBN 10: 9780981540009
Pages: 188 pages

Instructing a Child's Heart Book Summary : "A shepherding the heart resource"---Cover.

Shepherding a Child's Heart
Author: Bill Hill
Publisher: Shepherd Press
Release Date: 2000-06-01
ISBN 10: 9780966378634
Pages: 64 pages

Shepherding a Child's Heart Book Summary : Outlines the book Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp in Question and answer form. The questions are designed to insure that all the central material in the original book is covered. The answers are quotes from the original book.

Parenting the Wholehearted Child
Author: Jeannie Cunnion
Publisher: Zondervan
Release Date: 2014-04-08
ISBN 10: 0310340853
Pages: 224 pages

Parenting the Wholehearted Child Book Summary : "Rarely do I ever find myself agreeing with everything I read in a book. But Parenting the Wholehearted Child is the book I wish I'd written. Jeannie has given parents a profound gift within its pages." —Kathie Lee Gifford, actress, singer, playwright, songwriter, and co-host of the Today Show's Fourth Hour Your kids aren’t perfect. And you don’t have to be either. Are you exhausted from the pressure to be a perfect parent raising perfect children in this imperfect world? Do you ever wonder, “How did these precious children get stuck with a parent like me?” If so, let these grace-drenched pages saturate your heart with God’s unfailing love while also equipping you to be a vessel of God's unconditional love to your children. With authenticity, conviction, and a lively sense of humor, Jeannie guides you on a transformative journey into raising wholehearted—not perfect—children, who live from the freedom found in being wholeheartedly loved (and liked!) by God. Parenting the Wholehearted Child equips you with biblical wisdom and practical ideas to teach your children that they are fully accepted by God, not because of anything they do or don’t do but because of everything Jesus has already done for them. Woven throughout the book is the good news that it is God’s extravagant grace—not your perfect performance—that transforms the hearts of children.

Standing on the Promises
Author: Douglas Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press & Book Service
Release Date: 1997-05-20
ISBN 10: 1885767250
Pages: 174 pages

Standing on the Promises Book Summary : Shows parents how to establish a faithful Christian culture in their homes and offers parents a guide to raising children using biblical principles.

Discipline That Connects With Your Child's Heart
Author: Jim Jackson,Lynne Jackson
Publisher: Baker Books
Release Date: 2016-09-20
ISBN 10: 1441230599
Pages: 320 pages

Discipline That Connects With Your Child's Heart Book Summary : A Powerful Approach to Bringing God's Grace to Kids Did you know that the way we deal (or don't deal) with our kids' misbehavior shapes their beliefs about themselves, the world, and God? Therefore it's vital to connect with their hearts--not just their minds--amid the daily behavior battles. With warmth and grace, Jim and Lynne Jackson, founders of Connected Families, offer four tried-and-true keys to handling any behavioral issues with love, truth, and authority. You will learn practical ways to communicate messages of grace and truth, how to discipline in a way that motivates your child, and how to keep your relationship strong, not antagonistic. Discipline is more than just a short-term attempt to modify your child's actions--it's a long-term investment to help them build faith, wisdom, and character for life. When you discover a better path to discipline, you'll find a more well-behaved--and well-believed--kid.

I Can't Believe You Just Said That
Author: Ginger Hubbard
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: 2018-04-24
ISBN 10: 1400204933
Pages: 224 pages

I Can't Believe You Just Said That Book Summary : Set aside ineffective practices, such as scolding, ignoring the offense, or merely administering punishment. Ginger Hubbard, the bestselling author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three!, lays out a simple, Bible-based strategy for parents to help their kids tame their tongues and walk in the transforming power of Christ. Are you ever embarrassed or shocked by what comes out of your child’s mouth? Do you raise your voice, threaten, and coerce, but find yourself frustrated because nothing seems to work? In I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!, Ginger Hubbard provides a practical, three-step plan to reach beyond the behaviors of tongue-related struggles—such as lying, tattling, and whining—to address your child’s heart. After all, as Matthew 12:34 tells us, “the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”

Teach Them Diligently: How to Use the Scriptures in Child Training
Author: Lou Priolo
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
Release Date: 2019-04-03
ISBN 10: 1930133812
Pages: 329 pages

Teach Them Diligently: How to Use the Scriptures in Child Training Book Summary : Most of today’s Christian parenting resources fail to emphasize what is perhaps the most important aspect of true biblical parenting. That is, how to relate the Bible to the raising of our children in actual, practical ways. Whatever else you are doing to equip your children, do you really know how to use the Bible for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness with your children? In "Teach Them Diligently" Lou Priolo has given a tool that will strengthen you in this vital area. You can learn how to use the Scriptures more thoroughly and effectively in your child training.

Positive Discipline for Preschoolers
Author: Jane Nelsen, Ed.D.,Cheryl Erwin,Roslyn Ann Duffy
Publisher: Harmony
Release Date: 2007-03-27
ISBN 10: 9780307383143
Pages: 368 pages

Positive Discipline for Preschoolers Book Summary : Completely updated to report the latest research in child development and learning, Positive Discipline for Preschoolers will teach you how to use methods to raise a child who is responsible, respectful, and resourceful. Caring for young children is one of the most challenging tasks an adult will ever face. No matter how much you love your child, there will be moments filled with frustration, anger, and even desperation. There will also be questions: Why does my four-year-old deliberately lie to me? Why won’t my three-year-old listen to me? Should I ever spank my preschooler when she is disobedient? Over the years, millions of parents just like you have come to trust the Positive Discipline series and its commonsense approach to child-rearing. This revised and updated third edition includes information from the latest research on neurobiology, diet and exercise, gender differences and behavior, the importance of early relationships and parenting, and new approaches to parenting in the age of mass media. In addition, this book offers new information on reducing anxiety and helping children feel safe in troubled times. You’ll also find practical solutions for how to: - Avoid the power struggles that often come with mastering sleeping, eating, and potty training - See misbehavior as an opportunity to teach nonpunitive discipline—not punishment - Instill valuable social skills and positive behavior inside and outside the home by using methods that teach important life skills - Employ family and class meetings to tackle behavorial challenges - And much, much more! From the Trade Paperback edition.

Author: Paul David Tripp
Publisher: Crossway
Release Date: 2016-09-14
ISBN 10: 1433551969
Pages: 224 pages

Parenting Book Summary : Winner of the ECPA Book of the Year Award for Christian Living What is your calling as a parent? In the midst of folding laundry, coordinating carpool schedules, and breaking up fights, many parents get lost. Feeling pressure to do everything “right” and raise up “good” children, it’s easy to lose sight of our ultimate purpose as parents in the quest for practical tips and guaranteed formulas. In this life-giving book, Paul Tripp offers parents much more than a to-do list. Instead, he presents us with a big-picture view of God’s plan for us as parents. Outlining fourteen foundational principles centered on the gospel, he shows that we need more than the latest parenting strategy or list of techniques. Rather, we need the rescuing grace of God—grace that has the power to shape how we view everything we do as parents. Freed from the burden of trying to manufacture life-change in our children’s hearts, we can embrace a grand perspective of parenting overflowing with vision, purpose, and joy.

Don't Make Me Count to Three
Author: Ginger Plowman
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 2004-03-01
ISBN 10: 9780972304641
Pages: 155 pages

Don't Make Me Count to Three Book Summary : Offers parents practical advice on how they can use Scripture-based parenting methods, with an overview of various methods and tips for implementing those methods into their daily routine.

Your Child's Profession of Faith
Author: Dennis Gundersen
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1997-03-01
ISBN 10: 9781879737235
Pages: 58 pages

Your Child's Profession of Faith Book Summary :

Parenting Your Child Leader
Author: Darryl Bodkin
Publisher: WestBow Press
Release Date: 2013-05
ISBN 10: 1449795218
Pages: 174 pages

Parenting Your Child Leader Book Summary : p>Darryl Bodkin has written a wonderful treatise on child development and leadership. He writes from a child’s perspective on parenting and provides invaluable insight on the subject of leadership growth and development. When I was 11 years of age, my life was torn apart by the loss of my father in a tragic construction accident. It was a defining moment for me. Fortunately, my godly grandmother sat down with me and told me that I had to be the leader in our home since I was the oldest child. From that moment leadership was thrust upon me. Reading this book has caused me to reflect on that landmark day in my own childhood when I started on a leadership journey. I commend Darryl Bodkin’s book to you for your enjoyment and personal growth. I believe every parent who reads it will benefit from the lessons taught on parenting and will gain an understanding of how to encourage the development of leadership qualities in children. Proverbs 3:5–6 is a sterling reminder of the potential for vital Christian leadership within every child that is born into God’s big world. Dr. Stan A. Toler Bestselling Author Oklahoma City, Oklahoma