Seaweed Chronicles

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Seaweed Chronicles
Author: Susan Hand Shetterly
Publisher: Algonquin Books
Release Date: 2018-08-07
ISBN 10: 1616205741
Pages: 288 pages

Seaweed Chronicles Book Summary : “You might not expect unfettered passion on the topic of seaweed, but Shetterly is such a great storyteller that you find yourself following along eagerly.” —Mark Kurlansky “Seaweed is ancient and basic, a testament to the tenacious beginnings of life on earth,” writes Susan Hand Shetterly in this elegant, fascinating book. “Why wouldn’t seaweeds be a protean life source for the lives that have evolved since?” On a planet facing environmental change and diminishing natural resources, seaweed is increasingly important as a source of food and as a fundamental part of our global ecosystem. In Seaweed Chronicles, Shetterly takes readers deep into the world of this essential organism by providing an immersive, often poetic look at life on the rugged shores of her beloved Gulf of Maine, where the growth and harvesting of seaweed is becoming a major industry. While examining the life cycle of seaweed and its place in the environment, she tells the stories of the men and women who farm and harvest it—and who are fighting to protect this critical species against forces both natural and man-made. Ideal for readers of such books as The Hidden Life of Trees and How to Read Water, Seaweed Chronicles is a deeply informative look at a little understood and too often unappreciated part of our habitat.

The Kimchi Chronicles
Author: Marja Vongerichten
Publisher: Rodale Books
Release Date: 2011-08-02
ISBN 10: 1609611284
Pages: 272 pages

The Kimchi Chronicles Book Summary : Long a favorite of in-the-know foodies, Korean cuisine is a hot food trend, with dishes like bibimbap and kimchi popping up on menus nationwide. In a PBS series, Marja Vongerichten and three-star Michelin chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten gave viewers an insider's look at Korea as they travel the country and experience its authentic flavors and cultural traditions. As the show's companion cookbook, The Kimchi Chronicles includes a recipe for every dish featured, explaining how they can be easily duplicated in an American kitchen. Chef Vongerichten also offers original dishes with a lighter, modern flair, showing how the flavors of the Korean table can be readily integrated into any meal. For lovers of Korean food, those eager to experiment in search of an accessible introduction to this intriguing cuisine, and readers who just want a little taste of culinary and cultural exploration outside the Western Hemisphere, The Kimchi Chronicles is sure to provide plenty of inspiration, information, and entertainment.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness  Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Complete 6x EBook Collection
Author: Michelle Paver
Publisher: Orion Children's Books
Release Date: 2013-09-05
ISBN 10: 1444010972
Pages: 1344 pages

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Complete 6x EBook Collection Book Summary : The complete six adventures in Torak's quest to vanquish the terrifying Soul-Eaters - Wolf Brother, Spirit Walker, Soul Eater, Outcast, Oath Breaker and the award-winning final volume, Ghost Hunter.

The Swamp Gardener s Chronicles
Author: Cash Cashion
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Release Date: 2009-08-18
ISBN 10: 1469106477
Pages: 329 pages

The Swamp Gardener s Chronicles Book Summary : Cash Cashion is the Swamp Gardener. He has grown vegetables all over the world. Cash became fascinated in Botany during his pre-med days. He grows and experiments with various fruit trees and vegetables in sub tropical South Florida area The Swamps. Cash writes a column for the Palm Beach Post Residential Section and also writes a monthly column in the Jupiter Farmer. Cash Cashion

Xenoblade Chronicles  Definitive Edition   Strategy Guide
Publisher: Gamer Guides
Release Date: 2020-06-10
ISBN 10: 1631024566
Pages: 329 pages

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Strategy Guide Book Summary : The Bionis and the Mechonis, two great titans, their remains the scene of an epic adventure is about to begin. The guide for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition features all there is to see and do including a walkthrough featuring coverage of all Chapters, Quests, Affinity Charts, and much more. Including an in-depth walkthrough of Future Connected, the new story and all of the new changes that Definitive Edition brings. Inside Version 1.0 - Full coverage of the original tale - Coverage of all Quests - Extensive Tour Guide section - Complete coverage of the Affinity Chart Coming Soon for Version 1.1 - Full coverage of Future Connected - Bestiary - Coverage of all Gems and Equipment - Details on every character

The Wingy Chronicles
Author: Joseph Cariello,Christopher Cariello
Publisher: BookPros, LLC
Release Date: 2006-11-01
ISBN 10: 1933538503
Pages: 158 pages

The Wingy Chronicles Book Summary : "A true account of recollections, acts of kindness, silliness, and bad prospects for the future that heavily impacted Joseph "Wingy" Cariello" -- [p. 4] of cover.

The Earth Kingdom Chronicles  The Tale of Sokka  Avatar  The Last Airbender
Author: Nickelodeon Publishing
Publisher: Nickelodeon
Release Date: 2013-06-28
ISBN 10: 1612634044
Pages: 57 pages

The Earth Kingdom Chronicles The Tale of Sokka Avatar The Last Airbender Book Summary : From Avatar: The Last Airbender, I am Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe, and I'm the "plan guy" for Team Avatar! Even though I am not a bender, I'm still an awesome fighter with my trusty boomerang. The Avatar and my sister Katara are depending on me to get them safely through the Earth kingdom, and it has not been easy. I've had to deal with fierce badger-moles, an evil Fire Nation princess, and an Earth King who refuses to acknowledge that there is a war going on! Still, I'm giving it my best shot. After all, the fate of the world is in our hands.

The Diwesh Chronicles
Author: C. O. Stephan
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Release Date: 2010-05-01
ISBN 10: 1450097332
Pages: 127 pages

The Diwesh Chronicles Book Summary :

The Curious World of Seaweed
Author: Josie Iselin
Publisher: Heyday Books
Release Date: 2019
ISBN 10: 9781597144827
Pages: 256 pages

The Curious World of Seaweed Book Summary : Marine algae are the supreme eco-engineers of life: they oxygenate the waters, create habitat for countless other organisms, and form the base of a food chain that keeps our planet unique in the universe as we know it. In this beautiful volume Josie Iselin explores both the artistic and the biological presence of sixteen seaweeds and kelps that live in the thin region where the Pacific Ocean converges with the North American continent--a place of incomparable richness. Each species receives a detailed description of its structure, ecological importance, and humans' scientific inquiry into it, told in scientifically illuminating yet deeply reverent and inspired prose. Throughout the writings are historical botanical illustrations and Iselin's signature, Marimekko-like portraits of each specimen that reveal their vibrant colors--whether rosy, "olivaceous," or grass-green--and whimsical shapes. Iselin posits that we can learn not only about the seaweeds but also from them: their resilience, their resourcefulness, their poetry and magic.

Gardeners Chronicle   New Horticulturist
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1860
ISBN 10:
Pages: 329 pages

Gardeners Chronicle New Horticulturist Book Summary :

Gardeners  Chronicle  Horticultural Trade Journal
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1850
ISBN 10:
Pages: 329 pages

Gardeners Chronicle Horticultural Trade Journal Book Summary :

The Cancer Chronicles
Author: George Johnson
Publisher: Vintage
Release Date: 2013-08-27
ISBN 10: 0385349718
Pages: 304 pages

The Cancer Chronicles Book Summary : When the woman he loved was diagnosed with a metastatic cancer, science writer George Johnson embarked on a journey to learn everything he could about the disease and the people who dedicate their lives to understanding and combating it. What he discovered is a revolution under way—an explosion of new ideas about what cancer really is and where it comes from. In a provocative and intellectually vibrant exploration, he takes us on an adventure through the history and recent advances of cancer research that will challenge everything you thought you knew about the disease. Deftly excavating and illuminating decades of investigation and analysis, he reveals what we know and don’t know about cancer, showing why a cure remains such a slippery concept. We follow him as he combs through the realms of epidemiology, clinical trials, laboratory experiments, and scientific hypotheses—rooted in every discipline from evolutionary biology to game theory and physics. Cogently extracting fact from a towering canon of myth and hype, he describes tumors that evolve like alien creatures inside the body, paleo-oncologists who uncover petrified tumors clinging to the skeletons of dinosaurs and ancient human ancestors, and the surprising reversals in science’s comprehension of the causes of cancer, with the foods we eat and environmental toxins playing a lesser role. Perhaps most fascinating of all is how cancer borrows natural processes involved in the healing of a wound or the unfolding of a human embryo and turns them, jujitsu-like, against the body. Throughout his pursuit, Johnson clarifies the human experience of cancer with elegiac grace, bearing witness to the punishing gauntlet of consultations, surgeries, targeted therapies, and other treatments. He finds compassion, solace, and community among a vast network of patients and professionals committed to the fight and wrestles to comprehend the cruel randomness cancer metes out in his own family. For anyone whose life has been affected by cancer and has found themselves asking why?, this book provides a new understanding. In good company with the works of Atul Gawande, Siddhartha Mukherjee, and Abraham Verghese, The Cancer Chronicles is endlessly surprising and as radiant in its prose as it is authoritative in its eye-opening science.

The Complex Chronicles
Author: Sherry Matulis
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Release Date: 2012-04-03
ISBN 10: 1469186217
Pages: 189 pages

The Complex Chronicles Book Summary : By the spring of 2069, the last of the twenty-four Central Care Complexes had been completed. Scattered throughout that part of North America formerly known as the United States, each Complex occupied a large, highly-fortified section of what once had been a major metropolis; and all, contrary to their euphemistic names, had been established to serve but one purposethat of protecting those despots whose former political, bureaucratic and religious hide-outs could no longer be secured from the mad masses they had created. Each Complex was populated by a Director, several Deputy Directors and Charges, and as many captive Members as were able to survive the twenty hour work shifts, starvation rations and increasingly insane dictates of their overlords. Any infraction of any of the innumerable rules could meet, at the Directors discretion, with a sentence of injection or expulsion. Conditioned to fear the latter above all else, Members, given the choice, nearly always opted for a quick, relatively painless death within familiar confines, as opposed to the dreaded Outside. The compulsory indoctrination sessions which occupied most of the waking hours of the young were devoted, primarily, to demonizing human sexuality. Within the Complex, Members were forbidden to have sex with other humans, but were required to have sex, at specific intervals, with a machine--:the Master-Bator. And not too secondarily, the sessions were given to exaggerating conditions on the Outside that needed no exaggeration. Assured daily that there was no hope of survival outside the walls of the Complex, warned of the myriad tortures that would precede being eaten alive, with but a rare maverick exception, the Members docilely complied with all the Directives they could remember and settled into the weary, hungry, hobbled existence of being privileged to be enslaved. THE COMPLEX CHRONICLES, set in a not too distant future, is a Libertarians satirical dystopian extrapolation on present day society. Richard Condon said: The job of satire is to frighten and enlighten. The writer hopes she has done her job well and makes no apologies for the brutal nature of the book, except to say that she has never learned how to make future shining cities on a hill out of present dung-heaps.

The Worm Chronicles
Author: Murray Dailey
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Release Date: 2008-10-08
ISBN 10: 9781465316516
Pages: 157 pages

The Worm Chronicles Book Summary : THE WORM CHRONICLES: Is a memoir of a look into the bizarre world of an amazing group of animals that are little known by the public. It takes the reader around the globe looking for answers to such questions as why such intelligent animals as dolphins appear to commit suicide. Written primarily at the prompting of family and friends, the book would also interest the large population of people intrigued by the ocean and its animals. The book follows the challenges and discoveries of Murray Dailey, a pioneer marine parasitologist with over 40 years experience, as he and coworkers unlock the secrets of these unique animals. The reader is given a window into the approach used in solving the problems of some of the oceans deadliest creatures.

The Eggnog Chronicles
Author: Carly Alexander
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Release Date: 2005-10-01
ISBN 10: 0758291191
Pages: 288 pages

The Eggnog Chronicles Book Summary : They've Made Their Lists. . . Celeb obituary writer Jane Conner can sum up a person's life in three hundred words. She could sum up her love life in even less: Great sex = great time. Commitment = annoyance overload. But with the holidays bearing down like a freight train from You Screwed Up-ville, Jane's about to get a second chance she never expected. . . . . .Checked 'Em Twice. . . Ricki Conner has run her life on signs from the universe, and right now, she's looking for guidance about her boyfriend, Nate. He keeps reassuring her that his divorce will be final by Christmas. So why is there still no ring on Ricki's finger? . . .But Who Says "Naughty" Can't Be Nice? When the pregnancy test turns pink, it's a good sign. . .unless you've had wild ex-sex with your former boyfriend while the current one was out of town. Now, Emma Dee gets to ladle out the eggnog while saying, oh by the way, I'm pregnant with another man's baby--drink up, everybody! Christmas. It's a time for going into debt, dates from hell, and maybe even a miracle or two. And for three women on the brink of potential holiday disaster, it just may be the season to toast the best times of their lives. . .