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Cicero and the Rise of Deification at Rome
Author: Spencer Cole
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Release Date: 2014-01-09
ISBN 10: 1107656354
Pages: 256 pages

Cicero and the Rise of Deification at Rome Book Summary : This book tells a part of the back-story to major religious transformations emerging from the tumult of the late Republic. It considers the dynamic interplay of Cicero's approximations of mortals and immortals with a range of artifacts and activities that were collectively closing the divide between humans and gods. A guiding principle is that a major cultural player like Cicero had a normative function in religious dialogues that could legitimize incipient ideas like deification. Applying contemporary metaphor theory, it analyzes the strategies and priorities configuring Cicero's divinizing encomia of Roman dynasts like Pompey, Caesar and Octavian. It also examines Cicero's explorations of apotheosis and immortality in the De re publica and Tusculan Disputations as well as his attempts to deify his daughter Tullia. In this book, Professor Cole transforms our understanding not only of the backgrounds to ruler worship but also of changing conceptions of death and the afterlife.

Scipio Africanus
Author: Alexander Acimovic
Publisher: iUniverse
Release Date: 2007
ISBN 10: 0595435459
Pages: 179 pages

Scipio Africanus Book Summary : Scipio Africanus was one of the greatest generals and statesmen of the Ancient World. When he was 18, he saved his father's life in battle during the Second Punic War and later survived the horrific Roman defeat at Cannae. At the age of 26, he was named Commander-in-Chief of the Roman army in Spain and in 4 years, by daringly storming the city of Cartagena and crushing two Carthaginian armies in battle, conquered almost the entire peninsula for Rome. After returning to Rome, he leveraged popular support to gain command of an army to invade Carthage. Lacking logistical and material support, he welded, trained and armed a battle-hardened army. Landing in Africa, he delivered a stunning defeat to the Carthaginians with a surprise attack by night and fire. After the famed Hannibal Barca returned to defend his homeland, Scipio and his army utterly defeated the Punic general at the Battle of Zama. This book, based on exhaustive research of both ancient and modern sources, describes Scipio's life and career in detail, analyzes his military and political strategies and decisions, and illustrates the timelessness of his leadership skills and far-seeing diplomacy.

The Rise of the Roman Empire
Author: Zachary Anderson
Publisher: Cavendish Square Publishing, LLC
Release Date: 2015-07-15
ISBN 10: 1502605724
Pages: 160 pages

The Rise of the Roman Empire Book Summary : Few civilizations have been as large and successful as the Romans, but Rome wasn’t always the capital of an expanding empire. Explore the history of Rome from the city’s founding through its peak.

The Rise of Rome
Author: Anthony Everitt
Publisher: Random House
Release Date: 2012-08-07
ISBN 10: 0679645160
Pages: 512 pages

The Rise of Rome Book Summary : NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE KANSAS CITY STAR From Anthony Everitt, the bestselling author of acclaimed biographies of Cicero, Augustus, and Hadrian, comes a riveting, magisterial account of Rome and its remarkable ascent from an obscure agrarian backwater to the greatest empire the world has ever known. Emerging as a market town from a cluster of hill villages in the eighth and seventh centuries B.C., Rome grew to become the ancient world’s preeminent power. Everitt fashions the story of Rome’s rise to glory into an erudite page-turner filled with lasting lessons for our time. He chronicles the clash between patricians and plebeians that defined the politics of the Republic. He shows how Rome’s shrewd strategy of offering citizenship to her defeated subjects was instrumental in expanding the reach of her burgeoning empire. And he outlines the corrosion of constitutional norms that accompanied Rome’s imperial expansion, as old habits of political compromise gave way, leading to violence and civil war. In the end, unimaginable wealth and power corrupted the traditional virtues of the Republic, and Rome was left triumphant everywhere except within its own borders. Everitt paints indelible portraits of the great Romans—and non-Romans—who left their mark on the world out of which the mighty empire grew: Cincinnatus, Rome’s George Washington, the very model of the patrician warrior/aristocrat; the brilliant general Scipio Africanus, who turned back a challenge from the Carthaginian legend Hannibal; and Alexander the Great, the invincible Macedonian conqueror who became a role model for generations of would-be Roman rulers. Here also are the intellectual and philosophical leaders whose observations on the art of government and “the good life” have inspired every Western power from antiquity to the present: Cato the Elder, the famously incorruptible statesman who spoke out against the decadence of his times, and Cicero, the consummate orator whose championing of republican institutions put him on a collision course with Julius Caesar and whose writings on justice and liberty continue to inform our political discourse today. Rome’s decline and fall have long fascinated historians, but the story of how the empire was won is every bit as compelling. With The Rise of Rome, one of our most revered chroniclers of the ancient world tells that tale in a way that will galvanize, inform, and enlighten modern readers. Praise for The Rise of Rome “Fascinating history and a great read.”—Chicago Sun-Times “An engrossing history of a relentlessly pugnacious city’s 500-year rise to empire.”—Kirkus Reviews “Rome’s history abounds with remarkable figures. . . . Everitt writes for the informed and the uninformed general reader alike, in a brisk, conversational style, with a modern attitude of skepticism and realism.”—The Dallas Morning News “[A] lively and readable account . . . Roman history has an uncanny ability to resonate with contemporary events.”—Maclean’s “Elegant, swift and faultless as an introduction to his subject.”—The Spectator “[An] engaging work that will captivate and inform from beginning

Rise to the Call (Cris De Niro, Book 3)
Author: Gerard de Marigny
Publisher: JarRyJorNo Publishing
Release Date: 2012-07-13
ISBN 10: 1478256354
Pages: 320 pages

Rise to the Call (Cris De Niro, Book 3) Book Summary : A U.S. scientist assigned to a CIA-run, covert, overseas assignment goes missing. Meanwhile, while in Manhattan to ring the NY Stock Exchange bell, Cris De Niro is asked by the scientist's father, a childhood friend of his, to investigate. De Niro and The Watchman Agency soon uncover a secret Iranian-Russian alliance with deadly intentions. Iranian bio-terrorism, Russian espionage reaching into the White House, and the prospect of Iran emerging as a nuclear power are the threats. World War III could break out in the Middle East unless De Niro & Company can Rise to the Call ... From the author of the #1 Amazon-Bestselling Counter-Terrorism and Geopolitical CRIS DE NIRO Thriller series. Books by Gerard de Marigny CRIS DE NIRO Book 1 - THE WATCHMAN OF EPHRAIM Book 2 - SIGNS OF WAR Book 3 - RISE TO THE CALL Book 4 - PROJECT 111 Book 5 - NOTHING SO GLORIOUS Book 6 - NEW DETROIT [coming soon] ARCHANGEL Mission Log #1 - THE EAGLE'S PLUME Mission Log #2 - RESCUE FROM SANA'A Mission Log #3 WHITE WIDOW [coming soon]

Ancient History; exhibiting a summary view of the rise, progress, revolutions, decline and fall of the states and nations of antiquity ... A new edition ... With maps
Author: John ROBINSON (D.D., Rector of Clifton, Westmoreland.)
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1831
ISBN 10:
Pages: 329 pages

Ancient History; exhibiting a summary view of the rise, progress, revolutions, decline and fall of the states and nations of antiquity ... A new edition ... With maps Book Summary :

From Republic to Empire
Author: Raymond Marks
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
Release Date: 2005
ISBN 10: 9783631545843
Pages: 308 pages

From Republic to Empire Book Summary : Revision of the author's thesis (doctoral)--Brown University, 1999.

The Dream of Scipio
Author: Iain Pears
Publisher: Vintage Canada
Release Date: 2010-08-06
ISBN 10: 0307370887
Pages: 400 pages

The Dream of Scipio Book Summary : Three narratives, set in the fifth, fourteenth, and twentieth centuries, all revolving around an ancient text and each with a love story at its centre, are the elements of this brilliantly ingenious novel, a follow-up to the international bestseller An Instance of the Fingerpost. Now Ian Pears returns with a greatly anticipated novel, so expertly imagined and perfectly constructed the author himself describes it as “a complexity.” The centuries are the 5th (the final days of the Roman Empire); the 14th (the years of the Plague — the Black Death); and the 20th (World War II). The setting for each is the same — Provence — and each has at its heart a love story. The narratives intertwine seamlessly, and what joins them thematically is an ancient text — “The Dream of Scipio” — a work of neo-Platonism that poses timeless philosophical questions. What is the obligation of the individual in a society under siege? What is the role of learning when civilization itself is threatened, whether by acts of man or nature? Does virtue lie more in engagement or in neutrality? “Power without wisdom is tyranny; wisdom without power is pointless,” warns one of Pears’s characters. The Dream of Scipio is a bona fide novel of ideas, a dazzling feat of storytelling, fiction for our times.

Gens Statilia During Rise of Roman Empire
Author: Peter James Statile
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1979
ISBN 10:
Pages: 381 pages

Gens Statilia During Rise of Roman Empire Book Summary :

The Scope of History
Author: Charles F. Fraker
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
Release Date: 1996
ISBN 10: 9780472106691
Pages: 235 pages

The Scope of History Book Summary : The Scope of History brings together a selection of classic and new articles in the field of Spanish and specifically Castilian history, focusing on the historiography of Alfonso X, King of Castile. The volume shows how the Alfonsine histories became well-fashioned and independent works of literature, having begun as simple compilations of preexisting texts. The author seeks to point out that the editors of the Alfonsine histories amplify and alter their sources, rejoin them with artistic skill, and generally arrange the elements into an ordered system. In so doing, Fraker explains, the final text speaks uniquely, giving voice to themes alien to the original texts. Fraker also aims to illustrate the scope of the editorial labor which set Alfonso's General Estoria and his Estoria de Espaa apart from their contemporary histories. In his introduction the author addresses the place of Alfonso's work in its own time, giving the reader a notion of what other works in the genre were like and how they differ. The connecting thread running through these chapters is a continuing focus on the art of the compiler. Medieval historical compilations are by definition scissors-and-paste jobs, stringing older texts together to tell new, different stories. But the Alfonsine editors bend the rules: in the short run they make their work yield the themes they think important, and in the long run they build a literary monument of impressive architecture. Charles F. Fraker is Professor Emeritus in Romance Languages, University of Michigan.

London Encyclopaedia; Or, Universal Dictionary of Science, Art, Literature and Practical Mechanics Book Summary :

The Dawn of Empire
Author: Robert Malcolm Errington
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1973
ISBN 10:
Pages: 318 pages

The Dawn of Empire Book Summary :

Reflections on the Causes of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. Translated from the French. ... Fourth edition. To which is added, the Éloge of M. de Montesquieu by M. de Maupertuis (translated from the French [by B-]). Book Summary :

The Fall of Carthage
Author: Adrian Goldsworthy
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Release Date: 2012-08-30
ISBN 10: 1780223064
Pages: 416 pages

The Fall of Carthage Book Summary : The struggle between Rome and Carthage in the Punic Wars was arguably the greatest and most desperate conflict of antiquity. The forces involved and the casualties suffered by both sides were far greater than in any wars fought before the modern era, while the eventual outcome had far-reaching consequences for the history of the Western World, namely the ascendancy of Rome. An epic of war and battle, this is also the story of famous generals and leaders: Hannibal, Fabius Maximus, Scipio Africanus, and his grandson Scipio Aemilianus, who would finally bring down the walls of Carthage.

The Rise of the Romans
Author: Brian Taylor
Publisher: Spellmount, Limited Publishers
Release Date: 2008
ISBN 10:
Pages: 320 pages

The Rise of the Romans Book Summary : Each year is detailed in turn, showing how events unfolded throughout this fascinating period of history: the development of the Empire, its external struggles and outstanding generals and politicians who shaped it. Each conflict is dealt with as a separate entry, be it the Punic Wars, Hannibal crossing the Alps with his elephants, or a revolt in an Italian province. Here, studied in detail are the constant struggles, which took Romans from a collection of small farm settlements along the River Tiber to an Empire that ruled all of Italy, and later, through involvement in foreign wars with Carthage and in Greece, to expansion across the Mediterranean.