Reinventing Organizations

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Reinventing Organizations
Author: Frederic Laloux
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 2014
ISBN 10: 9782960133516
Pages: 382 pages

Reinventing Organizations Book Summary : The way we manage organizations seems increasingly out of date. Deep inside, we sense that more is possible. We long for soulful workplaces, for authenticity, community, passion, and purpose. In this groundbreaking book, the author shows that every time, in the past, when humanity has shifted to a new stage of consciousness, it has achieved extraordinary breakthroughs in collaboration. A new shift in consciousness is currently underway. Could it help us invent a more soulful and purposeful way to run our businesses and nonprofits, schools and hospitals ? A few pioneers have already cracked the code and they show us, in practical detail, how it can be done. Leaders, founders, coaches, and consultants will find this work a joyful handbook, full of insights, examples, and inspiring stories.

Reinventing the Organization
Author: Arthur Yeung,Dave Ulrich
Publisher: Harvard Business Press
Release Date: 2019-09-24
ISBN 10: 1633697711
Pages: 336 pages

Reinventing the Organization Book Summary : Your Company Isn't Fast Enough. Here's How to Change That. The traditional hierarchical organization is dead, but what replaces it? Numerous new models--the agile organization, the networked organization, and holacracy, to name a few--have emerged, but leaders need to know what really works. How do you build an organization that is responsive to fast-changing markets? What kind of organization delivers both speed and scale, and how do you lead it? Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich provide leaders with a much-needed blueprint for reinventing the organization. Based on their in-depth research at leading Chinese, US, and European firms such as Alibaba, Amazon, DiDi, Facebook, Google, Huawei, Supercell, and Tencent, and drawing from their synthesis of the latest organization research and practice, Yeung and Ulrich explain how to build a new kind of organization (a "market-oriented ecosystem") that responds to changing market opportunities with speed and scale. While other books address individual pieces of the puzzle, Reinventing the Organization offers a practical, integrated, six-step framework and looks at all the decisions leaders need to make--choosing the right strategies, capabilities, structure, culture, management tools, and leadership--to deliver radically greater value in fast-moving markets. For any leader eager to build a stronger, more responsive organization and for all those in HR, organizational development, and consulting who will shape and deliver it, this book provides a much-needed roadmap for reinvention.

Reinventing Organization Development
Author: David L. Bradford,W. Warner Burke
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Release Date: 2005-09-01
ISBN 10: 9780787981594
Pages: 256 pages

Reinventing Organization Development Book Summary : Praise for Reinventing Organization Development "A hard hitting yet hopeful look at a field concerned withrenewal that is in need of renewal itself. This book is full ofintelligent questions, provocative appraisals, and prescriptionsfor action that they serve." -Rosabeth Moss Kanter, chaired professor, Harvard Business School;author, Confidence: How?Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Beginand End "Wise, invaluable advice that the field and its practitionersshould heed if the field of OD is to take its rightful place as anapplied behavioral science that can make a difference in theeconomic and human affairs of organizations." -Michael Beer, professor emeritus, Harvard Business School;chairman, Center for Organizational Fitness "Few disciplines in decline have subjected themselves to soprofound a self-evaluation. It should lead ?to a rejuvenation ofthe field. Whether or not it does, there is a great deal to learnhere about organizations and relevant professional practice." -Russell Ackoff, professor emeritus, Wharton School, University ofPennsylvania "Two of the leaders of the field of OD have collaborated topresent us with a compelling and controversial state of theart." -Len Schlesinger, vice chairman and chief operating officer,Limited Brands "The book challenges OD consultants to think broadly about theirorganizational roles and to assert their rightful place inorganizations." -Jean M. Bartunek, Robert A. and Evelyn J. Ferris Chair Professorof Organization Studies, Boston College

Reinventing Organizations
Author: Frédéric Laloux
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 2016-06-30
ISBN 10: 9782960133554
Pages: 172 pages

Reinventing Organizations Book Summary : The uplifting message of Reinventing Organizations has resonated with readers all over the world, and they have turned it, one conversation at a time, into a word-of-mouth phenomenon. The book has helped shift the conversation from what's broken with management today to what's possible. It is inspiring thousands of organizations--corporations and nonprofits, schools and hospitals--to adopt radically more powerful, soulful, and purposeful practices. The book resonates widely, but not everyone has time to devote to a dense 360-page management book. This illustrated version conveys the main ideas of the original book and shares many of its real-life stories in a lively, engaging way. Don't be surprised if you find it hard to put down and end up reading it almost in one sitting. Welcome to the conversation on next-stage organizations

Brave New Work
Author: Aaron Dignan
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: 2019-02-19
ISBN 10: 0525536213
Pages: 304 pages

Brave New Work Book Summary : “This is the management book of the year. Clear, powerful and urgent, it's a must read for anyone who cares about where they work and how they work.” —Seth Godin, author of This is Marketing “This book is a breath of fresh air. Read it now, and make sure your boss does too.” —Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take, Originals, and Option B with Sheryl Sandberg When fast-scaling startups and global organizations get stuck, they call Aaron Dignan. In this book, he reveals his proven approach for eliminating red tape, dissolving bureaucracy, and doing the best work of your life. He’s found that nearly everyone, from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, points to the same frustrations: lack of trust, bottlenecks in decision making, siloed functions and teams, meeting and email overload, tiresome budgeting, short-term thinking, and more. Is there any hope for a solution? Haven’t countless business gurus promised the answer, yet changed almost nothing about the way we work? That’s because we fail to recognize that organizations aren’t machines to be predicted and controlled. They’re complex human systems full of potential waiting to be released. Dignan says you can’t fix a team, department, or organization by tinkering around the edges. Over the years, he has helped his clients completely reinvent their operating systems—the fundamental principles and practices that shape their culture—with extraordinary success. Imagine a bank that abandoned traditional budgeting, only to outperform its competition for decades. An appliance manufacturer that divided itself into 2,000 autonomous teams, resulting not in chaos but rapid growth. A healthcare provider with an HQ of just 50 people supporting over 14,000 people in the field—that is named the “best place to work” year after year.. And even a team that saved $3 million per year by cancelling one monthly meeting. Their stories may sound improbable, but in Brave New Work you’ll learn exactly how they and other organizations are inventing a smarter, healthier, and more effective way to work. Not through top down mandates, but through a groundswell of autonomy, trust, and transparency. Whether you lead a team of ten or ten thousand, improving your operating system is the single most powerful thing you can do. The only question is, are you ready?

Reinventing Diversity
Author: Howard J. Ross
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Release Date: 2011-08-16
ISBN 10: 1442210451
Pages: 304 pages

Reinventing Diversity Book Summary : In Reinventing Diversity, one of America's leading diversity experts explains why most diversity programs fail and how we can make them work. In this inspiring guide, Howard Ross uses interviews, personal stories, statistics, and case studies to show that there is no quick fix, no easy answer. Acceptance needs to become part of the culture of a company, not just a mandated attitude.

S Business
Author: James A. Alexander,Mark Hordes
Publisher: SelectBooks, Inc.
Release Date: 2003
ISBN 10: 9781590790540
Pages: 251 pages

S Business Book Summary : In business, seeing the next paradigm shift in how to effectively navigate a company to achieve high performance and competitive advantage isn't just important-it's crucial. In their new book, S-Business: Reinventing the Services Organization, James A. Alexander and Mark Hordes offer a comprehensive and focused approach by which decision-makers in product, professional services and support services organizations can embrace services as a strategic weapon. This is the essence of S-Business.Giant organizations like IBM and General Electric, once thought of as pure product companies, are actively implementing s-business strategies. IBM Global Services generates more than $33 billion in annual revenue; for each dollar earned on software, $162 is paid out in services. Professional services firms such as Accenture and McKinsey are reinventing their marketing, delivery and alliances to meet the ever expanding issues and needs of customers and clients for comprehensive services. All segments of the economy will be touched by the new s-business paradigm shift. No organization of any size, in any market or geography, can afford not to implement an s-business strategy.

Reinventing Innovation
Author: Aaron C. T. Smith,Fiona Sutherland,David H. Gilbert
Publisher: Springer
Release Date: 2017-05-31
ISBN 10: 331957213X
Pages: 138 pages

Reinventing Innovation Book Summary : Based on research findings and detailed, original cases, this book charts the new innovation imperative, where organizations must deliver on dual goals: an efficient return on current operations, and a burgeoning pipeline of new products. It argues that the two pursuits cannot be achieved through a bland compromise, or by switching priorities back and forth. Only a ‘dual’ organization capable of amplifying the tension can optimize efficiency while seeding innovation. Reinventing Innovation examines the nature of dual organizing, presents a series of in-depth cases to reveal its principles, and explains how to fortify organizations with ‘ambidexterity’ capabilities. Ideal for tertiary students, academics, and practitioners, Reinventing Innovation contains a rich balance of theoretical principles, case insights, and practical guidance.

The Pollyanna Principles
Author: Hildy Gottlieb
Publisher: Resolve, Incorporated D/B/A Renaissance Press
Release Date: 2009
ISBN 10:
Pages: 372 pages

The Pollyanna Principles Book Summary : The Pollyanna Principles will show you how to create the future for your organization and your community right now! From the first page of this groundbreaking work, prepare to be inspired to get to work creating an extraordinary future for your community. Drawing on her extensive experience in the field, the nonprofit sector's respected contrarian - veteran consultant and author Hildy Gottlieb - debunks everything you thought was true about creating effective organizations. From governance to planning to resource development and everything in between, Gottlieb has one goal in mind as she reinvents the Community Benefit Sector's most commonly used systems: How to build healthy organizations as just one step in building strong, healthy, vibrant communities.

Author: Brian J. Robertson
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
Release Date: 2015-06-02
ISBN 10: 1627794298
Pages: 240 pages

Holacracy Book Summary : Holacracy is a revolutionary management system that redefines management and turns everyone into a leader. Holacracy distributes authority and decision-making throughout an organization, and defines people not by hierarchy and titles, but by roles. Holacracy creates organizations that are fast, agile, and that succeed by pursuing their purpose, not following a dated and artificial plan. This isn't anarchy – it's quite the opposite. When you start to follow Holacracy, you learn to create new structures and ways of making decisions that empower the people who know the most about the work you do: your frontline colleagues. Some of the many champions of Holacracy include Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos (author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Delivering Happiness), Evan Williams (co-founder of Blogger, Twitter, and Medium), and David Allen.

The Living Organization  Transforming Business to Create Extraordinary Results
Author: Norman Wolfe
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 2011-11-01
ISBN 10: 9780983531012
Pages: 210 pages

The Living Organization Transforming Business to Create Extraordinary Results Book Summary : The pressure on CEOs and other organization leaders to create results, while balancing an increasing diversity of opposing demands, is reaching oppressive levels. "The Living Organization" delivers a new model that transforms the best of what worked before and expands it to deliver new life and growth for organizations.

The Agile Enterprise
Author: Nirmal Pal,Daniel Pantaleo
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date: 2005-12-06
ISBN 10: 9780387250786
Pages: 300 pages

The Agile Enterprise Book Summary : One of the first widely available resources on the subject of adaptive enterprise. The text takes on a new and burgeoning field of study and development and provides the opportunity to help shape and guide the thinking of decision makers in the world of both public and private sectors. The authors contribute a wealth of experience from professional situations having worked for IBM Global Services Consulting Group and SAP Institute for Innovation and Development.

Walking the Talk
Author: Carolyn Taylor
Publisher: Random House
Release Date: 2015-09-24
ISBN 10: 1473535859
Pages: 416 pages

Walking the Talk Book Summary : A new, fully revised edition. The culture of an organisation can mean the difference between success and failure. Leaders cast long shadows, and if you want to change the culture you have to walk the talk. This book shows you how. Walking the Talk covers everything from measuring corporate culture to changing people's behaviour (including your own) and describes in detail six archetypes of company culture: Achievement, Customer-Centric, One-Team, Innovative, People-First and Greater-Good. Packed with fascinating examples and case histories, and drawing extensively on Carolyn Taylor's twenty years' experience of building great cultures, it will give you the confidence to build a culture of success in your own organisation.

Teal Dots in an Orange World
Author: Erik Korsvik Østergaard
Publisher: LID Publishing
Release Date: 2019-11-28
ISBN 10: 1912555409
Pages: 329 pages

Teal Dots in an Orange World Book Summary : In the last century, changes in technology have driven massive developments in the social economy. The Fourth Industrial Revolution demands new approaches to organizational structures and teams. A paradigm shift is emerging, putting engagement, relations, inclusion and freedom at the centre. We need small self-managed teams, in a team-of-teams structure to be relevant to employees and customers, and in order to adapt to a changing world. In his second book, Erik Korsvik Østergaard draws on the workings of Frederic Laloux, and his 2014 title Reiventing Organisations. Laloux discusses the five organizational stages to the modern workforce; the Red, Amber, Orange, Green and Teal stages. And with these writings,Østergaard presents arguments towards how the classical corporate structure at the Orange stage, has experienced a rise in teal dots, or rather, neo-modernist forms of team-oriented organisms, which express a reorganisation for the future workforce.

Reinventing Hierarchy and Bureaucracy
Author: Thomas Diefenbach,Rune Todnem By
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
Release Date: 2012-05-10
ISBN 10: 1780527829
Pages: 252 pages

Reinventing Hierarchy and Bureaucracy Book Summary : This volume brings together leading scholars in the field of organisation studies to reflect on the universal phenomena of hierarchy (vertical organisation of tasks) and bureaucracy (rule-bound execution of tasks), resulting in a colourful kaleidoscope of thought-provoking, critical and refreshingly non-mainstream analysis.