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Losing Our Way
Author: Bob Herbert
Publisher: Anchor
Release Date: 2015-07-07
ISBN 10: 0767930843
Pages: 304 pages

Losing Our Way Book Summary : "In a searing indictment of America's decline, former New York Times columnist Bob Herbert profiles struggling Americans--casualties of decades of government policies that have produced underemployment, inequality, and pointless wars--and offers a ringing call to arms to restore justice and the American dream. The United States needs to be reimagined. Once described by Lincoln as the last best hope on earth, the country seemed on the verge of fulfilling its immense promise in the mid 1960s and early 1970s: unemployment was low, wages and profits were high, and the nation's wealth--by today's standards--was distributed in a remarkably equitable fashion. America was a society confident that it could bring a middle-class standard of living (at the very least) and the full rights of citizenship to virtually everyone. This sense of possibility has evaporated. In this book longtime New York Times columnist Bob Herbert combines devastating stories of suffering Americans with keen political analysis to show where decades of corporate greed, political apathy, and short-term thinking have led: America's infrastructure is crumbling, our schools fail our children, unnecessary wars maim our young men, and underemployment plagues a generation. He traces how the United States went wrong, exposing the slow, dangerous shift of political influence from the working population in the 1960s to the corporate and financial elite today, who act largely in their own self-interest. But the situation isn't entirely hopeless. Herbert argues that by tapping the creative ideas of people across the country who are implementing solutions at the local level, the middle class can reassert its power, put the economy back on track, and usher in a new progressive era"--

On Our Way
Author: Robert Kastenbaum
Publisher: Univ of California Press
Release Date: 2004-05-20
ISBN 10: 9780520922938
Pages: 460 pages

On Our Way Book Summary : How do our ideas about dying influence the way we live? Life has often been envisioned as a journey, the river of time carrying us inexorably toward the unknown country—and in our day we increasingly turn to myth and magic, ritual and virtual reality, cloning and cryostasis in the hope of eluding the reality of the inevitable end. In this book a preeminent and eminently wise writer on death and dying proposes a new way of understanding our last transition. A fresh exploration of the final passage through life and perhaps through death, his work deftly interweaves historical and contemporary experiences and reflections to demonstrate that we are always on our way. Drawing on a remarkable range of observations—from psychology, anthropology, religion, biology, and personal experience—Robert Kastenbaum re-envisions life's forward-looking progress, from early-childhood bedtime rituals to the many small rehearsals we stage for our final separation. Along the way he illuminates such moments and ideas as becoming a "corpsed person," going down to earth or up in flames, respecting or abusing (and eating) the dead, coping with "too many dead," conceiving and achieving a "good death," undertaking the journey of the dead, and learning to live through the scrimmage of daily life fully knowing that Eternity does not really come in a designer flask. Profound, insightful, often moving, this look at death as many cultures await it or approach it enriches our understanding of life as a never-ending passage.

Finding Our Way
Author: Barry W. Holtz
Publisher: Jewish Publication Society
Release Date: 2011-01-01
ISBN 10: 0827610262
Pages: 286 pages

Finding Our Way Book Summary : The ancient rabbis believed that the world rests on three pillars: study, worship, and good deeds. It is said that the greatest of these is study, for it leads to the other two. But exactly how does the modern Jewish reader go about studying the Mishnah, Talmud, and Midrash --- the great ancient and often hard-to-comprehend texts of our tradition? And how do we glean the great insights and wisdom from these sacred texts, which inspired our ancestors, and apply them to our modern lives? With guidance from renowned author and educator Barry Holtz, these ancient texts take on new meaning for us. He provides a framework for exploring our thinking about God, prayer, and ritual, as well as social issues, such as charity, friendship, and justice. His new study guide helps readers and study groups launch their exploration of the ancient texts, posing probing questions to help them stay engaged as they pursue their quest for a deeper understanding of their faith. This spiritual and spirited book, a sequel to Holtz's classic Back to the Sources, is a must-read for adult Jewish learners and educators alike.

Making our Way through the World
Author: Margaret S. Archer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Release Date: 2007-06-14
ISBN 10: 9781139464963
Pages: 329 pages

Making our Way through the World Book Summary : How do we reflect upon ourselves and our concerns in relation to society, and vice versa? Human reflexivity works through 'internal conversations' using language, but also emotions, sensations and images. Most people acknowledge this 'inner-dialogue' and can report upon it. However, little research has been conducted on 'internal conversations' and how they mediate between our ultimate concerns and the social contexts we confront. In this book, Margaret Archer argues that reflexivity is progressively replacing routine action in late modernity, shaping how ordinary people make their way through the world. Using interviewees' life and work histories, she shows how 'internal conversations' guide the occupations people seek, keep or quit; their stances towards structural constraints and enablements; and their resulting patterns of social mobility.

Singing Our Way to Victory
Author: Regina M. Sweeney
Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
Release Date: 2001-04-02
ISBN 10: 9780819564733
Pages: 355 pages

Singing Our Way to Victory Book Summary : A penetrating cross-disciplinary study of the cultural constructions of singing.

Scouting Our Way
Author: Robert Lee Edmonds,Linda Tucker Edmonds
Publisher: Eight Eleven Press
Release Date: 2015-04-16
ISBN 10: 0989202607
Pages: 208 pages

Scouting Our Way Book Summary : Scouting Our Way celebrates a century of the Boy Scouts of America's rich, faith-based heritage. It embraces the spirit of Scouting and renews the religious bedrock of Lord Robert S.S. Baden-Powell's pioneering experiment in shaping good character in youth and preparing them to do their best. His founding moral principles and ideals embodied in the Boy Scouts of America's Oath and Law are brilliantly illuminated in the book through prayers and devotions from over thirty religions and denominations. Scouting Our Way includes an extraordinary selection of traditional and favorite Scout prayers and devotions arranged by program and activity suitable for personal reflection and group gatherings. There is also a prayer journal inside the book for Scouts to record their personal and favorite prayers. At the end of each chapter are Set My Compass interactive, theme-based adventures where the reader can engage with unique chapter topics through faith-building activities. Each Set My Compass exercise is an enlightening, personal, and sharing experience for Scouts to appreciate the blessings and value of reverence, duty, and fellowship. These chapter tasks are readily adaptable for age and program and are an ideal complement to earning advancement, service or religious honors requiring an understanding and the role of a Scout's duty to God. Scouting Our Way also features a journey of prayer in America from the country's foremost leaders and personalities during landmark events in our nation's history. Included, as well, are inspiring words from the presidents of the United States opening with Theodore Roosevelt to the current chief of state speaking on the importance of religious diversity and fellowship among all citizens in building this great nation. Scouting Our Way is distinctive in the body of published works on religious diversity and interfaith understanding. It is an indispensable resource for meditation and spiritual growth. Scouts, leaders, parents, teachers, and mentors will also find it essential for use at meetings, outings, ceremonies, and special events where people of one or many faiths come together to celebrate the spirit and adventure of Scouting.

Interaction Our Way
Author: The Goodens
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Release Date: 2012-04-17
ISBN 10: 1469196085
Pages: 149 pages

Interaction Our Way Book Summary : Interaction Our Way is a portrait of shared and human action resulting in successful careers and lives for the five Gooden siblingsVince, Mike, Steve, Linda, and Duane. Their unique Plans illustrate how they interact with education, religion, military, health care, government and the workplace. Their careers range from CEO to Technical Specialist and their educational levels include Doctorate, Masters, and Certificates. They attribute their success to having a solid foundation, perseverance, and knowledge. They reveal that there have been bumps in the road, challenges, and even adversity; however they overcame them by strategic interaction in the organization they participated. For them failure has not been an option and they provide recommendations for success to inspire and encourage others to follow.

Finding Our Way Home
Author: Myke Johnson
Publisher: Lulu.com
Release Date: 2016-12-02
ISBN 10: 1365566862
Pages: 182 pages

Finding Our Way Home Book Summary : In this time of ecological crisis, all that is holycalls us into a more intimate partnership with the diverse and beautiful beings of this earth. InFinding Our Way Home, Myke Johnson reflects on her personal journey into such a partnership and offers a guide for others to begin this path. Lyrically expressed, it weaves together lessons from a chamomile flower, a small bird, a copper beech tree, a garden slug, and a forest fern, along with insights from Indigenous philosophy, environmental science, fractal geometry, childhood Catholic mysticism, the prophet Elijah, fairy tales, and permaculture design. This eco-spiritual journey also wrestles with the history of our society's destruction of the natural world, and its roots in the original theft of the land from Indigenous peoples. Exploring the spiritual dimensions of our brokenness, it offers tools to create healing. Finding Our Way Homeis a ceremony to remember our essential unity with all of life."

Aging Our Way
Author: Meika Loe
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Release Date: 2013-03-01
ISBN 10: 0199975728
Pages: 344 pages

Aging Our Way Book Summary : Elders 85 years and older are the fastest growing segment of the population in the U.S. and in many other countries. Aging Our Way examines how the very old navigate the challenges of loneliness, disability, and loss, while staying healthy, connected, and comfortable.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Release Date: 2014-03
ISBN 10: 1490730575
Pages: 168 pages

LIGHTING OUR WAY Book Summary : LIGHTING OUR WAY is a book of devotionals that can be used in ones every day spiritual walk. They are intended to help and encourage those who are seeking help with the problems of life. It is with this in mind that the author added scripture to each article and hopefully encourage people to turn to God in all circumstances.

Alaska Our Way
Author: Elaine Brooks Held
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Release Date: 2012-05
ISBN 10: 1477117849
Pages: 108 pages

Alaska Our Way Book Summary : In 1999, my husband and I traveled to Alaska with our friends Don and Mary. When the tides were low, we headed for Clam Gulch to try our luck. You look for the clam's telltale hole, then dig like mad to grab his shell before he outdigs you. The result is fingers and fingernails cut to shreds. I came up with the brilliant idea of covering my fingers with clear fingernail polish. Don wandered over and asked, "What are you doing?" I explained my theory. "That sounds like it might work. Let me try some." Since Don's fingers were the worst, he slathered it on. Proud of the results, he lifted his hands for me to see. Slowly, a horrified look came over his face. Concerned, I asked, "What's wrong?" He wailed, "I have to go to the bathroom!"

Out Our Way
Author: Michael Riordon
Publisher: Between The Lines
Release Date: 1996
ISBN 10: 1896357059
Pages: 199 pages

Out Our Way Book Summary : "Out Our Way is a treasury of oral history-in-the-making. It was born of the author's 27,000 kilometre journey through every province and territory of Canada, and more than three hundred intimate, face-to-face conversations with lesbians and gay men, aged fifteen to eighty-one, including people of the First Nations, people living with HIV and AIDS, individuals, couples, people living in communes, and a rainbow of self-defined families. With wit and insight Riordon relates the richly varied experience of real people who are making their way, and their mark, in rural communities they've chosen. Enormously entertaining, Out Our Way will appeal to readers of all orientations."--Page 4 of cover.

Finding Our Way
Author: Margaret J. Wheatley
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Release Date: 2007-02-13
ISBN 10: 1605098795
Pages: 297 pages

Finding Our Way Book Summary : For years, Margaret Wheatley has written eloquently about humanizing our organizations and helping people to work together more effectively and compassionately. She has shown how breakthroughs in chaos theory and quantum physics can enable organizations to function more like responsive, self-organizing living systems, rather than cold mechanisms of control. And she has gradually expanded these ideas into the wider arena of human society. In short, Margaret Wheatley is one of the most innovative and influential organizational thinkers of our time, and Finding Our Way brings together her shorter writings for the first time, touching on all the topics she has addressed throughout her career, showing how she has applied the ideas in her books s in many different situations. “The pieces presented here”, she writes, “represent ten years of work, of how I took the ideas in my books and applied them in practice in many different situations. However, this is not a collection of articles. I updated, revised, or substantially added to the original content of each one. In this way, everything written here represents my current views on the subjects I write about.” Provocative, challenging, at times poetic, and often deeply moving, Finding Our Way sums up Wheatley's thinking on a diverse scope of topics from leadership and management to education and raising children in turbulent times; from societal commentary to specific organizational techniques and more.

Our Way Out
Author: Marq De Villiers
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart Limited
Release Date: 2012-04
ISBN 10: 0771026498
Pages: 405 pages

Our Way Out Book Summary : Global warming, energy shortages, overpopulation — it's no wonder that as a society, we're in an apocalyptic mood. Out of an endless stream of gloomy prognoses for humanity's future, we have emerged with little inspiration and few concrete ideas for change. Our Way Out is the first time that our most urgent global challenges have been treated as aspects of a single, larger crisis — and the first to acknowledge that while crises reinforce each other, solutions enable each other. The transformation to sustainability is already happening, in many small ways, in many parts of the world. Our Way Out shows us how we can scale up these efforts to create meaningful and lasting change. This is not a book on climate change, energy, or any other single issue — it is the story of how within the solutions to the global crises we face, lie the seeds of something greater. It is a handbook for immense and exciting worldwide change. And, not least of all, it offers us robust hope that we can make things better. From the Hardcover edition.

Finding Our Way
Author: Rene Saldana, Jr.
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
Release Date: 2007-12-18
ISBN 10: 030743334X
Pages: 128 pages

Finding Our Way Book Summary : THESE STORIES TAKE the reader to meet mochos; cholos; Mr. and Mrs. Special; Manny with his mysterious phone calls; Melly, who dreams of being the first girl to take the Dive; Andy and Ruthie, who find that being “boyfriend-girlfriend” takes on new meaning the night of the prom; and Chuy, who seems determined to get kicked out of school. Each distinct voice shares secret thoughts that draw the reader into daily dramas of love, danger, loyalty, and pride. In the final story, a shocking tragedy reverberates through the barrio. “With this collection, Saldaña makes a significant contribution to the field of Latino short stories for young readers.”—VOYA, Starred “These powerfully written, provocative selections have universal appeal and subtle, thoughtful themes.”—School Library Journal “While much is revealed, just as much is implied, making the stories layered and rich while still rendering them accessible.”—The Bulletin From the Hardcover edition.

Down Our Way
Author: Jacqueline Barnes
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Release Date: 2007-06-13
ISBN 10: 9780470510988
Pages: 306 pages

Down Our Way Book Summary : This book will describe in detail what it is like to be a parent in four different communities in England. The research data that are the basis for this description are interpreted in relation to a number of key factors, include: family social class, ethnic group, length of time on the neighbourhood and the presence of extended family locally. The book will be of interest to anyone wanting to know more about how to improve the lives of parents and children. Special focus is placed on those families who face disadvantage, either in relation to personal vulnerabilities or in relation to living in neighbourhoods lacking in resources and facilities.

Comprehension Our Way
Author: Iris Charlton-DePass
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Release Date: 2012-04-04
ISBN 10: 1469157314
Pages: 237 pages

Comprehension Our Way Book Summary : This book is intended for junior high school students who are preparing for the English Language, Bahamas Junior Certificate examination. Each unit is laid out with an introduction which can be used as a beginning of a lesson, followed by a passage, letter, or poem, which could be used in the development of the lesson. The skills that are found in the questions that follow each passage or poem should be used to assist in the evaluation of students’ understanding of what was read, and the additional activities should be used to enhance other skills needed to succeed in English Language. At the end of the majority of units there is a creative writing section. This is to provide the teacher with ideas that students can write about that relate to the themes that were brought out in the piece studied. Song and poetry writing are also included in these sections which should help those students who are gearing to become entertainers, poets, writers, etc. It is imperative that students at this level be regular readers. Examination preparation should in no way discount the overall development of students’ thinking faculties. Educators should ultimately aim to develop the abilities to think and write logically and, most importantly, to make sound decisions. These skills are not likely to be produced by occasional comprehension and grammar exercises. Consistent personal development which comes mostly from reading good books and researching is vital. Therefore, administrators and teachers should stress the importance of independent reading and also ensure that the Language Arts classrooms have libraries with a variety of books for students to use.

Finding Our Way
Author: Richard J. Mezeske
Publisher: Peter Lang
Release Date: 2004
ISBN 10: 9780820461786
Pages: 221 pages

Finding Our Way Book Summary : This book tells the story of how the education faculty in a small, Midwestern liberal arts college recovered from the loss of its NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education) accreditation. Over a period of ten years, the faculty revitalized, reconceptualized, and redesigned their teacher education program, regaining accreditation in the process. Among the areas addressed are developing a conceptual framework and an assessment plan, the teaching of literacy and writing, field placements, technology integration, creative staffing, and diversity. What emerges is a portrait of a faculty engaged in a vibrant and developmental process of change and reform focused on the preparation of quality teachers for America's schools.

Workin  Our Way Home
Author: Ron Hall
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: 2018-02-20
ISBN 10: 0785219854
Pages: 304 pages

Workin Our Way Home Book Summary : “I saw his face.” Deborah Hall’s words launched the destiny of two men from very different worlds. Ron Hall was an international art dealer with upscale tastes; Denver Moore was a homeless drifter with a dangerous past. Millions have read about their unlikely bond through their first book, Same Kind of Different as Me—a New York Times bestseller and now a major motion picture. Workin’ Our Way Home describes the ten years Ron and Denver lived together after Miss Debbie’s death. Written in both Ron’s and Denver’s unique voices, their inspiring (and often hilarious) adventures include: Their sometimes-bizarre life together in the Murchison Mansion, Denver accidentally almost burning the house down—twice, The challenges involved with making a movie, Two visits to the White House, Travelling the country to raise awareness about homelessness, And much more. With both wit and wisdom, these pages reveal God’s plan lived out through these men and those closest to them, including their passion to fulfill Debbie’s dream of easing the pain and humiliation associated with homelessness, poverty, and inequality. “Whether we is rich or whether we is poor, or somethin in between, this earth ain’t no final restin place. So in a way, we is all homeless—ever last one of us—just workin our way home.” —Denver Moore

Our Way Across the Mountain  Ho
Author: Henry Russell
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1838
ISBN 10:
Pages: 7 pages

Our Way Across the Mountain Ho Book Summary :