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Author: Ludwig Bemelmans
Publisher: Perfection Learning
Release Date: 2000-05-01
ISBN 10: 9780812422542
Pages: 48 pages

Madeline Book Summary : Madeline, smallest and naughtiest of the twelve little charges of Miss Clavel, wakes up one night with an attack of appendicitis.

Madeline in London
Author: Ludwig Bemelmans
Publisher: Paw Prints
Release Date: 2009-07-10
ISBN 10: 9781442046443
Pages: 56 pages

Madeline in London Book Summary : Madeline and the other girls travel to London to visit their former neighbor on his birthday.

Author: N.A
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Release Date: 1967
ISBN 10: 9780670445806
Pages: 48 pages

Madeline Book Summary : Madeline, smallest and naughtiest of the twelve little charges of Miss Clavel, wakes up one night with an attack of appendicitis.

Author: Amelia Alderson Opie
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1827
ISBN 10:
Pages: 280 pages

Madeline Book Summary :

Madeline's Christmas
Author: Shirley Mier,Jennifer Kirkeby
Publisher: Dramatic Publishing
Release Date: 2005
ISBN 10: 9781583422977
Pages: 66 pages

Madeline's Christmas Book Summary : "So begins this delightful story of Madeline's Christmas! The day begins like any other day. Miss Clavel takes the twelve little girls on their morning walk. They go to the zoo and then back to school for their French history lesson. Suddenly disaster strikes when everyone gets the flu! Everyone that is, except for the ever-resilient Madeline. Saddened that they may not be able to go home for Christmas, the girls and Miss Clavel take to their beds. But on Christmas Eve, the adventure begins when there is a knock at the front door. Expecting to see Santa, Madeline meets the Rug Merchant who has brought twelve very special rugs. He reminds Madeline that Christmas is the time of miracles, and that these are not ordinary rugs! Soon everyone wakes up feeling healthy. The Rug Merchant shows them that they each have a magic carpet and that they can fly home to be with their families for Christmas! After saying goodbye to the girls, Miss Clavel finds a present that the girls left for her, befriends a little mouse, and counts her many blessings singing: "Everything Is Right Tonight." Before you know it, the girls fly back to the Old House and are together again on New Year's Eve. They thank Madeline for taking care of them and making their Christmas so special!"--Publisher's Website.

Madeline of Paris
Author: N.A
Publisher: In the Hands of a Child
Release Date:
ISBN 10:
Pages: 329 pages

Madeline of Paris Book Summary :

Madeline's Christmas Book
Author: Ludwig Bemelmans
Publisher: Viking Childrens Books
Release Date: 2002-09-01
ISBN 10: 9780670035953
Pages: 329 pages

Madeline's Christmas Book Book Summary : A packaged gift set provides the book, Madeline's Christmas, as well as a Madeline doll dressed in her finest Christmas outfit.

Author: Daniel Chauncey Brewer
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1888
ISBN 10:
Pages: 138 pages

Madeline Book Summary :

Author: Alexandra Livesay
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Release Date: 2016-10-29
ISBN 10: 1524553425
Pages: 116 pages

Madeline Book Summary : Madeline is a story of one womans journey from the depths of hell to recovery. Much of Madelines life was usual and untouched. Madeline went to college, owned her own art gallery, and had a home of her own. However, part of her life was quite messy. Madeline would spend too much money, go on binges of eating then not eating at all, and struggle with bouts of self-mutilation. Madeline had a mental illness. She was diagnosed in her midtwenties. This is her story of how it all happenedfrom hospitals and medications to days of great triumph and how she got it all back. Her life is in this story. This book is a fictional adaptation of Alexandras own life and how she has overcome her own demons to find light and life once again.

Madeline McDowell Breckinridge and the Battle for a New South
Author: Melba Hay
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
Release Date: 2009-04-24
ISBN 10: 0813173264
Pages: 368 pages

Madeline McDowell Breckinridge and the Battle for a New South Book Summary : Preeminent Kentucky reformer and women’s rights advocate Madeline McDowell Breckinridge (1872–1920) was at the forefront of social change during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A descendant of Henry Clay and the daughter of two of Kentucky’s most prominent families, Breckinridge had a remarkably varied activist career that included roles in the promotion of public health, education, women’s rights, and charity. Founder of the Lexington Civic League and Associated Charities, Breckinridge successfully lobbied to create parks and playgrounds and to establish a juvenile court system in Kentucky. She also became president of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association, served as vice president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, and even campaigned across the country for the League of Nations. In the first biography of Breckinridge since 1921, Madeline McDowell Breckinridge and the Battle for a New South, Melba Porter Hay draws on newly discovered correspondence and rich personal interviews with her female associates to illuminate the fascinating life of this important Kentucky activist. Deftly balancing Breckinridge’s public reform efforts with her private concerns, Hay tells the story of Madeline’s marriage to Desha Breckinridge, editor of the Lexington Herald, and how she used the match to her advantage by promoting social causes in the newspaper. Hay also chronicles Breckinridge’s ordeals with tuberculosis and amputation, and emotionally trying episodes of family betrayal and sex scandals. Hay describes how Breckinridge’s physical struggles and personal losses transformed her from a privileged socialite into a selfless advocate for the disadvantaged. Later as vice president of the National American Women Suffrage Association, Breckinridge lobbied for Kentucky’s ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, which gave women the right to vote in 1920. While devoting much of her life to the woman suffrage movement on the local and national levels, she also supported the antituberculosis movement, social programs for the poor, compulsory school attendance, and laws regulating child labor. In bringing to life this extraordinary reformer, Hay shows how Breckinridge championed Kentucky’s social development during the Progressive Era.

Author: Florence Wetzel
Publisher: iUniverse
Release Date: 2012-01-19
ISBN 10: 9781462059614
Pages: 488 pages

Madeline Book Summary : I have a very personal feeling about this book. It touches me and grants me the privilege of access to its romantic heroines inner life as she arrives at a post-Woodstock womanhood in Hoboken, no less. -Bob Fass, WBAI-FM Its Hoboken, New Jersey, 1987. The Bongos are breaking up, the Maxwell House factory fills the air with the scent of coffee, and favorite son Frank Sinatra still eats calamari at Leos Grandevous. Twenty-seven-year-old Madeline Boot has just returned to the city, determined to start a new life after a spiritual retreat gone awry. Madeline gets involved with David Guggenheim, the bassist of the up-and-coming band Shallow Grave. Swept up by Davids seductive lifestyle, Madeline seeks balance between her new relationship and her family life, which includes her upstairs neighbor Michael, a Columbia professor who translates Buddhist scriptures. Inspired by Jane Austens Emma, Tibetan Buddhism, and the unique charm of Hoboken, New Jersey, Madeline explores spiritual and material aspirations, and ultimately finds harmony between the two.

Madeline and the Dragonfly
Author: Charles Meyers
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Release Date: 2010-09-14
ISBN 10: 9781453563571
Pages: 142 pages

Madeline and the Dragonfly Book Summary : Many of us deal with the lost of a love one in many ways. It is even harder for a ten year old girl. This book deals with a young girl Madeline. Who lost her father in the war and unexpectedly lost her mother six months later. What better way to help her understand and deal with her lost. Then meeting a talking Dragonfl y at a creek that nestle on her Aunt Violet and Uncle Jack farm. With the help of this Dragonfl y Skip and few of his friends. Madeline fi nds out, how family, friends and love can overcome all fears in life. That death is not the end but the beginning of life itself. This inspirational story will give you that. But, most of all. It will show you. That unconditional love is the most powerful gift we can give to each other.

Madeline Kahn
Author: William V. Madison
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
Release Date: 2015-04-29
ISBN 10: 1617037621
Pages: 336 pages

Madeline Kahn Book Summary : Best known for her Oscar-nominated roles in the smash hits Paper Moon and Blazing Saddles, Madeline Kahn (1942–1999) was one of the most popular comedians of her time—and one of the least understood. She turned out as reserved and refined as her characters were bold and bawdy. Almost a Method actor in her approach, she took her work seriously. When crew members and audiences laughed, she asked why—as if they were laughing at her—and all her life she remained unsure of her gifts. William V. Madison examines Kahn’s film career, including not only her triumphs with Mel Brooks and Peter Bogdanovich, but also her overlooked performances in The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother and Judy Berlin, her final film. Her work in television—notably her sitcoms—also comes into focus. New York theater showered her with accolades, but also with remarkably bad luck, culminating in a disastrous outing in On the Twentieth Century that wrecked her reputation on Broadway. Only with her Tony-winning performance in The Sisters Rosensweig, fifteen years later, did Kahn regain her standing. Drawing on new interviews with family, friends, and such colleagues as Lily Tomlin, Carol Burnett, Gene Wilder, Harold Prince, and Eileen Brennan, as well as archival press and private writings, Madison uncovers Kahn’s lonely childhood and her struggles as a single woman working to provide for her erratic mother. Above all, Madison reveals the paramount importance of music in Kahn’s life. A talented singer, Kahn entertained offers for operatic engagements long after she was an established Hollywood star, and she treated each script as a score. As Kahn told one friend, her ambition was “to be the music.”

Madeline of the Desert
Author: Arthur Edward Pearse Brome Weigall
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1920
ISBN 10:
Pages: 425 pages

Madeline of the Desert Book Summary :

When Madeline Was Young
Author: Jane Hamilton
Publisher: Anchor
Release Date: 2006-09-19
ISBN 10: 0385519982
Pages: 272 pages

When Madeline Was Young Book Summary : Jane Hamilton, award-winning author of The Book of Ruth and A Map of the World brings us a rich and loving novel about a non-traditional family in the aftermath of a terrible accident.When Aaron Maciver’s beautiful young wife, Madeline, suffers a head injury in a bicycle crash, she is left with the mental capabilities of a six-year-old. In the years that follow, Aaron and his second wife care for Madeline with deep tenderness and devotion as they raise two children of their own. Inspired in part by Elizabeth Spencer’s Light in the Piazza, Hamilton offers an honest and exquisite portrait of how a family tragedy forever shapes the boundaries of love.