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Author: Robert J. Barro
Publisher: MIT Press
Release Date: 1997
ISBN 10: 9780262024365
Pages: 867 pages

Macroeconomics Book Summary : This latest edition of Robert J. Barro's established microeconomics textbook presents the most recent theoretical and empirical developments in economic growth, and recent evidence on the macroeconomics labour markets and public finance.

A Concise Guide to Macroeconomics
Author: David A. Moss
Publisher: Harvard Business Press
Release Date: 2014
ISBN 10: 1625271964
Pages: 211 pages

A Concise Guide to Macroeconomics Book Summary : Geared toward executives and managers, a revised guide explains important concepts in macroeconomics using detailed examples from history and helps break down how the economy really works and what impact it has on the business world. 12,500 first printing.

Author: Errol D'Souza
Publisher: Pearson Education India
Release Date: 2009-05
ISBN 10: 9788131708187
Pages: 480 pages

Macroeconomics Book Summary : Errol D'Souza's Macroeconomics helps students realize the connections between theoretical frameworks and the actual behaviour of the economy; enables instructors to teach macroeconomics concepts within the context of both the Indian and global economy; and provides policymakers with material from current research in macroeconomics. The focus of the book rests on the analysis of macroeconomic thought in terms of the intuition and underlying logic that forms its basis. This book has been designed to help readers think independently about real-world situations, by helping them master the basic technical tools that enable them to do this. At a conceptual level, the book focuses on the most current and relevant issues, while also understanding the fluidity of the subject.

Macroeconomics  3E
Author: Dwivedi
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education
Release Date: 2010
ISBN 10: 9780070091450
Pages: 667 pages

Macroeconomics 3E Book Summary :

Lectures on Macroeconomics
Author: Class of 1941 Professor of Economics Olivier Blanchard,Olivier J. Blanchard,Stanley Fischer,OLIVIER AUTOR BLANCHARD
Publisher: MIT Press
Release Date: 1989
ISBN 10: 9780262022835
Pages: 650 pages

Lectures on Macroeconomics Book Summary : The main purpose of Lectures on Macroeconomics is to characterize and explain fluctuations in output, unemployment and movement in prices. Lectures on Macroeconomics provides the first comprehensive description and evaluation of macroeconomic theory in many years. While the authors' perspective is broad, they clearly state their assessment of what is important and what is not as they present the essence of macroeconomic theory today.The main purpose of Lectures on Macroeconomics is to characterize and explain fluctuations in output, unemployment and movement in prices. The most important fact of modern economic history is persistent long term growth, but as the book makes clear, this growth is far from steady. The authors analyze and explore these fluctuations. Topics include consumption and investment; the Overlapping Generations Model; money; multiple equilibria, bubbles, and stability; the role of nominal rigidities; competitive equilibrium business cycles, nominal rigidities and economic fluctuations, goods, labor and credit markets; and monetary and fiscal policy issues. Each of chapters 2 through 9 discusses models appropriate to the topic. Chapter 10 then draws on the previous chapters, asks which models are the workhorses of macroeconomics, and sets the models out in convenient form. A concluding chapter analyzes the goals of economic policy, monetary policy, fiscal policy, and dynamic inconsistency. Written as a text for graduate students with some background in macroeconomics, statistics, and econometrics, Lectures on Macroeconomics also presents topics in a self contained way that makes it a suitable reference for professional economists.

Handbook of Macroeconomics
Author: John B. Taylor,Michael Woodford,Harald Uhlig
Publisher: Elsevier
Release Date: 1999-12-27
ISBN 10: 9780444501585
Pages: 1745 pages

Handbook of Macroeconomics Book Summary : This text aims to provide a survey of the state of knowledge in the broad area that includes the theories and facts of economic growth and economic fluctuations, as well as the consquences of monetary and fiscal policies for general economic conditions.

Author: William Boyes,Michael Melvin
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Release Date: 2015-01-01
ISBN 10: 1305465105
Pages: 528 pages

Macroeconomics Book Summary : Equip your students with a solid global understanding of macroeconomic principles as you introduce the latest thinking of economists on important macroeconomic phenomena with Boyes/Melvin's MACROECONOMICS, 10E. Now you can clearly illustrate the connections between key macroeconomic principles and actual business practices with this book's reader-friendly approach, carefully integrated learning features, memorable examples, and unique global emphasis. Timely revisions and the latest macroeconomic statistics ensure you are teaching using the most recent data and developments. Revised macroeconomics materials emphasize the fundamentals and the practical application of concepts to current events. New macroeconomics coverage highlights the recent financial crisis and its global implications. Your students gain in-depth understanding of globalization and its impact on economic growth and poverty. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Macroeconomics for Professionals
Author: Leslie Lipschitz,Susan Schadler
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Release Date: 2019-01-23
ISBN 10: 1108568467
Pages: 329 pages

Macroeconomics for Professionals Book Summary : Understanding macroeconomic developments and policies in the twenty-first century is daunting: policy-makers face the combined challenges of supporting economic activity and employment, keeping inflation low and risks of financial crises at bay, and navigating the ever-tighter linkages of globalization. Many professionals face demands to evaluate the implications of developments and policies for their business, financial, or public policy decisions. Macroeconomics for Professionals provides a concise, rigorous, yet intuitive framework for assessing a country's macroeconomic outlook and policies. Drawing on years of experience at the International Monetary Fund, Leslie Lipschitz and Susan Schadler have created an operating manual for professional applied economists and all those required to evaluate economic analysis.

Author: D. N. Dwivedi
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education
Release Date: 2005
ISBN 10: 9780070588417
Pages: 603 pages

Macroeconomics Book Summary :

Principles of Microeconomics 2e
Author: Openstax,Timothy Taylor,Steven A. Greenlaw,David Shapiro
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 2017-10-12
ISBN 10: 9781680920871
Pages: 571 pages

Principles of Microeconomics 2e Book Summary : Principles of Microeconomics 2e covers the scope and sequence of most introductory microeconomics courses. The text includes many current examples, which are handled in a politically equitable way. The outcome is a balanced approach to the theory and application of economics concepts. The second edition has been thoroughly revised to increase clarity, update data and current event impacts, and incorporate the feedback from many reviewers and adopters. The text and images in this book are grayscale. The first (previous) edition of Principles of Microeconomics via OpenStax is available via ISBN 9781680920093.

Macroeconomics  Theory and Applications 2e
Author: G S Gupta
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education
Release Date: 2004-09-01
ISBN 10: 9780070585942
Pages: 431 pages

Macroeconomics Theory and Applications 2e Book Summary :

Author: N.A
Publisher: Pearson South Africa
Release Date: 2006
ISBN 10: 9781868917174
Pages: 488 pages

Macroeconomics Book Summary :

International Macroeconomics
Author: Peter J. Montiel
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Release Date: 2009-06-15
ISBN 10: 1405183861
Pages: 512 pages

International Macroeconomics Book Summary : International Macroeconomics provides students with an analytically rigorous introduction to the impact of globalization on macroeconomics. * Presents an analytically rigorous introduction to the field and uniquely includes optional econometric studies * Provides a unified macroeconomic model to examine rigorously international macroeconomics and then focuses this model on historic cases, institutions, and specific countries, dealing with various types of macroeconomic crises * Provides a strong policy orientation by an author who worked for many years at the IMF * Is supported by a website with extensive solutions for the problem sets, PowerPoint slides, and an update on the 08-09 meltdown

Macroeconomics in Emerging Markets
Author: Peter Montiel
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Release Date: 2003-04-10
ISBN 10: 9780521785518
Pages: 445 pages

Macroeconomics in Emerging Markets Book Summary : Table of contents

The Representative Agent in Macroeconomics
Author: James E Hartley,James E. Hartley
Publisher: Routledge
Release Date: 2002-01-04
ISBN 10: 1134756801
Pages: 240 pages

The Representative Agent in Macroeconomics Book Summary : Rpresentative agent models have become a predominant means of studying the macroeconomy in modern economics without there being much discussion in the literature about their propriety or usefulness. This volume evaluates the use of these models in macroeconomics, examining the justifications for their use and concluding that representative agent models are neither a proper nor a particularly useful means of studying aggregate behaviour.

Applied Macroeconomics for Public Policy
Author: Rafael Yanushevsky,Camilla Yanushevsky
Publisher: Academic Press
Release Date: 2018-06-29
ISBN 10: 0128156333
Pages: 230 pages

Applied Macroeconomics for Public Policy Book Summary : Applied Macroeconomics for Public Policy applies system and control theory approaches to macroeconomic problems. The book shows how to build simple and efficient macroeconomic models for policy analysis. By using these models, instead of complex multi-criteria models with uncertain parameters, readers will gain new certainty in macroeconomic decision-making. As high debt to GDP ratios cause problems in societies, this book provides insights on improving economies during and after economic downturns. Provides a detailed analysis of existing macroeconomic models Addresses the dynamics of debt to GDP ratio and the effects of fiscal and monetary policy on this ratio Shows how to use models to evaluate the dynamics of the debt to GDP ratio in cases of government spending and tax cuts and to decide whether such economic measures are efficient Uses optimal theory to obtain optimal yearly debt levels to reach the established goals (decrease debt or balance budget) Provides many examples and software exercises to promote learning by doing

Author: Nicoli Nattrass
Publisher: New Africa Books
Release Date: 2002
ISBN 10: 9780864865946
Pages: 314 pages

Macroeconomics Book Summary :

Author: Graeme Chamberlin,Linda Yi-Chuang Yueh,Linda Yueh
Publisher: Cengage Learning EMEA
Release Date: 2006
ISBN 10: 9781844800421
Pages: 582 pages

Macroeconomics Book Summary : Macroeconomics is a general textbook in macroeconomics and provides examples from a wide international context. It therefore by necessity covers both standard introductory macroeconomic topics and also the latest concepts arising from study of this international context. Examples in the book that require mature economies relate to Europe and the U.S., upon which much of standard macroeconomic theory is based. Amongst others, issues spanning the U.S. 'twin deficits, ' the euro and European economic and monetary union are treated. Macroeconomics also covers the changing international economic order, including the WTO, the growth model of Latin America in contrast to East Asia, the transition of China and other recently marketised economies. It also examines the financial crises of the past two decades that have fundamentally overhauled theories surrounding liquidity crises, exchange rates and structural reforms related to liberalisation

Macroeconomics in Context
Author: Neva Goodwin,Jonathan M. Harris,Julie A. Nelson,Brian Roach,Mariano Torras
Publisher: Routledge
Release Date: 2015-03-12
ISBN 10: 1317465741
Pages: 496 pages

Macroeconomics in Context Book Summary : Macroeconomics in Context lays out the principles of macroeconomics in a manner that is thorough, up to date, and relevant to students. Like its counterpart, Microeconomics in Context, the book is attuned to economic realities--and it has a bargain price. The in Context books offer affordability, engaging treatment of high-interest topics from sustainability to financial crisis and rising inequality, and clear, straightforward presentation of economic theory. Policy issues are presented in context--historical, institutional, social, political, and ethical--and always with reference to human well-being.

Causality in Macroeconomics
Author: Kevin D. Hoover,KEVIN D AUTOR HOOVER
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Release Date: 2001-08-13
ISBN 10: 9780521002882
Pages: 311 pages

Causality in Macroeconomics Book Summary : These ideas help to clarify philosophical as well as economic issues. The structural approach to causality is then used to evaluate more familiar approaches to causality developed by Granger, by LeRoy, and by Glymour, Spirtes, Scheines, and Kelly, as well as vector autoregressions, the Lucas critique, and the exogeneity concepts of Engle, Hendry, and Richard. A constructive approach to causal inference based on patterns of stability and instability in the face of identified regime changes is developed and illustrated in two empirical case studies of the causal direction between money and prices and between taxes and spending."--Jacket.