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Prosperity Without Growth
Author: Tim Jackson
Publisher: Earthscan
Release Date: 2009
ISBN 10: 1844078949
Pages: 264 pages

Prosperity Without Growth Book Summary : This work proposes a framework based on the concept of a fair distribution of environmental space to include the diverse needs of North and South. Drawing on research in 38 countries, it aims to give an equitable basis for global development in order to a

The Politics of Storytelling
Author: Michael Jackson
Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press
Release Date: 2002
ISBN 10: 9788772897370
Pages: 320 pages

The Politics of Storytelling Book Summary : Hannah Arendt argued that the "political" is best understood as a power relation between private and public realms, and that storytelling is a vital bridge between these realms - a site where individualised passions and shared views are contested and recombined. In his new book, Michael Jackson explores and expands Arendt's ideas through a cross-cultural analysis of storytelling that includes Kuranko stories from Sierra Leone, Aboriginal stories of the stolen generation, stories recounted before the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and stories of refugees, renegades, and war veterans. Focusing on the violent and volatile conditions under which stories are and are not told, and exploring the various ways in which narrative reworkings of reality enable people to symbolically alter subject-object relations, Jackson shows how storytelling may restore to the intersubjective fields of self and other, self and state, self and cosmos, the conditions of viable sociality. The book concludes in a reflexive vein, exploring the interface between public discourse and private experience.

The Ku Klux Klan in the City, 1915-1930
Author: Kenneth T. Jackson
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Release Date: 1967
ISBN 10: 0929587820
Pages: 326 pages

The Ku Klux Klan in the City, 1915-1930 Book Summary : Revising conventional wisdom about the Klan, Mr. Jackson shows that its roots in the 1920s can also be found in the burgeoning cities. Comprehensively researched, methodically organized, lucidly written...a book to be respected. Journal of American History."

Crabgrass Frontier
Author: Kenneth T. Jackson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Release Date: 1987-04-16
ISBN 10: 9780195049831
Pages: 396 pages

Crabgrass Frontier Book Summary : Traces the development of American suburbs, suggests reasons for their growth, compares American residential patterns with those of Europe and Japan, and looks at future trends

And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson
Author: Jim Leonard
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
Release Date: 1986
ISBN 10: 9780822200451
Pages: 91 pages

And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson Book Summary : THE STORY: In Jackson, a small town in rural Indiana, Elizabeth Ann Willow lives with her father and mother. Crippled at birth with polio, Elizabeth Ann is confined to a wheelchair and must wear leg braces, which cuts her off from the other childre

Life in Classrooms
Author: Philip Wesley Jackson
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Release Date: 1990
ISBN 10: 9780807770054
Pages: 183 pages

Life in Classrooms Book Summary : Since its first appearance, Life in Classrooms has established itself as a classic study of the educational process at its most fundamental level.

Jackson Pollock
Author: Jackson Pollock
Publisher: The Museum of Modern Art
Release Date: 1999
ISBN 10: 9780870700378
Pages: 283 pages

Jackson Pollock Book Summary : Gathered in a single volume, these represent a resource for anyone interested in the development of twentieth-century art."--BOOK JACKET.

The Poetic Edda
Author: Jackson Crawford
Publisher: Hackett Publishing
Release Date: 2015-03-05
ISBN 10: 1624663583
Pages: 392 pages

The Poetic Edda Book Summary : "The poems of the Poetic Edda have waited a long time for a Modern English translation that would do them justice. Here it is at last (Odin be praised!) and well worth the wait. These amazing texts from a 13th-century Icelandic manuscript are of huge historical, mythological and literary importance, containing the lion's share of information that survives today about the gods and heroes of pre-Christian Scandinavians, their unique vision of the beginning and end of the world, etc. Jackson Crawford's modern versions of these poems are authoritative and fluent and often very gripping. With their individual headnotes and complementary general introduction, they supply today's readers with most of what they need to know in order to understand and appreciate the beliefs, motivations, and values of the Vikings." --Dick Ringler, Professor Emeritus of English and Scandinavian Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison

Medical Law
Author: Emily Jackson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Release Date: 2016-06-16
ISBN 10: 0198743505
Pages: 1064 pages

Medical Law Book Summary : Medical Law: Text, Cases, and Materials offers all of the explanation, commentary, and extracts from cases and key materials that students need to gain a thorough understanding of this complex topic. Key case extracts provide the legal context, facts, and background; extracts from materials provide differing ethical perspectives and outline current debates; and the author's insightful commentary ensures that readers understand the facts of the cases and can navigate the ethical landscape to form their own understanding of medical law. Online resource centre Online updates to the law are provided alongside a searchable glossary of medical and legal terms.

Soledad Brother
Author: George Jackson
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
Release Date: 1994-09-01
ISBN 10: 1613742894
Pages: 368 pages

Soledad Brother Book Summary : A collection of Jackson's letters from prison, "Soledad Brother" is an outspoken condemnation of the racism of white America and a powerful appraisal of the prison system that failed to break his spirit but eventually took his life. Jackson's letters make palpable the intense feelings of anger and rebellion that filled black men in America's prisons in the 1960s. But even removed from the social and political firestorms of the 1960s, Jackson's story still resonates for its portrait of a man taking a stand even while locked down.

Shirley Jackson
Author: Bernice M. Murphy
Publisher: McFarland
Release Date: 2005-10-05
ISBN 10: 0786423129
Pages: 304 pages

Shirley Jackson Book Summary : "This collection of essays widens the scope of Jackson scholarship with new writing on works such as The road through the wall and We have always lived in the castle and topics from Jackson's domestic fiction to ethics, cosmology, and eschatology. The book makes available some of the significant Jackson scholarship published in the last two decades"--Provided by publisher.

Introduction to International Relations
Author: Robert H. Jackson,Georg Sørensen
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Release Date: 2007-01
ISBN 10: 9780199285433
Pages: 342 pages

Introduction to International Relations Book Summary : This highly successful textbook provides a systematic introduction to the principle theories in international relations. It combines incisive and original analysis with a clear and accessible writing style, making it the ideal textbook for all students taking an introductory course in international relations or international relations theory. The book focuses on the main theoretical traditions - Realism, Liberalism, International Society, and theories of international political economy. The third edition includes two new chapters on Social Constructivism and foreign policy. Emphasis is placed on the relationship between IR theory (academic knowledge of IR) and IR practice (real world events and activities of world politics). The authors carefully explain how particular theories organize and sharpen our view of the world. The book is supported by an Online Resource Centre. Student resources: Case studies with assignments Review questions Web links to theoretical debates, maps and world situations (NEW) Flashcard glossary (NEW) Lecturer resources: Figures and tables from the text (NEW)

Flow in Sports
Author: Susan A. Jackson,Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Publisher: Human Kinetics
Release Date: 1999
ISBN 10: 9780880118767
Pages: 183 pages

Flow in Sports Book Summary : Describes how athletes reach a high level of performance in which they feel perfectly attuned toward their sport

Stonewall Jackson
Author: J. Tracey Power
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
Release Date: 2004-08-15
ISBN 10: 9781404226548
Pages: 112 pages

Stonewall Jackson Book Summary : This is a biography of the Confederate general who earned the nickname "Stonewall" for standing firm in the First Battle of Manassas.

Author: Malcolm Cameron Lyons,D. E. P. Jackson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Release Date: 1984-08-20
ISBN 10: 9780521317399
Pages: 456 pages

Saladin Book Summary : A classic study of Saladin, the scourge of the crusaders, who during the 12th century imposed unity on his dominions, retook Jerusalem, and for a time resisted the Third Crusade. He was a brilliant military leader, a diplomat, politician and administrator who earned a reputation for honesty and chivalry.