Hard Sell

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Hard Sell
Author: Lauren Layne
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Release Date: 2018-09
ISBN 10: 9781503902848
Pages: 252 pages

Hard Sell Book Summary : Brilliantly hot Matt Cannon doesn't mind his ''boy wonder'' nickname. At twenty-eight, he may be the youngest -- and richest -- broker at his firm, but the constant string of women in his bed know he's all man. When Matt's boss insists he clean up his image to land a potential investor, Matt knows just the woman to pose as his girlfriend. Sabrina Cross is Wall Street's go-to ''fixer'' -- a chameleon of a woman who can be anything, to any man, for any reason, with just one rule: no touching. Matt and Sabrina have always been like oil and water, but their new arrangement lights a match to the animosity and leads to something altogether hotter.

The Art of the Hard Sell
Author: Robert L. Shook
Publisher: Piatkus Books
Release Date: 1991
ISBN 10: 9780749911317
Pages: 224 pages

The Art of the Hard Sell Book Summary : Teaches high pressure sales techniques that are compatible with professionalism and having the customer's best interests at heart. It aims to inspire salespeople to dare to be different, to master the aggressive but subtle approach of hard selling without resorting to intimidation or manipulation.

Hard Sell
Author: Jamie Reidy
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Release Date: 2010-09-14
ISBN 10: 0740788868
Pages: 224 pages

Hard Sell Book Summary : Jamie Reidy is the guy who's been there, done that, and walked away with the insider stories. Inside Hard Sell: Now a Major Motion Picture LOVE and OTHER DRUGS, you'll find yourself rooting for Reidy and shocked by the realities of the world that paid his salary. This comedic expose traces Reidy's experiences from Pfizer training to life as the "V-Man," when Reidy became Pfizer's number-one drug rep during the Viagra craze. With equal parts self-confidence and self-mockery, Reidy takes the reader on a hilarious romp through pharma-culture while revealing the controversial side of the drug industry. From viewing a circumcision to gaining a doctor's rapport to providing insight on why doctors choose to prescribe Drug X over Drug Y, and from how to bargain "sigs" and "scripts" to why the Viagra pill is shaped as a diamond, Reidy discloses everything. A witty, behind-the-scenes look at an industry that touches everyone in America with a prescription, Hard Sell uncovers truths about the pharmaceutical industry you'd rather not know and practices you'd like to believe weren't employed. Hard Sell has been adapted into a major motion picture starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

Hard Sell
Author: Colin Clark
Publisher: eBook Partnership
Release Date: 2014-08-01
ISBN 10: 0957534728
Pages: 355 pages

Hard Sell Book Summary : Market pitchers routinely transform a patch of bare ground into a sea of eager purchasers using little more than their 'gift of the gab' and some homespun 'psychology' to convince passers-by to stop and buy their goods. Employing some of the world's most successful selling techniques, in one of the oldest and most difficult of all marketing situations, their rhetoric and social skills have to equal that employed by the most accomplished salespersons, politicians and professional persuaders. Between 1984 and 1994 sociologists Clark and Pinch recorded over 75 pitching routines on street markets and other sales sites throughout the UK, mainland Europe and the United States. Using examples of pitchers attracting a crowd, describing and demonstrating their goods, building bargains, cajoling the unconvinced to make a purchase and coping with problem customers, the authors reveal, for the very first time, the reasons for these traders' extraordinary success-both on and away from the markets. Comparing their findings with more orthodox sales situations-direct response TV home shopping and infomercials, as well as other forms of grass-roots selling (fly pitching, the mock auction sales con, street entertaining and urban 'hustling')-the authors highlight many important lessons that have relevance for everyone involved in all types of marketing, advertising and persuasion.In this revised, updated and extended edition the authors also reveal why, today, pitching on markets appears to have become a dying art. Original, authoritative and highly readable, The Hard Sell is an essential and often hilarious guide for anyone who wants to understand how real-life selling really works.

Hard Sell
Author: Peter Ikeler
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Release Date: 2016-08-03
ISBN 10: 1501706632
Pages: 240 pages

Hard Sell Book Summary : Along with fast-food workers, retail workers are capturing the attention of the public and the media with the Fight for $15. Like fast-food workers, retail workers are underpaid, and fewer than five percent of them belong to unions. In Hard Sell, Peter Ikeler traces the low-wage, largely nonunion character of U.S. retail through the history and ultimate failure of twentieth-century retail unionism. He asks pivotal questions about twenty-first-century capitalism: Does the nature of retail work make collective action unlikely? Can working conditions improve in the absence of a union? Is worker consciousness changing in ways that might encourage or further inhibit organizing? Ikeler conducted interviews at New York City locations of two iconic department stores—Macy’s and Target. Much of the book’s narrative unfolds from the perspectives of these workers in America’s most unequal city. When he speaks to workers, Ikeler finds that the Macy’s organization displays an adversarial relationship between workers and managers and that Target is infused with a "teamwork" message that enfolds both parties. Macy’s workers identify more with their jobs and are more opposed to management, yet Target workers show greater solidarity. Both groups, however, are largely unhappy with the pay and precariousness of their jobs. Combined with workplace-generated feelings of unity and resistance, these grievances provide promising inroads to organizing that could help take the struggle against inequality beyond symbolic action to real economic power.

Why America is Such a Hard Sell
Author: Juliana Geran Pilon
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Release Date: 2007-01-01
ISBN 10: 9780742551497
Pages: 285 pages

Why America is Such a Hard Sell Book Summary : History offers ample proof of AmericaOs pride and prejudice, a twin handicap that prevents effective communication with the rest of the world. Using literature, political science, philosophy, and humor, the book explores some of the reasons for AmericaOs current predicament. It ends, however, on a positive note, describing some heartening initiatives, and expressing confidence in the sustaining power of the American spirit. Dr. Pilon's analysis should prove useful to scholars and practitioners, indeed to anyone interested in improving the interaction between America and the world.

Soft Soap  Hard Sell
Author: Vincent Vinikas
Publisher: Iowa State Press
Release Date: 1992
ISBN 10:
Pages: 168 pages

Soft Soap Hard Sell Book Summary : Advertising was the mechanism responsible for Americans' sudden embrace of new standards of hygiene and grooming. By tracking the influence of advertising on changing habits of everyday life, Vincent Vinikas also traces the emergence of advertising as an agency of socialization in modern America. In Soft Soap, Hard Sell, Vinikas shows how advertising functions as a social institution, telling people who they are and how they fit in. He does this by exploring: how advertisers like Lambert Pharmacal created new consumer needs, convincing the public overnight to gargle with a product that previously had been used only to disinfect homes and hospitals; how a barrage of advertising for cosmetics led to a new look for women as Americans grappled with the emancipation of the New Woman of the 1920s; how managing consumer demand through public relations resulted in the birth of the modern beauty parlor; how soap manufacturers united to form the Cleanliness Institute to teach Americans the importance of using soap lavishly; and how popular magazines became the vehicle of both national advertising and national culture in the early twentieth century. Soft Soap, Hard Sell is for the reader interested in the history of social trends and American popular culture. It is a valuable supplementary study for courses in American social and business history, women's studies, and modern mass culture.

The Hard Sell
Author: Dee Madigan
Publisher: Melbourne University Press
Release Date: 2015-02-01
ISBN 10: 9780522866308
Pages: 224 pages

The Hard Sell Book Summary : In The Hard Sell, creative director Dee Madigan uses her trademark humour and down-to-earth approach to unveil the world of political advertising. Drawing on real-life stories from her own recent Federal and State campaigns, she gives us fascinating industry insight into: andbull; How political ads are designed to work; andbull; Who are they designed to work on; andbull; How we pay for them; andbull; Why we make so many negative ads; andbull; How personal is too personal; andbull; How spin works, particularly in an election campaigns; andbull; How to make messages cut through the cynicism; andbull; How politicians use journos who use politicians who use journos; andbull; The gendered nature of it all; andbull; And finally, what happens when it all turns to sh*t! Dee is candid about the tricks of the trade and the lessons that can be learnt.

The Hard Sell
Author: John Bone
Publisher: Routledge
Release Date: 2020-07-02
ISBN 10: 9780367603991
Pages: 216 pages

The Hard Sell Book Summary : In this work John Bone provides a lively and engaging insight into the social world of direct selling organizations. He investigates these under-researched organizations via a detailed ethnography of two home improvement companies selling products such as fitted kitchens, double glazing and conservatories, as well as developing wider sociological debates on trust and interaction. These organizations tend to be loosely ordered and internally competitive collectives whose sole aim is to maximize short term profits through sales strategies that routinely employ the calculative exploitation of consumer norms and expectations. John Bone uses his findings to argue that amid the wave of increasing deregulation and liberalization that has supplanted the planned and regulated form of capitalism that predominated until the 1970s, such conditions are now becoming prevalent in mainstream contemporary organizations, threatening to unleash a latent disorder that underlies the rationality of 'modern' business.

Hard Sell
Author: Charles Rubin
Publisher: Random House Value Publishing
Release Date: 1977
ISBN 10: 9780517529560
Pages: 218 pages

Hard Sell Book Summary :

Entertainment  Education  and the Hard Sell
Author: Joseph Turow,Robert Lewis Shayne Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies Joseph Turow
Publisher: Greenwood
Release Date: 1981
ISBN 10:
Pages: 153 pages

Entertainment Education and the Hard Sell Book Summary :

Hard Sell
Author: Piers Anthony
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1993
ISBN 10: 9780441317486
Pages: 268 pages

Hard Sell Book Summary : Mr. Fisk Centers buys real estate on Mars, where he drives a supersonic car in a suicide race and visits a robot mortician for a sample embalming. Reprint.

Sell Without Selling
Author: Terri Levine
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Release Date: 2009-01-01
ISBN 10: 161448404X
Pages: 128 pages

Sell Without Selling Book Summary : Levine delivers a delightful fable that tackles the issue many salespeople face daily in their hearts they hate to sell. It instantly engages anyone who sells with the story of a young business student and her struggle to learn a way to sell with ease.

Hard Sell
Author: Marc S. Blevins
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 2005-11
ISBN 10: 9781420874457
Pages: 280 pages

Hard Sell Book Summary : Men: So you're always saying you don't understand her? You say you do what she wants, and then you wonder what went wrong? She really isn't the woman of your dreams? Are you tired of being turned down, turned off or tuned out? Do you want to change the nagging to the naughty? You know, it's really all just a game. And Romeo's Playbook will teach you the plays, the positions and how to execute them to score. The Coach's Tips are there so you don't drop the ball. There's bases to be run, so learn how to get from first to home by using this easy to follow guide. You'll find out what she doesn't have the guts to tell you!

Bilingual Education
Author: Ofelia García,Colin Baker
Publisher: Multilingual Matters
Release Date: 2007
ISBN 10: 1853599077
Pages: 301 pages

Bilingual Education Book Summary : The book contains a comprehensive selection of outstanding and influential articles on bilingual education in the USA and the rest of the world. It is designed for instructors and students, with questions and activities based on each of the 19 readings for students to engage in active learning.