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Author: George Harrison Shull,Donald Forsha Jones,Leslie Clarence Dunn,Curt Stern,Royal Alexander Brink
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 1949
ISBN 10:
Pages: 329 pages

Genetics Book Summary :

Molecular Evolutionary Genetics
Author: Masatoshi Nei
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Release Date: 1987
ISBN 10: 9780231063210
Pages: 512 pages

Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Book Summary : -- "The Scientist"

Author: Daniel L. Hartl,Elizabeth W. Jones
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Release Date: 2009
ISBN 10: 9780763758684
Pages: 763 pages

Genetics Book Summary : This handbook covers all dimensions of breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for the non-oncologist. A special emphasis is placed on the long term survivor.

The Gist of Genetics
Author: Rowland H. Davis,Stephen G. Weller
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Release Date: 1997-12
ISBN 10: 9780763707453
Pages: 250 pages

The Gist of Genetics Book Summary : The complete coverage of this book makes it an ideal companion for students of genetics. Its organization complements any standard undergraduate textbook. Core material is presented in outline form, making it easier to digest and review key concepts. Coverage of the basic phenomenology of inheritance, genetic analysis, and genetic logic and rationales will be appropriate for every student taking a course in genetics. Additionally, review questions and problems, with answers, appear at the end of each chapter.

Genetics and the Origin of Species
Author: Theodosius Dobzhansky
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Release Date: 1982
ISBN 10: 9780231054751
Pages: 364 pages

Genetics and the Origin of Species Book Summary : Featuring an introduction by Stephen Jay Gould, "Genetics and the Origin of Species" presents the first edition of Dobzhansky's groundbreaking and now classic inquiry into what has emerged as the most important single area of scientific inquiry in the twentieth century: biological theory of evolution. Genetics and the Origin of Species went through three editions (1937, 1941, and 1951) in which the importance accorded natural selection changed radically.

A Dictionary of Genetics
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Release Date:
ISBN 10: 0199766444
Pages: 329 pages

A Dictionary of Genetics Book Summary :

Principles of Medical Genetics
Author: Thomas D. Gelehrter,Francis S. Collins,David Ginsburg
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Release Date: 1998
ISBN 10: 9780683034455
Pages: 410 pages

Principles of Medical Genetics Book Summary :

Genetics and Fish Breeding
Author: C.E. Purdom
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date: 1992-11-30
ISBN 10: 9780412330407
Pages: 278 pages

Genetics and Fish Breeding Book Summary : Genetics and Fish Breeding provides a thorough review of this important subject, highlighting species which are bred commercially, such as salmon, trout, carp and goldfish. The author, who is an acknowledged expert in this subject, has drawn together a wealth of information, providing a book which should be bought by all fish biologists, fisheries scientists, geneticists and aquarists.

Annual Review of Genetics
Author: Herschel L. Roman
Publisher: Annual Reviews
Release Date: 1993-12
ISBN 10:
Pages: 329 pages

Annual Review of Genetics Book Summary :

Author: Daniel L. Hartl,Maryellen Ruvolo
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Release Date: 2011-08-05
ISBN 10: 1449626106
Pages: 800 pages

Genetics Book Summary : The Eighth Edition of Genetics: Analysis of Genes and Genomes provides a clear, balanced, and comprehensive introduction to genetics and genomics at the college level. Expanding upon the key elements that have made this text a success, Hartl has included updates throughout, as well as a new chapter dedicated to genetic evolution. He continues to treat transmission genetics, molecular genetics, and evolutionary genetics as fully integrated subjects and provide students with an unprecedented understanding of the basic process of gene transmission, mutation, expression, and regulation. New chapter openers include a new section highlighting scientific competencies, while end-of-chapter Guide to Problem-Solving sections demonstrate the concepts needed to efficiently solve problems and understand the reasoning behind the correct answer. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.

Forest Genetics
Author: Timothy L. White,W. T. Adams,David B. Neale
Publisher: CABI
Release Date: 2007
ISBN 10: 1845932862
Pages: 682 pages

Forest Genetics Book Summary : This book, which contains 20 chapters, integrates the varied subdisciplines of genetics and their applications in gene conservation, tree improvement and biotechnology. Topics covered include: genetic variation in natural forests, the application of genetics in tree improvement and breeding programmes, and genomic sequences and molecular technologies. This book will be a valuable resource for students, scientists and professionals in the plant sciences, especially forest geneticists, tree breeders, forest managers and other natural resource specialists.

Quantitative Genetics, Genomics, and Plant Breeding
Author: Manjit S. Kang
Publisher: CABI
Release Date: 2002-09-20
ISBN 10: 9780851997872
Pages: 432 pages

Quantitative Genetics, Genomics, and Plant Breeding Book Summary : This book provides an overview of the rapidly developing integration and interdependence of quantitative genetics, genomics, bioinformatics and their application to plant breeding. Chapters have been developed from a symposium held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in March 2001, although additional contributions have also been commissioned especially for this volume. The main topics covered include: quantitative trait loci (QTL) mapping, genomics, bioinformatics and marker-assisted selection; tissue culture and alien introgression for crop improvement; and advances in genotype by environment interaction/stability analysis.

Anthropological Genetics
Author: Michael H. Crawford
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Release Date: 2007
ISBN 10: 9780521546973
Pages: 476 pages

Anthropological Genetics Book Summary : Volume detailing the effects of the molecular revolution on anthropological genetics and how it redefined the field.

Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Maize
Author: Ramakrishna Wusirika,Martin Bohn,Jinsheng Lai,Chittaranjan Kole
Publisher: CRC Press
Release Date: 2014-08-05
ISBN 10: 1482228122
Pages: 310 pages

Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Maize Book Summary : Sequencing of the maize genome has opened up new opportunities in maize breeding, genetics and genomics research. This book highlights modern trends in development of hybrids, analysis of genetic diversity, molecular breeding, comparative and functional genomics, epigenomicsand proteomics in maize. The use of maize in biofuels, phytoremediation and pharmaceuticals is also highlighted. Current research trends, future research directions and challenges are discussed by a panel of experts from all over the world.

Poultry Genetics, Breeding, and Biotechnology
Author: W. M. Muir,S. E. Aggrey
Publisher: CABI
Release Date: 2003-06-18
ISBN 10: 9780851998459
Pages: 744 pages

Poultry Genetics, Breeding, and Biotechnology Book Summary : This comprehensive research book represents the first complete integration of current knowledge in this area. It addresses issues associated with poultry breeding particularly by examining quantitative and molecular genetics and the uses of transgenic technology. A special section covers the important area of disease resistance and transmission.