Figure Drawing for Artists

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Figure Drawing for Artists
Author: Steve Huston
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 2016-06-01
ISBN 10: 1631590650
Pages: 192 pages

Figure Drawing for Artists Book Summary : How often does an aspiring artist read a book or take a class on drawing the human body, only to end up with page after page of stiff lifeless marks rather than the well-conceived figure the course promised? Though there are many books on drawing the human figure, none teach how to draw a figure from the first few marks of the quick sketch to the last virtuosic stroke of the finished masterpiece, let alone through a convincing, easy-to-understand method. That changes now. In Figure Drawing for Artists: Making Every Mark Count, award-winning fine artist Steve Huston shows beginners and pros alike the two foundational concepts behind the greatest masterpieces in art and how to use them as the basis for their own success. Embark on a drawing journey and discover how these twin pillars of support are behind everything from the Venus De Milo to Michelangelo's Sibyl to George Bellow's Stag at Sharkey's, how they're the fundamental tools for animation studios around the world, and how the best comic book artists from the beginnings of the art form until now use them whether they know it or not. Figure Drawing for Artists: Making Every Mark Count sketches out the same two-step method taught to the artists of DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, and Disney Animation, so pick up a pencil and get drawing.

Life Drawing for Artists
Author: Chris Legaspi
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
Release Date: 2019-12-10
ISBN 10: 1631598023
Pages: 176 pages

Life Drawing for Artists Book Summary : Life Drawing for Artists teaches a contemporary approach to figure drawing that includes both the familiar poses—standing, sitting, lying down—but also how to capture figures in movement and in more dynamic and engaging positions. Author Chris Legaspi is a dedicated, life-long artist and admired instructor who is known for his dynamic figurative drawings and paintings, and as a successful illustrator in the entertainment industry. Whether you are an aspiring illustrator, art student, or a professional artist looking to develop your abilities, Life Drawing for Artists shows how to build your skills by combining fundamental building blocks, such as gesture lines, shape and design, structure, value control, and edge or line control. You'll focus on different skills while working on both quick timed drawings and longer detailed drawings. The book covers important topics, such as drawing different views, understanding perspective, foreshortening strategies, and how to deal with various lighting conditions. The examples and tutorials explore virtually every pose scenario, as well as many active and dynamic movements. Breathe drama into your figures as you master the fundamentals with this fresh approach to life drawing. The For Artists series expertly guides and instructs artists at all skill levels who want to develop their classical drawing and painting skills and create realistic and representational art.

Figure Drawing Methods for Artists
Author: Peter Boerboom,Tim Proetel
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 2017-07
ISBN 10: 1631593064
Pages: 192 pages

Figure Drawing Methods for Artists Book Summary : Simple methods teach how to draw figures. When we try to draw a person, we are quickly confronted with various challenges. The proportions need to be correct, the attitude must be clear and vivid, the face should show resemblance and also be expressive. Such a task takes courage. Yet a little practice and training quickly lead to the ability to draw figures in a wide variety of styles. A figure in a particular posture can be assembled with a few key characteristic strokes. At the center of this collection is not the perfect figure, but the joy of drawing, and how, with simple methods, drawing people is possible: by reducing and reducing to a few lines, using clear contours and simple surfaces, the human figure emerges, constructed and elaborated.

The Artist s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing
Author: Anthony Ryder
Publisher: Watson-Guptill
Release Date: 2014-03-02
ISBN 10: 0770434746
Pages: 160 pages

The Artist s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing Book Summary : Many of us want to learn “how to draw.” But as artist Anthony Ryder explains, it’s much more important to learn what to draw. In other words, to observe and draw what we actually see, rather than what we think we see. When it comes to drawing the human figure, this means letting go of learned ideas and expectation of what the figure should look like. It means carefully observing the interplay of form and light, shape and line, that combine to create the actual appearance of human form. In The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing, amateur and experienced artists alike are guided toward this new way of seeing and drawing the figure with a three-step drawing method. The book’s progressive course starts with the block-in, an exercise in seeing and establishing the figure’s shape. It then build to the contour, a refined line drawing that represents the figure’s silhouette. The last step is tonal work on the inside of the contour, when light and shadow are shaped to create the illusion of form. Separate chapters explore topics critical to the method: gesture, which expresses a sense of living energy to the figure; light, which largely determines how we see the model; and form, which conveys the figure’s volume and mass. Examples, step-by-steps, and special “tips” offer helpful hints and practical guidance throughout. Lavishly illustrated with the author’s stunning artwork, The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing combines solid instruction with thoughtful meditations on the art of drawing, to both instruct and inspire artists of all levels.

Figure Drawing in Proportion
Author: Michael Massen
Publisher: North Light Books
Release Date: 2016
ISBN 10: 9781440337567
Pages: 144 pages

Figure Drawing in Proportion Book Summary : An easier way for drawing people in proportion using internal and comparative measurements.

Drawing Figures
Author: Barrington Barber
Publisher: Arcturus Publishing
Release Date: 2018-10-25
ISBN 10: 1788885910
Pages: 329 pages

Drawing Figures Book Summary : Of all the genres in art, figure drawing is the oldest. From the figures painted on the walls of ancient caves to modern-day representations of everyday people, artists have always sought to perfect their depictions of family, friends, and others around them. In Drawing Figures, teacher and artist Barrington Barber begins his exploration of this area of art with anatomy and encompasses all aspects of figure drawing, showing you how to make the best of your talents. • Includes information on materials, techniques, and styles • Reviews the human figure in detail • Teaches you how to draw the whole figure, clothed and unclothed • Contains step-by-step drawings and exercises to practise

Figure Drawing for Concept Artists
Author: Kan Muftic
Publisher: 3dtotal Publishing
Release Date: 2017-06-13
ISBN 10: 9781909414440
Pages: 192 pages

Figure Drawing for Concept Artists Book Summary : Figure Drawing for Concept Artists is the essential life drawing primer for concept artists, by respected industry practitioner Kan Muftic.

Muscles in Motion
Author: Glenn Fabry
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 2005
ISBN 10: 0823031454
Pages: 143 pages

Muscles in Motion Book Summary : The author offers a primer in drawing the human form, focusing particular attention on musculature in eight hundred drawings taken directly from his own sketchbook, accompanied by his own commentary. Original.

Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators
Author: David H. Ross
Publisher: Watson-Guptill
Release Date: 2015
ISBN 10: 0385346239
Pages: 160 pages

Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators Book Summary : For today's in-demand figure artists-comic creators animators, video game artists, concept designers, etc.-it is necessary to be able to quickly draw the human figure in a variety of action-packed poses. In Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators, David Ross shows readers how they can master freehand figure drawing without visual reference by using a modern twist on the classic technique of blocking out the human figure as a mannequin. Step-by-step lessons guide aspiring illustrators from basic poses (standing, running, jumping) to extreme motions (throwing punches, high kicking). For on-the-go artists, Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustratorsallows them complete freedom to bring their figures to life at any time.

The Figurative Artist s Handbook
Author: Robert Zeller
Publisher: The Monacelli Press, LLC
Release Date: 2016
ISBN 10: 1580934528
Pages: 304 pages

The Figurative Artist s Handbook Book Summary : Written by a well-known artist and expert instructor, The Figurative Artist's Handbook offers a comprehensive, contemporary approach to the subject that instructs artists on the foundation basics and advanced techniques they need for successful figure drawing and painting. In addition to Zeller's stunning drawings and paintings, the work of over 50 of today's top practicing artists is included, so that the book will do double-duty as a hard-working how-to book and a visual treasure trove of some of the finest figurative art being created today. A must-have reference book for today's figurative artists and art students. This handbook combines three oschools of thoughto regarding figure drawing that are, at least on the surface, at odds with each other. But with his vast teaching experience, Zeller has seen that on a deeper level they are very compatible. Such a synthesis leads to a more complete understanding of the figure. Although this comprehensive approach is reflected in contemporary art and art education, no book has ever combined all three before. Gestural- The dynamic, gestural, rhythmic understanding of the figure as practiced by the great Mannerists of the Renaissance. This philosophy emphasizes life and rhythm in the human form. Rooted in the 16th and 17th centuries. Structural- A solid architectural understanding of the structure and anatomy of the body as the basis for building solid figure drawings. Rooted in the 20th and 21st centuries. Atelier Method- A beautiful, careful, detailed understanding of surface morphology of the figure. Smooth surface rendering. Very sensual. Rooted in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Figure Drawing Workshop
Author: Allan Kraayvanger
Publisher: N.A
Release Date: 2003
ISBN 10:
Pages: 160 pages

Figure Drawing Workshop Book Summary : A practical and complete guide to oil painintg materials in today's market, with a focus on technique and deriving the best results from the medium. Includes many detailed demonstrations.

The Fairy Artist s Figure Drawing Bible
Author: Linda Ravenscroft
Publisher: Search
Release Date: 2009
ISBN 10: 9781844484379
Pages: 256 pages

The Fairy Artist s Figure Drawing Bible Book Summary : Book illustrators, computer games artists, and others who want to develop their skill as specialists in fairy art will find this book a practical instruction guide and an imaginative source of inspiration. The author demonstrates how to bring magical people from the "otherworld" vividly to life in a series of progressive instruction units. The book's spiral binding ensures that its pages lie flat while students follow instructions. Includes more than 350 how-to illustrations in color.

The Human Figure
Author: John Vanderpoel
Publisher: Stellar Editions
Release Date: 2016-03-09
ISBN 10: 9781987817737
Pages: 144 pages

The Human Figure Book Summary : Vanderpoel's The Human Figure: Life Drawing for Artists is the classic standard art school resource, featuring many of his best drawings based on his teaching at the Art Institute of Chicago. Vanderpoel developed a reputation as one of America's foremost authorities on figure drawing, and The Human Figure featured his pencil and charcoal drawings, and became a standard textbook for art school students.

How to Draw the Human Figure
Author: Cortina Famous Schools Staff
Publisher: Macmillan
Release Date: 1990-09-15
ISBN 10: 9780805015287
Pages: 98 pages

How to Draw the Human Figure Book Summary : Introduces drawing materials and techniques, describes the physical structure of the human body, and offers tips on capturing gesture, form, motion, and shading in figure studies

Figure Drawing for All It s Worth
Author: Andrew Loomis
Publisher: Titan Books (UK)
Release Date: 2011-05-27
ISBN 10: 9780857680983
Pages: 204 pages

Figure Drawing for All It s Worth Book Summary : "A book of fundamentals for an artistic career"--Jkt.