thermoelectricity and advanced thermoelectric materials

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Thermoelectricity and Advanced Thermoelectric Materials
Author : Ranjan Kumar,Ranber Singh
Publisher : Woodhead Publishing
Release Date : 2021-03-15
ISBN 10 : 9780128199848
Pages : 400 pages

Thermoelectricity and Advanced Thermoelectric Materials reviews these emerging materials, including skutterudites, clathrates and half-Heusler alloys. In addition, the book discusses a number of oxides and silicides that have promising thermoelectric properties. As 2D materials with high figures of merit have emerged as promising candidates for thermoelectric applications, this book presents an updated introduction to the field of thermoelectric materials, including recent advances in materials synthesis, device modeling, and design. Finally, the book addresses the theoretical difficulties and methodologies of computing the thermoelectric properties of materials that can be used to understand and predict high efficient thermoelectric materials. Reviews the most relevant, emerging thermoelectric materials, including 2D materials, skutterudites, clathrates and half-heusler alloys Focuses on how electronic structure engineering can lead to improved materials performance for thermoelectric energy conversion applications Includes the latest advances in the synthesis, modeling and design of advanced thermoelectric materials

Advanced Thermoelectrics
Author : Zhifeng Ren,Yucheng Lan,Qinyong Zhang
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2017-11-06
ISBN 10 : 1498765734
Pages : 790 pages

This book provides an overview on nanostructured thermoelectric materials and devices, covering fundamental concepts, synthesis techniques, device contacts and stability, and potential applications, especially in waste heat recovery and solar energy conversion. The contents focus on thermoelectric devices made from nanomaterials with high thermoelectric efficiency for use in large scale to generate megawatts electricity. Covers the latest discoveries, methods, technologies in materials, contacts, modules, and systems for thermoelectricity. Addresses practical details of how to improve the efficiency and power output of a generator by optimizing contacts and electrical conductivity. Gives tips on how to realize a realistic and usable device or module with attention to large scale industry synthesis and product development. Prof. Zhifeng Ren is M. D. Anderson Professor in the Department of Physics and the Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston. Prof. Yucheng Lan is an associate professor in Morgan State University. Prof. Qinyong Zhang is a professor in the Center for Advanced Materials and Energy at Xihua University of China.

Advanced Thermoelectric Materials for Energy Harvesting Applications
Author : Saim Memon
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2019-10-30
ISBN 10 : 1789845289
Pages : 140 pages

Advanced Thermoelectric Materials for Energy Harvesting Applications is a research-intensive textbook covering the fundamentals of thermoelectricity and the process of converting heat energy into electrical energy. It covers the design, implementation, and performance of existing and advanced thermoelectric materials. Chapters examine such topics as organic/inorganic thermoelectric materials, performance and behaviors of thermoelectric devices, and energy harvesting applications of thermoelectric devices.

Thermoelectric Materials and Devices
Author : Lidong Chen,Ruiheng Liu,Xui Shi
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2020-09-25
ISBN 10 : 0128184140
Pages : 282 pages

Thermoelectric Materials and Devices summarizes the latest research achievements over the past 20 years of thermoelectric material and devices, most notably including new theory and strategies of thermoelectric materials design and the new technology of device integration. The book's author has provided a bridge between the knowledge of basic physical/chemical principles and the fabrication technology of thermoelectric materials and devices, providing readers with research and development strategies for high performance thermoelectric materials and devices. It will be a vital resource for graduate students, researchers and technologists working in the field of energy conversion and the development of thermoelectric devices. Discusses the new theory and methods of thermoelectric materials design Combines scientific principles, along with synthesis and fabrication technologies in thermoelectric materials Presents the design optimization and interface technology for thermoelectric devices Introduces thermoelectric polymers and organic-inorganic thermoelectric composites

Advanced Thermoelectric Materials
Author : Chong Rae Park
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2019-03-12
ISBN 10 : 1119407362
Pages : 400 pages

Your guide to advanced thermoelectric materials Written by a distinguished group of contributors, this book provides comprehensive coverage of the most up-to-date information on all aspects of advanced thermoelectric materials — ranging from system biology, diagnostics, imaging, image-guided therapy, therapeutics, biosensors, and translational medicine and personalized medicine, as well as the much broader task of covering most topics of biomedical research.

Author : HoSung Lee
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2016-11-14
ISBN 10 : 1118848950
Pages : 440 pages

Thermoelectrics: Design and Materials HoSung Lee, Western Michigan University, USA A comprehensive guide to the basic principles of thermoelectrics Thermoelectrics plays an important role in energy conversion and electronic temperature control. The book comprehensively covers the basic physical principles of thermoelectrics as well as recent developments and design strategies of materials and devices. The book is divided into two sections: the first section is concerned with design and begins with an introduction to the fast developing and multidisciplinary field of thermoelectrics. This section also covers thermoelectric generators and coolers (refrigerators) before examining optimal design with dimensional analysis. A number of applications are considered, including solar thermoelectric generators, thermoelectric air conditioners and refrigerators, thermoelectric coolers for electronic devices, thermoelectric compact heat exchangers, and biomedical thermoelectric energy harvesting systems. The second section focuses on materials, and covers the physics of electrons and phonons, theoretical modeling of thermoelectric transport properties, thermoelectric materials, and nanostructures. Key features: Provides an introduction to a fast developing and interdisciplinary field. Includes detailed, fundamental theories. Offers a platform for advanced study. Thermoelectrics: Design and Materials is a comprehensive reference ideal for engineering students, as well as researchers and practitioners working in thermodynamics. Cover designed by Yujin Lee

Organic Thermoelectric Materials
Author : Zhiqun Lin,Ming He
Publisher : Royal Society of Chemistry
Release Date : 2019-10-18
ISBN 10 : 1788019164
Pages : 308 pages

Thermoelectric materials have received a great deal of attention in energy-harvesting and cooling applications, primarily due to their intrinsic low cost, energy efficient and eco-friendly nature. The past decade has witnessed heretofore-unseen advances in organic-based thermoelectric materials and devices. This title summarises the significant progress that has been made in the molecular design, physical characterization, and performance optimization of organic thermoelectric materials, focusing on effective routes to minimize thermal conductivity and maximize power factor. Featuring a series of state-of-the-art strategies for enhancing the thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) of organic thermoelectricity, and highlighting cutting-edge concepts to promote the performance of organic thermoelectricity, chapters will strengthen the exploration of new high-ZT thermoelectric materials and their potential applications. With contributions from leading worldwide authors, Organic Thermoelectric Materials will appeal to graduate students as well as academic and industrial researchers across chemistry, materials science, physics and engineering interested in the materials and their applications.

Thermoelectrics Handbook
Author : D.M. Rowe
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2018-10-03
ISBN 10 : 1420038907
Pages : 1008 pages

Ten years ago, D.M. Rowe introduced the bestselling CRC Handbook of Thermoelectrics to wide acclaim. Since then, increasing environmental concerns, desire for long-life electrical power sources, and continued progress in miniaturization of electronics has led to a substantial increase in research activity involving thermoelectrics. Reflecting the latest trends and developments, the Thermoelectrics Handbook: Macro to Nano is an extension of the earlier work and covers the entire range of thermoelectrics disciplines. Serving as a convenient reference as well as a thorough introduction to thermoelectrics, this book includes contributions from 99 leading authorities from around the world. Its coverage spans from general principles and theoretical concepts to material preparation and measurements; thermoelectric materials; thermoelements, modules, and devices; and thermoelectric systems and applications. Reflecting the enormous impact of nanotechnology on the field-as the thermoelectric properties of nanostructured materials far surpass the performance of conventional materials-each section progresses systematically from macro-scale to micro/nano-scale topics. In addition, the book contains an appendix listing major manufacturers and suppliers of thermoelectric modules. There is no longer any need to spend hours plodding through the journal literature for information. The Thermoelectrics Handbook: Macro to Nano offers a timely, comprehensive treatment of all areas of thermoelectrics in a single, unified reference.

Modules, Systems, and Applications in Thermoelectrics
Author : David Michael Rowe
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2012-04-25
ISBN 10 : 1439874727
Pages : 581 pages

Comprising two volumes, Thermoelectrics and Its Energy Harvesting reviews the dramatic improvements in technology and application of thermoelectric energy with a specific intention to reduce and reuse waste heat and improve novel techniques for the efficient acquisition and use of energy. This volume, Modules, Systems and Applications in Thermoelectrics, discusses the practical, novel, and truly groundbreaking applications of thermoelectrics in a range of markets. The book details the U.S. interest in alternative energy and energy harvesting, specifically, the current efforts to use thermoelectric generators (TGs) to reduce emissions. Internationally, it expounds on the strong interest in Japan, Korea and Europe to incorporate TGs in cars to reduce fuel consumption and meet EU carbon dioxide emission targets; the European plans to build an isotopic powered thermoelectric generator; and India’s use of TG s in converting hot water from steel mills into electricity.

Thermoelectric Materials
Author : Ken Kurosaki,Yoshiki Takagiwa,Xun Shi
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
Release Date : 2020-06-08
ISBN 10 : 3110594536
Pages : 222 pages

How can you design good thermoelectric materials? This book covers thermoelectric material concepts and synthesis techniques in particular focusing methods for enhancing current materials designs to achieve the greatest thermoelectric efficiencies. This book is ideal for researchers and advanced students of materials science, physics, and energy.

Introduction to Thermoelectricity
Author : H. Julian Goldsmid
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2009-10-03
ISBN 10 : 3642007163
Pages : 242 pages

Introduction to Thermoelectricity is the latest work by Professor Julian Goldsmid drawing on his 55 years experience in the field. The theory of the thermoelectric and related phenomena is presented in sufficient detail to enable researchers to understand their observations and develop improved thermoelectric materials. The methods for the selection of materials and their improvement are discussed. Thermoelectric materials for use in refrigeration and electrical generation are reviewed. Experimental techniques for the measurement of properties and for the production of thermoelements are described. Special emphasis is placed on nanotechnology which promises to yield great improvements in the efficiency of thermoelectric devices. Chapters are also devoted to transverse thermoelectric effects and thermionic energy conversion, both techniques offering the promise of important applications in the future.

Author : G.S. Nolas,J. Sharp,J. Goldsmid
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2001-06-20
ISBN 10 : 9783540412458
Pages : 293 pages

An in-depth analysis of thermoelectric theory, an overview of present day thermoelectric materials and devices, and updated information on the most studied thermoelectric materials development. The main emphasis is on a basic understanding of the concepts as well as experimental techniques needed to propel researchers towards new and novel classes of thermoelectric materials with enhanced properties.