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The Modern Gentleman
Author : John McCarthy
Publisher : duopress
Release Date : 2019-11-12
ISBN 10 : 1947458884
Pages : 144 pages

A compact volume that introduces modern gentlemen to some of the greatest pleasures in life, from the very best spirits to the most complex hot sauces to the suavest of accessories. The book is targeted to aspiring bon vivants, modern metrosexuals, millennials, and hipsters eager to become the new gentleman. Content not only includes quick guides to great drinks, foods, and cigars, but also makes the case for why every real gentleman needs a great flask, a classic pen, and a watch that may not be “smart” but will make you look and feel like 007. Features short essays on each subject, with classic illustrations accompanying each, all in a handsome package that will evoke thoughts of a trusted old leather-bound book.

The Modern Gentleman
Author : Phineas Mollod,Jason Tesauro
Publisher : Random House Digital, Inc.
Release Date : 2002
ISBN 10 : 9781580084307
Pages : 341 pages

A guide for men on the finer points of life covers a variety of topics on manners and etiquette.

Debrett's Guide for the Modern Gentleman
Author : Tom Bryant
Publisher : Debretts
Release Date : 2008
ISBN 10 : 9781870520775
Pages : 192 pages

The essential handbook for the modern gentleman.

The Modern Gentleman, 2nd Edition
Author : Phineas Mollod,Jason Tesauro
Publisher : Ten Speed Press
Release Date : 2011-05-24
ISBN 10 : 1607740192
Pages : 336 pages

Refine your cool with this quintessential sourcebook of manners and mischief. Author–raconteurs Phineas Mollod and Jason Tesauro offer timely advice and timeless wisdom for adventurous gents curious about: JAZZ & FLASKMANSHIP FRIENDS & GAFFES DATING & ENTERTAINING TWEETIQUETTE & MODERN LIT TUXEDOS & TATTOOS CAVIAR & CRASH PADS BYO, BBQ & IOUs With new sections covering the Digital Man, the Local Epicure, and the Bespoke Gent, this second edition provides a panoramic snapshot of the enlightened modern man: witty and poignant, traditional but tech savvy, flirtatious yet courtly. So roll up your yoga mat, uncork a Barolo, spin some vinyl, and crack open this freshly updated edition of The Modern Gentleman: your Man Cycle is peaking.

The Quintessential Grooming Guide for the Modern Gentleman
Author : Capt. Peabody Fawcett Rn (Ret'd.)
Publisher : Jacqui Small
Release Date : 2017-09-21
ISBN 10 : 1911127632
Pages : 176 pages

The Quintessential Grooming Guide for the Modern Gentleman is a practical treatise for chaps who wish to look their tip-top best. Drawing on Captain Fawcett’s far-flung travels, culturally rich experiences, and extensive historical research, the book offers fascinating insights from the world’s most respected barbers, tonsorial artists, style aficionados, and master craftsmen of essential male-grooming items. The Captain highlights centuries-old techniques that have been refined for the present day; accompanied by easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Packed with beautiful illustrations, photographs, witty observations, inspiring historical and literary quotations, this is a comprehensive exploration of all aspects of gentlemen’s grooming and, indeed, what it means to be a gentleman in the twenty-first century.

The Modern Gentleman
Author : Sean Kanan
Publisher : Dunham Group
Release Date : 2011-09-13
ISBN 10 : 9780983745648
Pages : 194 pages

"Don't just set the table-set the mood." This is the advice that daytime's bad boy, Sean Kanan-"Deacon Sharpe" in The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful-has shared only with his closest friend's until now. Sean is witty, funny and, most importantly, tells it like it is as he guides you to creating meaningful connection through the art of cooking and entertaining, all the while never compromising what it means to be a guys guy. The Modern Gentleman isn't just a book; it's a movement whose time has come.The Modern Gentleman doesn't just speak to men. Women will be fascinated to gain insider information about how guys think. Remember ladies: knowledge is power.Let's face it. In today's confusing social landscape littered with mixed signals, guys are understandably confused and frustrated. Are we supposed to be Mr. Sensitive-guy-good-listener, or the Alpha male, or somewhere in between? If you don't know the answer, then you should read this book.

How to Be a Man
Author : Glenn O'Brien
Publisher : Rizzoli International Publications
Release Date : 2011-04-05
ISBN 10 : 0847835472
Pages : 302 pages

The ultimate sartorial and etiquette guide, from the ultimate life and style guru. By turns witty, sardonic, and always insightful, Glenn O’Brien’s advice column has been a must-read for several generations of men (and their spouses and girlfriends). Having cut his teeth as a contributor at Andy Warhol’s Interview in its heyday, O’Brien sharpened them as the creative director of advertising at the hip department store Barneys New York for ten years before starting his advice column at Details magazine in 1996. Eventually his column, "The Style Guy," migrated to its permanent home at GQ magazine, where O’Brien dispenses well-honed knowledge on matters ranging from how to throw a cocktail party (a diverse guest list is a must), putting together a wardrobe for a trip to Bermuda (pack more clothes for less dressing), or when it is appropriate to wear flip-flops in public (never). How To Be a Man is the culmination of O’Brien’s thirty years of accumulated style and etiquette wisdom, distilled through his gimlet eye and droll prose. With over forty chapters on style and fashion (and the difference), on dandies and dudes, grooming and decorating, on how to dress age-appropriately and how to age gracefully, this guide is the new essential read for men of all ages.

Cook Like A Man
Author : Movember
Publisher : Pan Macmillan
Release Date : 2013-10-31
ISBN 10 : 144725824X
Pages : 192 pages

There was once a time when Mo Bros could be found wandering, lost and bewildered, in kitchens around the world. Helpless and unable to fend for themselves, they sought comfort and sustenance from pre-packaged meals, takeaway curries and the easy pickings of kebab shops. But no longer is this so. For now is the hour of the Mo Bro Chef. A gastronomic trailblazer, he has taken back the territory over which he once reigned with fearless elan. Today, if you look closely, you can find him at dawn on a Saturday roving the fish markets, perusing the morning’s catch with a discerning eye. He’s that man at the butcher, checking the marble of the aged rib-eye. That man by the side of the highway picking blackberries by the bucket load. That man at the barbecue, centre of attention and master of his domain. That man with a moustache.

The Modern Gentleman
Author : Meghan Quinn
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2020-06-06
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 200 pages

Have you ever hit rock bottom? I embarrassingly have.It's why I'm wearing my girl's decorative scarf over my head, clutching her lady drink to my chest, and singing ever so softly to Joni Mitchell while swaying back and forth. This is what therapists refer to as LOSING IT. Oldest story in the book: boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy screws up MASSIVELY, girl tells boy to suffocate in the fruits of his very own unborn children. Heard it before? I'm sure you have.So what's so different about this story? Well, it's about me, The Modern Gentleman, New York City's top advice columnist, and my rather ungraceful downfall from my pristinely polished pedestal.It's about a girl I met who threw all my proven theories to the wind and left me awkward, needy, and absolutely head-over-wingtipped shoes in love.This is a story about June Lacy and how she single-handedly dismantled The Modern Gentleman.

Notoriously Dapper
Author : Kelvin Davis
Publisher : Mango Media Inc.
Release Date : 2017-10-24
ISBN 10 : 163353622X
Pages : 203 pages

The model and media influencer shares the secrets to being a modern gentleman who bringing style, class and confidence to every occasion. Being a true modern gentlemen can be a challenge. What worked for the Rat Pack and the Brat Pack won’t work today—and that’s not a bad thing. Manliness in the modern era has its own sensibility and mastering it will pay dividends for the rest of your life. No one is better suited—and we’re talking great suits—than Kelvin Davis to guide you on your journey to being a real class act of the 21st century. A fresh voice in style and manners, Kelvin is also a leading light in the body confidence movement for men. In Notoriously Dapper, he offers a treasury of wisdom and information on topics from dating to social skills and etiquette for all occasions. Whether you are at a weekend wedding with your friends, courting a romantic interest, offering support to a colleague, or becoming a dad, Notoriously Dapper provides practical insights into how to do the right thing—and do it with style. You'll learn the life skills every modern gentleman should know, including how to: · Tie your own damn tie · Be the perfect wedding guest · Get along with pretty much anybody · Propose marriage with panache · Make the transition from dude to dad · Practice the art of self-care · Model good behavior · Follow the Bro Code · Live, laugh and love your life

Rakes, Highwaymen, and Pirates
Author : Erin Mackie
Publisher : JHU Press
Release Date : 2009-02-23
ISBN 10 : 9780801895302
Pages : 248 pages

Erin Mackie explores the shared histories of the modern polite English gentleman and other less respectable but no less celebrated eighteenth-century masculine types: the rake, the highwayman, and the pirate. Mackie traces the emergence of these character types to the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, when traditional aristocratic authority was increasingly challenged. She argues that the development of the modern polite gentleman as a male archetype can only be fully comprehended when considered alongside figures of fallen nobility, which, although criminal, were also glamorous enough to reinforce the same ideological order. In Evelina’s Lord Orville, Clarissa’s Lovelace, Rookwood’s Dick Turpin, and Caleb Williams's Falkland, Mackie reads the story of the ideal gentleman alongside that of the outlaw, revealing the parallel lives of these seemingly contradictory characters. Synthesizing the histories of masculinity, manners, and radicalism, Rakes, Highwaymen, and Pirates offers a fresh perspective on the eighteenth-century aristocratic male.

How to Drive a Tank and Other Everyday Tips for the Modern Gentleman
Author : Frank Coles
Publisher : Abacus
Release Date : 2011-05-01
ISBN 10 : 9780349122236
Pages : 448 pages

Call yourself a man? Do you even know what a real man is? Are you a six-foot-one Adonis who wears all the latest fashions, moisturises regularly and never does anything wrong? Or do you drink twenty pints every Friday night, guzzle a kebab on the way home and then fart yourself to sleep? It's time to stop being the man everyone expects you to be and be the one you want to be. Learn how to: - Pick locks, safes and chastity belts - Disappear without a trace in 24 hours - Survive the wild - Ride a wall of death - Work a 4-hour week - Survive any crisis - Make things go boom - Drive cars sideways - Be a great dad ...and so much more Fast-paced and funny, this is the ultimate bible for the modern man.