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The Manual to Manhood
Author : Jonathan Catherman
Publisher : Revell
Release Date : 2014-04-15
ISBN 10 : 1441234578
Pages : 288 pages

There's a lot a guy needs to know as he grows up and makes his way in the world. And a lot of it, he wouldn't necessarily want to have to ask about because then, well, people would know he didn't know what he was doing! For all the guys out there who want to have it all together, Jonathan Catherman offers this collection of one hundred step-by-step instructions on almost everything a guy needs to know, including how to · wear cologne correctly · manage a credit card · talk to a girl · plan a date · write a résumé · ask for a reference · clean a bathroom · throw a football · change a tire · behave during a traffic stop · fold a shirt · tie a tie · grill a steak · clear a sink drain · find a stud in a wall In fact, if it's in here, it's an important skill or character trait practiced by capable and confident men. With great illustrations and a supporting website, this all-in-one reference tool for young men in the making is the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, or any occasion.

Manual to Manhood
Publisher : Fleming H. Revell Company
Release Date : 2020-12-22
ISBN 10 : 9780800740931
Pages : 290 pages

This how-to guide will help boys develop life skills and gain confidence during the transformation from boyhood to manhood.

Becoming A New Man
Author : Gerald Davis
Publisher : Independently Published
Release Date : 2019-05-15
ISBN 10 : 9781098798529
Pages : 80 pages

The question that 90% of men ask themselves is, Who Am I? What's my purpose? Why is life so complicated? Today's men are generationally programmed to be emotionally dysfunctional. No matter your profession or financial backing, the foundation to which you stand on is simply your manhood. The world says "Show no emotions man, fight back man, hold your head up man," and by doing so now you're a man. What happens after you realize that the manhood you identify yourself as has to lead you astray. So many of our young men embrace society's version of manhood or one adopted from their environment. It's hard modeling your very existence of being a man when you weren't exposed to any positive men or the proper life models. Author Gerald L Davis Jr, speaks on his life experiences. As a writer, podcaster, philanthropists, and advocate for all things positive, he was once that man. That man being misled by his peers, grabbing onto anything that gave him a reason, or validity. Although he never joined a gang, he was in close affiliation with known gang members, and almost succumbed to a life of drugs and crime. Life has a way of showing you your purpose, and it will take you down the long road of hardship, pain, struggle, and failure just so you can detour others on their path to finding self. He's a proud father of 5 beautiful kids, so living by example is the main purpose for him now. "Tell the world what you will do, but first show it"

The Manual to Middle School
Author : Jonathan Catherman
Publisher : Revell
Release Date : 2017-07-04
ISBN 10 : 1493409670
Pages : 224 pages

The transition from elementary school to middle school can be particularly difficult for boys. Too big to be little and too little to be big, they face the perfect storm of changing bodies, rushing hormones, and learning challenges. They may now begin to struggle with grades, behavior, and relationships with family and friends. Boys are often frustrated and embarrassed by trying to figure out on their own what to do and what not to do in this new environment with new expectations. Jonathan Catherman and his two sons--one current and one former middle schooler--offer boys ages ten to twelve the practical help they need to make the move to middle school as painlessly as possible. The "do this, not that" format covers a hundred relevant topics and situations middle school boys will face, including school lockers, bullies, test taking, cell phone use, homework, gossip, leadership, respect, sports, and many more.

The Manual to Manhood Mentor Activity Guide
Author : Jonathan Catherman
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date : 2018-08-30
ISBN 10 : 9781726176897
Pages : 104 pages

Weekly activities guide for MEN IN THE MAKING Clubs. Each activity focuses on character and life skills development in youth. The Mentor Activity Guide provides mentors with step-by-step instructions for group mentoring written to include one or more of the How To guides in The Manual To Manhood book. Weekly activities include the themes of Social Skills & Manners, Clothes & Style, Grooming & Personal Hygiene, Wealth & Money Management, Tools & Fix It, Volunteering, Work & Ethics, and Girls & Dating. Once a quarter mentors can participate in a 1M Mentoring Foundation sponsored, university conducted, Teaching and Learning Outcomes Impact Study to assess data about the club member's attendance, discipline, academic growth, and engagement.

Author : Terry Crews
Publisher : Zinc Ink
Release Date : 2014-05-20
ISBN 10 : 0804178062
Pages : 304 pages

From NFL player turned film and TV star Terry Crews comes a wise and warmhearted memoir chronicling his lifelong quest to become a good man, loving husband, and responsible father. What does it mean to be a man? Terry Crews, TV’s iconic “Old Spice Guy” and co-star of the hit Golden Globe Award–winning series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has spent decades seeking the answer to that question. In Manhood, he shares what he’s learned, telling the amazing story of his rise to fame and offering straight-talking advice for men and the women who love them. A self-described “super-driven superstar alpha male,” Terry Crews embodies the manly ideal for millions worldwide. But as he looks back on his difficult childhood and shares hard-learned lessons from the many humbling experiences he endured to get where he is today, he shows how his own conception of manhood is constantly evolving. Crews offers up a lively, clear-eyed account of the ups and downs of his twenty-five-year marriage, revealing the relationship secrets that have kept it going—and the one dark secret that nearly tore it apart. Along the way, he shares his evolving appreciation for looking good, staying fit, and getting it done for the people you love. Being a man is about more than keeping your core strong. It’s about keeping your core values stronger. With insightful observations on spirituality, work, and family, Terry Crews shows men how to face their inner demons, seek forgiveness from those they’ve wronged, and tear down the walls that prevent them from forging meaningful relationships with others. From the NFL gridiron to the Hollywood backlot, Terry Crews has survived it all with his sense of humor—and his marriage—intact. In Manhood he shows men everywhere that real strength is not measured in muscle mass—unless that muscle is the heart.

The Manhood Manual
Author : N.A
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date : 2016-10-25
ISBN 10 : 9781537175652
Pages : 192 pages

Jeffrey Crandle is now a man! So, how can he help you? Well, Jeffrey's Dad reads books about how to get rich. Jeffrey's Mom reads a lot of books with shirtless, long-haired men on the cover, but she sometimes reads books about how to cook better too. Even Jeffrey's sister is in on the self-help book craze believe it or not. Although it isn't going to help, his sister Kate reads books about how to look prettier and how to make boys like her. (Yeah, right!) But there isn't one book out there on how to become the man Jeffrey Crandle is now. For him, it was hard work. The way he sees it, his bumps and bruises are your express ticket to manhood. So, for all you boys out there, this is The Manhood Manual - A Comic Adventure, the one and only super self-help handbook about getting to where Jeffrey is today - a successful, well-adjusted, good looking thirteen year-old MAN! This book is full of great stories and better lessons on how to become a man. Don't pass up this chance to learn from Jeffrey's adventures into manhood. If you're ready to become a man, get your copy of The Manhood Manual today! Kindle Version Available at

The Dude's Guide to Manhood
Author : Darrin Patrick
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
Release Date : 2014-01-14
ISBN 10 : 1400205484
Pages : 208 pages

Discover the path to true masculinity—to an adventurous life of strength, purpose, and clarity. Didn’t we used to understand manhood? Wasn’t there a time once when it was clear and straightforward? Are we lost? Dudes, look around you: The trail we once traveled from boyhood to maturity is now so overgrown, it’s almost impossible to trace. Our vision is blurred, rendering the map that previous generations followed unreadable. Our compass needles are spinning in circles, making navigation impossible. We are stuck in dense, dangerous woods, and our communities—the wives, children, friends, and colleagues we could be influencing—are suffering as a result. It can be tempting to give up and, like so many men today, simply exist, but take heart: Now is not the time for men to abandon our quest. We can discover the path to true masculinity—to an adventurous life of strength, purpose, and clarity. In The Dude’s Guide to Manhood, pastor, author and dude Darrin Patrick charts a course back toward real manliness, mapping out a vision to help men find significance and influence in today’s broken, mixed-message culture. Revealing his own frailties and missteps, Patrick doesn’t preach at you but walks with you on a journey toward healing and wholeness. Filled with timeless wisdom, accessible insights and practical guidance, The Dude’s Guide to Manhood issues an encouraging and doable call to all men, whatever your age or stage. We need not settle for wandering aimlessly through our days, wounded, weak, and passive. Instead, we can get back on the trail, embrace our gifts while facing our imperfections, and trust the God of new beginnings to lead us into all that we are destined to become: forgiven, connected, determined, teachable, content, heroic, and so much more.

Guiding the Next Great Generation
Author : Jonathan Catherman
Publisher : Revell
Release Date : 2020-03-17
ISBN 10 : 1493421190
Pages : 224 pages

It's cliché to say today's adults hope the best for the next generation, yet fear the worst. As the gap between generations widens and our shared experiences dwindle, adults find it increasingly difficult to connect with and remain relevant to today's young people. So the question is, what values can we pass on that will help them to become the next great generation? And how do we communicate those values effectively? In this paradigm-shifting book, Jonathan Catherman shares with adults raised in the 1900s a fresh look at guiding 21st-century youth to become confident and capable adults. With relevant research and real-world examples, Catherman shows us the benefits of practicing and teaching four principles that will unite and empower us all: - build bridges between generations - transform raw talent into valued strengths - practice stewardship before leadership - live with purpose Whether the emerging generation knows it or not, they need you. Their greatness tomorrow begins with your guidance today.

Manhood in the Making
Author : David D. Gilmore
Publisher : Yale University Press
Release Date : 1990
ISBN 10 : 9780300050769
Pages : 258 pages

Offers a cross-cultural study of manhood as an achieved status, and looks at two androgynous cultures that are exceptions to the manhood archetype

Manual for Men
Author : Thomas J. Olmsted
Publisher : Tan Books
Release Date : 2018-01-23
ISBN 10 : 9781505108989
Pages : 362 pages

Manual for Men is for men who are in the arena, warriors for Christ and His Church. It is for those men who battle daily for their souls and for their family. It is often a struggle to shed the sins and vices the world offers men, but it's a battle we must fight and win. In Part I, Bishop Thomas Olmsted calls for Catholic men to step up and "into the breach" in service to God, their families, parishes, and wider communities. In the course of his exhortation, Olmsted unveils: * How being a Christian man is far more than physical prowess or worldly power * Why the world and the Church desperately need men--real men--to fight for them in spiritual combat * The vital importance of prayer and the sacraments in the life of every man * Why fatherhood, fully understood, is so crucial for every man * The value of devotion to a patron saint (complete with 10 manly suggestions) * Most importantly, how men have the perfect model of man in Jesus Christ, and how we can follow his example. In Part II, Cook presents a treasure trove of prayers, church teachings, and writings from the saints that serve as a tremendous source of inspiration for men seeking to become better men of God. It is at once an essential guide and a profound book of prayers designed specifically for men. Now, perhaps more than ever, men need to be men. But what it means to be a man has been twisted into a pale and mangled image of true manhood. Manual for Men serves as a field guide and instruction manual for those husbands, fathers, sons and brothers who would become real men of God-- men who protect, physically and spiritually, those entrusted to them; men who sacrifice, pray, fight, love, and live by the example of Christ. There is a battle for our souls, our families, our world, and Our Lord calls us men to fight. Are you ready to answer the call? Will you accept Bishop Olmsted's plea to "engage in the battle that is raging around you"?

Man Up!
Author : Paul O'Donnell
Publisher : Artisan Books
Release Date : 2011-06-27
ISBN 10 : 9781579654702
Pages : 336 pages

From career to relationships and grooming to gaming and more, the guys’ ultimate man-ual for living. For every guy too intimidated to ask a question for fear of seeming inexperienced and unworldly, here’s a book to answer all (or most!) of life’s pressing quandaries: Howdo you break off a friendship when it’s not working any longer? What should you cook when a date is coming over for dinner? How do you buy a used car and not get totally taken for a ride? How do you stop a charging dog? In Man Up!, journalist Paul O’Donnell and his team of knowledgable experts tackle 367 of these tough questions, imparting their advice in short to-the-point answers. Organized thematically, Man Up! is packed with essential advice delivered in prose that is as entertaining to read as it is helpful and clever. The tips run the gamut—from how to mix up a killer punch for a party to how to throw a punch when there is no other way out. Hip, engaging line drawings help to illustrate the advice, providing more than just sight gags. For every young man newly embarking on his independent adult life and for a guy at any age wanting to brush up on his skills, Man Up! is like having a trusted friend helping you along the way—except this friend has all the right answers!