the last time i saw her

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The Last Time I Saw Her
Author : Karen Robards
Publisher : Wheeler Publishing, Incorporated
Release Date : 2015-08-05
ISBN 10 : 9781410480484
Pages : 329 pages

In the thrilling new novel of paranormal romance from "New York Times "bestselling author Karen Robards, serial killer expert Dr. Charlotte Charlie Stone may lose the one thing she never thinks she ll miss: the dangerously sexy ghost who follows her wherever she goes. THE LAST TIME I SAW HER In this world, Dr. Charlotte Stone skillfully probes the minds of incarcerated serial killers to better understand what makes them tick and catch those who remain at large. But in the next world, Charlotte s ghostly lover executed killer Michael Garland is facing death yet again: the ultimate annihilation of his soul, from which there is no return. Now, the only way Charlie can snatch Michael from the jaws of oblivion is by proving his innocence. And the dead man s dead ringer may just be the key. A mysterious stranger has turned up in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, and Charlie is shocked to see that the man could be Michael Garland s identical twin. But something tells her the resemblance is only skin deep and behind the handsome face lurks the twisted mind of the "real" Southern Slasher, whose heinous crimes sent Michael to death row. Using all her keen profiling gifts, Charlie intends to draw the truth out of him, whoever he is. Then a breakout at Wallens Ridge State Prison forces Charlie to contend with a sudden swarm of psychopaths bent on spilling blood. No one has a better chance of tracking down the deadly fugitives than Charlie unless the rampaging killers manage to find her first and make this case her last. But Michael will move heaven and hell and even make a devil s bargain for the chance to save Charlie s life, and feel her touch once more . . . maybe for the final time. Praise for Karen Robards One of the most popular voices in women s fiction. " Newsweek" "" Draw a line between two extremely popular genres, mysteries and romance novels, and in the middle you will find the bestselling Robards. She merges the two worlds like no one else, deftly interlacing plot and passion. Albany "Times Union" "" Praise for "The Last Victim" "" Excellent . . . This story is going to haunt you. " Pittsburgh Post-Gazette" "" "The Last Kiss Goodbye" "" This suspense tale will truly have you on the edge of your seat. " RT Book Reviews" "Her Last Whisper" "" An absolute winner . . . explodes with both passion and mystery . . . providing both thrills and chills. " Bookreporter""

The Last Time We Saw Her
Author : Robert Scott
Publisher : Pinnacle Books
Release Date : 2012-01-01
ISBN 10 : 0786030011
Pages : 320 pages

Deeply Loved, Sadly Missed Blonde, 19-year-old Brooke Wilberger was raised in a close-knit religious family. On a summer morning in Oregon, while cleaning lampposts at an apartment complex managed by her sister, Brooke vanished. One moment she was there, the next moment all that was left were her flip flops and the echo of her scream. Her family suffered five long years to learn that their worst fears were true. Brooke's life had been snatched brutally away by Joel Courtney, a serial predator who said he hadn't meant to kill her. But the stories of other women made it clear that Courtney was pure evil. . . Includes dramatic photos. Praise for Robert Scott and Shattered Innocence "Compelling and shocking. . .a ground-breaking book." --Robert K. Tanenbaum "Fascinating and fresh. . .a fast-paced, informative read." --Sue Russell

The Last Time I Saw You
Author : Elizabeth Berg
Publisher : Random House
Release Date : 2010-04-06
ISBN 10 : 9781588368928
Pages : 256 pages

BONUS: This edition contains a The Last Time I Saw You discussion guide and an excerpt from Elizabeth Berg's Once Upon a Time, There Was You. From the beloved bestselling author of Home Safe and The Year of Pleasures, comes a wonderful new novel about women and men reconnecting with one another—and themselves—at their fortieth high school reunion. To each of the men and women in The Last Time I Saw You, this reunion means something different—a last opportunity to say something long left unsaid, an escape from the bleaker realities of everyday life, a means to save a marriage on the rocks, or an opportunity to bond with a slightly estranged daughter, if only over what her mother should wear. As the onetime classmates meet up over the course of a weekend, they discover things that will irrevocably affect the rest of their lives. For newly divorced Dorothy Shauman, the reunion brings with it the possibility of finally attracting the attention of the class heartthrob, Pete Decker. For the ever self-reliant, ever left-out Mary Alice Mayhew, it’s a chance to reexamine a painful past. For Lester Heseenpfeffer, a veterinarian and widower, it is the hope of talking shop with a fellow vet—or at least that’s what he tells himself. For Candy Armstrong, the class beauty, it’s the hope of finding friendship before it is too late. As Dorothy, Mary Alice, Lester, Candy, and the other classmates converge for the reunion dinner, four decades melt away: Desires and personalities from their youth reemerge, and new discoveries are made. For so much has happened to them all. And so much can still happen. In this beautiful novel, Elizabeth Berg deftly weaves together stories of roads taken and not taken, choices made and opportunities missed, and the possibilities of second chances.

The Last Time I Saw Mother
Author : Arlene J. Chai
Publisher : Ballantine Books
Release Date : 2010-12-29
ISBN 10 : 0307775968
Pages : 352 pages

"My mother never writes. So when the mail arrived that day, I was not expecting to find a letter from her. There was no warning." Between generations of women, there are always secrets--relationships kept hidden, past events obscured, true feelings not spoken. But sometimes the truth is so primal it must be told. Now, with haunting lyricism and emotional clarity, Arlene Chai has written an exquisite novel about a family of women who break their silence. At the center of The Last Time I Saw Mother is the singular story of a woman who suddenly learns she is not who she thinks she is. Caridad is a wife and mother, a native of the Philippines living in Sydney, Australia. Out of the blue Caridad's mother summons her home. Although she is not ill, Thelma needs to talk to her daughter -- to reveal a secret that has been weighing heavily on her for years. It is a tale that Caridad in no way suspects. She stopped asking questions about the past long ago; her mother's constant reluctance to answer finally subdued her curiosity. Now, it is through the words of Thelma, her aunt Emma, and her cousin Ligaya, that Caridad will learn the startling truth and attempt to recapture what has been lost to her. Arlene Chai tells their versions of the story in their own voices, each one distinct, moving, and magical. As each woman tells her part of their family's hidden history, Caridad hears at last the unspoken stories--the joys and sorrows that her parents kept to themselves, and the never forgotten tragedy of the war years, when Japan's brutal occupation and civilian deprivations helped destroy a country and its history. The Last Time I Saw Mother is about mothers and daughters. It is about a cultural identity born of Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino influence. And it is about the healing power of truth. Arlene Chai is one of the most stunning new novelists in years. She takes us to a place we have never been before.

The Last Time I Saw Paris
Author : Lynn Sheene
Publisher : Penguin
Release Date : 2011-05-03
ISBN 10 : 1101514825
Pages : 368 pages

A stunning debut novel of a young American woman who becomes a spy in Paris during World War II. May 1940: Fleeing a glamorous Manhattan life built on lies, Claire Harris arrives in Paris with a romantic vision of starting anew. But she didn't anticipate the sight of Nazi soldiers marching under the Arc de Triomphe. Her plans smashed by the German occupation, the once-privileged socialite's only option is to take a job in a flower shop under the tutelage of a sophisticated Parisian florist. In exchange for false identity papers, Claire agrees to aid the French Resistance. Despite the ever-present danger, she comes to love the enduring beauty of the City of Light, exploring it in the company of Thomas Grey, a mysterious Englishman working with the Resistance. Claire's bravery and intelligence make her a talented operative, and slowly her values shift as she witnesses the courageous spirit of the Parisians. But deception and betrayal force her to flee once more--this time to fight for the man she loves and what she knows is right. Claire just prays she has the heart and determination to survive long enough to one day see Paris again...

The Last Day I Saw Her
Author : Lucy Lawrie
Publisher : Black & White Publishing Ltd
Release Date : 2016-04-14
ISBN 10 : 1785300342
Pages : 416 pages

*** INTRODUCTORY OFFER PRICE *** When lonely single mum Janey stumbles into an art workshop, she can't believe her eyes when her left hand mysteriously scribbles a picture of two little girls and a strange message from someone called 'Hattie': Janey's childhood best friend. But they lost touch after Hattie's family suddenly moved away in mysterious circumstances. Janey's instincts tell her that she must finally find out what happened to Hattie, but life is already complicated enough: she’s struggling with motherhood, a custody battle over her toddler son Pip is looming, and she finds herself falling for intense art tutor Steve. And when writing appears on the walls of her flat and Pip starts playing with an invisible friend, Janey fears she's losing her mind. Is it really a good idea to go digging up the past? As dark secrets come to light, she can't be sure what's real any more - or who to trust... Moving and suspenseful, The Last Day I Saw Her is a richly emotive story of friendship lost and found, and how facing up to the past can help you find a better future.

The Last Time I Saw Jane
Author : Kate Pullinger
Publisher : Kate Pullinger Books
Release Date : 2014-04-05
ISBN 10 : 0992851971
Pages : 174 pages

Audrey is a journalist living in London. Anonymous in the city she has left her troubled past far behind in Canada. A passionate affair with Jack, and an intense new friendship with Shereen bring uncertainties and confusion and Audrey finds herself drawn into the dramatic story of James Douglas,19th Century pioneer and the first mixed race Governor of British Columbia. As she digs deeper into his life she is forced to confront her own past, her high school friendship with Jane and the affair they had with a teacher. Spanning two centuries The Last Time I Saw Jane is a powerful novel of love and betrayal, race and sex, and the magnetic pull of the past on the present. Praise for The Last Time I Saw Jane: “A thought-provoking and entertaining addition to the genre of exile” Observer “Sensually exquisite” The Times

The Last Time I Saw Her
Author : Alexandra Harrington
Publisher : Nimbus Publishing Limited
Release Date : 2021-06-30
ISBN 10 : 9781771089364
Pages : 296 pages

It's been almost a year since Charlotte Romer set foot in her hometown of River John, Nova Scotia. She's been living at a boarding school hours away, safe from the trauma and broken relationships she left behind. All she has left in the small town is her older brother, Sean, who is struggling to keep the lights on in their run-down family home. Charlotte hasn't spoken to her best friend, Sophie, since the night she fled. It's not exactly a celebratory homecoming. On her first night home, Charlotte shows up unannounced to Sophie's eighteenth birthday party. The trickle-down effects of that decision haunt Charlotte for weeks. But when Charlotte reconnects with Sophie's ex-boyfriend, Max, the two of them begin to slowly unravel what happened the night of the accident the summer before--the night that changed everything. Somebody knows something, and that somebody really doesn't want Charlotte and Max to figure it out. With a fast-paced, high-stakes plot, Alexandra Harrington's debut YA novel will leave readers breathless until the final, shocking conclusion.

The Last Time I Saw Her
Author : Kathleen Knowles
Publisher : Bold Strokes Books Inc
Release Date : 2018-06-12
ISBN 10 : 1635550688
Pages : 329 pages

At seventeen Lane Hudson had her heart broken by the first woman she ever loved. Fifteen years later Alison Bickford is back and they’re working the same music festival in rural Georgia. Her feelings are complicated and regrets weigh her down. When the line between past and present, memory and reality starts to blur, Lane knows the spark hasn’t died. She only has twelve days to win back Alison’s heart. That is if she can gather the courage to try.

Her Last Whisper
Author : Karen Robards
Publisher : Ballantine Books
Release Date : 2014-08-26
ISBN 10 : 0804178283
Pages : 352 pages

Readers who relish heated passion and chilling suspense love New York Times bestselling author Karen Robards’s acclaimed novels featuring Dr. Charlotte “Charlie” Stone. A heroine with a keen mind for catching killers and a soft heart for bad boys, Charlie is back in this third sizzling paranormal romance thriller. HER LAST WHISPER Madness and murder invaded Dr. Charlotte Stone’s life when she was just a girl—and made her a woman determined to save others from the horror she survived. An expert in the psychology of serial killers, she’s faced down more than her share of human monsters. But Charlie can also communicate with the spirits of those who die violently, an extrasensory skill that has helped the FBI bring lethal predators to justice. Now, after narrowly escaping death a second time, Charlie’s ready to step away from the edge . . . before her luck runs out. Too bad Charlie is too dedicated for her own good—and too devoted to federal agent Tony Bartoli to say no when he asks her to ride shotgun on yet another risky mission. Of course, she already has her hands full with Michael Garland: the handsome, roguish ghost with whom she’s hopelessly in love—a spirit who depends on Charlie to keep him from slipping forever into the dark side of the afterlife. But in the mortal world, beautiful single women are vanishing from Las Vegas hotels at night. All signs indicate that a psychopath is on the prowl in Sin City, and Bartoli’s FBI colleague Lena Kaminsky has reason to fear that her missing sister may be just the killer’s type. In a town full of fast players and few rules, flushing out a smooth-talking stalker like the Cinderella Killer might be a loser’s game. But for Charlie, the only way to cage her quarry is to plunge back into the homicidal hell she vowed to leave behind—and may not leave alive. Praise for Her Last Whisper “A tightly written ghostly romantic suspense novel with intriguing supernatural elements and sizzling sexual tension.”—Kirkus Reviews “An absolute winner . . . explodes with both passion and mystery . . . a tale that will haunt you, providing both thrills and chills.”—Bookreporter “Outstanding . . . Robards is truly a master storyteller.”—RT Book Reviews Praise for Karen Robards “One of the most popular voices in women’s fiction.”—Newsweek “Draw a line between two extremely popular genres, mysteries and romance novels, and in the middle you will find the bestselling Robards. She merges the two worlds like no one else, deftly interlacing plot and passion.”—Albany Times Union

The First Time I Saw You
Author : Emma Cooper
Publisher : Headline
Release Date : 2019-07-01
ISBN 10 : 1472265017
Pages : 352 pages

'Beautifully observed, tender and genuinely funny' Josie Silver 'Funny, original storytelling, an emotional rollercoaster packed with twists and turns that tugged at all my heartstrings' Holly Miller 'A profoundly affecting, beautifully written story packed with heart and hope' Miranda Dickinson Lost: Six-foot-two Irish man who answers to the name Samuel McLaughlin. Has weak shins and enjoys show tunes. If found, please return to Sophie Williams. Before Sophie met Samuel she saw the world in grey. Before Samuel met Sophie, he never believed in love at first sight. When they first meet, something tells them they are meant to be. But fate has other ideas. Now they have lost each other and can't see a way back. But they've already changed each other's lives in more ways than they ever expected... From the author of The Songs of Us (shortlisted for the RNA Contemporary Novel Award) comes a love story that will 'break your heart, but put it back together again' (Katie Fforde). Fans of Jojo Moyes and Lucy Dillon will love The First Time I Saw You by Emma Cooper. 'An evocative, warm and character-driven read that is truly memorable' Woman & Home 'A heartwarming, charming novel which had me falling in love and desperate to be part of their happy ending' Olivia Beirne 'A gorgeous heart-breaking rollercoaster of a love story that made me laugh and cry in equal measures' Fiona Harper 'Cooper creates characters that come alive with pathos and heart and humour' Magic Radio

The Last Time I Saw Her
Author : Anuj Bhandari
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date : 2018-02-13
ISBN 10 : 9781982045920
Pages : 192 pages

Eyes can see everything but can they see themselves? The Novel takes you along an intriguing journey of passionate love of two souls. Ryan comes from a middle-class family labelled as an average guy in every sense reveals his own story as he falls in love with gorgeous Samaira and how his whole life revolves around her. While Ryan got completely mesmerized by Samaira's beauty and fresh outlook towards life, Samaira born and brought up in a traditional yet ambitious business family was devoid of real love until Ryan entered and poured beautiful colors of love in blank canvas of her life. Ryan's continuous exertions to get Samaira turned into a deep love affair between the two but as you cannot separate stars from the sky, scars from love and separation from life, in the same manner, Ryan and Samaria became the symbol of oneness as destiny could separate the lovers but not love. Exploring the intense layers of unconditional love and conflicts, it brings with it, the book assures a treat for hardcore romantics & life journey lovers. Will Samaira and Ryan unite together or they have to say a final goodbye to themselves? If love is flowing in your veins get ready for the roller coaster read on romance, emptiness, struggle, separation and witness yourself when did 'The last time he saw her', your best chance to relive the true love.