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The Heparins
Author : David Green
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2020-01-13
ISBN 10 : 0128190698
Pages : 214 pages

The Heparins: Properties and Clinical Applications brings the latest information on heparin, one of the world's most widely used drugs. The book describes the fascinating history of the discovery of this biological agent, how it was isolated and characterized, and its use for the treatment of thrombotic disorders. The structures of various heparins are illustrated, with their function as anticoagulants delineated. This comprehensive resource arms researchers and clinicians with a concise and practical source that will assist in biomedical research, medical practice, and in improving patient outcomes. Describes new pharmaceuticals derived from heparin that are devoid of anticoagulant activity, but still retain anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative properties Discusses the development of non-anticoagulant heparins for the treatment of diseases, including asthma and cancer Presents the history of the discovery of this biological agent, how it was isolated and characterized, and its use for the treatment of thrombotic disorders

Common Perioperative Problems and the Anaesthetist
Author : G.M. Woerlee
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2012-12-06
ISBN 10 : 9400913230
Pages : 658 pages

Dr. G. M. Woerlee is well known in my department both as a clinician and teacher. Years ofexperience have taught him that the problems discussed here have as yet not been treated in this way in any single work. In my opinion there is a real need for such abook, not only for resident and specialist anaesthetists, but also among surgeons and internists, specialist and trainee. Management of a patient in the operating room is a matter of teamwork, and knowledge of the problems encountered is the basis of any mutual understanding! The information which has been assembled and clearly presented in this book should prove to be of great assistance in guiding our patients though an important phase of their lives. Professor Dr. Joh. Spierdijk, Department of Anaesthesia, University Hospital of Leyden, The Netherlands. vii PREFACE Much of the literature being published in the field of anesthesiology today concerns a narrow, in-depth scrutiny of a specific area or anesthetic technique that does not provide the novice with an overview ofthe perioperativeperiod and the commoneveryday problems faced by the anesthetist. Dr G. M. Woerlee of the University of Leiden with his book, "Com mon Perioperative Problems and the Anaesthetist", has filled a void in the current anes thetic literature. Dr Woerlee reviews in a straightforward, no-frills manner problems routinely encountered during the perioperative period. Other anesthesia textbooks do not cover the material in quite the same logical, step-by-step fashion.

Chemistry and Biology of Heparin and Heparan Sulfate
Author : Hari G. Garg,Robert J. Linhardt,Charles A. Hales
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2011-10-10
ISBN 10 : 9780080529059
Pages : 792 pages

The chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology of heparin and heparan sulfate have been and continue to be a major scientific undertaking - heparin and its derivative remain important drugs in clinical practice. Chemistry and Biology of Heparin and Heparan Sulfate provides readers with an insight into the chemistry, biology and clinical applications of heparin and heparan sulfate and examines their function in various physiological and pathological conditions. Providing a wealth of useful information, no other tome covers the diversity of topics in the field. Students, doctors, chemists, biochemists, and research scientists will find this book an invaluable source for updating their current knowledge of developments in this area. Comprehensively reviews all aspects of heparin and heparan sulfate research Uniquely describes the chemistry, biology and clinical application of heparins and heparan sulfates in one work Provides an invaluable source of knowledge of current developments for chemists, biochemists, medical doctors, researchers, students and practitioners

Urgent Interventional Therapies
Author : Nicholas N. Kipshidze,Jawed Fareed,Robert T. Rosen,George D. Dangas,Patrick W. Serruys
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2014-11-10
ISBN 10 : 1118504526
Pages : 592 pages

Illustrating the differences between urgent interventions andinterventions performed to manage chronic conditions the authorspresent the chapters in a consistent template for ease of usecovering; background, indications, evidence review, devicedescription, procedural techniques, follow-up care, andcomplications. Shows the differences between interventions performed to managechronic conditions and interventions that are truly urgent Chapters follow a consistent structure from background throughindications, evidence review, device description, proceduraltechniques to follow-up care and complications More than 40 high definition videos, hosted on companionwebsite ahref="",complete with tips and tricks, provide a visual learning tool

Cardiology E-Book
Author : Michael H. Crawford,John P. DiMarco,Walter J. Paulus
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date : 2009-09-18
ISBN 10 : 0723436444
Pages : 1984 pages

With your heavy case load, you can't afford to waste time searching for answers. Cardiology, 3rd Edition, by Drs. Crawford, DiMarco, and Paulus, offers you just the practical, problem-based guidance you need to quickly overcome any clinical challenge. 8 color-coded sections cover the 8 major clinical syndromes of cardiovascular disease—each section a virtual "mini textbook" on its topic! 40 new chapters keep you up to date with the latest advances in the field, while more than 2,000 lavish, high-quality illustrations, color photographs, tables, and ECGs capture clinical manifestations as they present in practice. It’s current, actionable information that you can put to work immediately for your patients! Offers a problem-based approach that integrates basic science, diagnostic investigations, and therapeutic management in one place for each cardiovascular disease so you can quickly find all of the actionable knowledge you need without flipping from one section to another. Features introductory bulleted highlights in each chapter that present the most pertinent information at a glance. Presents abundant algorithms to expedite clinical decision making. Includes more than 2,000 lavish, high-quality illustrations, color photographs, tables, and ECGs that capture clinical manifestations as they present in practice, and promote readability and retention. Includes 40 new chapters including Inherited Arrhythmia Syndromes, Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators and Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in CHD, Management of the Cyanotic Patient with CHD, Special Problems for the Cardiology Consultant Dealing with Bariatric/Gastric Bypass — and many more — that equip you with all of the latest knowledge. Presents "Special Problem" sections—many new to this edition—that provide practical advice on problems that can be difficult to treat.

Chemistry and Biology of Heparin
Author : Roger L. Lundblad
Publisher : North-Holland
Release Date : 1981
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 667 pages

Heparin-Binding Proteins
Author : H. Edward Conrad
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 1997-10-02
ISBN 10 : 0080533906
Pages : 527 pages

This book describes the complex structures of heparins and heparan sulfates (heparinoids) and how they are generated by their biosynthetic pathways. The book also details the methodologies for studying these structures and their cellular metabolism. Heparin-Binding Proteins introduces the general nature of interactions between heparinoids and proteins, and presents the role for these structures in their interactions with the proteins of the hemostatic mechanisms, fibroblasts growth factors, superoxide dismutase, and lipoproteins. Covers cellular metabolism of heparinoid proteoglycans Written by a distinguished expert in the field of carbohydrate biochemistry Describes the roles of heparan sulfate proteoglycans in Blood coagulation and fibrinolysis Lipoprotein metabolism Superoxide dismutase activity Fibroblast growth factor responses of cells

Nonanticoagulant Actions of Glycosaminoglycans
Author : B. Casu,Job Harenberg
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 1996-08-31
ISBN 10 : 9780306452994
Pages : 288 pages

Prophylaxis and treatment of thromboembolism have made one of the major impacts in medicine. Heparin has widely been used as the most effective drug during the last 50 years. However, its potential side effects have led to the search for equally effective but safer alternatives. At present, the low-molecular-weight heparins are the most promising steps in this direction. Considerable interest has been generated at the same time in exploring other gly cosaminoglycans of the nonheparin type for therapeutic use. The existence of these com pounds has been known for a long time and substantial information has been gathered on glycosaminoglycans such as heparinsulfate, dermatansulfate, and chondroitinsulfate. Many of these substances are derived from animal or plant sources, and some of them have now been synthesized. The aim of the Fourth Symposium on Glycosaminoglycan Research at Villa Vigoni in Loveno at Lake Comolltaly was to summarize the considerable new information in this field. The articles of the present volume are mainly based on a German-Italian collaboration supported by the Vigoni Program. The selected articles describe many different, nonheparin glycosaminoglycans, some of them already in clinical trials as antithrombotic agents. In particular, the interaction of glycosaminoglycans with some cellular elements of blood, especially leukocytes and platelets, are discussed. New methods for their identification and assays are described and considerable emphasis is placed on the pharmacokinetic aspects of these new compounds. Particularly, some nonanticoagulant activities of the glycosamino glycans are discussed in detail.

Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics - E-Book
Author : Dawn Merton Boothe
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date : 2011-07-25
ISBN 10 : 1437723578
Pages : 1348 pages

Confidently utilize the rapidly growing selection of pharmaceuticals used to treat small animals. Small Animal Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 2nd Edition helps you understand both the therapeutic uses of common pharmaceuticals and the pharmacology behind them, giving you all of the information you need to design and modify dosing regimens, identify factors that cause drugs to fail, and anticipate adverse drug reactions. Comprehensive approach emphasizes the use of drugs for prevention as well as treatment. Clear, consistent organization makes it easy to find the information you need when you need it. Dosage tables help you find essential pharmaceutical information at a glance. Pharmacogenetics chapter helps you understand how to use this emerging science to find the right dose for each patient, optimizing efficiency and minimizing toxicity. Routes of administration and sample pharmaceutical calculations provide fast, efficient access to comprehensive drug administration all in one inclusive resource. Multiple chapters on Antimicrobial Drugs and Antimicrobial Therapy highlight the impact of antimicrobial resistance on current practice.

Polymer Biomaterials in Solution, As Interfaces And As Solids
Author : Stuart L. Cooper,C. H. Bamford,Teiji Tsuruta,T. Tsuruta
Publisher : VSP
Release Date : 1995-03
ISBN 10 : 9789067641807
Pages : 1 pages

The articles collected in this publication have previously been published in eight special issues of the Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition, in honour of Dr. Allan S. Hoffman, who is known as a pioneer, a leader and a mentor in the field of biomaterials. The papers from renowned scientists from all parts of the world, representing the state-of-the-art in polymeric biomaterials today, have been rearranged into a logical order of sections, each having a distinct focus. The topics covered are: Surface Modification, Characterization and Properties; Protein Adsorption; Blood Interactions; Cell Interactions; Immobilized Cell Receptor Ligands and Immobilized Cells; Immobilized Biomolecules and Synthetic Derivatives of Biomolecules; New Polymers and Applications; Biodegradable Polymers and Drug Delivery; Water-Soluble Biomolecules, Sunthetic Polymers, and their Conjugates; Hydrogels.

Heparin - A Century of Progress
Author : Rebecca Lever,Barbara Mulloy,Clive P. Page
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2012-05-08
ISBN 10 : 3642230563
Pages : 462 pages

Heparins remain amongst the most commonly used drugs in clinical practice. Almost 100 years have passed since the initial discovery of this complex substance and, during this time, understanding of the nature and uses of heparin and related molecules has grown dramatically. The aim of this volume is to summarise the developments that have led to the current status of both heparins as drugs and the field of heparin research, with a focus on the particularly rapid progress that has been made over the past three decades. Individual sections are dedicated to the nature of heparin as a biological molecule, the current approaches and techniques that are used to ensure the safety and reliability of heparin as a medicine, the clinical pharmacology of heparin as an anticoagulant drug, effects and potential applications of heparin aside of those involving haemostasis and, finally, the nature and potential uses of heparin-like materials from both natural and synthetic sources.

Managing Acute Coronary Syndromes in Clinical Practice
Author : Anthony A. Bavry,Deepak Bhatt
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2011-11-03
ISBN 10 : 190851714X
Pages : 86 pages

Review of the necessary knowledge to provide optimal evidence-based care for the acute coronary syndrome patient - Comprehensive guide to acute coronary syndrome - Expert commentary from two key thought leaders in the field - Extensive illustrations, tables, figures, and appendix to further guide the reader

Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesiology E-Book
Author : Lee A Fleisher
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date : 2013-01-15
ISBN 10 : 1455740381
Pages : 612 pages

Make informed clinical decisions with reliable, up-to-date guidance from Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesia, 3rd Edition! Leading authority Lee A. Fleisher, MD expertly explores the full range of important issues in perioperative management, discussing the available options, examining the relevant research, and presenting practical recommendations. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader with intuitive search tools and adjustable font sizes. Elsevier eBooks provide instant portable access to your entire library, no matter what device you're using or where you're located. Make sound, evidence-based decisions on every aspect of patient care: preoperative assessment, monitoring and administration of anesthesia during surgery, postoperative intensive care management, and postoperative pain management. Master the current best practices you need to know for day-to-day practice and oral board review. Confidently navigate the latest issues thanks to new chapters on optimal airway management in GI endoscopy, the role of Ketamine for perioperative management, fast-track surgery, and hypothermia after intraoperative cardiac arrest, plus many other vital updates. Efficiently translate evidence into practice with numerous quick-reference tables and short, well-organized chapters that promote fast and effective decision making. Get practical decision-making tools you can use in both routine care and complicated or special situations.

de Swiet's Medical Disorders in Obstetric Practice
Author : Raymond Powrie,Michael Greene,William Camann
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2010-12-17
ISBN 10 : 9781444390339
Pages : 808 pages

Pregnancy affects the physiology of women as their bodies adapt to the growing life within them; but how does this affect how you manage general, or pre-existing medical complaints? How do you differentiate the effects of pregnancy from genuine medical conditions? What are the effects of the ‘standard’ treatments on the growing fetus? What about breastfeeding? In this brand-new edition of de Swiet’s Medical Disorders in Clinical Practice, expert physicians present the best evidence and practical wisdom to guide you and your patients through their pregnancy and illness, to a successful birth and early motherhood. Using a combination of algorithms, years of experience and an evidence-based approach, this book will help you to: Diagnose difficult to identify conditions during pregnancy Effectively prescribe for pregnant and lactating women Overcome the challenges of imaging, anesthesia and critical care for pregnant women de Swiet’s assists you in navigating the many challenges pregnancy presents for both the patient and physician.

Coronary Care Manual
Author : Peter L. Thompson
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date : 2011-01-28
ISBN 10 : 0729579271
Pages : 1000 pages

A comprehensive coronary care textbook for medical, nursing and paramedic staff The Coronary Care Manual, 2nd Edition is a practical medical manual designed to assist with management of the acute coronary patient. This respected medical resource is written by a group of coronary experts, both Australian and international. Its aim is to strike a balance between a large and rapidly-changing evidence base and practical application in the Coronary Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department and the ambulance. The second edition of this important health textbook covers an extensive range of coronary care medicine, providing a handy companion for a night ‘on call’. Chapter topics in the Coronary Care Manual, 2nd Edition include pathophysiology, drug and non-drug therapies and postcoronary management, with chapters organised into subsections. Completely redesigned with fresh, new artwork, this new edition of the Coronary Care Manual is organised to suit academics and medical practitioners alike. • covers a broad range of coronary care medicine • provides specific advice on the management of common clinical problems • eliminates the need to refer to a larger reference book • features a consistent style and focus, with standardised artwork for figures • is now also available as an eBook! A code inside the Coronary Care Manual enables a full text download, allowing you to browse and search electronically, make notes and bookmarks in the electronic files and highlight material

Concise Clinical Pharmacology
Author : Ben Greenstein,Adam Greenstein
Publisher : Pharmaceutical Press
Release Date : 2007
ISBN 10 : 9780853695769
Pages : 302 pages

This is a concise study guide and thorough introduction to clinical pharmacology from which students can gain a rapid understanding of individual topics within the discipline, and from which they can review and revise certain topics before exams. This is achieved through self-contained two-page "spreads" for each topic, with concise text on the left and a diagram on the right to elaborate and reinforce the text. To further underpin the text, additional two page spreads have been included where appropriate, with case histories on the left and Q&As on the right. The text has a strong clinical focus and, in the main, sections relate to particular body systems or the therapy of a disease-class (eg, cancer). Pharmacological principles and mechanisms are covered, but the main focus is on the therapeutic use of the drugs. Sections cover basic principles of pharmacology, specialised pharmacology (inc. in pregnancy, paediatrics, geriatrics), and the vitamins. The text has been written primarily for pharmacy students, but will also be of interest to clinical medical students. The strong clinical focus should also appeal to practitioners.

Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics E-Book
Author : Derek G. Waller,Tony Sampson
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date : 2013-08-07
ISBN 10 : 0702055034
Pages : 744 pages

This book covers all the pharmacology you need, from basic science pharmacology and pathophysiology, through to clinical pharmacology to therapeutics, in line with the integrated approach of new medical curricula. The first section covers the basic principles, and the rest is organised by body systems. The book ends with sections on toxicity and prescribing practice. Integrates basic science pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics Brief review of pathophysiology of major diseases Case histories and multiple choice questions (and answers) Tabular presentation of all common drugs within each class Section on further reading Kinetics chapter simplified with more practical examples Includes more on genetic issues Drug tables made more concise to make information more accessible Fully updated to reflect current clinical practice

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy - E-Book
Author : Joanne Watchie
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date : 2009-09-08
ISBN 10 : 1437715702
Pages : 448 pages

Quick and convenient, this resource provides a clinical overview of a wide variety of diseases and disorders that affect the cardiovascular system and lungs and the physical therapy management of patients with them. It integrates key concepts of pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, diagnostic tests and laboratory information and findings with clinically important medical and surgical interventions and pharmacologic therapies — then applies the material to physical therapy evaluation and treatment. This edition adds an introductory chapter on the oxygen transport pathway, the effects of dysfunction along the pathway, and the implications for physical therapy. Offers a complete overview including basic cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology, the pathophysiology of commonly encountered cardiac and pulmonary disorders, diagnostic tests and procedures, therapeutic interventions, pharmacology, physical therapy evaluation and treatment, and clinical laboratory values and profiles. Uses a bulleted format to make finding information quick and easy. Lists the latest drugs used for the treatment of cardiopulmonary disorders. Includes information on laboratory medicine and pediatrics to help you apply cardiopulmonary principles to practice. Follows the oxygen transport pathway — the delivery, uptake and, extrication of oxygen as it actually functions in a clinical setting — providing a logical framework for understanding cardiopulmonary concepts. Explains the implications of defects in the pathway — essential considerations for clinical practice. Includes a comprehensive listing of common cardiopulmonary diseases, as well as a number of other diseases that are associated with cardiopulmonary dysfunction. Provides new and updated illustrations that depict common pathologies such as the pathophysiology of left ventricular diastolic and systolic dysfunction, volume versus pressure overload, and dilated versus hypertrophies versus restrictive cardiomyophathies. Includes descriptions of important interventions such as lung volume reduction surgery and lung transplantation. Adds a new section on simple anthropometric measurements for determining obesity, with information on this demographic trend and how it impacts assessment.

Platelet Function
Author : Martin Quinn,Desmond Fitzgerald,Dermott Cox
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2007-11-13
ISBN 10 : 1592599176
Pages : 398 pages

A cutting-edge review of the latest findings on the complexities of platelet function and the various means of inhibiting platelet clot formation. The authors delineate an up-to-date picture of platelet biology and describe methods for assessing platelet function, including the commonly used platelet aggregation, thromboxane production, procoagulant function, platelet function under flow, and the expression of platelet activation markers. The focus is both on the technology and the outcome of research on platelets, including the fast developing fields of proteomics and genomics and their application to platelet research. The clinical applications of the various methods for the assessment of platelet function in vivo, as well as antiplatelet therapy, are fully discussed.

Author : Kanu Chatterjee
Publisher : JP Medical Ltd
Release Date : 2012-08-31
ISBN 10 : 9350252759
Pages : 2053 pages

This two volume set presents recent advances in the knowledge and technology related to the field of cardiology. Beginning with a basic introduction, the text continues with a step by step approach through the subject, covering topics such as cardiovascular pharmacology, electrophysiology, coronary heart diseases, myocardial and pericardial disease and more. With contributions from leading international experts and over 1500 colour photographs, each chapter contains additional comments and guidelines from reputed international bodies. The book is accompanied by a DVD ROM containing high quality video footage of echocardiography.