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The Earth's Ionosphere
Author : Michael Kelly
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2012-12-02
ISBN 10 : 0323148050
Pages : 500 pages

The Earth's Ionosphere: Plasma Physics and Electrodynamics emphasizes the study of plasma physics and electrodynamics of the ionosphere, including many aeronomical influences. The ionosphere is somewhat of a battleground between the earth's neutral atmosphere and the sun's fully ionized atmosphere, in which the earth is embedded. One of the challenges of ionosphere research is to know enough about these two vast fields of research to make sense out of ionospheric phenomena. This book provides insights into how these competing sources of mass, momentum, and energy compete for control of the ionosphere. Some of the topics discussed include the fundamentals of ionospheric plasma dynamics; equatorial plasma instabilities; high-latitude electrodynamics; and instabilities and structure in the high-latitude ionosphere. Throughout this text only the region above 90 km are discussed, ignoring the D region entirely. This publication is a good source of information for students and individuals conducting research on earth’s ionosphere.

The Earth's Ionosphere
Author : Michael C. Kelley
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2009-06-12
ISBN 10 : 9780080916576
Pages : 576 pages

Although interesting in its own right, due to the ever-increasing use of satellites for communication and navigation, weather in the ionosphere is of great concern. Every such system uses trans-ionospheric propagation of radio waves, waves which must traverse the commonly turbulent ionosphere. Understanding this turbulence and predicting it are one of the major goals of the National Space Weather program. Acquiring such a prediction capability will rest on understanding the very topics of this book, the plasma physics and electrodynamics of the system. Fully updated to reflect advances in the field in the 20 years since the first edition published Explores the buffeting of the ionosphere from above by the sun and from below by the lower atmosphere Unique text appropriate both as a reference and for coursework

Aeronomy of the Earth's Atmosphere and Ionosphere
Author : Mangalathayil Ali Abdu,Dora Pancheva
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2011-02-26
ISBN 10 : 9789400703261
Pages : 480 pages

This book is a multi-author treatise on the most outstanding research problems in the field of the aeronomy of the Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere, encompassing the science covered by Division II of the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA). It contains several review articles and detailed papers by leading scientists in the field. The book is organized in five parts: 1) Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere Dynamics and Chemistry; 2) Vertical Coupling by Upward Propagating Waves; 3) Ionospheric Electrodynamics and Structuring; 4) Thermosphere- Ionosphere Coupling, Dynamics and Trends and 5) Ionosphere-Thermosphere Disturbances and Modeling. The book consolidates the progress achieved in the field in recent years and it serves as a useful reference for graduate students as well as experienced researchers.

The High-Latitude Ionosphere and its Effects on Radio Propagation
Author : R. D. Hunsucker,J. K. Hargreaves
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release Date : 2007-09-10
ISBN 10 : 9781139435000
Pages : 329 pages

The physical properties of the ionized layer in the Earth's upper atmosphere enable us to use it to support an increasing range of communications applications. This book presents a modern treatment of the physics and phenomena of the high latitude upper atmosphere and the morphology of radio propagation in the auroral and polar regions. Chapters cover the basics of radio propagation and the use of radio techniques in ionospheric studies. Many investigations of high latitude radio propagation have previously only been published in Conference Proceedings and organizational reports. This book includes many examples of the behavior of quiet and disturbed high latitude HF propagation. Ample cross-referencing, chapter summaries and reference lists make this book an invaluable aid for graduate students, ionospheric physicists and radio engineers.

The Century of Space Science
Author : J.A. Bleeker,Johannes Geiss,M. Huber
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2001
ISBN 10 : 9780792371960
Pages : 1846 pages

One of the most attractive features of the young discipline of Space Science is that many of the original pioneers and key players involved are still available to describe their field. Hence, at this point in history we are in a unique position to gain first-hand insight into the field and its development. To this end, The Century of Space Science, a scholarly, authoritative, reference book presents a chapter-by-chapter retrospective of space science as studied in the 20th century. The level is academic and focuses on key discoveries, how these were arrived at, their scientific consequences and how these discoveries advanced the thoughts of the key players involved. With over 90 world-class contributors, such as James Van Allen, Cornelis de Jager, Eugene Parker, Reimar Lüst, and Ernst Stuhlinger, and with a Foreword by Lodewijk Woltjer (past ESO Director General), this book will be immensely useful to readers in the fields of space science, astronomy, and the history of science. Both academic institutions and researchers will find that this major reference work makes an invaluable addition to their collection.

Radio Occultation Method for Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Ionosphere
Author : Yuei-An Liou
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2010-02-01
ISBN 10 : 9537619605
Pages : 176 pages

The book is devoted to radio occultation (RO) remote sensing of the earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere as a global method of monitoring. This technique used the radio links satellite-to-satellite when a satellite-receiver setting or rising behind the earth’s atmosphere is relative to a satellite - emitter of radio waves. During setting the radio ray perigee moves through the ionosphere and ionosphere. Atmospheric and ionospheric effects arise in most cases owing to influence of a zone near the radio ray perigee and cause significant variations of the amplitude, phase, and frequency of the radio waves. These variations enable determination of the altitude profiles of temperature, pressure, refractivity, density, humidity and turbulence in the atmosphere, distribution of the electron density in the ionosphere, and the wave phenomena at different altitudes with a global coverage. The aim of this book consists of the systematic description of the different approaches, results of investigation and perspectives of the RO remote sensing as a tool for investigations of the atmosphere and ionosphere.

Geomagnetism, Aeronomy and Space Weather
Author : Mioara Mandea,Monika Korte,Andrew Yau,Eduard Petrovsky
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release Date : 2019-11-14
ISBN 10 : 1108418481
Pages : 344 pages

An interdisciplinary review of research in geomagnetism, aeronomy and space weather, written by eminent researchers from these fields.

Ionospheric Convection
Author : Aaron James Ridley
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1997
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 216 pages

Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling in the Solar System
Author : Charles R. Chappell
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2016-10-31
ISBN 10 : 1119066778
Pages : 414 pages

Over a half century of exploration of the Earth’s space environment, it has become evident that the interaction between the ionosphere and the magnetosphere plays a dominant role in the evolution and dynamics of magnetospheric plasmas and fields. Interestingly, it was recently discovered that this same interaction is of fundamental importance at other planets and moons throughout the solar system. Based on papers presented at an interdisciplinary AGU Chapman Conference at Yosemite National Park in February 2014, this volume provides an intellectual and visual journey through our exploration and discovery of the paradigm-changing role that the ionosphere plays in determining the filling and dynamics of Earth and planetary environments. The 2014 Chapman conference marks the 40th anniversary of the initial magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling conference at Yosemite in 1974, and thus gives a four decade perspective of the progress of space science research in understanding these fundamental coupling processes. Digital video links to an online archive containing both the 1974 and 2014 meetings are presented throughout this volume for use as an historical resource by the international heliophysics and planetary science communities. Topics covered in this volume include: Ionosphere as a source of magnetospheric plasma Effects of the low energy ionospheric plasma on the stability and creation of the more energetic plasmas The unified global modeling of the ionosphere and magnetosphere at the Earth and other planets New knowledge of these coupled interactions for heliophysicists and planetary scientists, with a cross-disciplinary approach involving advanced measurement and modeling techniques Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling in the Solar System is a valuable resource for researchers in the fields of space and planetary science, atmospheric science, space physics, astronomy, and geophysics.

The Atmosphere and Ionosphere
Author : Vladimir Bychkov,Gennady Golubkov,Anatoly Nikitin
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2012-12-26
ISBN 10 : 9400729146
Pages : 288 pages

The book presents a collection of articles devoted to atmospheric and ionospheric science reported during the Conference “Atmosphere, Ionosphere, Safety” held in Kaliningrad, Russia in July 2010. It consists of reviews devoted to physics of elementary processes, aerosols, ionosphere dynamics, microwave discharges and plasmoids. Such a wide range of topics presents a comprehensive analysis of this atmospheric science including trends and questions which exist to be solved.

Modeling the Ionosphere-Thermosphere
Author : J. D. Huba,Robert W. Schunk,G. V. Khazanov
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2014-03-17
ISBN 10 : 1118704452
Pages : 360 pages

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of theGeophysical Monograph Series, Volume 201. Modeling the Ionosphere-Thermosphere System bringstogether for the first time a detailed description of the physicsof the IT system in conjunction with numerical techniques to solvethe complex system of equations that describe the system, as wellas issues of current interest. Volume highlights includediscussions of: Physics of the ionosphere and thermosphere IT system, and thenumerical methods to solve the basic equations of the ITsystem The physics and numerical methods to determine the globalelectrodynamics of the IT system The response of the IT system to forcings from below (i.e., thelower atmosphere) and from above (i.e., the magnetosphere) The physics and numerical methods to model ionosphericirregularities Data assimilation techniques, comparison of model results todata, climate variability studies, and applications to spaceweather Providing a clear description of the physics of this system inseveral tutorial-like articles, Modeling theIonosphere-Thermosphere System is of value to the upperatmosphere science community in general. Chapters describingdetails of the numerical methods used to solve the equations thatdescribe the IT system make the volume useful to both activeresearchers in the field and students.

Space Physics
Author : C. T. Russell,J. G. Luhmann,R. J. Strangeway
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release Date : 2016-07-07
ISBN 10 : 1107098823
Pages : 512 pages

This textbook, derived from courses given by three leading researchers, provides advanced undergraduates and graduates with up-to-date coverage of space physics, from the Sun to the interstellar medium. Clear explanations of the underlying physical processes are presented alongside major new discoveries and knowledge gained from space missions, ground-based observations, theory, and modelling to inspire students. Building from the basics to more complex ideas, the book contains enough material for a two-semester course but the authors also provide suggestions for how the material can be tailored to fit a single semester. End-of-chapter problems reinforce concepts and include computer-based exercises especially developed for this textbook package. Free access to the software is available via the book's website and enables students to model the behavior of magnetospheric and solar plasma. An extensive glossary recaps new terms and carefully selected further reading sections encourage students to explore advanced topics of interest.