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Technical Textile Yarns
Author : R Alagirusamy,Apurba Das
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2010-06-30
ISBN 10 : 1845699475
Pages : 632 pages

Technical yarns are produced for the manufacture of technical textiles. As the range of technical textiles is rapidly increasing, an understanding of the range of yarns available and their properties is important, in order to be able to meet the requirements of the intended end-use. Part one of the book begins by reviewing the advances in yarn production. Topics examine the advances in textile yarn spinning, modification of textile yarn structures, yarn hairiness and its reduction and coatings for technical textile yarns. The second group of chapters describes the range of technical yarns, such as electro-conductive textile yarns, novel yarns and plasma treated yarns for biomedical applications. Technical sewing threads and biodegradable textile yarns are also discussed. Technical textile yarns provides essential reading for yarn and fabric manufacturers, textile scientists, technicians, engineers and technologists, covering a wide range of areas within textile applications. This book will also be an important information source for academics and students. Provides a comprehensive overview of the variety of technical textile yarns available along with individual characteristics and production methods Documents advances in textile yarn spinning and texturising featuring compact, rotor and friction spinning Assesses different types of technical yarns including plasma-treated yarns for biomedical applications and hybrid yarns for thermoplastic composites

Technical Textiles Yarns
Author : R. Alagirusamy,A. Das
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2010-08-13
ISBN 10 : 9781439831540
Pages : 510 pages

Technical yarns are produced for the manufacture of technical textiles. As the range of technical textiles is rapidly increasing, an understanding of the yarns available and their properties is important in order to meet the requirements of the intended end-use. This book covers a wide variety of areas within textile applications. The first part of the book begins by reviewing the advances in yarn production. The text examines advances in textile yarn spinning, modification of textile yarn structures, the reduction of yarn hairiness, and coatings for technical textile yarns. The second group of chapters describes the range of technical yarns for biomedical applications, such as electro-conductive textile yarns, novel yarns, and plasma treated yarns. Technical sewing threads and biodegradable textile yarns are also discussed.

Handbook of Technical Textiles
Author : A. Richard Horrocks,Subhash C. Anand
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2000-10-31
ISBN 10 : 1855738961
Pages : 576 pages

This major handbook provides comprehensive coverage of the manufacture, processing and applications of high tech textiles for a huge range of applications including: heat and flame protection; waterproof and breathable fabrics; textiles in filtration; geotextiles; medical textiles; textiles in transport engineering and textiles for extreme environments. Handbook of technical textiles is an essential guide for textile yarn and fibre manufacturers; producers of woven, knitted and non-woven fabrics; textile finishers; designers and specifiers of textiles for new or novel applications as well as lecturers and graduate students on university textile courses. Comprehensive handbook for all aspects of technical textiles Detailed coverage of processes, fabric structure and applications Contributions from recognised experts world-wide

Handbook of Technical Textiles
Author : A. Richard Horrocks,Subhash C. Anand
Publisher : Woodhead Publishing
Release Date : 2016-03-09
ISBN 10 : 1782424881
Pages : 452 pages

The first edition of Handbook of Technical Textiles has been an essential purchase for professionals and researchers in this area since its publication in 2000. With revised and updated coverage, including several new chapters, this revised two volume second edition reviews recent developments and new technologies across the field of technical textiles. Volume 2 – Technical Textile Applications offers an indispensable guide to established and developing areas in the use of technical textiles. The areas covered include textiles for personal protection and welfare, such as those designed for ballistic protection, personal thermal and fire protection, and medical applications; textiles for industrial, transport and engineering applications, including composite reinforcement and filtration; and the growing area of smart textiles. Comprehensive handbook for all aspects of technical textiles Provides updated, detailed coverage of processes, fabric structure, and applications Ideal resource for those interested in high-performance textiles, textile processes, textile processing, and textile applications Many of the original, recognized experts from the first edition update their respective chapters

High Performance Technical Textiles
Author : Roshan Paul
Publisher : Wiley
Release Date : 2019-05-06
ISBN 10 : 1119325013
Pages : 504 pages

An authentic resource for the fundamentals, applied techniques, applications and recent advancements of all the main areas of technical textiles Created to be a comprehensive reference, High Performance Technical Textiles includes the review of a wide range of technical textiles from household to space textiles. The contributors—noted experts in the field from all the continents—offer in-depth coverage on the fibre materials, manufacturing processes and techniques, applications, current developments, sustainability and future trends. The contributors include discussions on synthetic versus natural fibres, various textile manufacturing techniques, textile composites and finishing approaches that are involved in the manufacturing of textiles for a specific high performance application. Whilst the book provides the basic knowledge required for an understanding of technical textiles, it can serve as a springboard for inspiring new inventions in hi-tech fibres and textiles. This important book: Contains a unique approach that offers a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing and applications of technical textiles Includes a general overview to the fundamentals, current techniques, end use applications as well as the most recent advancements Explores the current standards in the industry and the ongoing research in the field Offers a comprehensive and single source reference on the topic Written for academics, researchers and professionals working in textile and related industries, High Performance Technical Textiles offers a systematic, structured, logical and updated source of information for understanding technical textiles.

Yarn Texturing Technology
Author : John W. S. Hearle,L. Hollick,D K Wilson
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2001-11-08
ISBN 10 : 9780849313103
Pages : 300 pages

Texturing is increasingly important in textile production, not only in yarns for weaving and knitting fashion products, but also for carpets, furnishing fabrics and a variety of technical textiles. Yarn Texturing Technology covers all the major techniques including twist-texturing, jet-screen texturing, false-twist process, BCF processes and air-jet texturing in detail. Combining a comprehensive review of the physics and chemistry of texturing with a thorough, illustrated description of current practice, this book will be invaluable for yarn and fabric manufacturers, textile scientists and students in textile science and technology courses.

Textile Engineering
Author : Yasir Nawab
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
Release Date : 2016-07-11
ISBN 10 : 3110423898
Pages : 218 pages

Currently, most of the textile industry and textile institutions are located in South Asia. The textile industry leads to the development of clothing from fibres, yarns, and fabrics. The industry is growing in this area as it has already been shifted from Europe and is being shifting from China. As the textile industry is growing, many new textile intuitions are being established to provide for quality textile education. This introductory level textbooks is geared towars them. This book will provide all necessary information from fibres to fabrics and their conversion to clothing. The importance of textiles in the current era along with the raw materials needed for the textiles are given. After that, it is explained how the yarn is made from fibres. Then the fabrics manufacturing, the printing and dyeing of textiles and the conversion of fabrics into the garments is discussed. Also, the testing of fibres, yarns and fabrics along with the description of technical textiles is mentioned. This book is beneficial for all readers who are going to start their career in textiles or are going to start the engineering degree in textiles. The present book is designed for the first year students (especially for the National Textile University Faisalabad) of textile engineering.

Fibres to Smart Textiles
Author : Asis Patnaik,Sweta Patnaik
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2019-08-08
ISBN 10 : 042982193X
Pages : 390 pages

Fibres to Smart Textiles: Advances in Manufacturing, Technologies, and Applications offers comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals and advances in the textile and clothing manufacturing sectors. It describes the basics of fibres, yarns, and fabrics and their end use in the latest developments and applications in the field and addresses environmental impacts from textile processes and how to minimize them. This book serves as a single comprehensive source discussing textile fibres, yarn formation, filament formation techniques, woven fabric formation, knitting technologies, nonwoven manufacturing technologies, braiding technologies, and dyeing, printing, and finishing processes. Testing of textile materials, environmental impacts of textile processes and use of CAD and CAM in designing textile products are also included. The book also discusses applications including textile composites and biocomposites, technical textiles, smart textiles, and nanotextiles. With chapters authored by textile experts, this practical book offers guidance to professionals in textile and clothing manufacturing and shows how to avoid potential pitfalls in product development.

Advanced Textile Testing Techniques
Author : Sheraz Ahmad,Abher Rasheed,Ali Afzal,Faheem Ahmad
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2017-08-01
ISBN 10 : 1498784712
Pages : 326 pages

Textile testing is an important field of textile sciences involving experimental evaluation of conventional as well as technical textile products. This book aims to provide technical details, required protocols and procedures for conducting any specific evaluation test along with key parameters. The book covers the topics in two main sections, first one for the conventional textile testing techniques starting from fiber to final product while the second one focusses on testing of technical textiles. Written with a reader friendly approach, it will cater to graduate students in textile engineering as well as industry personnel, focusing on following key points: Addresses all techniques for testing both conventional and technical textiles. Describes testing techniques compliance with the latest requirements of the updated EN ISO and AATCC standards. Provides detailed description on the testing of technical textiles and their products. Discusses the operations conditions, like atmospheric conditions, and human error with cause and effect diagrams. Covers both destructive and non-destructive testing.

Advances in Yarn Spinning Technology
Author : C A Lawrence
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2010-09-27
ISBN 10 : 0857090216
Pages : 464 pages

This book provides an invaluable single source of information on the advances in yarn spinning technologies. Advanced spinning systems are described and comparisons are made of the properties of the yarns produced, and resultant finished products, with those from conventional systems. Part one provides an introduction to yarn fibre spinning and structure. Chapters discuss the principles of ring spinning and open-end spinning of yarns. Yarn structure and properties from different spinning techniques and yarn structural requirements for knitted and woven fabrics are also examined. Part two covers advances in particular yarn spinning technologies. Topics range from siro spinning to compact spinning technology and air-jet spinning. Final chapters explore how to minimise fibre damage which occur during spinning and the use of spin finishes for textiles. With its distinguished editor and array of international contributors, Advances in yarn spinning technology is an important text for spinners, yarn manufacturers and fabric producers, as well as researchers, technicians, engineers and technologists in this sector of the textile industry. Documents advances in spinning technologies and presents comparisons between systems Assesses particular textile spinning technologies with specific chapters focusing on siro, compact, rotor, friction and air-jet spinning Reviews measures to minimise fibre damage caused by spinning are investigated with specific relevance to rotor and friction spinning

Textiles for Advanced Applications
Author : Bipin Kumar,Suman Thakur
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2017-09-20
ISBN 10 : 9535135007
Pages : 432 pages

This book presents a global view of the development and applications of technical textiles with the description of materials, structures, properties, characterizations, functions and relevant production technologies, case studies, challenges, and opportunities. Technical textile is a transformative research area, dealing with the creation and studies of new generations of textiles that hoist many new scientific and technological challenges that have never been encountered before. The book emphasizes more on the principles of textile science and technology to provide solutions to several engineering problems. All chapter topics are exclusive and selectively chosen and designed, and they are extensively explored by different authors having specific knowledge in each area.

Handbook of Yarn Production
Author : Peter R. Lord
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2003-07-11
ISBN 10 : 1855738651
Pages : 504 pages

Written by one of the world's leading experts, Handbook of yarn production: technology, science and economics is an authoritative and comprehensive guide to textile yarn manufacturing. The book is designed to allow readers to explore the subject in various levels of detail. The first three chapters provide an overview of yarn production, products and key principles. The major part of the book then reviews in detail the production processes for short-staple, long-staple and filament yarns.There are also chapters on quality control and the economics of staple-yarn production. The final part of the book consists of a series of appendices which provide in-depth analysis of key topics with detailed technical data and worked examples which is an invaluable reference in itself for anyone concerned with the behaviour, performance and economics of a textile mill. Handbook of yarn production: technology, science and economics is a standard work for both yarn manufacturers and those researching and studying in this important area of the textile industry. A practical and authoritative new handbook for yarn manufacturing Shows how problems can arise and how to deal with them Includes invaluable technical data, calculations, worked examples and case studies