spinal cord injuries

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Spinal Cord Injuries - E-Book
Author : Sue Ann Sisto,Erica Druin,Martha Macht Sliwinski
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date : 2008-01-31
ISBN 10 : 0323063020
Pages : 608 pages

From a hospital admittance to discharge to outpatient rehabilitation, Spinal Cord Injuries addresses the wide spectrum of rehabilitation interventions and administrative and clinical issues specific to patients with spinal cord injuries. Comprehensive coverage includes costs, life expectancies, acute care, respiratory care, documentation, goal setting, clinical treatment, complications, and activities of daily living associated with spinal cord patients. In addition to physical therapy interventions and family education components, this resource includes content on incidence, etiology, diagnosis, and clinical features of spinal cord injury. Case Studies with clinical application thinking exercises help you apply knowledge from the book to real life situations. Thoroughly referenced, evidence-based content provides the best evidence for treatment based on the most current research. Tables and boxes throughout each chapter organize and summarize important information for quick reference. Clinical Note boxes provide at-a-glance access to helpful tips. Over 500 clinical photos, line drawings, radiographs, and more bring important concepts to life. Highly respected experts in spinal cord injury rehabilitation, editors Sue Ann Sisto, Erica Druin, and Martha Sliwinski, provide authoritative guidance on the foundations and principles of practice for spinal cord injury. Companion DVD includes video clips of the techniques described throughout the book that demonstrate how to apply key concepts to practice.

Rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injuries
Author : Jacqueline E. Reznik,Joshua Simmons
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date : 2020-06-15
ISBN 10 : 0729587606
Pages : 516 pages

Written by Jackie Reznik & Josh Simmons, this multi-contributed text explores contemporary aspects of spinal cord injury treatment and management, as well as essential but not often addressed topics such as paediatric spinal cord injury, high cervical injuries, and the tetraplegic upper limb. The patient experience is emphasised as is the clinical journey through the input from individuals with lived experience of a spinal cord injury. The text is offering new and important insights into key facets of spinal cord injury treatment and management, Rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injuries is a practical guide for the physiotherapy students, early career clinicians as well as the medical and health professionals wishing to remain current with advancements in treatment and interventions in this area. Chapters about biomechanics, paediatric spinal cord injury, high cervical injuries, and the tetraplegic upper limb Insight into the lived experience of individual with a spinal cord injury Documents patient journey from injury to total rehabilitation Appendix of common assessments for spinal cord injuries Evidence-based Practice Points enables clinician to quickly and easily translates theory to practice Includes an eBook with purchase of the print book

Management of Spinal Cord Injuries E-Book
Author : Lisa Harvey
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date : 2008-01-10
ISBN 10 : 0702036153
Pages : 316 pages

Combining 25 years of clinical, research and teaching experience, Dr Lisa Harvey provides an innovative 5-step approach to the physiotherapy management of people with spinal cord injury. Based on the International Classification of Functioning, this approach emphasises the importance of setting goals which are purposeful and meaningful to the patient. These goals are related to performance of motor tasks analysed in terms of 6 key impairments. The assessment and treatment performance of each of these impairments for people with spinal cord injury is described in the following chapters: training motor tasks strength training contracture management pain management respiratory management cardiovascular fitness training Dr Harvey develops readers' problem-solving skills equipping them to manage all types of spinal cord injuries. Central to these skills is an understanding of how people with different patterns of paralysis perform motor tasks and the importance of differentmuscles for motor tasks such as: transfers and bed mobility of people wheelchair mobility hand function for people with tetraplegia standing and walking with lower limb paralysis This book is for students and junior physiotherapists with little or no experience in the area of spinal cord injury but with a general understanding of the principles of physiotherapy. It is also a useful tool for experienced clinicians, including those keen to explore the evidence base that supports different physiotherapy interventions.

Essentials of Spinal Cord Injury
Author : Michael G. Fehlings,Alexander R. Vaccaro,Maxwell Boakye
Publisher : Thieme
Release Date : 2012-10-29
ISBN 10 : 1604067276
Pages : 682 pages

Essentials of Spinal Cord Injury is written for the spinal cord injury (SCI) team and reflects the multidisciplinary nature of treating patients with SCI. It integrates emerging medical and surgical approaches to SCI with neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuroimaging, neuroplasticity, and cellular transplantation. This comprehensive yet concise reference will enable neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, and allied health professionals caring for SCI patients to translate research results into patient care. It is also an excellent resource for those preparing for the board exam in SCI medicine. Key Features: Material is cross-referenced to highlight relationships between the different areas of SCI Chapters are concise, focused, and include key points, pearls, and pitfalls An Overview of the Literature table is provided in most chapters, giving readers a meaningful distillation of each publication referenced Each editor is a world-renowned expert in one of these core disciplines involved in the management of SCI patients: neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, spinal cord science, and rehabilitative medicine This is a must-have guide that all neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, and allied health professionals involved in the care of spinal cord injury patients should have on their bookshelf.

The Care and Management of Spinal Cord Injuries
Author : G. M. Bedbrook
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2013-06-29
ISBN 10 : 1461380871
Pages : 351 pages

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Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Repair Strategies
Author : Giuseppe Perale,Filippo Rossi
Publisher : Woodhead Publishing
Release Date : 2019-10-30
ISBN 10 : 0081028083
Pages : 346 pages

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Repair Strategies provides researchers the latest information on potential regenerative approaches to spinal cord injury, specifically focusing on therapeutic approaches that target regeneration, including cell therapies, controlled drug delivery systems, and biomaterials. Dr. Giuseppe Perale and Dr. Filippo Rossi lead a team of authoritative authors in academia and industry in this innovative reference on the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. This book presents all the information readers need to understand the current and potential array of techniques, materials, applications and their benefits for spinal cord repair. Covers current and future repair strategies for spinal cord injury repair Focuses on key research trends, clinics, biology and engineering Provides fundamentals on regenerative engineering and tissue engineering

Therapeutic Strategies to Spinal Cord Injury
Author : Pavla Jendelova
Publisher : MDPI
Release Date : 2018-11-29
ISBN 10 : 3038974064
Pages : 238 pages

This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Therapeutic Strategies to Spinal Cord Injury" that was published in IJMS

Spinal Cord Medicine
Author : Denise I. Campagnolo,Steven Kirshblum,Mark S. Nash,Robert F. Heary,Peter H. Gorman
Publisher : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Release Date : 2011-12-07
ISBN 10 : 1451154275
Pages : 624 pages

This comprehensive and practical reference is the perfect resource for the medical specialist treating persons with spinal cord injuries. The book provides detail about all aspects of spinal cord injury and disease. The initial seven chapters present the history, anatomy, imaging, epidemiology, and general acute management of spinal cord injury. The next eleven chapters deal with medical aspects of spinal cord damage, such as pulmonary management and the neurogenic bladder. Chapters on rehabilitation are followed by nine chapters dealing with diseases that cause non-traumatic spinal cord injury. A comprehensive imaging chapter is included with 30 figures which provide the reader with an excellent resource to understand the complex issues of imaging the spine and spinal cord.

Essentials of Spinal Cord Injury Medicine
Author : Yannis Dionyssiotis
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2018-06-13
ISBN 10 : 1789232481
Pages : 166 pages

Spinal cord injury is a severe condition leading to serious neurological dysfunctions and changes a person's life in a sudden way. Understanding the pathophysiology of spinal cord injury will improve the prognosis and reintegration to the society of spinal cord-injured subjects. The book Essentials in Spinal Cord Injury Medicine includes seven chapters with valuable information addressing hot topics related to spinal cord injury, ranging from pathophysiology, nontraumatic spinal cord injury, complications to exoskeletons, and research therapies with mesenchymal stem cells. The book could be a valued reference for physiatrists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists and physical therapists.

Spinal Cord Injury
Author : Institute of Medicine,Board on Neuroscience and Behavioral Health,Committee on Spinal Cord Injury
Publisher : National Academies Press
Release Date : 2005-07-27
ISBN 10 : 9780309165204
Pages : 360 pages

An estimated 11,000 spinal cord injuries occur each year in the United States and more than 200,000 Americans suffer from maladies associated with spinal cord injury. This includes paralysis, bowel and bladder dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, respiratory impairment, temperature regulation problems, and chronic pain. During the last two decades, longstanding beliefs about the inability of the adult central nervous system to heal itself have been eroded by the flood of new information from research in the neurosciences and related fields. However, there are still no cures and the challenge of restoring function in the wake of spinal cord injuries remains extremely complex. Spinal Cord Injury examines the future directions for research with the goal to accelerate the development of cures for spinal cord injuries. While many of the recommendations are framed within the context of the specific needs articulated by the New York Spinal Cord Injury Research Board, the Institute of Medicine’s panel of experts looked very broadly at research priorities relating to future directions for the field in general and make recommendations to strengthen and coordinate the existing infrastructure. Funders at federal and state agencies, academic organizations, pharmaceutical and device companies, and non-profit organizations will all find this book to be an essential resource as they examine their opportunities.

Diseases of the Brain, Head and Neck, Spine 2020–2023
Author : Juerg Hodler,Rahel A. Kubik-Huch,Gustav K. von Schulthess
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date : 2020-02-14
ISBN 10 : 303038490X
Pages : 254 pages

This open access book offers an essential overview of brain, head and neck, and spine imaging. Over the last few years, there have been considerable advances in this area, driven by both clinical and technological developments. Written by leading international experts and teachers, the chapters are disease-oriented and cover all relevant imaging modalities, with a focus on magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography. The book also includes a synopsis of pediatric imaging. IDKD books are rewritten (not merely updated) every four years, which means they offer a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art in imaging. The book is clearly structured and features learning objectives, abstracts, subheadings, tables and take-home points, supported by design elements to help readers navigate the text. It will particularly appeal to general radiologists, radiology residents, and interventional radiologists who want to update their diagnostic expertise, as well as clinicians from other specialties who are interested in imaging for their patient care.

ISCoS Textbook on Comprehensive management of Spinal Cord Injuries
Author : Harvinder Singh Chhabra
Publisher : Wolters kluwer india Pvt Ltd
Release Date : 2015-01-01
ISBN 10 : 9351294404
Pages : 1252 pages

SCI needs management by a team comprising of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, vocational counsellor, psychologist, assistive technologist, orthotist and social worker. Since the available textbooks did not address the requirements of all disciplines, the need for the proposed textbook was reinforced.