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Snack Food
Author : R. Gordon Booth
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2012-12-06
ISBN 10 : 1461314771
Pages : 402 pages

Rather than containing for the most part fairly detailed food science and technology intended for daily use and reference by food scientists and technologists, this book is designed for use by a much wider range of readers concerned with a particular and rapidly expanding area of food production, promotion, marketing, and packaging. A certain amount of basic detail is provided to enable relatively rough estimates of the production methods and packaging facilities necessary to enable new or improved items to be made, but the overall emphasis is on the wide range of food products that can now quite legitimately be regarded as coming within the broad definition of foods used as snacks, as contrasted with main meals. Thus, we start with the basic requirements to be met in a snack food whatever its nature, and follow with the great variety of items nowadays used 3..'l snacks or as adjuvants to snacks, concluding with an assessment of nutritional consequences of the growth of "snacking" or "browsing," and with the special packaging requirements of snack foods.

Snack Foods Processing
Author : Edmund W. Lusas,Lloyd W. Rooney
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2001-06-05
ISBN 10 : 9781420012545
Pages : 639 pages

Providing a clear, comprehensive overview of the industry, Snack Foods Processing is the definitive handbook on developing, preparing, and processing shelf-stable savory snack foods. Contributors from leading companies and academic institutions provide practical information and guidance based on years of industry experience. Collectively, they review the principles and critical specifics of processing savory snacks, starting from raw materials selection and care, through types of equipment used and its proper operation, to product seasoning, and packaging. The book covers every major product type, including potato and corn chips, alkali-cooked corn tortilla chips, pretzels, popcorn, extruder puffed and baked/fried products, half-products, meat snacks, and rice-based snacks. It also discusses international snack foods, including those of China, India, and Japan. It details post shaping and drying operations, covering seasonings, flavorings application, product protection and packaging materials, and filling and cartoning equipment. Whether you are new to the field or you are a pro facing broader responsibilities, Snack Foods Processing provides valuable information gained through first-hand experience. It presents a clear introduction to the snack foods industry and its terminology and explains the technical interrelationships between the many materials and processes used in making the finished snack food. New entrants into the field will be able to confidently communicate with suppliers and associates. Managers and quality control personnel will gain a better idea of where to start in solving problems when they arise.

The Truth Behind Snack Foods
Author : Julia J. Quinlan,Adam Furgang
Publisher : The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
Release Date : 2017-12-15
ISBN 10 : 1499439377
Pages : 48 pages

We all know that eating too much sugar and too much salt isn't good for us. It will surprise readers to learn just how dangerous eating too many sugary and salty snacks can be. Chips and candy are obvious culprits, but fruit snacks and other seemingly healthy snacks can also have high levels of sugar and salt. In this eye-opening book, readers will learn to look more critically at the snacks they eat and will learn about the serious, long-term health problems that are associated with a diet high in sugar and salt.

Price Trends are Similar for Fruits, Vegetables, and Snack Foods
Author : Fred Kuchler
Publisher : DIANE Publishing
Release Date : 2011-01
ISBN 10 : 1437938760
Pages : 23 pages

This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. An increase in the price of fruits and vegetables relative to less healthy foods could reduce consumers¿ incentives to purchase fruits and vegetables and result in less healthy diets. Whether such a change in relative prices and incentives has occurred in the U.S. is difficult to prove because of quality improvements in many fresh fruits and vegetables. For commonly consumed fresh fruits and vegetables for which quality has remained fairly constant, analysis of price trends reveals a price decline similar to that of dessert and snack foods. This price trend evidence suggests that the price of a healthy diet has not changed relative to an unhealthy one, although a healthy diet might not include every fresh fruit or vegetable currently available. Illustrations.

Paleo Snacks: A Paleo Snack Cookbook Full of Healthy Paleo Snack Foods
Author : Rockridge Press
Publisher : Callisto Media Inc
Release Date : 2013-03-11
ISBN 10 : 162315104X
Pages : 86 pages

Are you too busy to eat healthfully? Do you surrender your diet to a bag of potato chips or a chocolate chip cookie when you’re hungry and on the go? Whether traveling, at work, or at the gym, Paleo Snacks: A Paleo Snack Cookbook Full of Healthy Paleo Snack Foods provides delicious Paleo treats for those long, tempting stretches between meals. The key to successful dieting is to never go hungry. If you find yourself diligently eating Paleo breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, but failing when it comes to afternoon snacks or late-night munchies, then Paleo Snacks is for you. Paleo Snacks: A Paleo Snack Cookbook Full of Healthy Paleo Snack Foods is the answer to all your excuses and moments of weakness. In Paleo Snacks you’ll discover: • 40 Paleo-friendly snacks, from tasty Paleo snack bars to low-calorie Paleo snacks to Paleo kids’ snacks and Paleo protein snacks. • Paleo recipes for an array of Paleo snacks and appetizers, from delicious No-Bake Fruit and Nut Bars to Oven-Fried Sweet Potato Chips, Spicy-Sweet Chicken on a Stick, and Lunch Box Granola Mix. • A concise introduction to the Paleo diet, the benefits of Paleo, and a helpful Paleo Food Guide. John Chatham, best-selling author of The Paleo Diet Solution and The Paleo Cookbook, knows that eating healthfully doesn’t entail giving up the foods that you love, which is why Chatham’s latest series of best sellers include easy and delicious recipes for Paleo Bread, Paleo Cookies, Paleo Muffins, and Paleo Pasta. Providing helpful tips for successfully living Paleo and gluten-free, Paleo Snacks explains the basics of the Paleo diet and the health problems associated with gluten. Lose weight; decrease your odds of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis; and enjoy a delicious diet. Paleo Snacks offers readers a tasty and healthful path to living a gluten-free, wheat-free Paleo diet even when you are on the go.

Snack Foods, Condiments & Cooking Ingredients Manufacturing Industry Report
Author : Harris InfoSource
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2003
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 99 pages

Manufacture of Snacks Food, Namkeen, Pappad & Potato Products
Author : N.A
Publisher : Engineers India Research In
Release Date : 2010-01-01
ISBN 10 : 8186732373
Pages : 320 pages

Extruded Snacks, Health Food Snacks, Snack Food Preservatio & Packaging, Details Of Plant, Machinery & Equipments, Instant Noodles, Namkeen, Namkeen & Sweets, Potato Products. Manufacturers Of Plants & Machineries Of Snacks Food, Manufacturers Of Machineries Of Papped Plants, Manufacturers Of Plant & Machineries Of Namkeen, Manufacturers Of Raw Materials, Suppliers Of Packaging Materials. Potato, Pappad & Barian Plant, Potato Waffers, Potato Chips, Packaging Of Snack Foods.

Author : Janis Thiessen
Publisher : Univ. of Manitoba Press
Release Date : 2017-09-08
ISBN 10 : 0887555276
Pages : 329 pages

"Snacks" is a history of Canadian snack foods, of the independent producers and workers who make them, and of the consumers who can’t put them down. Janis Thiessen profiles several iconic Canadian snack food companies, including Old Dutch Potato Chips, Hawkins Cheezies, and chocolate maker Ganong. These companies have developed in distinctive ways, reflecting the unique stories of their founders and their intense connection to specific locations. These stories of salty or sweet confections also reveal a history that is at odds with popular notions of “junk food.” Through extensive oral history and archival research, Thiessen uncovers the roots of our deep loyalties to different snack foods, what it means to be an independent snack food producer, and the often-quirky ways snacks have been created and marketed. Clearly written, extensively illustrated, and lavish with detail about some of Canadians’ favorite snacks, this is a lively and entertaining look at food and labour history.

Chemistry and Technology of Cereals as Food and Feed
Author : Samuel A. Matz
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 1991-04-30
ISBN 10 : 9780442308308
Pages : 751 pages

This is a completely revised and updated edition of the comprehensive and widely used survey of cereal technology. The first section describes the botany, classification, structure, composition, nutritional importantance and uses of wheat, corn, oats, rye, sorghum, rice and barley, as well as six other grains. The book also details the latest methods of producing, cleaning, and storing these grains. The second section of the book offers current information on the technological and engineering principles of feed milling, flour milling, baking, malting, brewing, manufacturing breakfast cereals, snack food production, wet milling (starch and oil production from grains), rice processing, and other upgrading procedures applied to cereal grains. This section also explains the value and utilization of by-products and examines many rarely discussed processing methods. In addition, the book provides reviews of current knowledge on the dietary importance of cereal proteins, lipids, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and anti-nutrient factors, as well as the effects of processing methods on these materials.

Food Machinery
Author : L M Cheng
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 1992-01-01
ISBN 10 : 1845698312
Pages : 312 pages

This book provides a general technical and mechanical background for the basic processing machinery now used for making snacks, baked goods and confectionery. It covers the basic principles, machine design, function, operation and output.

The Complete Technology Book On Snack Foods
Author : H. Panda
Publisher : National Institute of Industrial Re
Release Date : 2003-10-01
ISBN 10 : 9788186623688
Pages : 567 pages

There are plenty of marketing niches and slots to be filled in the Snacks Food area. This book attempts to provide the processes for the manufacture of various Snacks food items which has tremendous domestic and export market. It is believes that the book may be of immense value and interest to the new entrepreneurs, research institutes, professionals, industry people and libraries.

Planning and Preparing Healthy Meals and Snacks
Author : Jennifer Silate
Publisher : The Rosen Publishing Group
Release Date : 2008
ISBN 10 : 140421870X
Pages : 48 pages

Discusses the food pyramid, explains food safety measures, and offers a five-day healthy meal plan with suggestions for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and snacks.

Selling Street and Snack Foods
Author : Peter Fellows,Martin Hilmi
Publisher : Food & Agriculture Org
Release Date : 2011
ISBN 10 : 9789251070710
Pages : 90 pages

"The main purpose of this booklet is to create awareness about the multitude of opportunities that street and snack foods can provide for small-scale farmers in rural, peri-urban and urban areas. Moreover street and snack foods have positive effects on other member of the supply chain as well as poor consumers in rural, peri-urban and urban communities. it is hoped that policy-makers and development personnel recognize such opportunities and provide a supporting and enabling environment for such a livelihood strategy to be pursued."--P. 9.

Food Technology
Author : Anita Tull
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Release Date : 2002
ISBN 10 : 9780198328193
Pages : 128 pages

From the best-selling author of Food and Design and Technology: Food Technology to GCSE, this book is designed to support students in every aspect of Food Technology, focusing on the knowledge and skills required for project work. It gives guidance on and opportunities to practise researching,preparing, carrying out, and presenting food projects.o Each topic is self-contained on one or two double-page spreadso Information is presented in a clear and concise wayo Foundation and Higher level questions are given at the end of each topic to test knowledge and understandingo Ready-made topics for project work

Rice, Volume 2: Utilization
Author : Bor S. Luh
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 1991-02-28
ISBN 10 : 9780442004859
Pages : 414 pages

During the 10 years that have passed since the first edition of Rice: Production and Utilization was published in 1980, much new information on processing and utilization of rice cereal has apeared in the liter ature. The 15 chapters of Volume 2 cover rice flours in baking, rice e nrichment, parboiled rice, rice quality and grades, quick-cooking rice, canning, freezing and freeze-drying rice breakfast cereals and baby foods, fermented rice products, rice snack foods, rice vinegar, rice h ulls, rice oil, and rice bran. A chapter on the nutritional quality of rice endosperm is also presented.

Author : Catherine McCord
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release Date : 2012-09-18
ISBN 10 : 0062209116
Pages : 288 pages

Every parent knows how difficult it is to get to get kids eating happily and healthily. Catherine McCord has the answer: Weelicious! Creator of the wildly popular blog, Catherine, who honed her cooking skills at Manhattan’s Institute of Culinary Education, strongly believes in the “one family/one meal” idea—preparing a single, scrumptious meal the entire family can sit down and enjoy together rather than having to act as “short order cook” for kids who each want something different. In Weelicious, she offers dozens of recipes and tips for creating quick, easy, healthy, and fun food that moms, dads, and young children of any age will absolutely adore—from the most persnickety infants to the pickiest grade-schoolers.

Social Work and Child Services
Author : Sharon Duca Palmer
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2016-04-19
ISBN 10 : 1466562420
Pages : 342 pages

Bringing together the results of studies of child services from diverse countries and cultures, this book covers a broad array of topical issues and social work interventions. It examines adolescent emotional health, children of substance abusers, childhood depression and teenage suicide, children’s weight and physical activity, language development in autistic children, and more. Chapters include a survey of the number of children living with substance-abusing parents in the UK, a study which helped identify several ways in which schools address adolescent emotional health issues, and a review of a program that supports parents of young people with suicidal behavior. The book also examines the role child protective services efforts play in delinquency prevention and intervention.

Big Snacks, Little Meals
Author : Rose Dunnington
Publisher : Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
Release Date : 2006
ISBN 10 : 9781579907808
Pages : 112 pages

Presents recipes for a variety of snacks and mini-meals, including such items as backed apples, guacamole, chesse straws, and chicken fingers.

Chronic Disease: New Insights for the Healthcare Professional: 2011 Edition
Author : N.A
Publisher : ScholarlyEditions
Release Date : 2012-01-09
ISBN 10 : 1464902380
Pages : 109 pages

Chronic Disease: New Insights for the Healthcare Professional: 2011 Edition is a ScholarlyEditions™ eBook that delivers timely, authoritative, and comprehensive information about Chronic Disease. The editors have built Chronic Disease: New Insights for the Healthcare Professional: 2011 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about Chronic Disease in this eBook to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Chronic Disease: New Insights for the Healthcare Professional: 2011 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility. More information is available at

Conventional and Advanced Food Processing Technologies
Author : Suvendu Bhattacharya
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2014-09-26
ISBN 10 : 1118406303
Pages : 744 pages

Food processing technologies are an essential link in the food chain. These technologies are many and varied, changing in popularity with changing consumption patterns and product popularity. Newer process technologies are also being evolved to provide the added advantages. Conventional and Advanced Food Processing Technologies fuses the practical (application, machinery), theoretical (model, equation) and cutting-edge (recent trends), making it ideal for industrial, academic and reference use. It consists of two sections, one covering conventional or well-established existing processes and the other covering emerging or novel process technologies that are expected to be employed in the near future for the processing of foods in the commercial sector. All are examined in great detail, considering their current and future applications with added examples and the very latest data. Conventional and Advanced Food Processing Technologies is a comprehensive treatment of the current state of knowledge on food processing technology. In its extensive coverage, and the selection of reputed research scientists who have contributed to each topic, this book will be a definitive text in this field for students, food professionals and researchers.