smart polymers and their applications

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Smart Polymers and their Applications
Author : Maria Rosa Aguilar,Julio San Román
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2014-02-19
ISBN 10 : 0857097024
Pages : 584 pages

Smart polymers are polymers that respond to different stimuli or changes in the environment. Smart Polymers and their Applications reviews the types, synthesis, properties, and applications of smart polymers. Chapters in part one focus on types of polymers, including temperature-, pH-, photo-, and enzyme-responsive polymers. Shape memory polymers, smart polymer hydrogels, and self-healing polymer systems are also explored. Part two highlights applications of smart polymers, including smart instructive polymer substrates for tissue engineering; smart polymer nanocarriers for drug delivery; the use of smart polymers in medical devices for minimally invasive surgery, diagnosis, and other applications; and smart polymers for bioseparation and other biotechnology applications. Further chapters discuss the use of smart polymers for textile and packaging applications, and for optical data storage. Smart Polymers and their Applications is a technical resource for chemists, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, and other professionals in the polymer industry; manufacturers in such sectors as medical, automotive, and aerospace engineering; and academic researchers in polymer science. Reviews the different types of smart polymer, discussing their properties, structure, design, and characterization Reviews applications of smart polymers in such areas as biomedical engineering, textiles, and food packaging

Smart Polymers for Bioseparation and Bioprocessing
Author : Igor Galaev,Bo Mattiasson
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2001-11-15
ISBN 10 : 1439858160
Pages : 304 pages

Smart polymers are macromolecules capable of undergoing rapid, reversible phase transitions from a hydrophilic to a hydrophobic microstructure when triggered by small changes in their immediate environment, such as slight variations in temperature, pH or ionic strength. Until now, it has always been considered that polymers are passive participants within the Bioseparation procedure. Smart Polymers for Bioseparation and Bioprocessing addresses an entirely novel theory that advocates a much more active role for smart polymers within this process than has previously been envisaged, and therefore focuses on the role of these smart polymers within bioseparation. With contributions from the leading researchers working on smart polymers and their applications, this volume offers a comprehensive overview of both the current state-of-affairs within this research field and the potential for future developments. This book will be of interest to those working on techniques of bioseparation and bioprocessing, polymer chemists developing new smart polymers, as well as graduates in biotechnology.

Industrial Applications for Intelligent Polymers and Coatings
Author : Majid Hosseini,Abdel Salam Hamdy Makhlouf
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2016-05-14
ISBN 10 : 3319268937
Pages : 710 pages

This book is a comprehensive collaboration on intelligent polymers and coatings for industrial applications by worldwide researchers and specialists. The authors cover the basis and fundamental aspects of intelligent polymers and coatings, challenges, and potential mechanisms and properties. They include recent and emerging industrial applications in medical, smart textile design, oil and gas, electronic, aerospace, and automobile industries as well as other applications including microsystems, sensors, and actuators, among others. The authors discuss the potential for future research in these areas for improvement and growth of marketable applications of intelligent polymers and coatings.

Smart Polymer Nanocomposites
Author : Showkat Ahmad Bhawani,Anish Khan,Mohammad Jawaid
Publisher : Woodhead Publishing
Release Date : 2020-12-08
ISBN 10 : 0128204354
Pages : 482 pages

Smart Polymer Nanocomposites: Biomedical and Environmental Applications presents the latest information on smart polymers and their promising application in various fields, including their role in delivery systems for drugs, tissue engineering scaffolds, cell culture sports, bioseparation, and sensors or actuator systems. Features detailed information on the preparation, characterization and applications of smart functional polymer composites Covers a broad range of applications in both the biomedical and environmental engineering fields Chapters are written by authors with diverse background expertise from the faculties of chemistry, engineering and the manufacturing industry

Smart Polymer Nanocomposites
Author : Deepalekshmi Ponnamma,Kishor Kumar Sadasivuni,John-John Cabibihan,Mariam Al-Ali Al-Maadeed
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2017-03-06
ISBN 10 : 331950424X
Pages : 397 pages

This book covers smart polymer nanocomposites with perspectives for application in energy harvesting, as self-healing materials, or shape memory materials. The book is application-oriented and describes different types of polymer nanocomposites, such as elastomeric composites, thermoplastic composites, or conductive polymer composites. It outlines their potential for applications, which would meet some of the most important challenges nowadays: for harvesting energy, as materials with the capacity to self-heal, or as materials memorizing a given shape.The book brings together these different applications for the first time in one single platform. Chapters are ordered both by the type of composites and by the target applications. Readers will thus find a good overview, facilitating a comparison of the different smart materials and their applications. The book will appeal to scientists in the fields of chemistry, material science and engineering, but also to technologists and physicists, from graduate student level to researcher and professional.

Smart Polymers
Author : Igor Galaev,Bo Mattiasson
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2007-07-25
ISBN 10 : 9781439832370
Pages : 496 pages

The first book to tackle the application of smart polymers in bioseparation and bioprocessing, Smart Polymers: Applications in Biotechnology and Biomedicine broke new ground in this challenging field. Completely revised, updated, and following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the second edition is poised to take its place as a premier reference in this field. This new edition considers those polymers in which a highly nonlinear response of a smart polymer to small changes in the external medium is of critical importance for the successful functioning of the system. The systems discussed are based on soluble/insoluble transition of smart polymers in aqueous solution, on conformational transitions of the macromolecules physically attached or chemically grafted to a surface and on the shrinking/swelling of covalently cross-linked networks of macromolecules, i.e. smart hydrogels. The book focuses on the theory describing the behavior of smart polymers in solution, as gels, and when grafted to surfaces. It provides solid, quantitative descriptions and reliable guidelines, reflecting the maturation of the field and the demand for the development of new smart polymer systems. The coverage highlights smart gels and especially fast responding and macroporous gels, as these gels pave the way to different applications of smart polymers in the areas ofbioseparation, drug release, and microfluidics. With contributions from leading researchers as well as extensive end-of-chapter references, this volume offers a comprehensive overview of the current state-of-the-art in the field and the potential for future developments.

Smart Inorganic Polymers
Author : Evamarie Hey-Hawkins,Muriel Hissler
Publisher : Wiley-VCH
Release Date : 2019-04-29
ISBN 10 : 3527344845
Pages : 368 pages

Provides complete and undiluted knowledge on making inorganic polymers functional This comprehensive book reflects the state of the art in the field of inorganic polymers, based on research conducted by a number of internationally leading research groups working in this area. It covers the synthesis aspects of synthetic inorganic polymers and looks at multiple inorganic monomers as building blocks, which exhibit unprecedented electronic, redox, photo-emissive, magnetic, self-healing and catalytic properties. It also looks at the applications of inorganic polymers in areas such as optoelectronics, energy storage, industrial chemistry, and biology. Beginning with an overview of the use of smart inorganic polymers in daily life, Smart Inorganic Polymers: Synthesis, Properties and Emerging Applications in Materials and Life Sciences goes on to study the synthesis, properties, and applications of polymers incorporating different heteroelements such as boron, phosphorus, silicon, germanium, and tin. The book also examines inorganic polymers in flame-retardants, as functional materials, and in biology. -An excellent addition to the polymer scientists' and synthetic chemists' toolbox -Summarizes the state of the art on how to make and use functional inorganic polymers?from synthesis to applications -Edited by the coordinator of a highly funded European community research program (COST action) that focuses specifically on the exploration of inorganic polymers -Features contributions from top experts in the field Aimed at academics and industrial researchers in this field, Smart Inorganic Polymers: Synthesis, Properties and Emerging Applications in Materials and Life Sciences will also benefit scientists who want to get a better overview on the state-of-the-art of this rapidly advancing area.

Shape Memory Polymers for Biomedical Applications
Author : L Yahia
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2015-03-19
ISBN 10 : 0857097059
Pages : 326 pages

Shape memory polymers (SMPs) are an emerging class of smart polymers which give scientists the ability to process the material into a permanent state and predefine a second temporary state which can be triggered by different stimuli. The changing chemistries of SMPs allows scientists to tailor important properties such as strength, stiffness, elasticity and expansion rate. Consequently SMPs are being increasingly used and developed for minimally invasive applications where the material can expand and develop post insertion. This book will provide readers with a comprehensive review of shape memory polymer technologies. Part 1 will discuss the fundamentals and mechanical aspects of SMPs. Chapters in part 2 will look at the range of technologies and materials available for scientific manipulation whilst the final set of chapters will review applications. Reviews the fundamentals of shape memory polymers with chapters focussing on the basic principles of the materials Comprehensive coverage of design and mechanical aspects of SMPs Expert analysis of the range of technologies and materials available for scientific manipulation

Adaptive and Functional Polymers, Textiles and Their Applications
Author : Jinlian Hu
Publisher : World Scientific
Release Date : 2011-02-10
ISBN 10 : 1908978198
Pages : 416 pages

Adaptive polymers include those which are responsive to different stimuli — namely physical, mechanical, chemical and biological — with controlled and/or predicable behavior. Many technological breakthroughs and scientific advances have been made in the last few decades and this volume aims to cover the most up-to-date studies and achievements in some adaptive polymers, in terms of principles of adaptiveness, properties, structure design and characterization with an emphasis on their applications, particularly in textiles, skin care, medicine and other related areas. Some versatile functional polymers, such as Chitosan, cylodextrin and dendrimer,and hyper-branched polymers are also introduced in order to provide a source for people in different professions when searching for knowledge and inspiration in the field of adaptive and functional polymers. One of the key features of this book is the fact that it is multi-disciplinary in nature, and so accessible to a wide variety of readers. Contents:Introduction to Adaptive Polymers and TextilesShape Memory PolymersAdaptive Polymeric Gels and ApplicationsAdaptive Polymeric Particles and ApplicationsAdaptive Textiles Using Adaptive PolymersAdaptive Polymeric Composites and ApplicationsAdaptive Polymeric Nanofibre and NanofilmCosmetics Applications of Adaptive and Functional PolymersMedical Applications and Adaptive PolymersSpecial Adaptive and Functional Polymers and Their Applications Readership: Chemists, graduate students and researchers involved in polymers and textiles. Keywords:Adaptive Polymer;Adaptive Textile;Shape Memory Polymer;Adaptive Gels;Adaptive Particle;Cosmetics;Medical Applications;Dendrimer and Hyperbranched Polymers;Nano-Fiber and Nano-Film;Chitosan and Cyclodextrin

Polymer Nanocomposite-Based Smart Materials
Author : Rachid Bouhfid,Abou el Kacem Qaiss,Mohammad Jawaid
Publisher : Woodhead Publishing
Release Date : 2020-05-19
ISBN 10 : 0081030142
Pages : 260 pages

Polymer Nanocomposite-Based Smart Materials: From Synthesis to Application provides a broad, comprehensive review on all major categories of smart materials and their preparation routes. The main application fields and properties for these diverse types of smart polymer-based composite and nanocomposite materials are also discussed. Chapters on modeling methods and simulation look at the physical or chemical change response that is introduced by the effect of changing environmental conditions such as pH, temperature, mechanical force and light. Written by scholars and experts from around the globe, the book covers key aspects, such as synthesis, processing and applications of polymer and nanocomposite-based smart materials. Features a board range of different polymer nanocomposites-based smart materials Contains coverage of synthesis applications as well as experimental, modeling and theoretical results Includes comprehensive coverage on preparation and testing methods

Polymeric Gels
Author : Kunal Pal,Indranil Banerjee
Publisher : Woodhead Publishing
Release Date : 2018-06-15
ISBN 10 : 0081021801
Pages : 568 pages

Polymeric Gels: Characterization, Properties and Biomedical Applications covers the fundamentals and applications of polymeric gels. Particular emphasis is given to their synthesis, properties and characteristics, with topics such as natural, synthetic, and smart polymeric gels, medical applications, and advancements in conductive and magnetic gels presented. The book covers the basics and applications of hydrogels, providing readers with a comprehensive guide on the types of polymeric gels used in the field of biomedical engineering. Provides guidance for decisions on the suitability and appropriateness of a synthetic route and characterization technique for particular polymeric networks Analyzes and compares experimental data Presents in-depth information on the physical properties of polymeric gels using mathematical models Uses an interdisciplinary approach to discuss potential new applications for both established polymeric gels and recent advances

Polymer Gels
Author : Vijay Kumar Thakur,Manju Kumari Thakur,Stefan Ioan Voicu
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2018-02-12
ISBN 10 : 9811060800
Pages : 414 pages

This book summarizes the recent advances in the science and engineering of polymer-gel-based materials in different fields. It also discusses the extensive research developments for the next generation of smart materials. It takes an in-depth look at the current perspectives and market opportunities while pointing to new possibilities and applications. The book addresses important topics such as stimuli responsive polymeric nanoparticles for cancer therapy; polymer gel containing metallic materials; chemotherapeutic applications in oncology; conducting polymer-based gels and their applications in biological sensors; imprinted polymeric gels for pharmaceutical and biomedical purposes; applications of biopolymeric gels in the agricultural sector; application of polymer gels and their nanocomposites in electrochemistry; smart polyelectrolyte gels as a platform for biomedical applications; agro-based polymer gels and their application in purification of industrial water wastes; polymer gel composites for bio-applications. It will be of interest to researchers working in both industry and academia.