reaction engineering of heterogeneous catalytic systems

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Chemical and Catalytic Reaction Engineering
Author : James J. Carberry
Publisher : Courier Corporation
Release Date : 2001-01-01
ISBN 10 : 9780486417363
Pages : 642 pages

Designed to give chemical engineers background for managing chemical reactions, this text examines the behavior of chemical reactions and reactors; conservation equations for reactors; heterogeneous reactions; fluid-fluid and fluid-solid reaction systems; heterogeneous catalysis and catalytic kinetics; diffusion and heterogeneous catalysis; and analyses and design of heterogeneous reactors. 1976 edition.

Reaction Engineering
Author : Shaofen Li,Feng Xin,Lin Li
Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann
Release Date : 2017-07-14
ISBN 10 : 0124104789
Pages : 676 pages

Reaction Engineering clearly and concisely covers the concepts and models of reaction engineering and then applies them to real-world reactor design. The book emphasizes that the foundation of reaction engineering requires the use of kinetics and transport knowledge to explain and analyze reactor behaviors. The authors use readily understandable language to cover the subject, leaving readers with a comprehensive guide on how to understand, analyze, and make decisions related to improving chemical reactions and chemical reactor design. Worked examples, and over 20 exercises at the end of each chapter, provide opportunities for readers to practice solving problems related to the content covered in the book. Seamlessly integrates chemical kinetics, reaction engineering, and reactor analysis to provide the foundation for optimizing reactions and reactor design Compares and contrasts three types of ideal reactors, then applies reaction engineering principles to real reactor design Covers advanced topics, like microreactors, reactive distillation, membrane reactors, and fuel cells, providing the reader with a broader appreciation of the applications of reaction engineering principles and methods

Chemical Reaction Engineering
Author : Martin Schmal
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2014-04-04
ISBN 10 : 0203145631
Pages : 700 pages

Chemical Reaction Engineering: Essentials, Exercises and Examples presents the essentials of kinetics, reactor design and chemical reaction engineering for undergraduate students. Concise and didactic in its approach, it features over 70 resolved examples and many exercises.The work is organized in two parts: in the first part kinetics is presented

Modeling and Simulation of Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions
Author : Olaf Deutschmann
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2013-09-18
ISBN 10 : 3527639888
Pages : 370 pages

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2007 awarded to Gerhard Ertl for his groundbreaking studies in surface chemistry highlighted the importance of heterogeneous catalysis not only for modern chemical industry but also for environmental protection. Heterogeneous catalysis is seen as one of the key technologies which could solve the challenges associated with the increasing diversification of raw materials and energy sources. It is the decisive step in most chemical industry processes, a major method of reducing pollutant emissions from mobile sources and is present in fuel cells to produce electricity. The increasing power of computers over the last decades has led to modeling and numerical simulation becoming valuable tools in heterogeneous catalysis. This book covers many aspects, from the state-of-the-art in modeling and simulations of heterogeneous catalytic reactions on a molecular level to heterogeneous catalytic reactions from an engineering perspective. This first book on the topic conveys expert knowledge from surface science to both chemists and engineers interested in heterogeneous catalysis. The well-known and international authors comprehensively present many aspects of the wide bridge between surface science and catalytic technologies, including DFT calculations, reaction dynamics on surfaces, Monte Carlo simulations, heterogeneous reaction rates, reactions in porous media, electro-catalytic reactions, technical reactors, and perspectives of chemical and automobile industry on modeling heterogeneous catalysis. The result is a one-stop reference for theoretical and physical chemists, catalysis researchers, materials scientists, chemical engineers, and chemists in industry who would like to broaden their horizon and get a substantial overview on the different aspects of modeling and simulation of heterogeneous catalytic reactions.

Catalytic Kinetics
Author : Dmitry Yu Murzin,Tapio Salmi
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2016-06-04
ISBN 10 : 0444634630
Pages : 752 pages

Catalytic Kinetics: Chemistry and Engineering, Second Edition offers a unified view that homogeneous, heterogeneous, and enzymatic catalysis form the cornerstone of practical catalysis. The book has an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach to kinetics and transport phenomena in catalysis, but still recognizes the fundamental differences between different types of catalysis. In addition, the book focuses on a quantitative chemical understanding and links the mathematical approach to kinetics with chemistry. A diverse group of catalysts is covered, including catalysis by acids, organometallic complexes, solid inorganic materials, and enzymes, and this fully updated second edition contains a new chapter on the concepts of cascade catalysis. Finally, expanded content in this edition provides more in-depth discussion, including topics such as organocatalysis, enzymatic kinetics, nonlinear dynamics, solvent effects, nanokinetics, and kinetic isotope effects. Fully revised and expanded, providing the latest developments in catalytic kinetics Bridges the gaps that exist between hetero-, homo- and enzymatic-catalysis Provides necessary tools and new concepts for researchers already working in the field of catalytic kinetics Written by internationally-renowned experts in the field Examples and exercises following each chapter make it suitable as an advanced course book

Reaction Kinetics for Chemical Engineers
Author : Stanley M. Walas
Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann
Release Date : 2013-10-22
ISBN 10 : 1483141101
Pages : 352 pages

Reaction Kinetics for Chemical Engineers focuses on chemical kinetics, including homogeneous reactions, nonisothermal systems, flow reactors, heterogeneous processes, granular beds, catalysis, and scale-up methods. The publication first takes a look at fundamentals and homogeneous isothermal reactions. Topics include simple reactions at constant volume or pressure, material balance in complex reactions, homogeneous catalysis, effect of temperature, energy of activation, law of mass action, and classification of reactions. The book also elaborates on adiabatic and programmed reactions, continuous stirred reactors, and homogeneous flow reactions. Topics include nonisothermal flow reactions, semiflow processes, tubular-flow reactors, material balance in flow problems, types of flow processes, rate of heat input, constant heat-transfer coefficient, and nonisothermal conditions. The text ponders on uncatalyzed heterogeneous reactions, fluid-phase reactions catalyzed by solids, and fixed and fluidized beds of particles. The transfer processes in granular masses, fluidization, heat and mass transfer, adsorption rates and equilibria, diffusion and combined mechanisms, diffusive mass transfer, and mass-transfer coefficients in chemical reactions are discussed. The publication is a dependable source of data for chemical engineers and readers wanting to explore chemical kinetics.

Mass Transfer
Author : Hironori Nakajima
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2013-07-24
ISBN 10 : 9535111701
Pages : 524 pages

Our knowledge of mass transfer processes has been extended and applied to various fields of science and engineering including industrial processes in recent years. Since mass transfer is primordial phenomenon, it plays a key role in the scientific researches and fields of mechanical, energy, environmental, materials, bio, and chemical engineering. In this book, energetic authors especially provide advances in scientific findings and technologies, and develop new theoretical models concerning mass transfer for sustainable energy and environment. This book brings valuable references for research engineers working in the variety of mass transfer sciences and related fields. Since the constitutive topics cover the advances in broad research areas, the topics will be mutually stimulus and informative not only to research engineers, but also to university professors and students.

Fundamentals of Chemical Reaction Engineering
Author : Mark E. Davis,Robert J. Davis
Publisher : Courier Corporation
Release Date : 2013-05-27
ISBN 10 : 0486291316
Pages : 384 pages

Appropriate for a one-semester undergraduate or first-year graduate course, this text introduces the quantitative treatment of chemical reaction engineering. It covers both homogeneous and heterogeneous reacting systems and examines chemical reaction engineering as well as chemical reactor engineering. Each chapter contains numerous worked-out problems and real-world vignettes involving commercial applications, a feature widely praised by reviewers and teachers. 2003 edition.

Industrial Catalytic Processes for Fine and Specialty Chemicals
Author : Sunil S Joshi,Vivek V. Ranade
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2016-04-12
ISBN 10 : 0128016701
Pages : 782 pages

Industrial Catalytic Processes for Fine and Specialty Chemicals provides a comprehensive methodology and state-of-the art toolbox for industrial catalysis. The book begins by introducing the reader to the interesting, challenging, and important field of catalysis and catalytic processes. The fundamentals of catalysis and catalytic processes are fully covered before delving into the important industrial applications of catalysis and catalytic processes, with an emphasis on green and sustainable technologies. Several case studies illustrate new and sustainable ways of designing catalysts and catalytic processes. The intended audience of the book includes researchers in academia and industry, as well as chemical engineers, process development chemists, and technologists working in chemical industries and industrial research laboratories. Discusses the fundamentals of catalytic processes, catalyst preparation and characterization, and reaction engineering Outlines the homogeneous catalytic processes as they apply to specialty chemicals Introduces industrial catalysis and catalytic processes for fine chemicals Includes a number of case studies to demonstrate the various processes and methods for designing green catalysts

Author : Ulf Hanefeld,Leon Lefferts
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2018-02-20
ISBN 10 : 3527341595
Pages : 384 pages

Written by an excellent, highly experienced and motivated team of lecturers, this textbook is based on one of the most successful courses in catalysis and as such is tried-and-tested by generations of graduate and PhD students, i.e. the Catalysis-An-Integrated-Approach (CAIA) course organized by NIOK, the Dutch Catalysis research school. It covers all essential aspects of this important topic, including homogeneous, heterogeneous and biocatalysis, but also kinetics, catalyst characterization and preparation, reactor design and engineering. The perfect source of information for graduate and PhD students in chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as for scientists wanting to refresh their knowledge

Direct Natural Gas Conversion to Value-Added Chemicals
Author : Jianli Hu,Dushyant Shekhawat
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2020-09-24
ISBN 10 : 0429665962
Pages : 454 pages

Direct Natural Gas Conversion to Value-Added Chemicals comprehensively discusses all major aspects of natural gas conversion and introduces a broad spectrum of recent technological developments. Specifically, the book describes heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, microwave-assisted conversion, non-thermal plasma conversion, electrochemical conversion, and novel chemical looping conversion approaches. Provides an excellent benchmark resource for the industry and academics Appeals to experienced researchers as well as newcomers to the field, despite the variety of contributing authors and the complexity of the material covered Includes all aspects of direct natural gas conversion: fundamental chemistry, different routes of conversion, catalysts, catalyst deactivation, reaction engineering, novel conversion concepts, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer issues, system design, and recent research and development Discusses new developments in natural gas conversion and future challenges and opportunities This book is as an excellent resource for advanced students, technology developers, and researchers in chemical engineering, industrial chemistry, and others interested in the conversion of natural gas.

Kinetics of Catalytic Reactions
Author : M. Albert Vannice
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2006-04-09
ISBN 10 : 0387259724
Pages : 240 pages

Describes how to conduct kinetic experiments with heterogeneous catalysts, analyze and model the results, and characterize the catalysts Detailed analysis of mass transfer in liquid phase reactions involving porous catalysts. Important to the fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industries so it has appeal to many researchers in both industry and academia (chemical engineering and chemistry departments