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Ramsar Wetlands
Author : Peter Gell,Nick Davidson,Max Finlayson
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2021-05-01
ISBN 10 : 0128178043
Pages : 360 pages

Ramsar Wetlands: Values, Assessment, Management addresses the approaches, successes and limitations of the Ramsar Convention in a changing world, how recent approaches to wetland monitoring and management can contribute to improving wetland state, what the future holds for wetlands and their wise use, and what the Ramsar Convention needs to do to achieve future successes. The book presents a unique outlook on a range of issues, addressing considerable advances in our understanding of wetlands, their great environmental, social, cultural and economic importance, their role in maintaining the global watercycle, and in mitigating and adapting to changing climates. No other book has yet taken this broad look at the past, present and future of wetlands and the Ramsar Convention. From aquatic ecologists, environmental scientists and engineers, to water resource managers, conservation agencies, and land management planners, this comprehensive guide is a beneficial tool in understanding wetlands. Answers questions on the responsibilities and roles of signatory nations to the Ramsar Convention, including how it may deal with ongoing and emerging causes of wetland change Addresses ongoing challenges of reporting and managing wetland change Provides a multidisciplinary approach and details the wise use principle that underpins the convention

The Becher Wetlands - A Ramsar Site
Author : Christine Semeniuk
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2007-01-03
ISBN 10 : 1402046723
Pages : 681 pages

This is a landmark study of the Holocene evolution and functioning of a suite of seasonal wetland basins in the temperate coastal zone of Western Australia, which were added to the the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance because of their setting, their method of formation and deepening, their history of infilling, their complex hydrological mechanisms, and their dynamic hydrochemical and vegetation responses.

Author : William J. Mitsch,James G. Gosselink
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2011-08-24
ISBN 10 : 1118174488
Pages : 600 pages

Canadian Wetlands
Author : Rod Giblett,Rodney James Giblett
Publisher : Intellect Ltd
Release Date : 2014
ISBN 10 : 1783201762
Pages : 235 pages

The book aims to promote the conservation of Canadian wetlands by showcasing their values as places of new life and as sites historically of sustainable agriculture, and by critiquing the negative press that has accrued to them in the past as places of disease and horror, of the melancholy and the monstrous. It does so in part by reading the Canadian canon against the grain, critiques its representation of wetlands and proposes alternatives by highlighting the work of recent and contemporary Canadian writers, such as Douglas Lochhead and Harry Thurston, who wrote appreciatively about wetlands and by entering into dialogue with American writers about wetlands. This book will promote dialogue between wetlands conservationists, researchers and universities both within Canada, particularly between English and French Canadians, and with the UK, US and Australia. It will be a major contribution to Canadian studies and to environmental cultural studies in Canada, the US, UK and Australia. It will enhance the understanding of wetlands internationally. Despite distance and vastly different geographies, Canada and Australia as colonies of the British Empire share many similarities, not least in regard to colonial European perceptions of wetlands as places of disease and horror, melancholy and the monstrous, as well as indigenous peoples life with wetlands. Both countries also eventually perpetrated similar destructive impacts on wetlands via capitalism, industrialisation, urbanisation and modernisation. This book discusses all of these aspects. This book will create an international dialogue between researchers about the history and contemporary cultural values of wetlands in their respective countries and about their differences and similarities. It will enhance mutual respect between researchers for the contribution that different disciplinary approaches can and do make to the study and conservation of wetlands internationally. Canadians have largely been fixated on mountains, lakes and prairies as the national landscapes. Canadian wetlands have largely been neglected, yet Canada possesses 26% of the world s wetlands, many of which have international conservation status as Ramsar Convention Wetlands of International Importance. "

The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
Author : Geoffrey Vernon Townsend Matthews
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1993
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 122 pages

Wetland Indicators
Author : Ralph W. Tiner
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2016-12-19
ISBN 10 : 1439853703
Pages : 606 pages

Understand the current concept of wetland and methods for identifying, describing, classifying, and delineating wetlands in the United States with Wetland Indicators - capturing the current state of science's role in wetland recognition and mapping. Environmental scientists and others involved with wetland regulations can strengthen their knowledge about wetlands, and the use of various indicators, to support their decisions on difficult wetland determinations. Professor Tiner primarily focuses on plants, soils, and other signs of wetland hydrology in the soil, or on the surface of wetlands in his discussion of Wetland Indicators. Practicing - and aspiring - wetland delineators alike will appreciate Wetland Indicators' critical insight into the development and significance of hydrophytic vegetation, hydric soils, and other factors. Features Color images throughout illustrate wetland indicators. Incorporates analysis and coverage of the latest Army Corps of Engineers delineation manual. Provides over 60 tables, including extensive tables of U.S. wetland plant communities and examples for determining hydrophytic vegetation.

Wetlands Overview
Author : Lloyd L. Adams
Publisher : DIANE Publishing
Release Date : 1998-06
ISBN 10 : 9780788179778
Pages : 93 pages

The issue of wetlands protection & the various federal programs that have evolved piecemeal over the years to protect & manage this resource have been subjects of continued debate. Wetlands, once considered worthless, are now recognized for the variety of important functions that they perform, such as providing wildlife habitat, maintaining water quality, & aiding in flood control. This report: develops an inventory of the federal agencies involved in wetlands-related activities & the funding & staffing associated with their activities during FY1990-1997; & determines if the data on wetlands acreage are consistent & reliable.

Wetlands, Biodiversity and the Ramsar Convention
Author : A. J. Hails
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1996
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 196 pages

An Overview of the World's Ramsar Sites
Author : Scott Frazier,Wetlands International
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1996
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 58 pages

A concise, well-illustrated publication aimed at professional people with an actual or potential interest in the Ramsar Convention.

Environmental Governance and Sustainability
Author : Paul Martin,Zhiping Li,Tianbao Qin
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
Release Date : 2012-01-01
ISBN 10 : 1781000484
Pages : 360 pages

A unique publication that examines emerging and cutting-edge environmental issues from no less than seven countries including Africa and China. These issues are examined mainly from a trans-disciplinary environmental governance perspective that includes law, ecology, economics, policy and management. The contributors to the book include some exceptional young scholars. They, together with other contributors who are distinguished environmental legal experts, have advanced the scholarship of environmental governance. Koh Kheng-Lian, National University of Singapore This timely volume provides fascinating insights into emerging developments in the field of legal governance of the environment at a time when environmental governance is increasingly concerned with far more than legal doctrine. The expert contributors are concerned with the totality of arrangements through which power and resources are deployed to protect and restore natural resources, and how the costs and benefits of this are allocated. They explore key issues such as: how the community exercises its democratic rights; how government responds to the needs of current and future generations and balances the interests of the powerful with the powerless; the freedoms and responsibilities of commerce and the holders of property; and the ways in which laws and policies are informed by science and other perspectives. The various ways in which legal scholarship is pivotal to good governance are thus highlighted, as is the extent of innovation being generated by current ecological, economic and social challenges. Clearly demonstrating the increasing breadth and depth of environmental law scholarship, this thought-provoking book will prove an invaluable reference tool for academics, students and researchers focusing on environmental law and development.

Mapping Specifications for Australian Ramsar Wetlands
Author : South Australian Government - Department for Environment and Natural Resources
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2008-04
ISBN 10 : 9780642554109
Pages : 10 pages

Directory of Wetlands of International Importance in the Western Palearctic
Author : Erik Carp
Publisher : IUCN
Release Date : 1980
ISBN 10 : 9782880323004
Pages : 506 pages

The Ramsar Convention on the Conservation of Wetlands
Author : Veit Koester
Publisher : International Union for Conservation of
Release Date : 1989
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 105 pages

An Integrated Wetland Assessment Toolkit
Author : Oliver Springate-Baginski,David James Allen,William Darwell
Publisher : IUCN
Release Date : 2009
ISBN 10 : 2831711193
Pages : 144 pages

Biota of South African Wetlands in Relation to the Ramsar Convention
Author : N.A
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1999
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 100 pages

Basin Futures
Author : Daniel Connell,R. Quentin Grafton
Publisher : ANU E Press
Release Date : 2011-05-01
ISBN 10 : 1921862254
Pages : 477 pages

This unique book brings together 27 chapters from some of the world's leading practitioners and experts on environmental water, communities, law, economics and governance. Its goal is to understand the many dimensions of water in the Murray-Darling Basin and provide guidance about how to implement a water management plan that addresses the needs of communities, the economy and the environment. The comprehensiveness of topics covered, the expertise of its authors, and the absolute need to take a multidisciplinary approach to resolving the "wicked problem" of governing our scarce water resource makes this volume a must read for all who care about Australian communities and the environment.

Working wetlands: classifying wetland potential for agriculture
Author : McCartney, M. P., Masiyandima, M., Houghton-Carr, H. A.
Publisher : IWMI
Release Date : 2005
ISBN 10 : 9290905980
Pages : 35 pages

This paper reports on a form of multi-criteria analysis that provides a formal approach for evaluating the suitability of a wetland for specific agricultural uses, and ensures that explicit consideration is given to the possible consequences of such utilization. The method is based on a hybrid of ideas taken from concepts and methodologies related to: environmental flow assessments, land suitability classification and the hazard evaluation procedures used in the design of dams. The approach, which elaborates the idea of working wetlands, is generic, though the examples presented are for case studies from southern Africa.

National Wetlands Newsletter
Author : N.A
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2007
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 329 pages

Wildfowl & Wetlands
Author : N.A
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2002
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 329 pages

Author : AB Bishop
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Release Date : 2018-10-24
ISBN 10 : 1760870048
Pages : 336 pages

In a world where suburban nature is declining and diversity is shrinking, Habitat is a practical guide for those of us who want to encourage insects, reptiles, frogs, birds and animals into our garden. Not only for our own enjoyment, but as a direct contribution to the health and sustainability of our local environment and wildlife. AB Bishop shows how to design, plant and maintain fauna-friendly landscapes, stressing the importance of understanding how all aspects of the backyard ecosystem are interlinked in order to create a truly authentic and effective habitat. This information-packed resource includes a detailed plant directory; information on what plants (native and exotic) suit what creatures and why; and advice on how to factor in the shelter, nesting, food and water requirements of different types of wildlife. A practical projects chapter features step-by-step instructions for soil testing; making compost tea; building and planting a frog pond; and constructing nesting boxes and insect hotels.