phytochemicals as lead compounds for new drug discovery

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Phytochemicals as Lead Compounds for New Drug Discovery
Author : Chukwuebuka Egbuna,Shashank Kumar,Jonathan C. Ifemeje,Shahira M. Ezzat,Saravanan Kaliyaperumal
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2019-09-07
ISBN 10 : 0128178914
Pages : 378 pages

Phytochemicals as Lead Compounds for New Drug Discovery presents complete coverage of the recent advances in the discovery of phytochemicals from medicinal plants as models to the development of new drugs and chemical entities. Functional bioactive compounds of plant origin have been an invaluable source for many human therapeutic drugs and have played a major role in the treatment of diseases around the world. These compounds possess enormous structural and chemical diversity and have led to many important discoveries. This book presents fundament concepts and factors affecting the choice for plant-based products, as well as recent advances in computer-aided drug discovery and FDA drug candidacy acceptance criteria. It also details the various bioactive lead compounds and molecular targets for a range of life-threatening diseases including cancer, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases. Written by a global team of experts, Phytochemicals as Lead Compounds for New Drug Discovery is an ideal resource for drug developers, phytochemists, plant biochemists, food and medicinal chemists, nutritionists and toxicologists, chemical ecologists, taxonomists, analytical chemists, and other researchers in those fields. It will also be very valuable to professors, students, and researchers in this domain. Presents fundamental concepts and factors affecting choice for plant-based products Details the FDA drug candidacy acceptance criteria, including bottlenecks and way forward Highlights recent advances in computational-based drug discovery Focuses on the discovery of new drugs and potential druggable targets for the treatment of chronic diseases of world importance

Natural Products and Drug Discovery
Author : Subhash C. Mandal,Vivekananda Mandal,Tetsuya Konishi
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2018-02-16
ISBN 10 : 0081021046
Pages : 776 pages

Natural Products and Drug Discovery: An Integrated Approach provides an applied overview of the field, from traditional medicinal targets, to cutting-edge molecular techniques. Natural products have always been of key importance to drug discovery, but as modern techniques and technologies have allowed researchers to identify, isolate, extract and synthesize their active compounds in new ways, they are once again coming to the forefront of drug discovery. Combining the potential of traditional medicine with the refinement of modern chemical technology, the use of natural products as the basis for drugs can help in the development of more environmentally sound, economical, and effective drug discovery processes. Natural Products & Drug Discovery: An Integrated Approach reflects on the current changes in this field, giving context to the current shift and using supportive case studies to highlight the challenges and successes faced by researchers in integrating traditional medicinal sources with modern chemical technologies. It therefore acts as a useful reference to medicinal chemists, phytochemists, biochemists, pharma R&D professionals, and drug discovery students and researchers. Reviews the changing role of natural products in drug discovery, integrating traditional knowledge with modern molecular technologies Highlights the potential future role of natural products in preventative medicine Supported by real world case studies throughout

Plant Bioactives and Drug Discovery
Author : Valdir Cechinel-Filho
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2012-04-11
ISBN 10 : 1118259920
Pages : 586 pages

An in-depth exploration of the applications of plant bioactive metabolites in drug research and development Highlighting the complexity and applications of plant bioactive metabolites in organic and medicinal chemistry, Plant Bioactives and Drug Discovery: Principles, Practice, and Perspectives provides an in-depth overview of the ways in which plants can inform drug research and development. An edited volume featuring multidisciplinary international contributions from acclaimed scientists researching bioactive natural products, the book provides an incisive overview of one of the most important topics in pharmaceutical studies today. With coverage of strategic methods of natural compound isolation, structural manipulation, natural products in clinical trials, quality control, and more, and featuring case studies on medicinal plants, the book serves as a definitive guide to the field of plant biodiversity as it relates to medicine. In addition, chapters on using natural products as drugs that target specific disease areas, including neurological disorders, inflammation, infectious diseases, and cancer, illustrate the myriad possibilities for therapeutic applications. Wide ranging and comprehensive, Plant Bioactives and Drug Discovery also includes important information on marketing, regulations, intellectual property rights, and academic-industry collaboration as they relate to plant-based drug research, making it an essential resource for advanced students and academic and industry professionals working in biochemical, pharmaceutical, and related fields.

Bioactive Phytochemicals: Drug Discovery to Product Development
Author : Javed Ahmad,Javed Ahamad
Publisher : Bentham Science Publishers
Release Date : 2020-10-28
ISBN 10 : 9811464464
Pages : 238 pages

Natural bioactive compounds from medicinal plants are inexplicably diverse in chemical structure and biological properties. The unmet therapeutic requirements for various diseases serve as a guide for researchers to study natural compounds. These studies are intended to isolate, identify the structural characterization and eventually discover the pharmacological activity of natural compounds from their plant sources with the goal of treating specific diseases. Bioactive Phytochemicals: Drug Discovery to Product Development explores the scope and approaches of drug discovery from natural products. Chapters in the book cover information about the cultivation, collection and processing of medicinal plants, the methods and high throughput techniques for isolation and characterization of bioactive phytochemicals and pharmacological screening for activity, formulation and quality control. Information about the regulations specified for natural medicinal products in different region of the world is also presented, followed by a concluding chapter devoted to the role of natural herbal products for treatment of human diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, inflammation and neurological disorders. Each chapter concludes with a general reference section, which is a bibliographic guide to more advanced texts. The contributing authors for this volume are drawn from a rich blend of experts in various areas of herbal medicine which encompass herbal drug discovery to product development. The concise and organized layout along with a broad coverage of phytochemistry and drug discovery makes this book a suitable reference for students of medicinal chemistry, researchers and industry professionals interested in herbal product development.

Nanobiotechnology in Bioformulations
Author : Ram Prasad,Vivek Kumar,Manoj Kumar,Devendra Choudhary
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2019-07-04
ISBN 10 : 3030170616
Pages : 491 pages

With the recent shift of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to organic agriculture, the employment of microbes that perform significant beneficial functions for plants has been highlighted. This book presents timely discussion and coverage on the use of microbial formulations, which range from powdered or charcoal-based to solution and secondary metabolite-based bioformulations. Bioformulation development of biofertilizers and biopesticides coupled with the advantages of nanobiotechnology propose significant applications in the agricultural section including nanobiosensors, nanoherbicides, and smart transport systems for the regulated release of agrochemical. Moreover, the formulation of secondary metabolites against individual phytopathogens could be used irrespective of geographical positions with higher disease incidences. The prospective advantages and uses of nanobiotechnology generate tremendous interest, as it could augment production of agricultural produce while being cost-effective both energetically and economically. This bioformulation approach is incomparable to existing technology, as the bioformulation would explicitly target the particular pathogen without harming the natural microbiome of the ecosystem. Nanobiotechnology in Bioformulations covers the constraints associated with large-scale development and commercialization of bioinoculant formations. Furthermore, exclusive emphasis is be placed on next-generation efficient bioinoculants having secondary metabolite formulations with longer shelf life and advanced competence against several phytopathogens. Valuable chapters deal with bioformulation strategies that use divergent groups of the microbiome and include detailed diagrammatic and pictorial representation. This book will be highly beneficial for both experts and novices in the fields of microbial bioformulation, nanotechnology, and nano-microbiotechnology. It discusses the prevailing status and applications available for microbial researchers and scientists, agronomists, students, environmentalists, agriculturists, and agribusiness professionals, as well as to anyone devoted to sustaining the ecosystem.

Author : Venketeshwer Rao,Leticia Rao
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2015-09-30
ISBN 10 : 9535121707
Pages : 350 pages

Global dietary recommendations emphasize the consumption of plant-based foods for the prevention and management of chronic diseases. Plants contain many biologically active compounds referred to as phytochemicals or functional ingredients. These compounds play an important role in human health. Prior to establishing the safety and health benefits of these compounds, they must first be isolated, purified, and their physico-chemical properties established. Once identified, their mechanisms of actions are studied. The chapters are arranged in the order from isolation, purification and identification to in vivo and clinical studies, there by covering not only the analytical procedures used but also their nutraceutical and therapeutic properties.

Poisonous Plants and Phytochemicals in Drug Discovery
Author : Andrew G. Mtewa,Chukwuebuka Egbuna,G. M. Narasimha Rao
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2020-12-04
ISBN 10 : 1119650275
Pages : 432 pages

Focusing on phytochemicals and their potential for drug discovery, this book offers a comprehensive resource on poisonous plants and their applications in chemistry and in pharmacology. Provides a comprehensive resource on phytotoxins, covering historical perspectives, modern applications, and their potential in drug discovery - Covers the mechanisms, benefits, risks and management protocols of phytotoxins in a scientific laboratory and the usefulness in drug discovery - Written and edited by leading researchers in phytochemistry, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, toxicology, and more - Presents chapters in a carefully designed, clear order, making it an ideal resource for the academic researcher or the industry professional at any stage in their career Provides a comprehensive resource on phytotoxins, covering historical perspectives, modern applications, and their potential in drug discovery Covers the mechanisms, benefits, risks and management protocols of phytotoxins in a scientific laboratory and the usefulness in drug discovery Presents chapters in a carefully designed, clear order, making it an ideal resource for the academic researcher or the industry professional at any stage in their career

Author : Chukwuebuka Egbuna,Jonathan Chinenye Ifemeje,Stanley Chidi Udedi,Shashank Kumar
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2019-02
ISBN 10 : 9781771887601
Pages : 329 pages

Drug Development for Cancer and Diabetes
Author : K. Saravanan,Chukwuebuka Egbuna,Horne Iona Averal,S. Kannan,S. Elavarasi,Bir Bahadur
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2020-08-30
ISBN 10 : 1000639983
Pages : 362 pages

Key features include: Details the role of plants for the treatment and management of cancer and diabetes Discusses the role of phytocompounds as ligands for cancer and diabetic targets Reviews plants and the potential of phytochemicals as antidiabetic and anticancer drugs Explores the green biosynthesis of nanoparticles and their treatment efficiency

Bioactive Compounds from Natural Sources, Second Edition
Author : Corrado Tringali
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2011-09-27
ISBN 10 : 1439822298
Pages : 648 pages

The first edition of Bioactive Compounds from Natural Sources was published in a period of renewed attention to biologically active compounds of natural origin. This trend has continued and intensified—natural products are again under the spotlight, in particular for their possible pharmacological applications. Largely focusing on natural products as lead compounds in drug discovery, Bioactive Compounds from Natural Sources, Second Edition: Natural Products as Lead Compounds in Drug Discovery is actually a completely new volume containing surveys of selected recent advances in an interdisciplinary area covering chemistry of natural products, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, and other related topics. Written by some of the most reputed scientists in the field, this second edition includes new chapters from authors who contributed to the first edition as well as many chapters compiled by new authors. Introducing the reader to strategies and methods in the search for bioactive natural products, this book covers topics including: Natural sources of bioactive compounds such as aquatic cyanobacteria, filamentous fungi, and tropical plants, The tremendous potentiality of metabolic engineering of natural products biosynthesis The contribution of emerging or developing technologies to the study of bioactive natural compounds, namely computational methods and circular dichroism The potential of natural or natural-derived compounds for specific therapeutic applications: treatment of viral diseases, regulation of hypoxia-inducible factor, antimalarials, modulation of angiogenesis, and antitumor and wound-healing activity Selected examples of natural product families and related synthetic analogues, namely polyphenols and campthotecins Compiled for researchers and Ph.D. students working in interdisciplinary fields, this book will also be appreciated by readers without a background in chemistry interested in bioactive natural products, their biological and pharmacological properties, and their possible use as chemopreventive or chemotherapeutic agents. Conversely, the biological and pharmacological data and methods are accessible by chemists.

Himalayan Phytochemicals
Author : Sumira Jan,Nazia Abbas
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2018-04-10
ISBN 10 : 0081022360
Pages : 316 pages

Himalayan Phytochemicals: Sustainable Options for Sourcing and Developing Bioactive Compounds provides a detailed review of the important medicinal plants which have already been discovered in the Himalayan region, outlining their discovery, activity and underlying chemistry. In addition, it supports a global shift towards sustainable sourcing of natural products from delicate ecosystems. Across the world, environmental destruction and overharvesting of medicinal plants are reducing and destroying multiple important sources and potential leads before researchers have the chance to discover, explore or synthesize them effectively. By identifying this problem and discussing its impact on the Himalayan region, Himalayan Phytochemicals: Sustainable Options for Sourcing and Developing Bioactive Compounds frames the ongoing global struggle and highlights the key factors that must be considered and addressed when working with phytochemicals from endemic plant sources. Reviews both well-known and recently discovered plants of this region Highlights methods for phytochemical extraction and analysis Provides context to support a shift towards sustainable sourcing of natural products

Natural Products Isolation
Author : Satyajit D. Sarker,Zahid Latif,Alexander I. Gray
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2006
ISBN 10 : 1592599559
Pages : 515 pages

Natural Products Isolation: Second Edition presents a practical overview of just how natural products can be extracted, prepared, and isolated from the source material. Maintaining the main theme and philosophy of the first edition, this second edition incorporates all the new significant developments in this field of research. The chapters are divided into four distinct sections: introduction, extraction, chromatography, and special topics. This second edition provides substantial backround information for natural product researchers and will prove a useful reference guide to all of the available techniques.

Drug Discovery and Development
Author : Omboon Vallisuta,Suleiman Olimat
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2015-06-03
ISBN 10 : 9535121286
Pages : 330 pages

It is very important for scientists all over the globe to enhance drug discovery research for better human health. This book demonstrates that various expertise are essential for drug discovery including synthetic or natural drugs, clinical pharmacology, receptor identification, drug metabolism, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic research. The following 5 sections cover diverse chapter topics in drug discovery: Natural Products as Sources of Leading Molecules in Drug Discovery; Oncology and Drug Discovery; Receptors Involvement in Drug Discovery; Management and Development of Drugs against Infectious Diseases; Advanced Methodology.

Author : Toshiki Asao,Md Asaduzzaman
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2018-11-07
ISBN 10 : 1789843774
Pages : 218 pages

Phytochemicals provides original research work and reviews on the sources of phytochemicals, and their roles in disease prevention, supplementation, and accumulation in fruits and vegetables. The roles of anthocyanin, flavonoids, carotenoids, and taxol are presented in separate chapters. Antioxidative and free radicle scavenging activity of phytochemicals is also discussed. The medicinal properties of Opuntia, soybean, sea buckthorn, and gooseberry are presented in a number of chapters. Supplementation of plant extract with phytochemical properties in broiler meals is discussed in one chapter. The final two chapters include the impact of agricultural practices and novel processing technologies on the accumulation of phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables. This book mainly focuses on medicinal plants and the disease-preventing properties of phytochemicals, which will be a useful resource to the reader.

Anticancer Drug Development
Author : Bruce C. Baguley,David J. Kerr
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2001-11-17
ISBN 10 : 9780080490441
Pages : 397 pages

Here in a single source is a complete spectrum of ideas on the development of new anticancer drugs. Containing concise reviews of multidisciplinary fields of research, this book offers a wealth of ideas on current and future molecular targets for drug design, including signal transduction, the cell division cycle, and programmed cell death. Detailed descriptions of sources for new drugs and methods for testing and clinical trial design are also provided. One work that can be consulted for all aspects of anticancer drug development Concise reviews of research fields, combined with practical scientific detail, written by internationally respected experts A wealth of ideas on current and future molecular targets for drug design, including signal transduction, the cell division cycle, and programmed cell death Detailed descriptions of the sources of new anticancer drugs, including combinatorial chemistry, phage display, and natural products Discussion of how new drugs can be tested in preclinical systems, including the latest technology of robotic assay systems, cell culture, and experimental animal techniques Hundreds of references that allow the reader to access relevant scientific and medical literature Clear illustrations, some in color, that provide both understanding of the field and material for teaching

Advances in Drug Discovery Techniques
Author : Alan L. Harvey
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 1998-08-15
ISBN 10 : 9780471975090
Pages : 222 pages

A guide to techniques for the discovery and evaluation of pharamcologically active compounds for therapeutic development, this book covers rational drug design, high-throughput screening, and genetic approaches to drug discovery. The authors focus on advances in the use of combinatorial chemistry and natural products, both of which support the chemical diversity for many drug screening programmes. They examine typical screening studies and their link to robotics and informatics in detail and present an overview of current progress within anitsense therapeutics. The book explores the rapid changes in drug discovery resulting from developments in molecular biology, robotics, and informatics.

Bioassay Methods in Natural Product Research and Drug Development
Author : Lars Bohlin,Jan G. Bruhn
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2012-12-06
ISBN 10 : 9401148104
Pages : 203 pages

Bioassay Methods in Natural Product Research and Drug Development contains the proceedings from the Phytochemical Society of Europe's very successful symposium on this topic, held August 24-27, 1997 in Uppsala, Sweden. In this volume, leading academic and industrial scientists discuss novel methods for assaying natural products to find new structure-activity relationships. Of key importance in this process is the availability and reliability of specific bioassay methods, but chapters also discuss chemical and biological diversity and how to dereplicate natural product extracts to increase efficiency in lead discovery. Anti-tumor, HIV-inhibitory, antiprotozoal, anti-infective and immunomodulatory natural products are discussed. Various industrial projects are presented for the first time. This volume bridges the gap between academic and industrial research and scientists, and should be required reading in drug companies and faculties of pharmacy, as well as serving scientists in pharmacognosy, pharmacology, phytochemistry, natural products and drug discovery.

Current Topics in Malaria
Author : Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2016-11-30
ISBN 10 : 9535127896
Pages : 506 pages

Phytochemical Resources for Medicine and Agriculture
Author : H.N. Nigg,D. Seigler
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2013-06-29
ISBN 10 : 1489925848
Pages : 445 pages

This book was tbe result of a symposium beld at tbe American Cbernical Society meeting in Miami Beacb, Florida, September 10-15, 1989. The symposium was jointly sponsored by Tbe Society for Economfc Botany and tbe American Cbernical Society Food and Natural Product sub division. Tbere were five speakers. During tbe social sessions (mostly over drinks in abotel room), it became obvious tbat, regardless of tbe discipline, we were all speaking tbe same language. Yet, prior to tbe symposium, only a few of tbe participants knew one anotber. We decided to expand tbe symposium into a book. The book would, we boped, accomplish for otbers wbat we bad discovered in ourselves. That is, the field of Natural Products is broad, but similar in techniques and approach, ancient but modern, and bas been and continues to be extremely valuable to humankind. We wanted the book to serve as an introductory text for courses and as a reference work for the future. We also determined to include the structure of every chemical in the chapter where it was mentioned so the reader would not have to find the structure somewhere else or to try and deduce the structure from the chemical name. Little did we know what an undertaking these goals would be or the time this would take.

Neglected Tropical Diseases
Author : David C. Swinney,Michael P. Pollastri
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2019-07-25
ISBN 10 : 3527808647
Pages : 392 pages

A drug discovery reference to the crippling tropical diseases that affect more than 1 billion people. Neglected Tropical Diseases is the first book of its kind to offer a guide that follows the World Health Organization?s list of neglected tropical diseases. The authors?all are experts on the topic?address the development of effective treatments for 12 crippling infectious diseases that affect almost 20% of the world?s popluation. The book includes information on the common approaches and the most important factors that lead to the development of new drugs for treating tropical diseases. Individual chapters review 12 neglected tropical diseases that are grouped by infectious agent, from viruses to bacteria to eukaryotic parasites. For each of these diseases, the book explains the unmet medical need and explores the current and potential drug discovery strategies. The book also includes information on potential drug compounds derived from natural products. This important book: -Ties together information from different sources for developing novel treatsments forneglected tropical diseases -Is aligned with WHO?s initiative to eradicate tropical diseases -Outlines current and potential drugs for treating tropical diseases -Provides a standard reference for the entire field Written for medicinal chemists, pharmaceutical chemists, pharmaceutical industry, virologists, parasitologists, and specialists on tropics medicine, Neglected Tropical Diseases offers an essential guide and a systematic reference for the development of successful treatments for 12 crippling infectious diseases.