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Part Time Cowboy
Author : Maisey Yates
Publisher : HQN Books
Release Date : 2015-03-31
ISBN 10 : 146038055X
Pages : 384 pages

A onetime bad girl comes home to small-town Oregon in the first in a sexy, heartfelt new series from USA TODAY bestselling author Maisey Yates Sadie Miller isn’t expecting any welcome-home parades on her return to Copper Ridge. Least of all from part-time rancher, full-time lawman Eli Garrett. The straitlaced, impossibly hot deputy sheriff glares at her as if she’s the same teenage hoodlum who fled town ten years ago. But running from her demons has brought Sadie full circle, ready to make a commitment at last. Not to a man, but to a bed-and-breakfast. On Garrett land. Okay, so her plan has a tiny flaw… Eli works too hard to let a blonde ball of trouble mess up his town. But keeping an eye on Sadie makes it tough to keep his hands off her. And if she’s so wrong for him, why does being with her feel so right?

Part-Time Cowboys, Full-Time Laughs
Author : D. G. Foster
Publisher : Outskirts Press
Release Date : 2014-12-26
ISBN 10 : 1478741562
Pages : 212 pages

Everyone from city slickers to cowboys will love these true tales about the trials and tribulations of working cattle in the mountain ranges of Colorado and New Mexico. As part-time cowboys holding down other full-time jobs, D. G. “Shorty” Foster and his father spend their days off doing what they love—helping friends and family with their cattle, being at one with nature, and seeing the wonders of the world from the back of a horse. In Part-Time Cowboys, Full-Time Laughs, Shorty offers a lighthearted and entertaining look at the not-so-glamorous side of cowboying—the wrecks and mishaps that aren’t so funny at the time, but later prove to be downright hilarious…

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Author : Sherman Alexie
Publisher : Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Release Date : 2012-01-10
ISBN 10 : 0316219304
Pages : 272 pages

Bestselling author Sherman Alexie tells the story of Junior, a budding cartoonist growing up on the Spokane Indian Reservation. Determined to take his future into his own hands, Junior leaves his troubled school on the rez to attend an all-white farm town high school where the only other Indian is the school mascot. Heartbreaking, funny, and beautifully written, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, which is based on the author's own experiences, coupled with poignant drawings by Ellen Forney that reflect the character's art, chronicles the contemporary adolescence of one Native American boy as he attempts to break away from the life he was destined to live. With a forward by Markus Zusak, interviews with Sherman Alexie and Ellen Forney, and four-color interior art throughout, this edition is perfect for fans and collectors alike.

The Cowboy Way
Author : Linda Lael Miller,Maisey Yates
Publisher : HQN Books
Release Date : 2016-02-01
ISBN 10 : 1459292308
Pages : 384 pages

Two unforgettable fan-favorite stories from two stars of Western romance—"First Lady of the West" Linda Lael Miller and USA TODAY bestselling author Maisey Yates A Creed in Stone Creek Linda Lael Miller When single attorney Steven Creed becomes guardian of an orphaned five-year-old boy, he trades his big-city law firm for a ranch near his McKettrick kin in the close-knit community of Stone Creek, Arizona. There he meets his match in beautiful, by-the-book county prosecutor Melissa O'Ballivan. It'll take one grieving little boy, a sweet adopted dog and a woman who never expected to win any man's heart to make this Creed in Stone Creek know he's truly found home. Part Time Cowboy Maisey Yates Sadie Miller isn't expecting any welcome-home parades on her return to Copper Ridge. Least of all from part-time rancher, full-time lawman Eli Garrett. The straitlaced, impossibly hot deputy sheriff glares at her as if she's the same teenage hoodlum who fled town ten years ago. But running from her demons has brought Sadie full circle, ready to make a commitment at last. Not to a man, but to a bed-and-breakfast. On Garrett land. Okay, so her plan has a tiny flaw… Look for A Copper Ridge Christmas, a Christmas novella in the Copper Ridge series by Maisey Yates.

Bad News Cowboy
Author : Maisey Yates
Publisher : HQN Books
Release Date : 2015-07-28
ISBN 10 : 0373788533
Pages : 512 pages

Includes a bonus novella: Shoulda been a cowboy.

Cowboy Versus Samurai
Author : Michael Golamco
Publisher : Samuel French, Inc.
Release Date : 2011-01-31
ISBN 10 : 0573699402
Pages : 82 pages

" ... romantic comedy exploring the sexual dynamics that surface around race when an attractive Korean American woman moves to town. Travis Park is a high school English teacher and the only Korean American man living in a dusty cowboy town known as Breakneck, Wyoming. When a gorgeous, whip-smart Asian American woman moves into town, he immediately falls for her; the only problem is that she only dates white men. In this re-telling of Edmond Rostand's Cyrano De Bergerac, one man must choose allegiance between his cowboy friend (a dim, handsome, Caucasian P.E. teacher named Del) and his Asian Brother-with-a-Capital-B (crazed, militant Asian of Unknown Origin, Chester). He must choose between the Asian American and the American within himself--between Cowboy and Samurai--in a pursuit of a love that may only be as real as the love letters he writes for someone else."--P. [4] of cover.

Brokedown Cowboy
Author : Maisey Yates
Publisher : HQN Books
Release Date : 2015-05-26
ISBN 10 : 1460381823
Pages : 384 pages

There are lines best friends shouldn't cross, but in Copper Ridge, Oregon, the temptation might be too much… If practice makes perfect, Connor Garrett should be world champion of being alone. Since losing his wife he's concentrated exclusively on his family's ranch. Until Felicity Foster needs a place to stay and Connor invites her to move in temporarily. That's what friends do. What friends don't do? Start fantasizing about each other in their underwear. Or out of it… Since high school, Liss has kept her raging crush in check. But helping Connor rebuild his life only reinforces how much she longs to be a part of it. One explosive encounter, and she'll discover that getting what you always wanted can feel better than you ever dreamed…

Good Time Cowboy
Author : Maisey Yates
Publisher : HQN Books
Release Date : 2018-09-01
ISBN 10 : 148809683X
Pages : 384 pages

In Gold Valley, Oregon, forbidden desire just might turn into the love of a lifetime… When Lindy Parker lost her cheating husband, she gained a vineyard. She’ll do anything for Grassroots Winery, including teaming up with the hottest devil she knows, rancher Wyatt Dodge. Wyatt is her ex’s friend and has an ego as big as the bulls he rides. But in spite of that, disciplined Lindy has always wanted him… Lightning struck Wyatt Dodge the first time he saw Lindy Parker. But there were two problems with that: she was married to his friend, and Wyatt doesn’t do strings. But now Lindy is free, and the two of them can finally explore the heat that’s burned between them for so long. But can Lindy make this good time cowboy decide on forever?

A Tall, Dark Cowboy Christmas
Author : Maisey Yates
Publisher : HQN Books
Release Date : 2018-10-01
ISBN 10 : 1488096848
Pages : 384 pages

It’s Christmas in Gold Valley, and this wounded widower is about to get another shot at love… Grant Dodge didn’t expect to find a woman sleeping in an abandoned cabin on his family ranch. Or to find her so intriguing. Unlike every other woman in town, McKenna Tate doesn’t know Grant’s a widower. There’s no pity in the looks she gives him. McKenna wants him, and Grant has forgotten what it’s like to feel like a man. A no-strings fling for Christmas might be the kind of holiday cheer Grant needs… With only a suitcase to her name, McKenna came to Gold Valley to confront her birth father. She didn’t plan to work at the Dodge ranch or fall for the gorgeous cowboy who keeps his heart roped off. But there’s no denying the way their broken pieces fit together. Hope brought her to Gold Valley—but will it be the gift that could finally heal Grant, and McKenna’s own wounded heart? Also includes a bonus Gold Valley novella, Snowed in with the Cowboy!

Long Ride Home
Author : Filipe Leite
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date : 2018-06-13
ISBN 10 : 9781721171644
Pages : 358 pages

"[The author's] Long Ride took place between July 8, 2012 and September 13, 2014"--Author's note.

Guns of Penance
Author : Mari Kurisato
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release Date : 2014-08-07
ISBN 10 : 9781500704032
Pages : 316 pages

In the American Empire, kill or be killed is the only true law of the land. Nanshe Jones, former streetgun-turned-traitor needed a way out of New Cal, a place to shake her drug habit, and her reputation. Sokanon Lee, a military special ops sniper before the Fall, is a killer for hire, or at least she was. Now all she wants to do is retire and get out. Compelled by desperation, both woman find Alexandria, a girl on the run with a secret worth fifty billion, one that killers are just waiting to eat her alive for. In this fast-paced erotic techno fantasy that's one part Mad Max, one part Kill Bill, with a dash of Delta of Venus, five strangers will face hell, lust. and their shared destiny, one that will change the world forever. Mari Kurisato is a mom, wife in a lesbian marriage, artist recovering shut-in recluse, and future cyborg. This is her first novel. For more information, please visit

An Accidental Cowboy
Author : Jameson Parker
Publisher : Macmillan
Release Date : 2003-10
ISBN 10 : 9780312310240
Pages : 288 pages

The author recounts how he and his wife moved to a southern California ranch after a near-fatal shooting, a decision that thrust them into the unfamiliar but spiritually healing world of cattle ranching, cowboys, horses, and open spaces. 20,000 first printing.

Turtle Island
Author : Dave Henry
Publisher : World Castle Publishing, LLC
Release Date : 2017-03-16
ISBN 10 : 9781629896670
Pages : 140 pages

Sixteen-year-old Max and 10-year-old Tessa were fully prepared for another horrible summer vacation. While they always hoped to go somewhere fun like Disney World or Universal Studios, they usually went somewhere weird and cheap that their father, former boy bander Don Masters, found in an ad in a truck stop coupon magazine. But this year was different. Where they went couldn't be found on any map or in any truck stop coupon book. They passed through a portal to a place called Turtle Island, an alternate version of America that diverged from our history before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. It was there where they met world famous action movie star Jordie Paine -- star of such films as I Plan to Kill You Now and the sequel, I Plan to Kill You Now, Too, the ninja film, Chuck Butcher: Sword Wielding Jackal, as well as the light-hearted romp, Harry Hinklehoffer and the Giant Dancing Toad of East Nebraska -- who would be their guide in this strange new world. Jordie, they later learned, brought the Masters family to Turtle Island for a very specific reason. Because they look just like the ruthless first family of Turtle Island, the Masters are pawns in a coup to overthrow the dictator. But things don't go as planned and the Masters wind up in the Survival Games, Turtle Island's national pastime/system of justice where criminals competitors, or crimpetitors, compete for their freedom. In this scifi comedy, the stakes are very simple -- if they win, they rule, if they lose, they must suffer the consequences.

The Persian Helmet
Author : Rhonda Keith Stephens
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release Date : 2013-10-16
ISBN 10 : 9781492109297
Pages : 258 pages

I WROTE THIS BOOK, INSPIRED BY A REAL PERSIAN HELMET, BUT THE STORY IS -- WHAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF INSPIRED? -- LOOSELY BASED ON THE BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING. I WILL GIVE $1 FROM EVERY SALE TO ONE RUN FOR BOSTON OR THE ONE FUND OR OTHER FUNDS TO HELP BOSTON MARATHON VICTIMS. When Clare Bower finds an antique Persian helmet in the trash, she couldn't have guessed its connections to jihadists, the FBI, and the Cosa Nostra. If she had known, she would have picked it up anyway. The helmet is a star player in a disaster similar to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. The Persian Helmet brings back Roxy and Jim, Clare's friends from The Wish Book, along with the enigmatic Jackson, and introduces a new man into her life. Clench Bargo is an Army veteran, linguist, farmer, vintner, and part-time deputy sheriff. The Persian helmet in this story and on the cover is a real helmet that I really found in the late 1970s, in a trunk on a curb in the suburbs of Kent, Ohio. It is in a safe place now, and remains a real mystery.

Financially Intact
Author : Ron Vejrostek
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release Date : 2015-07-02
ISBN 10 : 9781511933063
Pages : 160 pages

In the cutthroat world of finance, there are many ways to gain wealth. And there are many more ways to lose that wealth. In Financially Intact: Making Money Is Easy, Keeping It Is the Hard Part, author Ron Vejrostek shows you not only how to become wealthy but also how to protect yourself against those who would try to take those finances away from you. Using personal stories and detailed statistics to show the many different ways people lose their capital, this book addresses legal issues, identity theft, scams, taxes, insurance, and the myriad con artists of Wall Street who try to line their pockets with your hard-earned fortune. For fans of Flash Boys, by Michael Lewis; Everyone's Money Book, by Jordan Goodman; and Financial Guidebook, by Suze Orman, this easy-to-follow resource can and will save you thousands of dollars through its simple and proven methods. Whether you're at the start of your financial career or the end of it, this invaluable tool will help you protect your assets and achieve your monetary dreams.

Stone Cold Killer's
Author : Tamika Cole
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2017-07-29
ISBN 10 : 9781974137695
Pages : 234 pages

Amber is strongminded and confident, but her whole world is shattered when her brother returns from the military. His serious mental disorder becomes clear when he tries to kill Amber. Gabriella is an unemployed college graduate from Georgia. She gives up everything for Ivan, the man of her dreams. When he suddenly announces he has a fianc� and baby on the way, Gabriella ends up spending a night in jail. Robin is a furloughed employee who strips part-time to stay afloat. When the demands of her job become too much to bear and the unemployment checks stop, she finds herself in a desperate place. Maria is a God-fearing young woman in an abusive relationship with her high school sweetheart and only love. When she finds her worth, she finds her strength, and Bruce is the first to meet the new Maria. Desperate circumstances lead to desperate decisions. Amber, the ringleader, introduces her friends to Stone Cold, who runs a hit for hire agency. When they find out his loyalty comes with an expiration date, will these ladies have enough time to save themselves?

Becoming Kerry
Author : Lynn Kelling
Publisher : ForbiddenFiction
Release Date : 2017-08-07
ISBN 10 : 9781622343324
Pages : 329 pages

Kerry Sanderson's life is falling apart. He's crushing himself to fit into the boxes others have put him in: dutiful son, good boyfriend, real man. But even the small rebellions he's fought for himself-moving into a sketchy part of town and becoming an exotic dancer-aren't giving him the freedom he needs. Ewyn Garrity, a security guard at the gay club where Kerry dances, has found himself in protecting others. Everyone thinks he's straight, but Ewyn doesn't fit into simple boxes, either. When he meets Kerry, he makes a not completely innocent offer of company after work. Ewyn and Kerry hit it off, each finding something he desperately needs in the other. But when Kerry is forced to confront the pain and self-doubt that keep him crushed in his boxes, he's afraid that no one, not even Ewyn, will be able to love who he is when he finally, truly becomes Kerry. (M/M, M/GQ)

Children Books
Author : Liz Doolittle
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date : 2015-05
ISBN 10 : 9781514352007
Pages : 58 pages

These are the magic stories of RUMPLESTILTSKIN, THE FROG PRINCE, and THE UNGRATEFUL SON told in rhymes and beautiful illustrations for your delight. The Grimm stories are a collection of German fairy tales first published in 1812 by the Grimm brothers, Jacob, and Wilhelm. These stories have certainly endured the test of time and keep delighting our children. For more than 200 years, millions of children have enjoyed and learned with these tales. Perhaps no other stories possess as much power to enchant, delight, and surprise as those penned by the immortal Brothers Grimm. In this edition, your children will enjoy three classic tales now told in catchy rhymes and beautiful modern illustrations. Enjoy the reading! Each story has a moral for educating your children with entertainment.

Vampires of Maze (Part Six)
Author : Tim O'Rourke
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date : 2016-08-13
ISBN 10 : 9781537080802
Pages : 102 pages

From Tim O'Rourke #1 bestselling author of 'Werewolves of Shade' (Beautiful Immortals Series One) comes 'Vampires of Maze' (Beautiful Immortals Series Two) a vampire and werewolf romance with a twist. Witch, Julia Miller, has been sent by the Wicce to bring an end to the war that rages between the Beautiful Immortals. Joining a pack of werewolves, Julia must travel with them to a land unknown to her. Here she will learn the horrifying truth about the dark secrets hidden in the town of Maze. To stay alive, Julia will not only have to figure out who to trust but also who to love. For Julia's worst nightmares are about to get a whole lot more terrifying as she heads into the war raging between the vampires and werewolves where even her own magic abilities won't be able to protect her. 'Vampires of Maze' (Part Six) The final and heart-pounding installment from 'Beautiful Immortals Series Two'.

The Power of Habits
Author : James Nugent
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release Date : 2014-12-28
ISBN 10 : 9781505812794
Pages : 24 pages

I spent 22 years of my life in part time private practice as a counselor. The entire time I was amazed at how really smart people would make really poor choices over and over. One definition of crazy is when we do the same thing repeatedly and persist in the hope that something new will be the outcome. However, the people I was working with were not crazy (psychotic), just miserable. The wonderful people, with which I worked, were not unlike any of us. They were people who lived and loved and dreamed and deserved respect. Yet they destroyed the joy in their lives through habits of thoughts, feeling and behavior. This booklet is for those of us who dare to change their ways of using autopilot (habits), and squeeze even more joy and productivity out of life.