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Author : Kelly Creagh
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 2011-08-30
ISBN 10 : 1442402016
Pages : 576 pages

When cheerleader Isobel Lanley is assigned to work with goth, Edgar Allen Poe fan Varen Nethers on an English project, she is swept into a horrific dream world that he has created in his mind.

Author : Rolf Boldrewood
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1892
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 574 pages

The Raven
Author : Edgar Allan Poe
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1898
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 36 pages

Author : Marius Forte
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2018-12-22
ISBN 10 : 9781792131257
Pages : 203 pages

[THIS VERSION OF THE NOVEL IS A SMALLER SIZE THAN THE ORIGINAL. THE APPROXIMATE SIZE IS 5.5 IN- 8.5 IN, WHILE THE ORIGINAL IS 8.5 IN- 11 IN.]Derek was never normal in a civilization full of fake people who always outcasted him from activities. He and his friends were always shunned by other people and they were always living in the shadow of their school in Brockport, New York. His life takes a drastic change when his father, Mordecai Krieger, goes missing. But after two weeks of his sudden disappearance, Jenny Krieger is found dead by a cold-blooded and gruesome murder after returning home from the hospital. The death of Jenny remains a clueless mystery while police all across the whole state of New York is investigating other murders that could be the same person. But Derek and his two friends, Lisa and Cooper, don't think that the murders are even by a person. They theorize that the murderous purger is inhuman and the more they look into the deaths across the town of Brockport, more disturbing, gory, and gut-wrenching horrors are uncovered that whoever is killing innocent citizens is a man disguised as a nurse. There are more dark and disturbing secrets behind this nurse, though. They are demonic.

Author : Julian Wiles
Publisher : Dramatic Publishing
Release Date : 1995
ISBN 10 : 9780871296122
Pages : 80 pages

"On September 27, 1849, Edgar Allan Poe boarded a ship in Baltimore Harbor for an overnight voyage to New York City. He never arrived. Five days later, he was found delirious on a Baltimore street, and shortly thereafter, without regaining his senses, he died. What had transpired over those missing five days has remained forever a mystery...until now..."--Cover.

Author : Nancy Kilpatrick,Caro Soles,Margaret Atwood,Kelley Armstrong,David Morrell,Tanith Lee ,Nancy Holder,Robert Lopresti,and more.
Publisher : EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Release Date : 2015-10-31
ISBN 10 : 177053086X
Pages : 288 pages

Neo-Gothic fiction inspired by the imagination of Edgar Allan Poe. Compiled by multi-award winning editors, Nancy Kilpatrick and Caro Soles, nEvermore! Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre presents a tantalizing selection of imaginative stories by New York Times bestselling and prize-winning authors Margaret Atwood; David Morrell; Kelley Armstrong; Richard Christian Matheson; Tanith Lee; William F. Nolan; Nancy Holder; Christopher Rice; Chelsea Quinn Yarbro; Michael Jecks; Lisa Morton; J. Madison Davis; Barbara Fradkin, and many others. This anthology consists of 21 original tales that blend supernatural and mystery elements in unique reimaginings of Edgar Allan Poe’s exquisite stories.nEvermore! Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre is an homage to the great American writer, the incomparable Edgar Allan Poe, and a must-have for every fan of his work.

Supernatural: Nevermore
Author : Keith R.A. DeCandido
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release Date : 2009-10-13
ISBN 10 : 0061875805
Pages : 336 pages

Twenty-two years ago, Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. In the years after, their father, John, taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America...and he taught them how to kill it. Sam and Dean have hit New York City to check out a local rocker's haunted house. But before they can figure out why a lovesick banshee in an '80s heavy-metal T-shirt is wailing in the bedroom, a far more macabre crime catches their attention. Not far from the house, two university students were beaten to death by a strange assailant. A murder that's bizarre even by New York City standards, it's the latest in a line of killings that the brothers soon suspect are based on the creepy stories of legendary writer Edgar Allan Poe. Their investigation leads them to the center of one of Poe's horror classics, face-to-face with their most terrifying foe yet. And if Sam and Dean don't rewrite the ending of this chilling tale, a grisly serial killer will end their lives forevermore.

Author : Kelly Creagh
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 2013-08-27
ISBN 10 : 1442402067
Pages : 464 pages

Isobel, haunted by the memory of Varen, goes to Baltimore where she confronts the dark figure known as the Poe Toaster, succeeds in interrupting his ritual, and discovers a way to return to the dream-world, where she must face a new adversary.

Author : Marie Redonnet
Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
Release Date : 1996
ISBN 10 : 9780803289598
Pages : 123 pages

Arriving in San Rosa, a mysterious border town, Deputy Willy Bost encounters a web of deceit, corruption, and betrayal as he struggles to adjust to life in a small town where he knows no one

Author : Linda Newbery
Publisher : Orion Children's Books
Release Date : 2008-09-18
ISBN 10 : 1842557491
Pages : 224 pages

Tizzie is lonely when she and her mum move to Roven Mere, a mysterious, rambling mansion deep in the countryside. She's eager to meet Lord Rupert and his daughter, Greta, but no one knows when they will come home. The house seems like a museum, and as Tizzie explores the rooms and passageways, she makes a startling discovery about why she's been brought to Roven Mere...

Author : Henry Oldie
Publisher : Litres
Release Date : 2017-09-05
ISBN 10 : 545743513X
Pages : 329 pages

New edited version.

Nevermore, Dude
Author : L.J. Hamlin
Publisher : JMS Books LLC
Release Date : 2018-04-14
ISBN 10 : 1634866126
Pages : 100 pages

Jamie joins his parents and sister for one last family vacation before his summers are his own. But he's unhappy he has to share a room with Chris, a football playing jock. Jamie has been bullied by jocks his entire life. Chris is everything Jamie isn't and doesn't want to be. Chris is immediately attracted to his roommate Jamie. But Jamie proves to be elusive and non-communicative. When an incident with their sisters breaks the ice, Jamie and Chris discover they have both stereotyped the other. To their surprises, they have much more in common than they first thought. When the vacation comes to an end and they have to go back to their separate universities, will they be able to manage a long-distance relationship?