meta heuristic algorithms in production engineering

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Meta-heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms for Engineering Optimization
Author : Omid Bozorg-Haddad,Mohammad Solgi,Hugo A. Loáiciga
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2017-10-09
ISBN 10 : 1119386993
Pages : 304 pages

Overview of optimization -- Introduction to meta-heuristic and evolutionary algorithms -- Pattern search (PS) -- Genetic algorithm (GA) -- Simulated annealing (SA) -- Tabu search (TS) -- Ant colony optimization (ACO) -- Particle swarm optimization (PSO) -- Differential evolution (DE) -- Harmony search (HS) -- Shuffled frog-leaping algorithm (SFLA) -- Honey-bee mating optimization (HBMO) -- Invasive weed optimization (IWO) -- Central force optimization (CFO) -- Biogeography-based optimization (BBO) -- Firefly algorithm (FA) -- Gravity search algorithm (GSA) -- Bat algorithm (BA) -- Plant propagation algorithm (PPA) -- Water cycle algorithm (WCA) -- Symbiotic organisms search (SOS) -- Comprehensive evolutionary algorithm (CEA)

Meta-Heuristics Optimization Algorithms in Engineering, Business, Economics, and Finance
Author : Vasant, Pandian M.
Publisher : IGI Global
Release Date : 2012-09-30
ISBN 10 : 1466620870
Pages : 734 pages

Optimization techniques have developed into a significant area concerning industrial, economics, business, and financial systems. With the development of engineering and financial systems, modern optimization has played an important role in service-centered operations and as such has attracted more attention to this field. Meta-heuristic hybrid optimization is a newly development mathematical framework based optimization technique. Designed by logicians, engineers, analysts, and many more, this technique aims to study the complexity of algorithms and problems. Meta-Heuristics Optimization Algorithms in Engineering, Business, Economics, and Finance explores the emerging study of meta-heuristics optimization algorithms and methods and their role in innovated real world practical applications. This book is a collection of research on the areas of meta-heuristics optimization algorithms in engineering, business, economics, and finance and aims to be a comprehensive reference for decision makers, managers, engineers, researchers, scientists, financiers, and economists as well as industrialists.

Metaheuristics for Scheduling in Industrial and Manufacturing Applications
Author : Fatos Xhafa,Ajith Abraham
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2008-06-21
ISBN 10 : 3540789847
Pages : 346 pages

During the past decades scheduling has been among the most studied op- mization problemsanditisstillanactiveareaofresearch!Schedulingappears in many areas of science, engineering and industry and takes di?erent forms depending on the restrictions and optimization criteria of the operating en- ronments [8]. For instance, in optimization and computer science, scheduling has been de?ned as “the allocation of tasks to resources over time in order to achieve optimality in one or more objective criteria in an e?cient way” and in production as “production schedule, i. e. , the planning of the production or the sequence of operations according to which jobs pass through machines and is optimal with respect to certain optimization criteria. ” Although there is a standardized form of stating any scheduling problem, namely “e?cient allocation ofn jobs onm machines –which can process no more than one activity at a time– with the objective to optimize some - jective function of the job completion times”, scheduling is in fact a family of problems. Indeed, several parameters intervene in the problem de?nition: (a) job characteristics (preemptive or not, precedence constraints, release dates, etc. ); (b) resource environment (single vs. parallel machines, un- lated machines, identical or uniform machines, etc. ); (c) optimization criteria (minimize total tardiness, the number of late jobs, makespan, ?owtime, etc. ; maximize resource utilization, etc. ); and, (d) scheduling environment (static vs. dynamic,intheformerthenumberofjobstobeconsideredandtheirready times are available while in the later the number of jobs and their charact- istics change over time).

Engineering Optimization
Author : Xin-She Yang
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2010-07-20
ISBN 10 : 9780470640418
Pages : 376 pages

An accessible introduction to metaheuristics and optimization, featuring powerful and modern algorithms for application across engineering and the sciences From engineering and computer science to economics and management science, optimization is a core component for problem solving. Highlighting the latest developments that have evolved in recent years, Engineering Optimization: An Introduction with Metaheuristic Applications outlines popular metaheuristic algorithms and equips readers with the skills needed to apply these techniques to their own optimization problems. With insightful examples from various fields of study, the author highlights key concepts and techniques for the successful application of commonly-used metaheuristc algorithms, including simulated annealing, particle swarm optimization, harmony search, and genetic algorithms. The author introduces all major metaheuristic algorithms and their applications in optimization through a presentation that is organized into three succinct parts: Foundations of Optimization and Algorithms provides a brief introduction to the underlying nature of optimization and the common approaches to optimization problems, random number generation, the Monte Carlo method, and the Markov chain Monte Carlo method Metaheuristic Algorithms presents common metaheuristic algorithms in detail, including genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, ant algorithms, bee algorithms, particle swarm optimization, firefly algorithms, and harmony search Applications outlines a wide range of applications that use metaheuristic algorithms to solve challenging optimization problems with detailed implementation while also introducing various modifications used for multi-objective optimization Throughout the book, the author presents worked-out examples and real-world applications that illustrate the modern relevance of the topic. A detailed appendix features important and popular algorithms using MATLAB® and Octave software packages, and a related FTP site houses MATLAB code and programs for easy implementation of the discussed techniques. In addition, references to the current literature enable readers to investigate individual algorithms and methods in greater detail. Engineering Optimization: An Introduction with Metaheuristic Applications is an excellent book for courses on optimization and computer simulation at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. It is also a valuable reference for researchers and practitioners working in the fields of mathematics, engineering, computer science, operations research, and management science who use metaheuristic algorithms to solve problems in their everyday work.

Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms and Metaheuristics
Author : Kaushik Kumar,J. Paulo Davim
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2019-08-22
ISBN 10 : 1000537145
Pages : 136 pages

Metaheuristic optimization is a higher-level procedure or heuristic designed to find, generate, or select a heuristic (partial search algorithm) that may provide a sufficiently good solution to an optimization problem, especially with incomplete or imperfect information or limited computation capacity. This is usually applied when two or more objectives are to be optimized simultaneously. This book is presented with two major objectives. Firstly, it features chapters by eminent researchers in the field providing the readers about the current status of the subject. Secondly, algorithm-based optimization or advanced optimization techniques, which are applied to mostly non-engineering problems, are applied to engineering problems. This book will also serve as an aid to both research and industry. Usage of these methodologies would enable the improvement in engineering and manufacturing technology and support an organization in this era of low product life cycle. Features: Covers the application of recent and new algorithms Focuses on the development aspects such as including surrogate modeling, parallelization, game theory, and hybridization Presents the advances of engineering applications for both single-objective and multi-objective optimization problems Offers recent developments from a variety of engineering fields Discusses Optimization using Evolutionary Algorithms and Metaheuristics applications in engineering

Optimization Algorithms
Author : Ozgur Baskan
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2016-09-21
ISBN 10 : 9535125923
Pages : 324 pages

This book covers state-of-the-art optimization methods and their applications in wide range especially for researchers and practitioners who wish to improve their knowledge in this field. It consists of 13 chapters divided into two parts: (I) Engineering applications, which presents some new applications of different methods, and (II) Applications in various areas, where recent contributions of state-of-the-art optimization methods to diverse fields are presented.

Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms
Author : Xin-She Yang
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2014-02-17
ISBN 10 : 0124167454
Pages : 300 pages

Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms provides a systematic introduction to all major nature-inspired algorithms for optimization. The book's unified approach, balancing algorithm introduction, theoretical background and practical implementation, complements extensive literature with well-chosen case studies to illustrate how these algorithms work. Topics include particle swarm optimization, ant and bee algorithms, simulated annealing, cuckoo search, firefly algorithm, bat algorithm, flower algorithm, harmony search, algorithm analysis, constraint handling, hybrid methods, parameter tuning and control, as well as multi-objective optimization. This book can serve as an introductory book for graduates, doctoral students and lecturers in computer science, engineering and natural sciences. It can also serve a source of inspiration for new applications. Researchers and engineers as well as experienced experts will also find it a handy reference. Discusses and summarizes the latest developments in nature-inspired algorithms with comprehensive, timely literature Provides a theoretical understanding as well as practical implementation hints Provides a step-by-step introduction to each algorithm

Metaheuristics in Water, Geotechnical and Transport Engineering
Author : Xin-She Yang,Amir Hossein Gandomi,Siamak Talatahari,Amir Hossein Alavi
Publisher : Newnes
Release Date : 2012
ISBN 10 : 0123982960
Pages : 484 pages

Due to an ever-decreasing supply in raw materials and stringent constraints on conventional energy sources, demand for lightweight, efficient and low cost structures has become crucially important in modern engineering design. This requires engineers to search for optimal and robust design options to address design problems that are often large in scale and highly nonlinear, making finding solutions challenging. In the past two decades, metaheuristic algorithms have shown promising power, efficiency and versatility in solving these difficult optimization problems. This book examines the latest developments of metaheuristics and their applications in water, geotechnical and transport engineering offering practical case studies as examples to demonstrate real world applications. Topics cover a range of areas within engineering, including reviews of optimization algorithms, artificial intelligence, cuckoo search, genetic programming, neural networks, multivariate adaptive regression, swarm intelligence, genetic algorithms, ant colony optimization, evolutionary multiobjective optimization with diverse applications in engineering such as behavior of materials, geotechnical design, flood control, water distribution and signal networks. This book can serve as a supplementary text for design courses and computation in engineering as well as a reference for researchers and engineers in metaheursitics, optimization in civil engineering and computational intelligence. Provides detailed descriptions of all major metaheuristic algorithms with a focus on practical implementation Develops new hybrid and advanced methods suitable for civil engineering problems at all levels Appropriate for researchers and advanced students to help to develop their work

Metaheuristics for Production Systems
Author : El-Ghazali Talbi,Farouk Yalaoui,Lionel Amodeo
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2015-11-26
ISBN 10 : 3319233505
Pages : 350 pages

This book discusses the main techniques and newest trends to manage and optimize the production and service systems. The book begins by examining the three main levels of decision systems in production: the long term (strategic), the middle term (tactical) and short term (operational). It also considers online management as a new level (a sub level of the short term). As each level encounters specific problems, appropriate approaches to deal with these are introduced and explained. These problems include the line design, the line balancing optimization, the physical layout of the production or service system, the forecasting optimization, the inventory management, the scheduling etc. Metaheuristics for Production Systems then explores logistic optimization from two different perspectives: internal (production management), addressing issues of scheduling, layout and line designs, and external (supply chain management) focusing on transportation optimization, supply chain evaluation, and location of production. The book also looks at NP-hard problems that are common in production management. These complex configurations may mean that optimal solutions may not be reached due to variables, but the authors help provide a good solution for such problems. The effective new results and solutions offered in this book should appeal to researchers, managers, and engineers in the production and service industries.

Intelligent Systems in Production Engineering and Maintenance – ISPEM 2017
Author : Anna Burduk,Dariusz Mazurkiewicz
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2017-08-16
ISBN 10 : 3319644653
Pages : 470 pages

The volume presents a collection of 44 peer-reviewed articles from the First International Conference on Intelligent Systems in Production Engineering and Maintenance (ISPEM 2017). ISPEM 2017 was organized by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Wrocław University of Science and Technology and was held in Wrocław (Poland) on 28–29 September 2017. The main topics of the conference included the possibility of using widely understood intelligent methods in production engineering. New solutions for innovative plants, research results and case studies taking into account advances in production and maintenance from the point of view of Industry 4.0 were presented and discussed—with special attention paid to applications of intelligent systems, methods and tools in production engineering, maintenance, logistics, quality management, information systems, and product development. The volume is divided into two parts: 1. Intelligent Systems in Production Engineering 2. Intelligent Systems in Maintenance This book is an excellent reference resource for scientists in the field of manufacturing engineering and for top managers in production enterprises.

Advanced Engineering Optimization Through Intelligent Techniques
Author : R. Venkata Rao,Jan Taler
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2019-08-10
ISBN 10 : 9811381968
Pages : 861 pages

This book comprises select peer-reviewed papers presented at the International Conference on Advanced Engineering Optimization Through Intelligent Techniques (AEOTIT) 2018. The book combines contributions from academics and industry professionals, and covers advanced optimization techniques across all major engineering disciplines like mechanical, manufacturing, civil, automobile, electrical, chemical, computer and electronics engineering. Different optimization techniques and algorithms such as genetic algorithm (GA), differential evolution (DE), simulated annealing (SA), particle swarm optimization (PSO), artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm, artificial immune algorithm (AIA), teaching-learning-based optimization (TLBO) algorithm and many other latest meta-heuristic techniques and their applications are discussed. This book will serve as a valuable reference for students, researchers and practitioners and help them in solving a wide range of optimization problems.

Advances in Industrial and Production Engineering
Author : Kripa Shanker,Ravi Shankar,Rahul Sindhwani
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2019-04-23
ISBN 10 : 9811364125
Pages : 870 pages

This book comprises select proceedings of the International Conference on Future Learning Aspects of Mechanical Engineering (FLAME 2018). The book discusses different topics of industrial and production engineering such as sustainable manufacturing systems, computer-aided engineering, rapid prototyping, manufacturing management and automation, metrology, manufacturing process optimization, casting, welding, machining, and machine tools. The contents of this book will be useful for researchers as well as professionals.