kinetics of processes in the solid state

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Kinetics of Processes in the Solid State
Author : James E. House
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2020-09-15
ISBN 10 : 9780128188767
Pages : 350 pages

Chemical kinetics in solids are often dependent on numerous factors, and it's important for researchers to understand both the interactions relating to these factors, and how their own procedural choices may influence outcomes. Kinetics of Processes in the Solid State provides an authoritative overview of reactions in solids and helps readers quickly and easily identify the kinetic processes at play in their own work.Beginning with an introduction to the nature of solids and transformations, the book goes on to outline rate laws and experimental techniques, followed by such key areas as nucleation, phase transformations and crystallization. Chapters on the kinetics of dehydration, decomposition and polymers follow, before the book concludes by reviewing kinetics in relation to some important applications.Drawing on the experience of its expert author, Kinetics of Processes in the Solid State is a practical introduction to the field for chemists and researchers whose work is directly related to these interactions, and additionally for all those in related fields whose work would be enhanced by an understanding of these processes. Places the application of kinetic models in the context of reactions across numerous types of materials Illustrates the potentials and limitations of experimental techniques for studying reactions in solids Shows how experimental conditions can affect kinetic studies and how readers can address such issues

Kinetics of Heterogeneous Solid State Processes
Author : Pritam Deb
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2013-12-03
ISBN 10 : 813221756X
Pages : 49 pages

Kinetic studies have traditionally being extremely useful in characterizing several physical and chemical phenomena in organic, inorganic and metallic systems. It provides valuable qualitative, quantitative and kinetic information on phase transformations, solid state precipitation, crystallization, oxidation and decomposition. Unfortunately, no single reference comprehensively presents nonisothermal kinetic analysis method for the study of complex processes, determining the actual mechanism and kinetic parameters. This book provides a new method for nonisothermal kinetics and its application in heterogeneous solid state processes. In the backdrop of limitations in existing methods, the book presents a brief review of the widely used isothermal and nonisothermal kinetic analysis methods.

Reactions in the Solid State
Author : Michael E. Brown,D. Dollimore,A.K. Galwey
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 1980-01-01
ISBN 10 : 9780080868165
Pages : 339 pages

The whole of Volume 22 is devoted to the kinetics and mechanisms of the decomposition and interaction of inorganic solids, extended to include metal carboxylates. After an introductory chapter on the characteristic features of reactions in the solid phase, experimental methods of investigation of solid reactions and the measurement of reaction rates are reviewed in Chapter 2 and the theory of solid state kinetics in Chapter 3. The reactions of single substances, loosely grouped on the basis of a common anion since it is this constituent which most frequently undergoes breakdown, are discussed in Chapter 4, the sequence being effectively that of increasing anion complexity. Chapter 5 covers reactions between solids, and includes catalytic processes where one solid component remains unchanged, double compound formation and rate processes involving the interactions of more than three crystalline phases. The final chapter summarises the general conclusions drawn in the text of Chapter 2-5.

Chemical Kinetics of Solids
Author : Hermann Schmalzried
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2008-07-11
ISBN 10 : 3527615520
Pages : 450 pages

Many different chemical processes take place inside solids or at solid surfaces and interfaces. However, their quantitative description sometimes seems difficult to understand. This book by Professor Schmalzried, author of the eminently successful Solid State Reactions; bridges the gap between the 'physical' and 'chemical' approaches to this subject because it is written in a language which both sides understand. For the first time, a comprehensive coverage of the rapidly developing field of Solid State Kinetics is available. The topics covered in this book go far beyond diffusional transport. Homogeneous and heterogeneous solid-state reactions, phase transitions or the influence of external fields are also treated in detail. With this background, the author explains e.g. charge transport mechanisms in ionic conductors, principles of sensor technology, or oxidation processes clearly and comprehensibly. This book is a must for every solid-state chemist and an indispensable tool for academic and industrial readers alike. From reviews: 'a first-rate reference work that a must for any science library' (J. Am Chem. Soc.) 'can be recommended without restrictions ...' (Z. Phys. Chem.)

Solid State Polymerization
Author : Constantine D. Papaspyrides,Stamatina N. Vouyiouka
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2009-04-27
ISBN 10 : 0470451823
Pages : 312 pages

The most current guide to solid state polymerization Solid State Polymerization (SSP)is an indispensable tool in the design, manufacture, and study of polymers, plastics, and fibers. SSP presents significant advantages over other polymerization techniques due to low operating temperatures, inexpensive equipment, and simple and environmentally sound procedures. Combining fundamentals of polymer science, chemistry, physical chemistry, and engineering, SSP also offers many research applications for a wide range of students and investigators. Gathering and filtering the latest literature on SSP, Solid Solid State Polymerization offers a unique, one-stop resource on this important process. With chapters contributed by leaders in the field, this text summarizes SSP, and provides essential coverage that includes: An introduction to SSP, with chemical and physical steps, apparatus, advantages, and parameters SSP physical chemistry and mechanisms Kinetic aspects of polyesters and polyamides SSP Catalysis in SSP processes Application of SSP under high pressure conditions in the laboratory Engineering aspects regarding process modeling and industrial application Recent developments and future possibilities Solid State Polymerization provides the most up-to-date coverage of this constantly developing field to academic and industry professionals, as well as graduate and postgraduate-level students in chemical engineering, materials science and engineering, polymer chemistry, polymer processing and polymer engineering.

Comprehensive Chemical Kinetics
Author : N.A
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1969
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 329 pages

An Introduction to Aspects of Thermodynamics and Kinetics Relevant to Materials Science
Author : Eugene Machlin
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2010-07-07
ISBN 10 : 9780080549682
Pages : 480 pages

This book is based on a set of notes developed over many years for an introductory course taught to seniors and entering graduate students in materials science. An Introduction to Aspects of Thermodynamics and Kinetics Relevant to Materials Science is about the application of thermodynamics and kinetics to solve problems within Materials Science. Emphasis is to provide a physical understanding of the phenomenon under discussion, with the mathematics presented as a guide. The problems are used to provide practice in quantitative application of principles, and also to give examples of applications of the general subject matter to problems having current interest and to emphasize the important physical concepts. End of chapter problems are included, as are references, and bibliography to reinforce the text. This book provides students with the theory and mathematics to understand the important physical understanding of phenomena. Based on a set of notes developed over many years for an introductory course taught to seniors and entering graduate students in materials science Provides students with the theory and mathematics to understand the important physical understanding of phenomena Includes end of chapter problems, references, and bibliography to reinforce the text

Current Developments in Solid-state Fermentation
Author : Ashok Pandey,Carlos Ricardo Soccol,Christian Larroche
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2008-09-16
ISBN 10 : 0387752137
Pages : 517 pages

Over the period of last two decades, there has been significant resurgence in solid-state fermentation due to the numerous benefits it offers, especially in the engineering and environmental aspects. SSF has shown much promise in the development of several bioprocesses and products. This resurgence gained further momentum during the last 5-6 years with the developments in fundamental and applied aspects. A good deal of information has been generated in published literature and patented information. Several commercial ventures have come up based on SSF in different parts of the world. The contents are organized into four parts: Part 1 deals with the General and Fundamentals aspects of SSF; Part 2 deals with the production of bulk chemicals and products such as enzymes, organic acids, spores and mushrooms in SSF; Part 3 is on the use of SSF for specialty chemicals such as gibberellic acid, antibiotics and other pharmaceutically valuable secondary metabolites, pigments, and aroma compounds; Part 4 deals with the use of SSF miscellaneous application such as SSF for food and feed applications, agro-industrial residues as substrates in SSF and the production of silage and vermicompost.

Radiation-Chemical Processes in Solid Phase
Author : Evginiy I. Grigoriev,Leonid I. Trakhtenberg
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 1996-11-14
ISBN 10 : 9780849394362
Pages : 240 pages

Unlike many other references, Radiation-Chemical Processes in Solid Phase analyzes experimental data on radiolysis in terms of solid-state physics. It traces the effect exerted by media from primary processes of radiation-substance interaction to final products. The authors consider the main chemically active elementary excitations arising under irradiation of solids and discuss the mechanisms of chemical reactions induced by them. They present the general principles of solid-state and molecular physics, and cover numerous radiation-chemical processes.

Kinetic Peculiarities of Solid Phase Reactions
Author : E. Ya. Davydov,A. P. Vorotnikov,G. B. Pariyskii,G. E. Zaikov
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 1998-09-16
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 150 pages

Much data has been collected from experiments on the kinetios of radical reactions in different solids, but to date, this has not been presented in book format in a thorough and comprehensive way. This book makes the experimental data accessible for all chemists involved in these reactions. Various models of the tunnel atom transfer are analyzed in order to explain the kinetic isotope effect in solid phase reactions and photoinitiated radical reactions are inspected for the kinetic non-equivalence of particles and factors affecting their reactivity. Topics covered include: kinetic description of reactions with dispersion particles in reactivity the influence of space-orientation factors on reactivity in cage reactions the influence of molecular dynamics on the kinetics of elementary reactions the effect of structural-physical modification on kinetics of cage radical reactions

Reaction Rate Theory and Rare Events
Author : Baron Peters
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2017-03-22
ISBN 10 : 0444594701
Pages : 634 pages

Reaction Rate Theory and Rare Events bridges the historical gap between these subjects because the increasingly multidisciplinary nature of scientific research often requires an understanding of both reaction rate theory and the theory of other rare events. The book discusses collision theory, transition state theory, RRKM theory, catalysis, diffusion limited kinetics, mean first passage times, Kramers theory, Grote-Hynes theory, transition path theory, non-adiabatic reactions, electron transfer, and topics from reaction network analysis. It is an essential reference for students, professors and scientists who use reaction rate theory or the theory of rare events. In addition, the book discusses transition state search algorithms, tunneling corrections, transmission coefficients, microkinetic models, kinetic Monte Carlo, transition path sampling, and importance sampling methods. The unified treatment in this book explains why chemical reactions and other rare events, while having many common theoretical foundations, often require very different computational modeling strategies. Offers an integrated approach to all simulation theories and reaction network analysis, a unique approach not found elsewhere Gives algorithms in pseudocode for using molecular simulation and computational chemistry methods in studies of rare events Uses graphics and explicit examples to explain concepts Includes problem sets developed and tested in a course range from pen-and-paper theoretical problems, to computational exercises

Kinetics of Chemical Processes
Author : Michel Boudart
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2014-05-16
ISBN 10 : 1483183971
Pages : 262 pages

Kinetics of Chemical Processes details the concepts associated with the kinetic study of the chemical processes. The book is comprised of 10 chapters that present information relevant to applied research. The text first covers the elementary chemical kinetics of elementary steps, and then proceeds to discussing catalysis. The next chapter tackles simplified kinetics of sequences at the steady state. Chapter 5 deals with coupled sequences in reaction networks, while Chapter 6 talks about autocatalysis and inhibition. The seventh chapter describes the irreducible transport phenomena in chemical kinetics. The next two chapters discuss the correlations in homogenous kinetics and heterogeneous catalysis, respectively. The last chapter covers the analysis of reaction networks. The book will be of great use to students, researchers, and practitioners of scientific disciplines that deal with chemical reaction, particularly chemistry and chemical engineering.