introduction to openfoam for aeronautical engineers

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Innovative Design, Analysis and Development Practices in Aerospace and Automotive Engineering (I-DAD 2018)
Author : U. Chandrasekhar,Lung-Jieh Yang,S. Gowthaman
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2018-12-14
ISBN 10 : 9811326975
Pages : 539 pages

The book includes the best articles presented by researchers, academicians and industrial experts at the International Conference on “Innovative Design and Development Practices in Aerospace and Automotive Engineering (I-DAD 2018)”. The book discusses new concept in designs, and analysis and manufacturing technologies for improved performance through specific and/or multi-functional design aspects to optimise the system size, weight-to-strength ratio, fuel efficiency and operational capability. Other aspects of the conference address the ways and means of numerical analysis, simulation and additive manufacturing to accelerate the product development cycles.Describing innovative methods, the book provides valuable reference material for educational and research organizations, as well as industry, wanting to undertake challenging projects of design engineering and product development.

Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Author : R. Kurt Barnhart,Douglas M. Marshall,Eric Shappee
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2021-03-04
ISBN 10 : 1000326861
Pages : 524 pages

Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Third Edition surveys the basics of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), from sensors, controls, and automation to regulations, safety procedures, and human factors. Featuring chapters by leading experts, this fully updated bestseller fills the need for an accessible and effective university textbook. Focussing on the civilian applications of UAS, the text begins with an historical overview of unmanned aerial vehicles, and proceeds to examine each major UAS subsystem. Its combination of understandable technical coverage and up-to-date information on policy and regulation makes the text appropriate for both Aerospace Engineering and Aviation programs.

Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power – Contemporary Research
Author : Arun K. Saha,Debopam Das,Rajesh Srivastava,P. K. Panigrahi,K. Muralidhar
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2016-09-20
ISBN 10 : 8132227433
Pages : 1701 pages

This volume comprises the proceedings of the 42nd National and 5th International Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power held at IIT Kanpur in December, 2014.The conference proceedings encapsulate the best deliberations held during the conference. The diversity of participation in the conference, from academia, industry and research laboratories reflects in the articles appearing in the volume. This contributed volume has articles from authors who have participated in the conference on thematic areas such as Fundamental Issues and Perspectives in Fluid Mechanics; Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Instability, Transition and Turbulence; Turbomachinery; Multiphase Flows; Fluid‐Structure Interaction and Flow‐Induced Noise; Microfluidics; Bio‐inspired Fluid Mechanics; Internal Combustion Engines and Gas Turbines; and Specialized Topics. The contents of this volume will prove useful to researchers from industry and academia alike.

Light Metals 2016
Author : The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2016-02-09
ISBN 10 : 111927477X
Pages : 1080 pages

The 2016 collection will include papers from the following symposia: Alumina and Bauxite Aluminum Alloys, Processing, and Characterization Aluminum Reduction Technology Cast Shop Technology Electrode Technology Strip Casting

Proceedings of the International Conference on Aerospace System Science and Engineering 2019
Author : Zhongliang Jing
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date : 2020-02-29
ISBN 10 : 9811517738
Pages : 374 pages

This book presents the proceedings of the International Conference on Aerospace System Science and Engineering (ICASSE 2019), held in Toronto, Canada, on July 30–August 1, 2019, and jointly organized by the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) and the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. ICASSE 2019 provided a forum that brought together experts on aeronautics and astronautics to share new ideas and findings. These proceedings present high-quality contributions in the areas of aerospace system science and engineering, including topics such as trans-space vehicle system design and integration, air vehicle systems, space vehicle systems, near-space vehicle systems, aerospace robotics and unmanned systems, communication, navigation and surveillance, aerodynamics and aircraft design, dynamics and control, aerospace propulsion, avionics systems, optoelectronic systems, and air traffic management.

Variational Analysis and Aerospace Engineering: Mathematical Challenges for Aerospace Design
Author : Giuseppe Buttazzo,Aldo Frediani
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2012-04-23
ISBN 10 : 1461424356
Pages : 462 pages

This volume consists of papers presented at the Variational Analysis and Aerospace Engineering Workshop II held in Erice, Italy in September 2010 at the International School of Mathematics "Guido Stampacchia". The workshop provided a platform for aerospace engineers and mathematicians (from universities, research centers and industry) to discuss the advanced problems requiring an extensive application of mathematics. The presentations were dedicated to the most advanced subjects in engineering and, in particular to computational fluid dynamics methods, introduction of new materials, optimization in aerodynamics, structural optimization, space missions, flight mechanics, control theory and optimization, variational methods and applications, etc. This book will capture the interest of researchers from both academia and industry.

Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
Author : Atul Sharma
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2016-09-22
ISBN 10 : 1119003016
Pages : 300 pages

This book is primarily for a first one-semester course on CFD; in mechanical, chemical, and aeronautical engineering. Almost all the existing books on CFD assume knowledge of mathematics in general and differential calculus as well as numerical methods in particular; thus, limiting the readership mostly to the postgraduate curriculum. In this book, an attempt is made to simplify the subject even for readers who have little or no experience in CFD, and without prior knowledge of fluid-dynamics, heattransfer and numerical-methods. The major emphasis is on simplification of the mathematics involved by presenting physical-law (instead of the traditional differential equations) based algebraic-formulations, discussions, and solution-methodology. The physical law based simplified CFD approach (proposed in this book for the first time) keeps the level of mathematics to school education, and also allows the reader to intuitively get started with the computer-programming. Another distinguishing feature of the present book is to effectively link the theory with the computer-program (code). This is done with more pictorial as well as detailed explanation of the numerical methodology. Furthermore, the present book is structured for a module-by-module code-development of the two-dimensional numerical formulation; the codes are given for 2D heat conduction, advection and convection. The present subject involves learning to develop and effectively use a product - a CFD software. The details for the CFD development presented here is the main part of a CFD software. Furthermore, CFD application and analysis are presented by carefully designed example as well as exercise problems; not only limited to fluid dynamics but also includes heat transfer. The reader is trained for a job as CFD developer as well as CFD application engineer; and can also lead to start-ups on the development of "apps" (customized CFD software) for various engineering applications. "Atul has championed the finite volume method which is now the industry standard. He knows the conventional method of discretizing differential equations but has never been satisfied with it. As a result, he has developed a principle that physical laws that characterize the differential equations should be reflected at every stage of discretization and every stage of approximation. This new CFD book is comprehensive and has a stamp of originality of the author. It will bring students closer to the subject and enable them to contribute to it." —Dr. K. Muralidhar, IIT Kanpur, INDIA

The Finite Volume Method in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Author : F. Moukalled,L. Mangani,M. Darwish
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2015-08-13
ISBN 10 : 3319168746
Pages : 791 pages

This textbook explores both the theoretical foundation of the Finite Volume Method (FVM) and its applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Readers will discover a thorough explanation of the FVM numerics and algorithms used for the simulation of incompressible and compressible fluid flows, along with a detailed examination of the components needed for the development of a collocated unstructured pressure-based CFD solver. Two particular CFD codes are explored. The first is uFVM, a three-dimensional unstructured pressure-based finite volume academic CFD code, implemented within Matlab. The second is OpenFOAM®, an open source framework used in the development of a range of CFD programs for the simulation of industrial scale flow problems. With over 220 figures, numerous examples and more than one hundred exercise on FVM numerics, programming, and applications, this textbook is suitable for use in an introductory course on the FVM, in an advanced course on numerics, and as a reference for CFD programmers and researchers.

An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics The Finite Volume Method, 2/e
Author : Versteeg
Publisher : Pearson Education India
Release Date : 2007
ISBN 10 : 9788131720486
Pages : 503 pages

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Author : Jiyuan Tu,Guan Heng Yeoh,Chaoqun Liu
Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann
Release Date : 2012-11-21
ISBN 10 : 0080982433
Pages : 440 pages

An introduction to CFD fundamentals and using commercial CFD software to solve engineering problems, designed for the wide variety of engineering students new to CFD, and for practicing engineers learning CFD for the first time. Combining an appropriate level of mathematical background, worked examples, computer screen shots, and step by step processes, this book walks the reader through modeling and computing, as well as interpreting CFD results. The first book in the field aimed at CFD users rather than developers. New to this edition: A more comprehensive coverage of CFD techniques including discretisation via finite element and spectral element as well as finite difference and finite volume methods and multigrid method. Coverage of different approaches to CFD grid generation in order to closely match how CFD meshing is being used in industry. Additional coverage of high-pressure fluid dynamics and meshless approach to provide a broader overview of the application areas where CFD can be used. 20% new content

Using HPC for Computational Fluid Dynamics
Author : Shamoon Jamshed
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2015-05-12
ISBN 10 : 0128017511
Pages : 226 pages

Using HPC for Computational Fluid Dynamics: A Guide to High Performance Computing for CFD Engineers offers one of the first self-contained guides on the use of high performance computing for computational work in fluid dynamics. Beginning with an introduction to HPC, including its history and basic terminology, the book moves on to consider how modern supercomputers can be used to solve common CFD challenges, including the resolution of high density grids and dealing with the large file sizes generated when using commercial codes. Written to help early career engineers and post-graduate students compete in the fast-paced computational field where knowledge of CFD alone is no longer sufficient, the text provides a one-stop resource for all the technical information readers will need for successful HPC computation. Offers one of the first self-contained guides on the use of high performance computing for computational work in fluid dynamics Tailored to the needs of engineers seeking to run CFD computations in a HPC environment

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation
Author : Kai Velten
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2009-06-01
ISBN 10 : 3527627618
Pages : 362 pages

This concise and clear introduction to the topic requires only basic knowledge of calculus and linear algebra - all other concepts and ideas are developed in the course of the book. Lucidly written so as to appeal to undergraduates and practitioners alike, it enables readers to set up simple mathematical models on their own and to interpret their results and those of others critically. To achieve this, many examples have been chosen from various fields, such as biology, ecology, economics, medicine, agricultural, chemical, electrical, mechanical and process engineering, which are subsequently discussed in detail. Based on the author`s modeling and simulation experience in science and engineering and as a consultant, the book answers such basic questions as: What is a mathematical model? What types of models do exist? Which model is appropriate for a particular problem? What are simulation, parameter estimation, and validation? The book relies exclusively upon open-source software which is available to everybody free of charge. The entire book software - including 3D CFD and structural mechanics simulation software - can be used based on a free CAELinux-Live-DVD that is available in the Internet (works on most machines and operating systems).