innovative membrane operations in process engineering for a process intensification strategy

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Innovative Membrane Operations in Process Engineering for a Process Intensification Strategy
Author : Enrico Drioli,Jeong F. Kim,Francesca Macedonio
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2020-06
ISBN 10 : 9780128185834
Pages : 500 pages

Membrane science and technology is of increasing interest in a number of different industries including desalination, wastewater treatment and water reuse, energy, fuel cells, raw materials, biomedical engineering, food engineering and space engineering because of it's potential to develop more efficient and environmentally-friendly processes. This new text from one of the pioneers of membrane systems engineering is devoted to the process aspects of membrane operations and the integration of these aspects with studies of membrane materials for each specific operation. Traditional membrane systems as well as new membrane operations such as membrane distillation, membrane crystallization, membrane emulsification, membrane condenser, pressure retarded osmosis and reverse electro dialysis, are all included and analysed to enable the easy identification of synergies between materials and processes and encourage the development of integrated membrane systems consistent with process intensification strategies. Focuses on the material aspects of membrane science and their integration with process engineering including process intensification strategies Enables the easy identification of synergies between materials and processes Includes cost and techno-economic considerations Written by experts in the field of membrane science and technology

Handbook of Membrane Separations
Author : Anil Kumar Pabby,Syed S.H. Rizvi,Ana Maria Sastre Requena
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2008-07-07
ISBN 10 : 1420009486
Pages : 1184 pages

The Handbook of Membrane Separations: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnological Applications provides detailed information on membrane separation technologies as they have evolved over the past decades. To provide a basic understanding of membrane technology, this book documents the developments dealing with these technologies. It explo

Advances in Chemical Engineering
Author : Zeeshan Nawaz,Shahid Naveed
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2012-03-23
ISBN 10 : 953510392X
Pages : 596 pages

Chemical engineering applications have been a source of challenging optimization problems in terms of economics and technology. The goal of this book is to enable the reader to get instant information on fundamentals and advancements in chemical engineering. This book addresses ongoing evolutions of chemical engineering and provides overview to the sate of the art advancements. Molecular perspective is increasingly important in the refinement of kinetic and thermodynamic molding. As a result, much of the material was revised on industrial problems and their sophisticated solutions from known scientists around the world. These issues were divided in to two sections, fundamental advances and catalysis and reaction engineering. A distinct feature of this text continues to be the emphasis on molecular chemistry, reaction engineering and modeling to achieve rational and robust industrial design. Our perspective is that this background must be made available to undergraduate, graduate and professionals in an integrated manner.

Membrane Contactors: Fundamentals, Applications and Potentialities
Author : Enrico Drioli,A. Criscuoli,E. Curcio
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2011-08-30
ISBN 10 : 9780080457017
Pages : 516 pages

Membrane Contactors: Fundamentals, Applications and Potentialities, Volume 11 covers new operations that could be efficiently used to improve the performance of a variety of industrial production cycles in applications ranging from biotechnology to agrofood. This book focuses on the basic "principles of work": required membrane materials and properties; major operating parameters; the importance of module configuration and design and; the performance of membrane contactors in specific processes. The authors’ dynamic approach to this subject makes Membrane Contactors: Fundamentals, Applications and Potentialities, Volume 11 the most comprehensive book currently available on all aspects related to the 'membrane contactor world. * Describes new unit operations in process engineering * Covers a wide variety of industrial applications, from biotechnology to agrofood * Applicable to process intensification and sustainable growth strategies

Comprehensive Membrane Science and Engineering
Author : Enrico Drioli,Lidietta Giorno
Publisher : Newnes
Release Date : 2010-07-09
ISBN 10 : 0080932509
Pages : 1570 pages

This multivolume work covers all aspects of membrane science and technology - from basic phenomena to the most advanced applications and future perspectives. Modern membrane engineering is critical to the development of process-intensification strategies and to the stimulation of industrial growth. The work presents researchers and industrial managers with an indispensable tool toward achieving these aims. Covers membrane science theory and economics, as well as applications ranging from chemical purification and natural gas enrichment to potable water Includes contributions and case studies from internationally recognized experts and from up-and-coming researchers working in this multi-billion dollar field Takes a unique, multidisciplinary approach that stimulates research in hybrid technologies for current (and future) life-saving applications (artificial organs, drug delivery)

Membrane Engineering
Author : Enrico Drioli,Lidietta Giorno,Francesca Macedonio
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
Release Date : 2018-12-17
ISBN 10 : 3110381540
Pages : 346 pages

Modern membrane science and technology aids engineers in developing and designing more efficient and environmentally-friendly processes. The optimal material and membrane selection as well as applications in the many involved industries are provided. This work is the ideal introduction for engineers working in membrane science and applications (wastewater, desalination, adsorption, and catalysis), process engineers in separation science, biologists and biochemists, environmental scientists, and most of all students. Its multidisciplinary approach also stimulates thinking of hybrid technologies for current and future life-saving applications (artificial organs, drug delivery).

Liquid Membranes
Author : Vladimir S Kislik
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2009-08-31
ISBN 10 : 9780080932569
Pages : 462 pages

Liquid Membranes: Principles and Applications in Chemical Separations and Wastewater Treatment discusses the principles and applications of the liquid membrane (LM) separation processes in organic and inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, gas separation, and wastewater treatment. It presents updated, useful, and systematized information on new LM separation technologies, along with new developments in the field. It provides an overview of LMs and LM processes, and it examines the mechanisms and kinetics of carrier-facilitated transport through LMs. It also discusses active transport, driven by oxidation-reduction, catalytic, and bioconversion reactions on the LM interfaces; modifications of supported LMs; bulk aqueous hybrid LM processes with water-soluble carriers; emulsion LMs and their applications; and progress in LM science and engineering. This book will be of value to students and young researchers who are new to separation science and technology, as well as to scientists and engineers involved in the research and development of separation technologies, LM separations, and membrane reactors. - Provides comprehensive knowledge-based information on the principles and applications of a variety of liquid membrane separation processes. - Contains a critical analysis of new technologies published in the last 15 years.

Re-Engineering the Chemical Processing Plant
Author : Andrzej Stankiewicz,Jacob A. Moulijn
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2018-12-14
ISBN 10 : 0203913299
Pages : 368 pages

The first guide to compile current research and frontline developments in the science of process intensification (PI), Re-Engineering the Chemical Processing Plant illustrates the design, integration, and application of PI principles and structures for the development and optimization of chemical and industrial plants. This volume updates professionals on emerging PI equipment and methodologies to promote technological advances and operational efficacy in chemical, biochemical, and engineering environments and presents clear examples illustrating the implementation and application of specific process-intensifying equipment and methods in various commercial arenas.

Book of Abstracts
Author : Institution of Chemical Engineers, The
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2005
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 600 pages

CD-ROM contains conference manuscripts.

Process Intensification
Author : David Reay,Colin Ramshaw,Adam Harvey
Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann
Release Date : 2013-06-05
ISBN 10 : 0080983057
Pages : 624 pages

Process Intensification: Engineering for Efficiency, Sustainability and Flexibility is the first book to provide a practical working guide to understanding process intensification (PI) and developing successful PI solutions and applications in chemical process, civil, environmental, energy, pharmaceutical, biological, and biochemical systems. Process intensification is a chemical and process design approach that leads to substantially smaller, cleaner, safer, and more energy efficient process technology. It improves process flexibility, product quality, speed to market and inherent safety, with a reduced environmental footprint. This book represents a valuable resource for engineers working with leading-edge process technologies, and those involved research and development of chemical, process, environmental, pharmaceutical, and bioscience systems. No other reference covers both the technology and application of PI, addressing fundamentals, industry applications, and including a development and implementation guide Covers hot and high growth topics, including emission prevention, sustainable design, and pinch analysis World-class authors: Colin Ramshaw pioneered PI at ICI and is widely credited as the father of the technology

Membrane-based Desalination
Author : Enrico Drioli,Alessandra Criscuoli,Francesca Macedonio
Publisher : IWA Publishing
Release Date : 2011
ISBN 10 : 1843393212
Pages : 229 pages

Reverse Osmosis is the dominant technology in water desalination. However, some critical issues remain open: improvement of water quality, enhancement of the recovery factor, reduction of the unit water cost, minimizing the brine disposal impact. This book aims to solve these problems with an innovative approach based on the integration of different membrane operations in pre-treatment and post-treatment stages. Membrane-Based Desalination: An Integrated Approach (acronym MEDINA) has been a three years project funded by the European Commission within the 6th Framework Program. The project team has developed a work programme aiming to improve the current design and operation practices of membrane systems used for water desalination, trying to solve or, at least, to decrease the critical issues of sea and brackish water desalination systems. In the book, the main results achieved in the nine Work Packages constituting the project will be described, and dismissed by the leaders of the various WPs. The following areas are explored in the book: -the development of advanced analytical methods for feed water characterization, appropriate fouling indicators and prediction tools, procedures and protocols at full-scale desalination facilities; -the identification of optimal seawater pre-treatment strategies by designing advanced hybrid membrane processes (submerged hollow fibre filtration/reaction, adsorption/ion exchange/ozonation) and comparison with conventional methods; -the optimisation of RO membrane module configuration, cleaning strategies, reduction of scaling potential by NF; -the development of strategies aiming to approach the concept of Zero Liquid Discharge (increasing the water recovery factor up to 950/0 by using Membrane Distillation - MD; bringing concentrates to solids by Membrane Crystallization or Wind Intensified Enhanced Evaporation) and to reduce the brine disposal environmental impact and cost; -increase the sustainability of desalination process by reducing energy consumption(evaluation of MD, demonstration of a new energy recovery device for SWRO installations)and use of renewable energy (wind and solar).

Integrated Membrane Operations
Author : Alfredo Cassano,Enrico Drioli
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter
Release Date : 2013-12-12
ISBN 10 : 3110285665
Pages : 375 pages

This comprehensive reference work describes in an instructive manner the combination of different membrane operations such as enzyme membrane reactors (EMR's), microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF) and osmotic distillation (OD) is studied in order to identify their synergistic effects on the optimization of processes in agro-food productions (fruit juices, wines, milk and vegetable beverages) and wastewater treatments within the process intensification strategy. The introduction to integrated membrane operations is followed by applications in the several industries of the food sector, such as valorization of food processing streams, biocatalytic membrane reactors, and membrane emulsification.

Process Intensification Technologies for Green Chemistry
Author : Kamelia Boodhoo,Adam Harvey
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2013-01-03
ISBN 10 : 1118498534
Pages : 432 pages

The successful implementation of greener chemical processesrelies not only on the development of more efficient catalysts forsynthetic chemistry but also, and as importantly, on thedevelopment of reactor and separation technologies which candeliver enhanced processing performance in a safe, cost-effectiveand energy efficient manner. Process intensification has emerged asa promising field which can effectively tackle the challenges ofsignificant process enhancement, whilst also offering the potentialto diminish the environmental impact presented by the chemicalindustry. Following an introduction to process intensification and theprinciples of green chemistry, this book presents a number ofintensified technologies which have been researched and developed,including case studies to illustrate their application to greenchemical processes. Topics covered include: • Intensified reactor technologies: spinning discreactors, microreactors, monolith reactors, oscillatory flowreactors, cavitational reactors • Combined reactor/separator systems: membrane reactors,reactive distillation, reactive extraction, reactiveabsorption • Membrane separations for green chemistry • Industry relevance of process intensification,including economics and environmental impact, opportunities forenergy saving, and practical considerations for industrialimplementation. Process Intensification for Green Chemistry is a valuableresource for practising engineers and chemists alike who areinterested in applying intensified reactor and/or separator systemsin a range of industries to achieve green chemistry principles.

11th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering - PSE2012
Author : N.A
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2012-12-31
ISBN 10 : 0444595082
Pages : 1800 pages

While the PSE community continues its focus on understanding, synthesizing, modeling, designing, simulating, analyzing, diagnosing, operating, controlling, managing, and optimizing a host of chemical and related industries using the systems approach, the boundaries of PSE research have expanded considerably over the years. While early PSE research was largely concerned with individual units and plants, the current research spans wide ranges of scales in size (molecules to processing units to plants to global multinational enterprises to global supply chain networks; biological cells to ecological webs) and time (instantaneous molecular interactions to months of plant operation to years of strategic planning). The changes and challenges brought about by increasing globalization and the the common global issues of energy, sustainability, and environment provide the motivation for the theme of PSE2012: Process Systems Engineering and Decision Support for the Flat World. Each theme includes an invited chapter based on the plenary presentation by an eminent academic or industrial researcher Reports on the state-of-the-art advances in the various fields of process systems engineering Addresses common global problems and the research being done to solve them

21st European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering
Author : E. N. Pistikopoulos,M. C. Georgiadis,A. C. Kokossis
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2011-05-26
ISBN 10 : 044453895X
Pages : 2029 pages

The European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE) series presents the latest innovations and achievements of leading professionals from the industrial and academic communities. The ESCAPE series serves as a forum for engineers, scientists, researchers, managers and students to present and discuss progress being made in the area of Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE). European industries large and small are bringing innovations into our lives, whether in the form of new technologies to address environmental problems, new products to make our homes more comfortable and energy efficient or new therapies to improve the health and well-being of European citizens. Moreover, the European Industry needs to undertake research and technological initiatives in response to humanity's "Grand Challenges", described in the declaration of Lund, namely, Global Warming, Tightening Supplies of Energy, Water and Food, Ageing Societies, Public Health, Pandemics and Security. Thus, the Technical Theme of ESCAPE 21 will be "Process Systems Approaches for Addressing Grand Challenges in Energy, Environment, Health, Bioprocessing & Nanotechnologies".

Sustainable Development in Chemical Engineering
Author : Vincenzo Piemonte,Marcello De Falco,Angelo Basile
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2013-05-28
ISBN 10 : 1118629841
Pages : 384 pages

Sustainable development is an area that has world-wide appeal,from developed industrialized countries to the developing world.Development of innovative technologies to achieve sustainability isbeing addressed by many European countries, the USA and also Chinaand India. The need for chemical processes to be safe, compact,flexible, energy efficient, and environmentally benign andconducive to the rapid commercialization of new products poses newchallenges for chemical engineers. This book examines the newest technologies for sustainabledevelopment in chemical engineering, through careful analysis ofthe technical aspects, and discussion of the possible fields ofindustrial development. The book is broad in its coverage, and is divided into foursections: Energy Production, covering renewable energies,innovative solar technologies, cogeneration plants, and smartgrids Process Intensification, describing why it is importantin the chemical and petrochemical industry, the engineeringapproach, and nanoparticles as a smart technology forbioremediation Bio-based Platform Chemicals, including the productionof bioethanol and biodiesel, bioplastics production andbiodegradability, and biosurfactants Soil and Water Remediation, covering water managementand re-use, and soil remediation technologies Throughout the book there are case studies and examples ofindustrial processes in practice.

Modeling of Process Intensification
Author : Frerich J. Keil
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2007-06-27
ISBN 10 : 3527610596
Pages : 422 pages

Combining the knowledge involved in process engineering and process modeling, this is the first book to cover all modeling methods applicable to process intensification. Both the editors and authors are renowned experts from industry and academia in the various fields of process modeling and integrated chemical processes. Following an introduction to the topic, the book goes on to look at equipment and operational methods, monolithic catalysis, HEX, micro- and reverse flow reactors, catalytic and reactive distillation, the simulated-moving bed and vibration bubble column as well as ultrasound and ultrasonic reactors. A final chapter is devoted to processes under supercritical conditions. In its treatment of hot topics of multidisciplinary interest, this book is of great value to researchers and engineers alike.

22nd European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering
Author : N.A
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2012-12-10
ISBN 10 : 0444594566
Pages : 1400 pages

Computer aided process engineering (CAPE) plays a key design and operations role in the process industries. This conference features presentations by CAPE specialists and addresses strategic planning, supply chain issues and the increasingly important area of sustainability audits. Experts collectively highlight the need for CAPE practitioners to embrace the three components of sustainable development: environmental, social and economic progress and the role of systematic and sophisticated CAPE tools in delivering these goals. Contributions from the international community of researchers and engineers using computing-based methods in process engineering Review of the latest developments in process systems engineering Emphasis on a systems approach in tackling industrial and societal grand challenges

Membrane Distillation
Author : Enrico Drioli
Publisher : MDPI
Release Date : 2018-03-23
ISBN 10 : 3038424609
Pages : 132 pages

This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Membrane Distillation" that was published in Applied Sciences

The Fundamentals of Process Intensification
Author : Andrzej Stankiewicz,Tom Van Gerven,Georgios Stefanidis
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2019-06-13
ISBN 10 : 3527680152
Pages : 350 pages

This advanced textbook covering the fundamentals and industry applications of process intensification (PI) discusses both the theoretical and conceptual basis of the discipline. Since interdisciplinarity is a key feature of PI, the material contained in the book reaches far beyond the classical area of chemical engineering. Developments in other relevant disciplines, such as chemistry, catalysis, energy technology, applied physics, electronics and materials science, are extensively described and discussed, while maintaining a chemical engineering perspective. Divided into three major parts, the first introduces the PI principles in detail and illustrates them using practical examples. The second part is entirely devoted to fundamental approaches of PI in four domains: spatial, thermodynamic, functional and temporal. The third and final part explores the methodology for applying fundamental PI approaches in practice. As well as detailing technologies, the book focuses on safety, energy and environmental issues, giving guidance on how to incorporate PI in plant design and operation -- safely, efficiently and effectively.