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Classics in Progress
Author : T. P. Wiseman,Timothy Peter Wiseman
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release Date : 2006-01-26
ISBN 10 : 9780197263235
Pages : 451 pages

The study of Greco-Roman civilisation is as exciting and innovative today as it has ever been. This intriguing collection of essays by contemporary classicists reveals new discoveries, new interpretations and new ways of exploring the experiences of the ancient world. Through one and a half millennia of literature, politics, philosophy, law, religion and art, the classical world formed the origin of western culture and thought. This book emphasises the many ways in which it continues to engage with contemporary life. Offering a wide variety of authorial style, the chapters range in subject matter from contemporary poets' exploitation of Greek and Latin authors, via newly discovered literary texts and art works, to modern arguments about ancient democracy and slavery, and close readings of the great poets and philosophers of antiquity. This engaging book reflects the current rejuvenation of classical studies and will fascinate anyone with an interest in western history.

Work in Progress
Author : Kristin Armstrong
Publisher : FaithWords
Release Date : 2009-03-11
ISBN 10 : 044654454X
Pages : 240 pages

When Kristin Armstrong was in the pit of her divorce, she eagerly read every spiritual book and devotional she could get her hands on out of a hunger to connect with someone who knew exactly what she was going through and how she felt. Now, at a time when society offers so many conflicting messages about what it means to be a woman, Kristin invites readers to discover grace as a way of life. Using real-life anecdotes, biblical wisdom, and insight born of hard experience, Kristin teaches women the twelve traits of grace, inviting reflection and interaction. Warm, engaging, and practical, WORK IN PROGRESS examines what God has to say about being His kind of woman in the twenty-first century.

Order in Progress
Author : Marc Depaepe,Kristof Dams,Betty Eggermont,Maurits Vroede
Publisher : Leuven University Press
Release Date : 2000
ISBN 10 : 9789058670342
Pages : 265 pages

Work in Progress
Author : Sean Alexander Gurd
Publisher : OUP USA
Release Date : 2011-12-06
ISBN 10 : 0199837511
Pages : 167 pages

Work in Progress offers the first in-depth study of the cultural and social importance of literary revision among ancient Greek and Roman authors.

Family in Progress
Author : Brenda Harlen
Publisher : Silhouette
Release Date : 2008-10-01
ISBN 10 : 1426822898
Pages : 224 pages

Hiring crackerjack photographer Samara Kerizo was one of the best business moves Steven Warren ever made. But falling for the gorgeous Tokyo transplant was not on the single father's agenda. Even if Samara was quickly turning his mind from business to pleasure… Working for Steven was just the fresh start Samara needed. But falling for her sexy boss wasn't part of the deal…until an off-the-books date led to and off-the-charts kiss! And though Steven might be a whiz at restoring old cars, Samara knew all the right moves…especially when it came to winning the hearts of the wayr widower and his irresistible kids….

Technoscience in Progress
Author : Simone Arnaldi,Andrea Lorenzet
Publisher : IOS Press
Release Date : 2009
ISBN 10 : 1607500221
Pages : 143 pages

Nanotechnology seems to escape boundaries and definitions. The 'Rush to Nanoscale' spreads throughout different sites and arenas, involving a multiplicity of actors, meanings and spaces in which they emerge. The uncertainty of nanotechnology appears to be both a condition and a consequence of this situation. This volume adds to the collective effort of charting the multiple and heterogeneous dimensions that characterize nanotechnology, by analyzing the numerous modalities through which different stakeholders and actors provide definitions, attribute meaning and sense to nano-enabled innovations. The chapters of the book attempt to highlight how nanotechnologies, their discourse, and their actual and potential implications cannot be isolated in laboratories, factories, markets and separate discussion arenas.

work in progress
Author : penelope howell
Publisher :
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 0557130425
Pages : 329 pages

Potato in progress
Author : A.J. Haverkort,P.C. Struik
Publisher : Wageningen Academic Publishers
Release Date : 2005-08-30
ISBN 10 : 9076998841
Pages : 366 pages

This book contains the proceedings of the Potato 2005 conference, held in Emmeloord, The Netherlands. This conference offered a platform to a diverse group of stakeholders in the potato industry to learn what science has to offer. At the same time it created an environment for scientists to learn what drives the industry in the rapidly changing world of the potato. The contributions in this book reflect the rapid developments both in the industry and in science. The nutritional aspects of the potato tuber are discussed as well as the volatile consumer moods in saturated or new markets. Latest developments in potato breeding and seed potato production are highlighted and these contributions underline how these potato sectors have been revolutionized. The present and future role of decision support systems in managing inputs of nitrogen and water and in managing pests (and thus in making potato production more sustainable) is described. Several innovations in technology development in potato production and storage are illustrated. Experts provide the latest news on crop protection, with a focus on developments in the control of the potato brown rot bacterium and late blight. Finally the trends in potato trade are described. This book shows that the potato crop is progressing globally - with increasing impact on food supply and added value - providing many opportunities for science to meet practice.

Work in Progress
Author : Jackie Gerstein
Publisher : Wood 'N' Barnes Publishing
Release Date : 2000
ISBN 10 : 9781885473387
Pages : 192 pages

Partners in Progress
Author : Ricardo Martinez
Publisher : DIANE Publishing
Release Date : 1995
ISBN 10 : 9780788140303
Pages : 123 pages

Work in Progress
Author : Joy Lutes
Publisher : Xulon Press
Release Date : 2008-07
ISBN 10 : 1606475266
Pages : 136 pages

Joy Lutes wrote her first poem around age 10. In the ensuing two decades, she has crafted and accumulated poignant poetry as events in her life provided inspiration. Some were written to celebrate, others to motivate. What is central to them all is the message of hope and faith that is the center of Lutes' life. You will find that her poetry reflects the real world struggles of a believer in Christ who finds strength in her abiding faith as she encounters life's challenges. She has put together this compilation of work - some new and some from her past - in the hope that others will discover or rediscover the greatest inspiration of all and the only certainty in an uncertain world - faith in the One True God. Joy Lutes was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and spent her youth growing up 'across the river' in Marietta, Ohio. She earned a B.A. in Political Science from Wheeling Jesuit University. Joy spent several years in politics working on Capitol Hill and on several campaigns across the country. She now does freelance public relations work from her home in Alexandria, Virginia, where she resides with her husband and beloved basset hound, Riley.

Essie in Progress
Author : Marjorie Preston
Publisher : Kregel Publications
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 0825489490
Pages : 329 pages

Work in Progress...
Author : Mary Barrett
Publisher : iUniverse
Release Date : 2010-04-09
ISBN 10 : 1450223079
Pages : 168 pages

A Collection of Reflective and Devotional Spiritual Studies What if there was a such a thing as a toolbox that could help us work on our relationship with God and others? Would you be interested? Our Spiritual journey is a "work in progress" keeping it maintained and productive requires the right "tools" for the job. Unless we intentionally pick up and apply each tool, they cannot be useful. Without proper and well used Spiritual tools, our relationship are not as fulfilling. Tools are essentials. the more we know about each tool the better it will work. It takes commitment and dedication to using the tools that wil make changes in our lives. If we are open to using a Christian toolbox; we will strengthen our relationship with God. The job site of life is hard, these tools make doing the work possible. this is the fourth book in the Mother In Love Series. we invite Jesus onto on the job site of our hearts as we spend time learning the tools of the Christian trade. The blueprint we will follow offers us scripture, personal stories, questions and reflective contemplation. If you're ready, strap on that tool belt. It is time to punch in and get to work. Remember, tools do not work if we are unwilling to use them.

Masterpiece in Progress
Author : Jeff Steinberg
Publisher : New Leaf Publishing Group
Release Date : 1990-05-01
ISBN 10 : 0892211830
Pages : 290 pages

They called his condition Phocomelia, probably the result of Thalidomide or some medication prescribed for his mother. Born with tiny scissored legs, only one arm, and that tiny stump, Jeff spent his first years in a welfare center and then later in a Shriners? Hospital, where he learned to walk in braces, feed himself with a hook, and fight for survival. Later he went to live in a home for the severely disabled, where he would have spent the rest of his life. But God had other plans. The Master Artist was at work putting together the materials that He would use to create another masterpiece. Jeff Steinberg's story is about a masterpiece in progress ? living proof of what a person can become when willing to be shaped by the hands of the Master Artist. Someone once described Jeff as having ?a face like B.J. Thomas and a voice like Neil Diamond.? He now travels around the country, singing about what God has done with his life and encouraging others to be ?the best YOU ?

ULYSSES in Progress
Author : Michael Groden
Publisher : Princeton University Press
Release Date : 2014-07-14
ISBN 10 : 1400855268
Pages : 252 pages

The publication of James Joyce's Ulysses crowned years of writing and constant rewriting at almost every stage, so that as many as ten versions exist for some pages. To understand how Joyce worked, Michael Groden traces the book's history in detail, synthesizing evidence from notebooks, drafts, manuscripts, typescripts, and proofs. Originally published in 1977. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Lessons in Progress
Author : Michael Dennis
Publisher : University of Illinois Press
Release Date : 2001
ISBN 10 : 9780252026171
Pages : 272 pages

Lessons in Progress provides a detailed look at how progressivism transformed higher education in the New South. Orchestrated by an alliance of northern philanthropists and southern intellectuals, modernizing universities focused on practical, utilitarian education aimed at reinvigorating the South through technological advancement. They also offered an institutional vehicle by which a new, urban middle class could impose order on a society in flux. Michael Dennis charts the emergence of the modern southern university through the administrations of four university presidents: Edwin Alderman (Virginia), Samuel C. Mitchell (South Carolina), Walter Barnard Hill (Georgia), and Charles Dabney (Tennessee). He shows how these administrative leaders worked to professionalize the university and to knit together university and state agencies, promoting a social service role in which university personnel would serve as expert advisors on everything from public health to highway construction. Dennis also explains how the programs of educational progressives perpetuated traditional divisions of race, sex, and class. The Tuskegee/Hampton model favored industrial education for blacks whose labor would support the South's expanding urban industrial complex, while education for women was careful not to disturb conventional notions of a woman's place. White workers found themselves subject to an increasingly centralized system of education that challenged their traditional independence. State universities in the New South were not isolated enclaves of classical learning but rather were inextricably tied to social reform initiatives. Seeking a more practical and socially responsible form of education, university modernizers succeeded in establishing the framework of a more modern, bureaucratic state. Despite their accomplishments, however, they failed to generate the kind of economic progress they had envisioned for the South.

Language Attrition in Progress
Author : Bert Weltens,Kees de Bot,Theo van Els
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter
Release Date : 1987-01-01
ISBN 10 : 3110857863
Pages : 230 pages

Language acquisition is a human endeavor par excellence. As children, all human beings learn to understand and speak at least one language: their mother tongue. It is a process that seems to take place without any obvious effort. Second language learning, particularly among adults, causes more difficulty. The purpose of this series is to compile a collection of high-quality monographs on language acquisition. The series serves the needs of everyone who wants to know more about the problem of language acquisition in general and/or about language acquisition in specific contexts.

Joyce in Progress
Author : Franca Ruggieri,John McCourt,Enrico Terrinoni
Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Release Date : 2009-10-02
ISBN 10 : 1443815519
Pages : 285 pages

The essays gathered in Joyce in Progress are the fruit of the First Annual Graduate Conference in Joyce Studies held at the Università Roma Tre in February 2008, and organized by the Italian James Joyce Foundation. They are a testament to the enduring fascination of Joyce's writings and the ongoing liveliness of debate about the writer and his works and contexts. There is a wide array of genuine research on show here, which looks at Joyce from a variety of angles, focusing on his deeply complex autobiographical fiction through genetic studies, post-colonial studies, eco-criticism and intertextual and multi-modal approaches. This volume offers ground-breaking multi-disciplinary readings and usefully connects Joyce’s work with that of contemporary writers, rivals, followers, and successors.

Miracles in Progress
Author : Raymond Mears
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release Date : 2010-02-20
ISBN 10 : 1450048439
Pages : 329 pages

Works in Progress
Author : Jenny Leigh Smith
Publisher : Yale University Press
Release Date : 2014-01-01
ISBN 10 : 0300200692
Pages : 272 pages

What really caused the failure of the Soviet Union's ambitious plans to modernize and industrialize its agricultural system? This book is the first to investigate the gap between the plans and the reality of the Soviet Union's mid-twentieth-century project to industrialize and modernize its agricultural system. Historians agree that the project failed badly: agriculture was inefficient, unpredictable, and environmentally devastating for the entire Soviet period. Yet assigning the blame exclusively to Soviet planners would be off the mark. The real story is much more complicated and interesting, Jenny Leigh Smith reveals in this deeply researched book. Using case studies from five Soviet regions, she acknowledges hubris and shortsightedness where it occurred but also gives fair consideration to the difficulties encountered and the successes--however modest--that were achieved.