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How We Love Workbook, Expanded Edition
Author : Milan Yerkovich,Kay Yerkovich
Publisher : WaterBrook
Release Date : 2017
ISBN 10 : 073529089X
Pages : 208 pages

Each of us relates to our spouse based on how we experienced love as a child. In this expanded and enhanced companion workbook to How We Love, relationship experts Milan and Kay Yerkovich offer assessments and conversation starters to help you and your spouse identify your relational patterns and realize how they are affecting you now. Their solution-focused tools help you: understand why your spouse relates to you the way he or she does, see the connection between your personal love style and your childhood, and how to follow specific, clear goals to create a thriving marriage. This practical guide will take your marriage to the new level of intimacy you've always wanted.--

How We Love
Author : Milan Yerkovich,Kay Yerkovich
Publisher : WaterBrook
Release Date : 2017
ISBN 10 : 0735290172
Pages : 352 pages

Subtitle varies in previous editions and versions.

How We Love Workbook
Author : Milan Yerkovich,Kay Yerkovich
Publisher : Waterbrook Press
Release Date : 2006
ISBN 10 : 9781400073009
Pages : 151 pages

Practical Help for Building a Stronger, More Passionate Marriage Every adult bears an “imprint of intimacy”–an inner sense of how much emotional vulnerability they can risk based on childhood lessons about handling their feelings and needs. Those past experiences shape your behavior, beliefs, and expectations of all current relationships, especially marriage. This powerful companion guidebook–perfect for use on your own or in a group setting–will help you apply the principles from How We Love and break free of the harmful imprints of the past. Inside you’ll find practical, solution-focused tools for building a stronger, more passionate marriage, including… ·specific questions to help you and your spouse pinpoint barriers to intimacy ·an assessment tool for identifying your intimacy imprint ·strategic guidance in applying the principles for increasing intimacy ·effective techniques to kickstart the process of lasting change ·a plan for developing clear, personalized goals for your marriage relationship Let relationship experts Milan and Kay Yerkovich guide you through a process of discovery that has transformed countless relationships, taking your marriage to a whole new level of intimacy as you learn to change How We Love.

I Love You But I Don't Trust You
Author : Mira Kirshenbaum
Publisher : Penguin
Release Date : 2012-02-07
ISBN 10 : 1101560045
Pages : 304 pages

A guide to restoring trust in broken relationships from a renowed couple’s therapist. Is my relationship worth saving? Will the trust ever come back? How can things be good between us again? Whether broken trust is due to daily dishonesties, a monumental betrayal, or even a history of hurts from the past, it can put a relationship at risk. This is the first book to show you exactly what to do to restore trust in your relationship, regardless of how it was damaged. In this complete guide, couples therapist Mira Kirshenbaum will also help you understand the stages by which trust strengthens when the rebuilding process is allowed to take place. And you will learn how the two of you can avoid the mistakes that prevent healing and discover how to feel secure with each other again.

I Love My Workbook
Author : Glenn Livingston
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2020-01-22
ISBN 10 : 9781732979260
Pages : 329 pages

Now you can walk yourself through the very same coaching process Dr Livingston has taken hundreds of clients through, step by precious step. Never Binge Again is a radically different approach to overcoming overeating, and this workbook will help you embrace and integrate all its powerful principles:Eat Healthy without Relying on Willpower: As you work your way through this book, starting with the very first exercise, you should find yourself dramatically less drained by constant decision making about food...and that energy can be finally be put to other, more important, healthier use!Discover the Body You Were Meant to Live In: As food becomes less and less of an issue your body can and should gradually shed the excess weight you've been holding until you reach a natural, comfortable weight.Escape the Tyranny of "Emotional Eating": Never again feel compelled to put bad food in your body just because you don't like the way you feel!Find Freedom from Food Obsession: As you eliminate and automate difficult food decisions, the mental obsession with food should lift. Put your mind to better use, including simply being present, mindful, and aware.Break Free from the Diet Mentality: Find sustainable habits you can live with for a lifetime!Uncover Your Most Personal and Sustainable Motivation: Get BOTH a short-term boost in motivation AND the power to carry you through the long run! All personalized to your specific needs.Reclaim Your Power: To this point you've been letting your Lizard Brain (lower brain) control you. It's time to take back the reins and show the Lizard who's boss!End Your War with Food: Ever fought a war with a bagel, donut, chocolate bar, piece of pizza, or dish of pasta?and lost? Are you exhausted from constantly trying to wage a "war on food" in your own head? where YOU are the primary casualty? See how to declare the war over once and for all so youcan find peace again. You'll love this workbook because within it is the power to put overeating and binge eating behind you for good!

How We Love Our Kids: The 5 Love Styles of Parenting
Author : Milan Yerkovich,Kay Yerkovich
Publisher : Waterbrook Press
Release Date : 2011
ISBN 10 : 0307729249
Pages : 294 pages

Offers advice to parents on overcoming the challenges with the five love styles and helps cultivate a connection with a child of any age.

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook
Author : Louise Hay
Publisher : Hay House, Inc
Release Date : 1995-03-07
ISBN 10 : 9781401930141
Pages : 176 pages

The Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook directly applies Louise’s techniques of self-love and positive thinking to a wide range of topics that affect us all on a daily basis, including: health, fears and phobias, sex, self-esteem, money and prosperity, friendship, addictive behavior, work, and intimacy. As Louise says, "These exercises will give you new information about yourself. You will be able to make new choices. If you are willing, then you can definitely create the kind of life you say you want."

The Self-Love Workbook
Author : Shainna Ali
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 2018-12-04
ISBN 10 : 1612438822
Pages : 160 pages

Experience the life-changing magic of self-love! You need love from yourself as much as from others. When you have low self-esteem, low confidence or even self-hatred, it’s impossible to live life to the fullest. It’s time to build your self-love and transform your attitude, emotions and overall outlook on life! This helpful workbook allows you to become aware of your own unique needs and goals while discovering how to better accept and love your true self. It includes a variety of constructive and actionable tips, tricks and exercises, including: • Interactive Activities explore a variety of fun and creative ways to love yourself • Reflection Prompts unpack your experiences and connect them to new lessons • Helpful Advice deepen your understanding of self-love and utilize it in the real world Self-love allows you not only to see your true self, but to truly accept who you are wholeheartedly. With this acceptance comes the freedom and confidence to live your life to its fullest. It’s time to conquer self-doubt and self-sabotage. It’s time to love yourself!

Author : Amir Levine,Rachel Heller
Publisher : Penguin
Release Date : 2010-12-30
ISBN 10 : 1101475161
Pages : 304 pages

Is there a science to love? In this groundbreaking book, psychiatrist and neuroscientist Amir Levine and psychologist Rachel S. F. Heller reveal how an understanding of attachment theory-the most advanced relationship science in existence today-can help us find and sustain love. Attachment theory forms the basis for many bestselling books on the parent/child relationship, but there has yet to be an accessible guide to what this fascinating science has to tell us about adult romantic relationships-until now. Attachment theory owes its inception to British psychologist and psychoanalyst John Bowlby, who in the 1950s examined the tremendous impact that our early relationships with our parents or caregivers has on the people we become. Also central to attachment theory is the discovery that our need to be in a close relationship with one or more individuals is embedded in our genes. In Attached, Levine and Heller trace how these evolutionary influences continue to shape who we are in our relationships today. According to attachment theory, every person behaves in relationships in one of three distinct ways: *ANXIOUS people are often preoccupied with their relationships and tend to worry about their partner's ability to love them back. *AVOIDANT people equate intimacy with a loss of independence and constantly try to minimize closeness. *SECURE people feel comfortable with intimacy and are usually warm and loving. Attached guides readers in determining what attachment style they and their mate (or potential mates) follow. It also offers readers a wealth of advice on how to navigate their relationships more wisely given their attachment style and that of their partner. An insightful look at the science behind love, Attached offers readers a road map for building stronger, more fulfilling connections.

By What We Love
Author : Charlene Carr
Publisher : Coastal Lines
Release Date : 2015-03-26
ISBN 10 : 0993923844
Pages : 198 pages

Sometimes getting exactly what you want is the worst thing ever. Dream job? Check. Man to make every woman you know stop and turn? Check. But when having one means giving up the other, what’s a girl … excuse me, woman to do? Eloise Grant, a successful and driven Public Relations Consultant, has worked her whole life to make sure she never has to depend on anyone but herself. But when she’s offered the promotion of a lifetime, depending on herself means leaving her friends, her family, and the man she loves behind. Whatever choice she makes, Eloise’s life is about to unravel. Smart and engaging. Heart wrenching and unpredictable. By What We Love, book 3 in the A New Start stand-alone series, is the story of a woman desperate to have it all, while battling with memories of a past she’d rather forget. Ready to read? Click the buy button and order your copy of this compelling story today! Here’s what readers have to say about By What We Love “This book was delightful, frustrating, hilarious, sad, insightful and hopeful but most of all, it was real.” – Gem Otto “By What We Love is a book that I LOVE. It is full of things to think about, contemplate, ruminate, discuss and perhaps even dream about… if you are a workaholic or are married to, or a partner of, a workaholic, this is a MUST READ.” – Sandra, Goodreads Reviewer “Such feels! Oh the surprises! … this book may be permanently etched on my heart… you should read this book. Seriously.” – Kitty’s Book Spot “With every page turn, the plot thickens somehow, making it an engaging read with lots of action.” – Katie Postlethwaite “Charlene Carr keeps amazing me by her life lessons. Can't wait for the next one!” – Amazon Reviewer “Any career driven woman could sympathize with Eloise… having to choose between their career and their family… you can see yourself in the main character’s shoes.” – Lorrea at WhatChaReadin’? “Charlene Carr takes you on a journey of the heart.” – Amazon Reviewer “I have never written a review for a book before but felt compelled to write one for By What We Love. I was drawn into the story from page one… I really enjoyed this book!” – Yvette Hernandez “Eloise is a very likable character… She's strong willed and a go getter. I cheered for her, I laughed with her, my heart broke with hers. Great writing!” – Jolita Aubin Book Club discussion questions are available on the author’s website.

Because.someone I Love Has Cancer
Author : American Cancer Society
Publisher : Amer Cancer Society
Release Date : 2002-11-01
ISBN 10 : 9780944235324
Pages : 79 pages

Use art to help your child deal with cancer in the family Your child may struggle with the uncertainty andinevitable change that come when a chronic illnessaffects someone they know. Because . . . SomeoneI Love Has Cancer offers your child support, encouragement,and opportunity for imaginative personalexpression. This inspired publication is designedto address the basic goals of therapeutic supportfor children (ages of 6–12) who have a loved onewith cancer. Creative activities allow your child towork through and express unfamiliar feelings andlearn to recognize and tap into positive moments.

Daily Meditations for Women Who Love Too Much
Author : Robin Norwood
Publisher : Random House
Release Date : 2000
ISBN 10 : 0099406128
Pages : 384 pages

The author of WOMEN WHO LOVE TOO MUCH, now enhances the practical wisdom of the previous book with years' worth of deep reflection and study. The result is a series of daily meditations that promote sane loving and serene living no matter what is - or isn't - happening in your personal lifeEach page stimulates awareness, offers guidance and fosters inner growth, providing fresh inspiration and insight with every reading.