how to write about economics and public policy

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How to Write about Economics and Public Policy
Author : Katerina Petchko
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2018-07-12
ISBN 10 : 0128130113
Pages : 472 pages

How to Write about Economics and Public Policy is designed to guide graduate students through conducting, and writing about, research on a wide range of topics in public policy and economics. This guidance is based upon the actual writing practices of professional researchers in these fields and it will appeal to practitioners and students in disciplinary areas such as international economics, macroeconomics, development economics, public finance, policy studies, policy analysis, and public administration. Supported by real examples from professional and student writers, the book helps students understand what is expected of writers in their field and guides them through choosing a topic for research to writing each section of the paper. This book would be equally effective as a classroom text or a self-study resource. Teaches students how to write about qualitative and quantitative research in public policy and economics in a way that is suitable for academic consumption and that can drive public policy debates Uses the genre-based approach to writing to teach discipline-appropriate ways of framing problems, designing studies, and writing and structuring content Includes authentic examples written by students and international researchers from various sub-disciplines of economics and public policy Contains strategies and suggestions for textual analysis of research samples to give students an opportunity to practice key points explained in the book Is based on a comprehensive analysis of a research corpus containing 400+ research articles in various areas of public policy and economics

Handbook of Behavioural Change and Public Policy
Author : Holger Straßheim,Silke Beck
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
Release Date : 2019
ISBN 10 : 1785367854
Pages : 384 pages

Behavioural change has become a core issue of public policy. Behavioural instruments such as ‘nudging’ apply insights from behavioural economics and behavioural sciences, psychology and neurosciences across a broad range of policy areas. Behavioural insights teams and networks facilitate the global spread of behavioural public policies. Despite an ever-growing amount of literature, research has remained fragmented. This comprehensive Handbook unites interdisciplinary scholarship, with contributions critically assessing the state and direction of behavioural public policies, their normative implications and political consequences.

Human Resource Economics and Public Policy
Author : Charles J. Whalen
Publisher : W.E. Upjohn Institute
Release Date : 2010
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 304 pages

This book honors Vernon Briggs's professional contributions. This book contains important discussions on issues of human resource economics, which is now often described as workforce development. This book offers much research information and policy analysis that can be used to develop what is needed for an active set of national human resource policies.

Reflections on Allan H. Meltzer's Contributions to Monetary Economics and Public Policy
Author : David Beckworth
Publisher : Hoover Press
Release Date : 2019-10-01
ISBN 10 : 0817923063
Pages : 200 pages

Allan H. Meltzer (1928–2017), a leading monetary economist of the twentieth century, is memorialized in eleven essays by prominent economists. Among his achievements, Meltzer transformed the field of central banking and dissected the economic disasters of the 1930s and late 2000s, as well as the avoidance of disaster in the 1970s. Focusing on his landmark A History of the Federal Reserve, 1913–1986, the first section argues that the Fed's biggest successes are tied to its adherence to classical monetary theory and also examines the monetarist counterrevolution. Next, the book turns to Meltzer's thinking on the monetary transmission mechanism and his close work with Karl Brunner on the Brunner-Meltzer Model; it argues that Meltzer's understanding of monetary economics could be used to measure the impact of the Fed's activities. Finally, Meltzer's contributions to public policy are examined, including his proposed reforms to the International Monetary Fund and his activities at the Carnegie Mellon Graduate School of Industrial Administration. The conference papers that compose this volume celebrate Meltzer's fifty-year career at Carnegie Mellon. The book ends with a transcribed interview, conducted just a few months before his death, in which he shares sharp-witted insights about economics and his legacy. Contributors: Michael Bordo, James Bullard, Joshua R. Hendrickson, Robert Hetzel, Peter N. Ireland, Robert Lucas, Edward Nelson, Gerald P. O'Driscoll Jr., Charles Plosser, George Selgin, and John Taylor.

The Welfare Economics of Public Policy
Author : Richard E. Just,Darrell L. Hueth,Andrew Schmitz
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
Release Date : 2005-01-01
ISBN 10 : 1845421574
Pages : 712 pages

The Welfare Economics of Public Policy is a great book that should be of interest to all economists interested in applied welfare analysis. It is a good reference book for economists studying the effects of public policy. Finally, it should be a useful textbook for students studying economic policy and applied welfare economics. Jean-Paul Chavas, American Journal of Agricultural Economics . . . a very comprehensive overview of the state of the art in welfare economics. It can be used as a teaching book for advanced students as well as a reference volume for researchers. This duality of possible uses is supported by the fact that very complex issues are presented in an easily readable manner. More technical aspects are then outlined in the appendices of the relevant chapters, offering colleagues the option to study formal considerations in more detail. . . a welcome addition to and expression of the knowledge base of agricultural economics. Stefan Mann, Journal of Agricultural Economics I am absolutely delighted that the authors have revised and republished this text. I have used the previous version for years in my graduate environmental economics course; usually I had to share the one copy I have with students and I felt it was a shame that these students did not have the opportunity to purchase the book since every serious environmental economist should have this volume on their shelf. It has been a continuous reference volume for me over the years and I am sure this is true of many others in the discipline. In the field of applied welfare analysis (spanning environmental economics, international trade, agricultural policy, etc.) there is no need for further elaboration when Just, Hueth and Schmitz is referenced. Everyone knows the book that is being referred to: the bible of applied welfare economics. Catherine Kling, Iowa State University, US For the record, I am one of the people who requested that the authors revise and re-issue their textbook. It is an extremely valuable book for applied economists; as with the previous edition, I will use it extensively in two of my courses and consult it frequently in my own research endeavors. Richard Adams, Oregon State University, US The original book is very well known in our profession and is still used in many classes. It will be wonderful to have a revised edition of this classic book. Colin Carter, University of California, Davis, US This outstanding text, a follow-up to the authors award-winning 1982 text, provides a thorough treatment of economic welfare theory and develops a complete theoretical and empirical framework for applied project and policy evaluation. The authors illustrate how this theory can be used to develop policy analysis from both theory and estimation in a variety of areas including: international trade, the economics of technological change, agricultural economics, the economics of information, environmental economics, and the economics of extractive and renewable natural resources. Building on willingness-to-pay (WTP) measures as the foundation for applied welfare economics, the authors develop measures for firms and households where households are viewed as both consumers and owner/sellers of resources. Possibilities are presented for (1) approximating WTP with consumer surplus, (2) measuring WTP exactly subject to errors in existing econometric work, and (3) using duality theory to specify econometric equations consistent with theory. Later chapters cover specific areas of welfare measurement under imperfect competition, uncertainty, incomplete information, externalities, and dynamic considerations. Applications are considered explicitly for policy issues related to information, international trade, the environment, agriculture, and other natural resource issues. The Welfare Economics of Public Policy is ideal for graduate and undergraduate courses in applied welfare economics, public policy, agricultural policy, and environmental economi

Inside a Public Policy Black Box
Author : Michael J. DeLor
Publisher : Lexington Books
Release Date : 2019-12-15
ISBN 10 : 1498524060
Pages : 242 pages

Michael J. DeLor focuses on how the operation and regulation of private electric utilities has become complicated and contentious in the United States in part because of environmental impact. As a consequence, Congress rarely passes substantive economic-based legislation dealing with the topic, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), as the primary federal economic regulator of private electric utilities, must often act without clear legislative guidance.

Public Policy and Professional Sports
Author : John K Wilson,Richard Pomfret
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
Release Date : 2014-09-26
ISBN 10 : 1782546243
Pages : 192 pages

øPublic Policy and Professional Sports _is a comprehensive analysis of public policy aspects of the economics of professional sports, supported by in-depth international case studies. It covers regulation and competition in the sports industry and its

Philosophy, Ethics, and Public Policy: An Introduction
Author : Andrew I Cohen
Publisher : Routledge
Release Date : 2014-09-15
ISBN 10 : 1317677129
Pages : 234 pages

What makes a policy work? What should policies attempt to do, and what ought they not do? These questions are at the heart of both policy-making and ethics. Philosophy, Ethics and Public Policy: An Introduction examines these questions and more. Andrew I. Cohen uses contemporary examples and controversies, mainly drawn from policy in a North American context, to illustrate important flashpoints in ethics and public policy, such as: public policy and globalization: sweatshops; medicine and the developing world; immigration marriage, family and education: same-sex marriage; women and the family; education and Intelligent Design justifying and responding to state coercion: torture; reparations and restorative justice the ethics of the body and commodification: the human organ trade, and factory farming of animals. Each chapter illustrates how ethics offers ways of prioritizing some policy alternatives and imagining new ones. Reflecting on various themes in globalization, markets, and privacy, the chapters are windows to enduring significant debates about what states may do to shape our behavior. Overall, the book will help readers understand how ethics can frame policymaking, while also suggesting that sometimes the best policy is no policy. Including annotated further reading, this is an excellent introduction to a fast-growing subject for students in Philosophy, Public Policy, and related disciplines.

Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy: A-J
Author : Jack Rabin
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2003
ISBN 10 : 9780824709464
Pages : 1318 pages

From the Nuremberg trials to the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 to recent budget reconciliation bills, the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy provides detailed coverage of watershed policies and decisions from such fields as privatization, biomedical ethics, education, and diversity. This second edition features a wide range of new topics, including military administration, government procurement, social theory, and justice administration in developed democracies. It also addresses current issues such as the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and covers public administration in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Pacific, and Latin America.

Health Care and Public Policy
Author : David A. Reisman
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
Release Date : 2009-01-01
ISBN 10 : 1847207138
Pages : 362 pages

Health care is absorbing an increasing share of resources in all countries. It is the task of public policy to ensure that the nation secures good quality attention at an affordable price. This book, distinguishing clearly between health status and health care, examines the ways in which governments can keep down morbidity and mortality while also ensuring that treatments are medically justifiable, economically cost-effective and socially equitable. Ignorance, uncertainty, asymmetrical information, professional monopolies, insurance and poverty all mean that the market by itself is not enough. Pragmatic intervention is also required to ensure that well-being and social justice are delivered in combination with value for money. Health Care and Public Policy is a comprehensive and intelligible cross-disciplinary account of the objectives of health care policy (medical, social, economic) and of the policy-tools that government can employ (cost benefit analysis, entry barriers, competition) in order to ensure that scarce resources are not wasted nor needy social groups deprived of basic and affordable care. Health policy is hotly debated in all countries. This cross-national book is timely and relevant. It will be of special interest to academics and students who want to deepen their understanding of health economics, social policy and administration, public policy and government, political economy and the logic of institutions.

Writing Effective Public Policy Papers
Author : Eóin Young,Lisa Quinn
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2002
ISBN 10 : 9789639419391
Pages : 113 pages

Handbook on Science and Public Policy
Author : Dagmar Simon,Stefan Kuhlmann,Julia Stamm,Weert Canzler
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
Release Date : 2019
ISBN 10 : 1784715948
Pages : 584 pages

This Handbook assembles state-of-the-art insights into the co-evolutionary and precarious relations between science and public policy. Beyond this, it also offers a fresh outlook on emerging challenges for science (including technology and innovation) in changing societies, and related policy requirements, as well as the challenges for public policy in view of science-driven economic, societal, and cultural changes. In short, this book deals with science as a policy-triggered project as well as public policy as a science-driven venture.