handbook of non invasive drug delivery systems

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Handbook of Non-Invasive Drug Delivery Systems
Author : Vitthal S. Kulkarni
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2009-12-31
ISBN 10 : 9780815520269
Pages : 328 pages

With the improvements in formulation science and certain transdermal delivery technologies, the non-invasive mode of drug delivery is now ready to compete with traditional methods of oral and injectible routes of drug delivery. The Handbook of Non-Invasive Drug Delivery Systems encompasses the broad field of non-invasive drug delivery systems that include drug delivery via topical, transdermal-passive, transdermal-active (device- aided enhanced penetration), trans-mucosal membrane, trans-ocular membrane as well as delivery via alveolar membrane from inhaled medication. Patient compliance has been found to be much higher when administrated by non-invasive routes and therefore they are considered to be a preferred mode of drug delivery. The book includes both science and technological aspects of new drug delivery systems. Its unique focus is that it is on new drug delivery systems that are considered to be "non-invasive". Other unique features include a chapter on Regulatory Aspects of non-invasive systems and one on FDA guidance for topical nano-drug delivery. Two chapters covering market trends and perspectives, as well as providing guidance to those marketing such systems are also included.

Topical and Transdermal Drug Delivery
Author : Heather A. E. Benson,Adam C. Watkinson
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2012-02-03
ISBN 10 : 1118140494
Pages : 432 pages

Practical drug development approaches presented by leadingexperts Designed to support the development of new, effectivetherapeutics, Topical and Transdermal Drug Delivery: Principlesand Practice explains the principles underlying the field andthen demonstrates how these principles are put into practice in thedesign and development of new drug products. Drawing together andreviewing the latest research findings, the book focuses onpractical, tested, and proven approaches that are backed byindustry case studies and the authors' firsthand experience.Moreover, the book emphasizes the mechanistic information that isessential for successful drug product development. Topical and Transdermal Drug Delivery: Principles andPractice is divided into two parts: Part One, Current Science, Skin Permeation, andEnhancement Approaches, offers readers a fundamental understandingof the underlying science in the field. It describes the principlesand techniques needed to successfully perform experimentalapproaches, covering such issues as skin permeation, enhancement,and assessment. Part Two, Topical and Transdermal Product Development,guides readers through the complete product development processfrom concept to approval, offering practical tips and cautions fromexperts in the field. This part also discusses regulations that arespecific to the development of dermal drug products. The finalchapter explores current and future trends, forecasting newdevelopment techniques and therapeutics. Throughout the book, the authors clearly set forth the basicscience and experimental procedures, making it possible forresearchers to design their own experimental approaches andaccurately interpret their results. With contributions from experienced drug researchers, this textis highly recommended for all researchers involved in topical andtransdermal product development who need to know both the state ofthe science and the standards of practice.

Transdermal Drug Delivery
Author : Kevin Ita
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2020-06-12
ISBN 10 : 0128225513
Pages : 324 pages

Transdermal Drug Delivery: Concepts and Application provides comprehensive background knowledge and documents the most recent advances made in the field of transdermal drug delivery. It provides comprehensive and updated information regarding most technologies and formulation strategies used for transdermal drug delivery. There has been recent growth in the number of research articles, reviews, and other types of publications in the field of transdermal drug delivery. Research in this area is active both in the academic and industry settings. Ironically, only about 40 transdermal products with distinct active pharmaceutical ingredients are in the market indicating that more needs to be done to chronicle recent advances made in this area and to elucidate the mechanisms involved. This book will be helpful to researchers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries as well as academics and graduate students working in the field of transdermal drug delivery and professionals working in the field of regulatory affairs focusing on topical and transdermal drug delivery systems. Researchers in the cosmetic and cosmeceutical industries, as well as those in chemical and biological engineering, will also find this book useful. Captures the most recent advancements and challenges in the field of transdermal drug delivery Covers both passive and active transdermal drug delivery strategies Explores a selection of state-of-the-art transdermal drug delivery systems

Polymeric Nanomedicines
Author : Marcel Popa,Constantin V. Uglea
Publisher : Bentham Science Publishers
Release Date : 2013-05-29
ISBN 10 : 1608054845
Pages : 821 pages

Over the last few decades, numerous nanoparticle platforms have been studied for their use in therapeutic applications. This book deals with the description of the construction of technical systems that combines different functionalities which bring liposomes, polymer-drug conjugates, polymer-protein conjugates, dendrimers, polymeric micelles, polymerosomes and other nanoparticles into the realm of nanotechnology proper, as opposed to traditional pharmacology or supramolecular chemistry. The volume additionally covers topics such as passive and active targeting, the strategies used for drug targeting, and the synthesis and characterization of polymeric nanoparticle platforms. Targeted polymeric nanomedicines have shown exciting results in preclinical studies, demonstrating their potential as therapeutic carriers. Therefore, the development of polymeric nanomedicines as therapeutic agents has generated great enthusiasm both in academia and industry. The book is systematically divided into chapters devoted to a class of polymeric nanomedicines. Each chapter also describes relevant aspects relating to drug design and targeting of polymeric nanomedicines wherever possible. In addition, a series of chapters concerning the contribution of polymeric nanomedicines in the treatment of several categories of diseases including cancer, inflammatory, renal, immunological diseases, and brain disorders is also presented. Key features of this book include: - A comprehensive and cutting-edge overview of polymeric nanomedicines available in a single dedicated volume - Discussions on advances in drug delivery systems for a variety of diseases - more than 2000 references, tables, equations, and drawings Readers, whether beginners or experts, will find in this book, contemporary and relevant information regarding the synthesis, evaluation and applications of polymeric nanomedicines. Supplemented with extensive bibliographic references, tables and figures, this book is an essential and incomparable reference for medicinal chemists, biologists, and medical (oncologic) researchers, as well as for scientists, undergraduate and graduate students in the field of medical bioengineering and polymer nanoscience.

Drug Delivery Systems
Author : N.A
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2019-10-23
ISBN 10 : 0128145080
Pages : 792 pages

Drug Delivery Systems examines the current state of the field within pharmaceutical science and concisely explains the history of drug delivery systems, including key developments. The book translates the physicochemical properties of drugs into drug delivery systems administered via various routes, such as oral, parenteral, transdermal and inhalational. Regulatory and product development topics are also explored. Written by experts in the field, this volume in the Advances in Pharmaceutical Product Development and Research series deepens our understanding of drug delivery systems within the pharmaceutical sciences industry and research, as well as in chemical engineering. Each chapter delves into a particular aspect of this fundamental field to cover the principles, methodologies and technologies employed by pharmaceutical scientists. This book provides a comprehensive examination that is suitable for researchers and advanced students working in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biotechnologies, and related industries. Provides up-to-date information on how to translate the physicochemical properties of drugs into drug delivery systems Explores how drugs are administered via various routes, such as oral, parenteral, transdermal and inhalational Contains extensive references and further reading for course and self-study

Handbook of Nanobiomedical Research
Author : Vladimir Torchilin
Publisher : World Scientific
Release Date : 2014
ISBN 10 : 9814520659
Pages : 2348 pages

This book consists of 4 volumes containing about 70 chapters covering all the major aspects of the growing area of nanomedicine. Leading scientists from 15 countries cover all major areas of nanobiomedical research materials for nanomedicine, application of nanomedicine in therapy of various diseases, use of nanomedicines for diagnostic purposes, technology of nanomedicines, and new trends in nanobiomedical research. This is the first detailed handbook specifically addressing various aspects of nanobiomedicine. Readers are treated to cutting-edge research and the newest data from leading researchers in this area.Contents: "Materials for Nanomedicine: "Liposomal Nanomedicines "(Amr S Abu Lila, Tatsuhiro Ishida and Theresa M Allen)"Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications "(Karsten Mader)"Micellar Nanopreparations for Medicine "(Rupa Sawant and Aditi Jhaveri)"Nanoemulsions in Medicine "(William B Tucker and Sandro Mecozzi)"Drug Nanocrystals and Nanosuspensions in Medicine "(Leena Peltonen, Jouni Hirvonen and Timo Laaksonen)"Polymeric Nanosystems for Integrated Image-Guided Cancer Therapy "(Amit Singh, Arun K Iyer and Mansoor M Amiji)"Polysaccharide-Based Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery "(Carmen Teijeiro, Adam McGlone, Noemi Csaba, Marcos Garcia-Fuentes and Maria J Alonso)"Dendrimers for Biomedical Applications "(Lisa M Kaminskas, Victoria M McLeod, Seth A Jones, Ben J Boyd and Christopher J H Porter)"Layer-by-Layer Nanopreparations for Medicine Smart Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Capsules and Coatings "(Rawil F Fakhrullin, Gleb B Sukhorukov and Yuri M Lvov)"Inorganic Nanopreparations for Nanomedicine "(James Ramos and Kaushal Rege)"Silica-Based Nanoparticles for Biomedical Imaging and Drug Delivery Applications "(Stephanie A Kramer and Wenbin Lin)"Carbon Nanotubes in Biomedical Applications "(Krunal K Mehta, Elena E Paskaleva, Jonathan S Dordick and Ravi S Kane)"Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications "(Mahmoud Elsabahy and Karen L Wooley)"Structure Activity Relationships for Tumor-Targeting Gold Nanoparticles "(Erik C Dreaden, Ivan H El-Sayed and Mostafa A El-Sayed)"Silver Nanoparticles as Novel Antibacterial and Antiviral Agents "(Stefania Galdiero, Annarita Falanga, Marco Cantisani, Avinash Ingle, Massimiliano Galdiero and Mahendra Rai)"Magnetic Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery "(Rainer Tietze, Harald Unterweger and Christoph Alexiou)"Quantum Dots as a Platform Nanomaterial for Biomedical Applications "(Eleonora Petryayeva, Roza Bidshahri, Kate Liu, Charles A Haynes, Igor L Medintz, and W Russ Algar)""Applications in Therapy: "The Application of Nanomedicine to Cardiovascular Diseases "(Kevin M Bardon, Olivier Kister and Jason R McCarthy)"Nanomedicines for Restenosis Therapy "(J E Tengood, I Fishbein, R J Levy and M Chorny)"Nanopreparations for Cancer Treatment and Diagnostics "(Jayant Khandare, Shashwat Banerjee and Tamara Minko)"Nanoparticles in the Gastrointestinal Tract "(Abraham Rubinstein)"Nanopreparations for Oral Administration "(D Hubbard, D J Brayden and H Ghandehari)"Nanopreparations for Central Nervous System Diseases "(Leyuan Xu and Hu Yang)"Nanoparticles for Dermal and Transdermal Delivery: Permeation Pathways and Applications "(Marianna Foldvari, Marjan Gharagozloo and Christine Li)"Lysosomes and Nanotherapeutics: Diseases, Treatments, and Side Effects "(Rachel L Manthe and Silvia Muro)"Nanostructured Biomaterials for Inhibiting Cancer Cell Functions "(Lijuan Zhang and Thomas J Webster)"Nanomedicine in Otorhinolaryngology"

Novel Drug Delivery Systems
Author : Yie Chien
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2019-08-30
ISBN 10 : 9780367402914
Pages : 816 pages

A comprehensive treatment of the science, technology, and regulation of rate-controlled administration of therapeutic agents, with coverage of the basic concepts, fundamental principles, biomedical rationales, and potential applications. This revised and updated edition (first in 1982) incorporates

Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery and Therapy
Author : Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu
Publisher : William Andrew
Release Date : 2019-03-14
ISBN 10 : 0128166290
Pages : 580 pages

Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery and Therapy presents recent advances in the field of nanobiomaterials and their important applications in drug delivery, therapy and engineering. The book offers pharmaceutical perspectives, exploring the development of nanobiomaterials and their interaction with the human body. Chapters show how nanomaterials are used in treatments, including neurology, dentistry and cancer therapy. Authored by a range of contributors from global institutions, this book offers a broad, international perspective on how nanotechnology-based advances are leading to novel drug delivery and treatment solutions. It is a valuable research resource that will help both practicing medics and researchers in pharmaceutical science and nanomedicine learn more on how nanotechnology is improving treatments. Assesses the opportunities and challenges of nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems Explores how nanotechnology is being used to create more efficient drug delivery systems Discusses which nanomaterials make the best drug carriers

Drug Delivery
Author : Ashim K. Mitra,Chairman and Curator's Professor Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Missouri Kansas City Missouri Ashim K Mitra,Deep Kwatra,Aswani Dutt Vadlapudi
Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Release Date : 2014-08-18
ISBN 10 : 1449674267
Pages : 400 pages

Drug Delivery is the latest and most up-to-date text on drug delivery and offers an excellent working foundation for students and clinicians in health professions and graduate students including nursing, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, as well as researchers and scientists. Presenting this complex content in an organized and concise format, Drug Delivery allows students to gain a strong understanding of the key concepts of drug delivery.This text focuses on the basic concepts of drug delivery while thoroughly examining various topics such as: CNS delivery Gene delivery Ocular delivery World-wide research on drug delivery Recent advances in drug deliveryA significant advancement has been made in the field of drug delivery. This text provides a detailed overview of drug delivery systems, routes of drug administration and development of various formulations. The cutting edge research being carried out in this field will be compiled and a focus on worldwide research on drug delivery and targeting at the molecular, cellular, and organ levels will also be summarized.Each new print copy includes access to the Navigate Companion Website including: Chapter Quizzes, Interactive Glossary, Crossword Puzzles , Interactive Flashcards, and Matching Exercises

Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery
Author : Mathew Sebastian,Neethu Ninan,A. K. Haghi
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2012-07-23
ISBN 10 : 1926895177
Pages : 270 pages

This forward-looking book focuses on the recent advances in nanomedicine and drug delivery. It outlines the extraordinary new tools that have become available in nanomedicine and presents an integrated set of perspectives that describe where we are now and where we should be headed to put nanomedicine devices into applications as quickly as possible, while also considering the possible dangers of nanomedicine. The book considers the full range of nanomedicinal applications that employ molecular nanotechnology inside the human body, from the perspective of a future practitioner in an era of widely available nanomedicine. Written by some of the most innnovative minds in medicine and engineering, this unique volume will help professionals understand cutting-edge and futuristic areas of research that can have tremendous payoff in terms of improving human health. Readers will find insightful discussions of nanostructured intelligent materials and devices that are considered technically feasible and which have a high potential to produce advances in medicine in the near future. Topics include: Health benefits of phytochemicals and the application of colloidal delivery systems Study of non-covalent attachment of recombinant targeting proteins to polymer-modified Adenoviral gene delivery vectors The role of nanoparticles as adjuvants for mucosal vaccine delivery Poly(amido-amine)s as delivery styems for biologically active substances Antimicrobial activity of silver nanoparticles Nanomedicine in the use of cancer treatment Dendrimers, capsules based on lipid vesicles for drug delivery Many other recent achievements

Natural-Based Polymers for Biomedical Applications
Author : Rui L. Reis,Nuno M. Neves,Joao F. Mano,Manuela E. Gomes,Alexandra P. Marques,Helena S. Azevedo
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2008-08-15
ISBN 10 : 1845694813
Pages : 832 pages

Polymers from natural sources are particularly useful as biomaterials and in regenerative medicine, given their similarity to the extracellular matrix and other polymers in the human body. This important book reviews the wealth of research on both tried and promising new natural-based biomedical polymers, together with their applications as implantable biomaterials, controlled-release carriers or scaffolds for tissue engineering. The first part of the book reviews the sources, processing and properties of natural-based polymers for biomedical applications. Part two describes how the surfaces of polymer-based biomaterials can be modified to improve their functionality. The third part of the book discusses the use of natural-based polymers for biodegradable scaffolds and hydrogels in tissue engineering. Building on this foundation, Part four looks at the particular use of natural-gelling polymers for encapsulation, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The penultimate group of chapters reviews the use of natural-based polymers as delivery systems for drugs, hormones, enzymes and growth factors. The final part of the book summarises research on the key issue of biocompatibility. Natural-based polymers for biomedical applications is a standard reference for biomedical engineers, those studying and researching in this important area, and the medical community. Examines the sources, processing and properties of natural based polymers for biomedical applications Explains how the surfaces of polymer based biomaterials can be modified to improve their functionality Discusses the use of natural based polymers for hydrogels in tissue engineering, and in particular natural gelling polymers for encapsulation and regenerative medicine

Handbook of Clinical Nanomedicine
Author : Raj Bawa,Gerald F. Audette,Israel Rubinstein
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2016-02-22
ISBN 10 : 9814669210
Pages : 1708 pages

This handbook (55 chapters) provides a comprehensive roadmap of basic research in nanomedicine as well as clinical applications. However, unlike other texts in nanomedicine, it not only highlights current advances in diagnostics and therapeutics but also explores related issues like nomenclature, historical developments, regulatory aspects, nanosim