functionalized graphene nanocomposites and their derivatives

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Functionalized Graphene Nanocomposites and Their Derivatives
Author : Mohammad Jawaid,Rachid Bouhfid,Abou el Kacem Qaiss
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2018-11-01
ISBN 10 : 0128145536
Pages : 368 pages

Functionalized Graphene Nanocomposites and Their Derivatives: Synthesis, Processing and Applications explains how the functionalization technique is used to create graphene nanocomposites, also exploring its current uses in industrial applications. Graphene-based nanocomposites are one of the major advancements in polymer-based materials, thus the synthesis, nanoscale dimensions, high aspect ratio, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of graphene and its derivative have all been major areas of research in the last decade. This important reference covers these updates and is a critical book for those working in the fields of materials processing and characterization. Explains how graphene is functionalized and used in the fabrication of nanocomposites for a range of applications Explores why the properties of functionalized graphene make it such a useful, versatile material Describes, in detail, the functionalization process for utilization in graphene

Graphene Functionalization Strategies
Author : Anish Khan,Mohammad Jawaid,Bernaurdshaw Neppolian,Abdullah M. Asiri
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date : 2019-10-17
ISBN 10 : 9813290579
Pages : 398 pages

This book discusses various aspects of graphene fictionalization strategies from inorganic oxides and organic moieties including preparation, design, and characterization of functionalization material and its applications. Including illustrations and tables summarizing the latest research on manufacturing, design, characterization and applications of graphene functionalization, it describes graphene functionalization using different techniques and materials and highlights the latest technologies in the field of manufacturing and design. This book is a valuable reference resource for lecturers, students, researchers and industrialists working in the field of material science, especially polymer composites.

Carbon Nanomaterials for Agri-Food and Environmental Applications
Author : Kamel Ahmed Abd-Elsalam
Publisher : Micro & Nano Technologies
Release Date : 2019-11
ISBN 10 : 0128197862
Pages : 652 pages

Carbon Nanomaterials for Agri-food and Environmental Applications discusses the characterization, processing and applications of carbon-based nanostructured materials in the agricultural and environmental sectors. Sections discuss the synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotubes, the technological developments in environmental applications of carbon-based nanomaterials, and agri-food applications. The book also covers the toxic effects of engineered carbon nanoparticles on the environment, and in plants and animals. Finally, quality control and risk management are addressed to assess health and environmental risks. This is an applicable book for graduate students, researchers and those in industrial sectors of science and technology who want to learn more about carbon nanomaterials. Compares a range of carbon-based nanomaterials, showing how they are used for a range of agricultural and environmental applications Discusses the challenges and toxicity of different types of carbon-based nanomaterials for environmental and agricultural applications Explores when different classes of nanomaterial should be used in different environments

Functionalization of Graphene
Author : Vasilios Georgakilas
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2014-04-03
ISBN 10 : 352767277X
Pages : 424 pages

All set to become the standard reference on the topic, this book covers the most important procedures for chemical functionalization, making it an indispensable resource for all chemists, physicists, materials scientists and engineers entering or already working in the field. Expert authors share their knowledge on a wide range of different functional groups, including organic functional groups, hydrogen, halogen, nanoparticles and polymers.

Graphene Materials
Author : George Kyzas,Athanasios Mitropoulos
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2017-05-17
ISBN 10 : 9535131397
Pages : 258 pages

Graphene is, basically, a single atomic layer of graphite, an abundant mineral that is an allotrope of carbon that is made up of very tightly bonded carbon atoms organized into a hexagonal lattice. What makes graphene so special is its sp2 hybridization and very thin atomic thickness (of 0.345 Nm). These properties are what enable graphene to break so many records in terms of strength, electricity, and heat conduction (as well as many others). This book gathers valuable information about the surface chemistry of graphene, some of its properties (electrical, mechanical, etc.), and many of its modifications that can be taken into account.

Engineering of Thermoplastic Elastomer with Graphene and Other Anisotropic Nanofillers
Author : Abhijit Bandyopadhyay,Poulomi Dasgupta,Sayan Basak
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date : 2020-11-24
ISBN 10 : 9811590850
Pages : 227 pages

This book is an effort to tether all the exuberant observations on adding nanomaterial in the TPE matrix. With an enhanced processing property along with amplified recyclability and reprocessing feature, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) proves to be one of the most significant polymeric materials till date. As the scientific world evolves, these advanced materials have attuned themselves with various anisotropic nanomaterials to induce an enhanced property effect on the final product. On an additional note, authors have done extensive research on graphene, the most multifaceted element in the filler family keeping TPE and its derivate as the matrix martial. Cogitating the idea of a multidimensional readership, authors have analyzed the synthesis, derivatization, and properties of graphene and its derivatives separately. Apart from reviewing the future prospects and the potential application of these nano-filled advanced materials, they have kept the structure–property relationship of graphene-based composites at the cynosure to provide firm understanding on the blossoming of these elastomeric composites. The authors believe this book is a potential content for both professionals and academicians.

Polymer-based Nanocomposites for Energy and Environmental Applications
Author : Mohammad Jawaid,Mohammad Mansoob Khan
Publisher : Woodhead Publishing
Release Date : 2018-01-03
ISBN 10 : 0081019114
Pages : 700 pages

Polymer-Based Nanocomposites for Energy and Environmental Applications provides a comprehensive and updated review of major innovations in the field of polymer-based nanocomposites for energy and environmental applications. It covers properties and applications, including the synthesis of polymer based nanocomposites from different sources and tactics on the efficacy and major challenges associated with successful scale-up fabrication. The chapters provide cutting-edge, up-to-date research findings on the use of polymer based nanocomposites in energy and environmental applications, while also detailing how to achieve material’s characteristics and significant enhancements in physical, chemical, mechanical and thermal properties. It is an essential reference for future research in polymer based nanocomposites as topics such as sustainable, recyclable and eco-friendly methods for highly innovative and applied materials are current topics of importance. Covers a wide range of research on polymer based nanocomposites Provides updates on the most relevant polymer based nanocomposites and their prodigious potential in the fields of energy and the environment Demonstrates systematic approaches and investigations from the design, synthesis, characterization and applications of polymer based nanocomposites Presents a useful reference and technical guide for university academics and postgraduate students (Masters and Ph.D.)

Fiber-Reinforced Nanocomposites: Fundamentals and Applications
Author : Baoguo Han,Sumit Sharma,Tuan Anh Nguyen,Longbiao Li,K. Subrahmanya Bhat
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2020-03-13
ISBN 10 : 0128199105
Pages : 614 pages

Fiber-reinforced Nanocomposites: Fundamentals and Applications explores the fundamental concepts and emerging applications of fiber-reinforced nanocomposites in the automobile, aerospace, transportation, construction, sporting goods, optics, electronics, acoustics and environmental sector. In addition, the book provides a detailed overview of the properties of fiber-reinforced nanocomposites, including discussion on embedding these high-strength fibers in matrices. Due to the mismatch in structure, density, strain and thermal expansion coefficients between matrix and fibers, their thermo-mechanical properties strongly depend not only on the preparative methods, but also on the interaction between reinforcing phase and matrix phase. This book offers a concise overview of these advances and how they are leading to the creation of stronger, more durable classes of nanocomposite materials. Explores the interaction between fiber, nanoreinforcers and matrices at the nanoscale Shows how the properties of fiber-enforced nanocomposites are ideal for use for a variety of consumer products Outlines the major challenges to creating fiber-reinforced nanocomposites effectively

Graphene-Based Electrochemical Sensors for Biomolecules
Author : Alagarsamy Pandikumar,Perumal Rameshkumar
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2018-10-22
ISBN 10 : 0128156392
Pages : 364 pages

Graphene-Based Electrochemical Sensors for Biomolecules presents the latest on these nanomaterials that have gained a lot of attention based on their unique properties of high mechanical flexibility, large surface area, chemical stability, superior electric and thermal conductivities that render them great choices as alternative electrode materials for electrochemical energy storage and sensor applications. The hybridization of graphene with other nanomaterials induces a synergetic effect, leading to the improvement in electrical conductivity, stability and an enhancement of the electrocatalytic activity of the new nanocomposite material. This book discusses the electrochemical determination of a variety of biomolecules using graphene-based nanocomposite materials. Finally, recent progress in the development of electrochemical sensors using graphene-based nanocomposite materials and perspectives on future opportunities in sensor research and development are discussed in detail. Covers the importance of detecting biomolecules and the application of graphene and its nanocomposite materials in the detection of a wide variety of bioanalytes Presents easily understood fundamentals of electrochemical sensing systems and the role of graphene-based nanocomposite materials in research and development

Computational and Experimental Simulations in Engineering
Author : Satya N. Atluri
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 3030646904
Pages : 329 pages

A New Generation Material Graphene: Applications in Water Technology
Author : Mu. Naushad
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2018-06-20
ISBN 10 : 331975484X
Pages : 471 pages

This book presents a unique collection of up-to-date applications of graphene for water science. Because water is an invaluable resource and the intelligent use and maintenance of water supplies is one of the most important and crucial challenges that stand before mankind, new technologies are constantly being sought to lower the cost and footprint of processes that make use of water resources as potable water as well as water for agriculture and industry, which are always in desperate demand. Much research is focused on graphene for different water treatment uses. Graphene, whose discovery won the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics, has been a shining star in the material science in the past few years. Owing to its interesting electrical, optical, mechanical and chemical properties, graphene has found potential applications in a wide range of areas, including water purification technology. A new type of graphene-based filter could be the key to managing the global water crisis. According to the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report, lack of access to safe, clean water is the biggest risk to society over the coming decade. Yet some of these risks could be mitigated by the development of this filter, which is so strong and stable that it can be used for extended periods in the harshest corrosive environments, and with less maintenance than other filters on the market. The graphene-based filter could be used to filter chemicals, viruses, or bacteria from a range of liquids. It could be used to purify water, dairy products or wine, or in the production of pharmaceuticals. This book provides practical information to all those who are involved in this field.

Recent Advances in Graphene Research
Author : Pramoda Kumar Nayak
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2016-10-12
ISBN 10 : 9535126385
Pages : 308 pages

This book ''Recent Advances in Graphene Research'' provides a state-of-the-art report of the knowledge accumulated in graphene research. It contains 12 chapters divided into three sections. Section 1 ''Fundamentals of Graphene'' deals with quantum hall effect in graphene, electronic properties of carbon nanostructures and spectral statistics of graphene nanoflakes. In Section 2 ''Graphene Synthesis,'' the optimized synthesis procedures of graphene and its derivatives are presented. The application of graphene and its nanostructured-based materials for energy storage, conservation and other extensive applications are described in Section 3 ''Application of Graphene and its Nanostructures''. We believe that this book offers broader prospective to the readers in the recent advances in graphene research, starting from fundamental science to application.