functionality advancements and industrial applications of heat pipes

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Functionality, Advancements and Industrial Applications of Heat Pipes
Author : Bahman Zohuri
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2020-03-24
ISBN 10 : 012820222X
Pages : 398 pages

Functionality, Advancements and Industrial Applications of Heat Pipes introduces heat pipe technologies and highlights a variety of applications for passive thermal control. The book begins with a thorough analysis of heat pipe infrastructure, including principles of operation, temperature limits, reliability and lessons learned from worked examples and case studies. It also presents a concise design guideline for the assembly of heat pipes. The second part moves on to consider a variety of modern day applications for the heat pipe principles discussed, covering nuclear and solar thermal energy engineering facilities as well as applications in space, in the sea and in the air. A final section works through manufacturing elements of different types of heat pipe to ensure they are well maintained and remain fully operational. This section includes the cleaning of parts, the assembly of the heat pipe, an analysis of gas blockages and how to deal with them, as well as performance versification. Analyzes a wide variety of heat pipes used in various settings, including constant-conductance heat pipes, loop heat pipes and wrap around heat pipes Considers applications at sea, in the air, on land and in space, including the nuclear and solar energy industries, heat pipes in spacecraft and heat pipe reactors Includes a heat pipe assembly and design guide, as well as an analysis of lessons learned from different case studies

Heat Pipes
Author : David Reay,Ryan McGlen,Peter Kew
Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann
Release Date : 2013-10-01
ISBN 10 : 0080982794
Pages : 288 pages

Heat Pipes, 6th Edition, takes a highly practical approach to the design and selection of heat pipes, making it an essential guide for practicing engineers and an ideal text for postgraduate students. This new edition has been revised to include new information on the underlying theory of heat pipes and heat transfer, and features fully updated applications, new data sections, and updated chapters on design and electronics cooling. The book is a useful reference for those with experience and an accessible introduction for those approaching the topic for the first time. Contains all information required to design and manufacture a heat pipe Suitable for use as a professional reference and graduate text Revised with greater coverage of key electronic cooling applications

Heat Transfer in Aerospace Applications
Author : Bengt Sundén,Juan Fu
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2016-10-19
ISBN 10 : 0128097612
Pages : 272 pages

Heat Transfer in Aerospace Applications is the first book to provide an overall description of various heat transfer issues of relevance for aerospace applications. The book contains chapters relating to convection cooling, heat pipes, ablation, heat transfer at high velocity, low pressure and microgravity, aircraft heat exchangers, fuel cells, and cryogenic cooling systems. Chapters specific to low density heat transfer (4) and microgravity heat transfer (9) are newer subjects which have not been previously covered. The book takes a basic engineering approach by including correlations and examples that an engineer needs during the initial phases of vehicle design or to quickly analyze and solve a specific problem. Designed for mechanical, chemical, and aerospace engineers in research institutes, companies, and consulting firms, this book is an invaluable resource for the latest on aerospace heat transfer engineering and research. Provides an overall description of heat transfer issues of relevance for aerospace applications Discusses why thermal problems arise and introduces the various heat transfer modes Helps solve the problem of selecting and calculating the cooling system, the heat exchanger, and heat protection Features a collection of problems in which the methods presented in the book can be used to solve these problems

Spacecraft Thermal Control
Author : J Meseguer,I Pérez-Grande,A Sanz-Andrés
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2012-08-06
ISBN 10 : 0857096087
Pages : 412 pages

Thermal control systems are an essential element of spacecraft design, ensuring that all parts of the spacecraft remain within acceptable temperature ranges at all times. Spacecraft thermal control describes the fundamentals of thermal control design and reviews current thermal control technologies. The book begins with an overview of space missions and a description of the space environment, followed by coverage of the heat transfer processes relevant to the field. In the third part of the book, current thermal control technologies are described, and in the final part, design, analysis and testing techniques are reviewed. Provides background on the fundamentals of heat transfer which gives the reader a better understanding of the phenomenon and the way Space Thermal Control Systems work Merges the experience of the authors in teaching aerospace engineering topics with the experience as compilers of the ‘Spacecraft Thermal Control Design Data Handbook’ of the European Space Agency and the development of in orbit thermal control systems for Spanish and ESA Missions The engineering approach is enhanced with a full section on Thermal Control Design, Analysis and Testing

Advanced Materials for Thermal Management of Electronic Packaging
Author : Xingcun Colin Tong
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2011-01-05
ISBN 10 : 9781441977595
Pages : 618 pages

The need for advanced thermal management materials in electronic packaging has been widely recognized as thermal challenges become barriers to the electronic industry’s ability to provide continued improvements in device and system performance. With increased performance requirements for smaller, more capable, and more efficient electronic power devices, systems ranging from active electronically scanned radar arrays to web servers all require components that can dissipate heat efficiently. This requires that the materials have high capability of dissipating heat and maintaining compatibility with the die and electronic packaging. In response to critical needs, there have been revolutionary advances in thermal management materials and technologies for active and passive cooling that promise integrable and cost-effective thermal management solutions. This book meets the need for a comprehensive approach to advanced thermal management in electronic packaging, with coverage of the fundamentals of heat transfer, component design guidelines, materials selection and assessment, air, liquid, and thermoelectric cooling, characterization techniques and methodology, processing and manufacturing technology, balance between cost and performance, and application niches. The final chapter presents a roadmap and future perspective on developments in advanced thermal management materials for electronic packaging.

Advances in Welding Technologies for Process Development
Author : Vishvesh J. Badheka,Jaykumar Vora
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2019-02-22
ISBN 10 : 1351234803
Pages : 289 pages

Within manufacturing, welding is by far the most widely used fabrication method used for production, leading to a rise in research and development activities pertaining to the welding and joining of different, similar, and dissimilar combinations of the metals. This book addresses recent advances in various welding processes across the domain, including arc welding and solid-state welding process, as well as experimental processes. The content is structured to update readers about the working principle, predicaments in existing process, innovations to overcome these problems, and direct industrial and practical applications. Key Features: Describes recent developments in welding technology, engineering, and science Discusses advanced computational techniques for procedure development Reviews recent trends of implementing DOE and meta-heuristics optimization techniques for setting accurate parameters Addresses related theoretical, practical, and industrial aspects Includes all the aspects of welding, such as arc welding, solid state welding, and weld overlay

Single-phase, Two-phase and Supercritical Natural Circulation Systems
Author : Pallippattu Krishnan Vijayan,Arun K. Nayak,Naveen Kumar
Publisher : Woodhead Publishing
Release Date : 2019-06-19
ISBN 10 : 0081024878
Pages : 650 pages

Single-Phase, Two-Phase and Supercritical Natural Circulation Systems provides readers with a deep understanding of natural circulation systems. This book equips the reader with an understanding on how to detect unstable loops to ensure plant safety and reliability, calculate heat transport capabilities, and design effective natural circulation loops, stability maps and parallel channel systems. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the circulation system before discussing each element in detail and analyzing its effect on the performance of the system. The book also presents thermosyphon heat transport devices in nuclear and other industrial plants, a common information need for students and researchers alike. This book is invaluable for engineers, designers, operators and consultants in nuclear, mechanical, electrical and chemical disciplines. Presents single-phase, two-phase and supercritical natural circulation systems together in one resource to fill an existing knowledge gap Guides the reader through relevant processes, such as designing, analyzing and generating stability maps and natural circulation loops, calculating heat transport capabilities, and maintaining natural circulation system operations Includes global case studies and examples to increase understanding, along with important IAEA standards and procedures

Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (cEOR)
Author : Laura Romero-Zerón
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Release Date : 2016-10-19
ISBN 10 : 9535127004
Pages : 202 pages

Commercial application of chemical enhanced oil recovery (cEOR) processes is expected to grow significantly over the next decade. Thus, Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (cEOR): A Practical Overview offers key knowledge and understanding of cEOR processes using an evidence-based approach intended for a broad audience ranging from field operators, researchers, to reservoir engineers dealing with the development and planning of cEOR field applications. This book is structured into three sections; the first section surveys overall EOR processes. The second section focuses on cEOR processes, while the final section describes the electrorheology technology. These sections are presented using a practical and realistic approach tailored for readers looking to improve their knowledge and understanding of cEOR processes in a nutshell.

Process Intensification
Author : David Reay,Colin Ramshaw,Adam Harvey
Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann
Release Date : 2013-06-05
ISBN 10 : 0080983057
Pages : 624 pages

Process Intensification: Engineering for Efficiency, Sustainability and Flexibility is the first book to provide a practical working guide to understanding process intensification (PI) and developing successful PI solutions and applications in chemical process, civil, environmental, energy, pharmaceutical, biological, and biochemical systems. Process intensification is a chemical and process design approach that leads to substantially smaller, cleaner, safer, and more energy efficient process technology. It improves process flexibility, product quality, speed to market and inherent safety, with a reduced environmental footprint. This book represents a valuable resource for engineers working with leading-edge process technologies, and those involved research and development of chemical, process, environmental, pharmaceutical, and bioscience systems. No other reference covers both the technology and application of PI, addressing fundamentals, industry applications, and including a development and implementation guide Covers hot and high growth topics, including emission prevention, sustainable design, and pinch analysis World-class authors: Colin Ramshaw pioneered PI at ICI and is widely credited as the father of the technology

Transport Phenomena in Multiphase Systems
Author : Amir Faghri,Yuwen Zhang
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2006
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 1030 pages

Engineering students in a wide variety of engineering disciplines from mechanical and chemical to biomedical and materials engineering must master the principles of transport phenomena as an essential tool in analyzing and designing any system or systems wherein momentum, heat and mass are transferred. This textbook was developed to address that need, with a clear presentation of the fundamentals, ample problem sets to reinforce that knowledge, and tangible examples of how this knowledge is put to use in engineering design. Professional engineers, too, will find this book invaluable as reference for everything from heat exchanger design to chemical processing system design and more. * Develops an understanding of the thermal and physical behavior of multiphase systems with phase change, including microscale and porosity, for practical applications in heat transfer, bioengineering, materials science, nuclear engineering, environmental engineering, process engineering, biotechnology and nanotechnology * Brings all three forms of phase change, i.e., liquid vapor, solid liquid and solid vapor, into one volume and describes them from one perspective in the context of fundamental treatment * Presents the generalized integral and differential transport phenomena equations for multi-component multiphase systems in local instance as well as averaging formulations. The molecular approach is also discussed with the connection between microscopic and molecular approaches * Presents basic principles of analyzing transport phenomena in multiphase systems with emphasis on melting, solidification, sublimation, vapor deposition, condensation, evaporation, boiling and two-phase flow heat transfer at the micro and macro levels * Solid/liquid/vapor interfacial phenomena, including the concepts of surface tension, wetting phenomena, disjoining pressure, contact angle, thin films and capillary phenomena, including interfacial balances for mass, species, momentum, and energy for multi-component and multiphase interfaces are discussed * Ample examples and end-of-chapter problems, with Solutions Manual and PowerPoint presentation available to the instructors

Author : Kumar Rayaprolu
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2012-11-20
ISBN 10 : 1466500530
Pages : 649 pages

Following the publication of the author’s first book, Boilers for Power and Process by CRC Press in 2009, several requests were made for a reference with even quicker access to information. Boilers: A Practical Reference is the result of those requests, providing a user-friendly encyclopedic format with more than 500 entries and nearly the same number of supporting illustrations. Written for practicing engineers and dealing with practical issues rather than theory, this reference focuses exclusively on water tube boilers found in process industries and power plants. It provides broad explanations for the following topics: A range of boilers and main auxiliaries, as well as steam and gas turbines Traditional firing techniques—grates, oil/gas, and modern systems Industrial, utility, waste heat, MSW and bio-fuel-fired boilers, including supercritical boilers The scientific fundamentals of combustion, heat transfer, fluid flow, and more The basics of fuels, water, ash, high-temperature steels, structurals, refractory, insulation, and more Additional engineering topics like boiler instruments, controls, welding, corrosion, and wear Air pollution, its abatement techniques and their effect on the design of boilers and auxiliaries Emerging technologies such as carbon capture, oxy-fuel combustion, and PFBC This reference covers almost every topic needed by boiler engineers in process and power plants. An encyclopedia by design and a professional reference book by focus and size, this volume is strong on fundamentals and design aspects as well as practical content. The scope and easy-to-navigate presentation of the material plus the numerous illustrations make this a unique reference for busy design, project, operation, and consulting engineers.

Polymer Science and Engineering
Author : National Research Council,Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences,Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications,Committee on Polymer Science and Engineering
Publisher : National Academies Press
Release Date : 1994-01-01
ISBN 10 : 0309049989
Pages : 192 pages

Polymers are used in everything from nylon stockings to commercial aircraft to artificial heart valves, and they have a key role in addressing international competitiveness and other national issues. Polymer Science and Engineering explores the universe of polymers, describing their properties and wide-ranging potential, and presents the state of the science, with a hard look at downward trends in research support. Leading experts offer findings, recommendations, and research directions. Lively vignettes provide snapshots of polymers in everyday applications. The volume includes an overview of the use of polymers in such fields as medicine and biotechnology, information and communication, housing and construction, energy and transportation, national defense, and environmental protection. The committee looks at the various classes of polymers--plastics, fibers, composites, and other materials, as well as polymers used as membranes and coatings--and how their composition and specific methods of processing result in unparalleled usefulness. The reader can also learn the science behind the technology, including efforts to model polymer synthesis after nature's methods, and breakthroughs in characterizing polymer properties needed for twenty-first-century applications. This informative volume will be important to chemists, engineers, materials scientists, researchers, industrialists, and policymakers interested in the role of polymers, as well as to science and engineering educators and students.

Satellite Thermal Control for Systems Engineers
Author : Robert D. Karam
Publisher : AIAA
Release Date : 1998
ISBN 10 : 9781600864339
Pages : 274 pages

Sustainability in the Mineral and Energy Sectors
Author : Sheila Devasahayam,Kim Dowling,Manoj K. Mahapatra
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2016-09-15
ISBN 10 : 1315352826
Pages : 730 pages

Sustainable practices within the mining and energy sectors are assuming greater significance due to uncertainty and change within the global economy and safety, security, and health concerns. This book examines sustainability issues facing the mining and energy sectors by addressing six major themes: Mining and Mineral Processing; Metallurgy and Recycling; Environment; Energy; Socioeconomic and Regulatory; and Sustainable Materials and Fleets. Emphasizing an integrated transdisciplinary approach, it deliberates on optimizing mining productivity and energy efficiency and discusses integrated waste management practices. It discusses risk management, cost cutting, and integration of sustainable practices for long-term business value. It gives a comprehensive outlook for sustainable mineral futures from academic and industry perspectives covering mine to mill optimization, waste, risk and water management, improved efficiencies in mining tools and equipment, and performance indicators for sustainable developments. It covers how innovation and research underpin management of natural resources including sustainable carbon management. •Focuses on mining and mineral processing, metallurgy and recycling, the environment, energy, socioeconomic and regulatory issues, and sustainable materials and fleets. •Describes metallurgy and recycling and uses economic, environmental and social parameter analyses to identify areas for improvement in iron, steel, aluminium, lead, zinc, copper, and gold production. •Discusses current research on mining, performance indicators for sustainable development, sustainability in mining equipment, risk and safety management, and renewable energy resources •Covers alternative and conventional energy sources for the mineral sector as well water treatment and remediation and energy sustainability in mining. •Provides an overview of sustainable carbon management. •Offers an interdisciplinary approach with international focus.

Infrared Thermal Imaging
Author : Michael Vollmer,Klaus-Peter Möllmann
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2018-01-31
ISBN 10 : 3527413510
Pages : 794 pages

This new up-to-date edition of the successful handbook and ready reference retains the proven concept of the first, covering basic and advanced methods and applications in infrared imaging from two leading expert authors in the field. All chapters have been completely revised and expanded and a new chapter has been added to reflect recent developments in the field and report on the progress made within the last decade. In addition there is now an even stronger focus on real-life examples, with 20% more case studies taken from science and industry. For ease of comprehension the text is backed by more than 590 images which include graphic visualizations and more than 300 infrared thermography figures. The latter include many new ones depicting, for example, spectacular views of phenomena in nature, sports, and daily life.

Thermally-Aware Design
Author : Yong Zhan,Sanjay V. Kumar,Sachin S. Sapatnekar
Publisher : Now Publishers Inc
Release Date : 2008-10
ISBN 10 : 1601981708
Pages : 132 pages

Provides an overview of analysis and optimization techniques for thermally-aware chip design.

Advances in Applied Mechanical Engineering
Author : Hari Kumar Voruganti,K. Kiran Kumar,P. Vamsi Krishna,Xiaoliang Jin
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date : 2020-02-01
ISBN 10 : 9811512019
Pages : 1205 pages

This book presents select peer reviewed proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Mechanical Engineering Research (ICAMER 2019). The books examines various areas of mechanical engineering namely design, thermal, materials, manufacturing and industrial engineering covering topics like FEA, optimization, vibrations, condition monitoring, tribology, CFD, IC engines, turbo-machines, automobiles, manufacturing processes, machining, CAM, additive manufacturing, modelling and simulation of manufacturing processing, optimization of manufacturing processing, supply chain management, and operations management. In addition, recent studies on composite materials, materials characterization, fracture and fatigue, advanced materials, energy storage, green building, phase change materials and structural change monitoring are also covered. Given the contents, this book will be useful for students, researchers and professionals working in mechanical engineering and allied fields.

Spacecraft Thermal Control Handbook: Cryogenics
Author : David G. Gilmore,Martin Donabedian
Publisher : AIAA
Release Date : 2002
ISBN 10 : 9781884989148
Pages : 641 pages

The number of satellite systems that require some form of cryogenic cooling has grown enormously over the last several years. With so many engineers, scientists, and technicians working on cryogenic systems for the first time in their careers, the need for a single resource that touched on all the technologies relevant to cryogenics was apparent.

Materials Aspect of Thermoelectricity
Author : Ctirad Uher
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2016-11-25
ISBN 10 : 1351768808
Pages : 610 pages

In recent years, novel families of materials have been discovered and significant improvements in classical thermoelectric materials have been made. Thermoelectric generators are now being used to harvest industrial heat waste and convert it into electricity. This is being utilized in communal incinerators, large smelters, and cement plants. Leading car and truck companies are developing thermoelectric power generators to collect heat from the exhaust systems of gasoline and diesel engines. Additionally, thermoelectric coolers are being used in a variety of picnic boxes, vessels used to transport transplant organs, and in air-conditioned seats of mid-size cars. Consisting of twenty-one chapters written by top researchers in the field, this book explores the major advancements being made in the material aspects of thermoelectricity and provides a critical assessment in regards to the broadening of application opportunities for thermoelectric energy conversion.

Advances in Systematic Creativity
Author : Leonid Chechurin,Mikael Collan
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2018-11-01
ISBN 10 : 3319780751
Pages : 369 pages

This book presents a collection of the most current research into systemic creativity and TRIZ, engendering discussion and the exchange of new discoveries in the field. With chapters on idea generation, decision making, creativity support tools, artificial intelligence and literature based discovery, it will include a number of instruments of inventive design automation. Consisting of 15-20 chapters written by leading experts in the theory for inventive problem solving (TRIZ) and adjacent fields focused upon heuristics, the contributions will add to the method of inventive design, dialogue with other tools and methods, and teaching creativity in management education through real-life case studies.