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Consumer Neuroscience
Author : Philip Kotler
Publisher : MIT Press
Release Date : 2017-11-16
ISBN 10 : 0262036592
Pages : 368 pages

Foreword / Philip Kotler -- Introduction to consumer neuroscience / Manuel Garcia-Garcia, Moran Cerf, and Ana Iorga -- Brain physiology and anatomy / Yuping Chen, Ming Hsu, and Moran Cerf -- Sensation and perception / Irit Shapira-Lichter and Moran Cerf -- Methods / Moran Cerf -- Attention / Manuel Garcia-Garcia -- Memory / Ingrid LC Nieuwenhuis -- Emotions / Carl Marci and Brendan Murray -- Appendix to chapter 7 -- Attention and emotion / Giovanni Vecchiato, Patrizia Cherubino, Arianna Trettel, and Fabio Babiloni -- Decision making / Moran Cerf -- The brain's reward system : a marketer's guide to the biological basis of pleasure / Neal J. Roese, Hans Melo, Thalia Vrantsidis, and William A. Cunningham -- Customer-based brand equity : insights from consumer neuroscience / Ming Hsu -- Pricing / Hirak Parikh, Davide Baldo, and Kai-Markus Muller -- Social marketing applications for consumer neuroscience / Dante M. Pirouz -- Using the knowledge from neuroscience to make business predictions / Moran Cerf -- Implications of consumer neuroscience in market research / David Brandt -- Ethics in consumer neuroscience / Julia Trabulsi, Maria Cordero, Daniela Somarriba, and Manuel Garcia-Garcia -- Future of consumer neuroscience / Kimberly Rose Clark -- Index -- Contributors

Introduction to Neuromarketing & Consumer Neuroscience
Author : Thomas Zoega Ramsoy
Publisher : Neurons Incorporated
Release Date : 2015-05-13
ISBN 10 : 9788799760206
Pages : 204 pages

How do we make decisions on what to buy and what to pay for it? Why are we affected by brands and pricing when making our choices or just experiencing something? Traditional approaches to such questions have relied on the behavioural and social sciences. However, today we see a dramatic shift in our understanding of consumption behaviours. Recent advances in modern neuroscience, and how it combines with economics and psychology, have allowed us to study of how different brain functions serve consumer behaviour. A commercial industry is emerging that offers novel ways to assess consumer attention, emotion and memory. This book, written by one of the leading figures in neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience, offers a comprehensive insight into the workings of the brain and its mind, and how this knowledge can inform our understanding of consumption behaviours. The book offers both basic and front-end academic insights, and includes chapters on sensation and perception; attention and consciousness; emotion and feeling; memory and learning; motivation and preference; and decision making. It also offers up to date and comprehensive insight about how the tools of neuroscience can be applied to assess consumer cognition and emotion. This book works as a landmark for this emerging academic and commercial disciplines, and to become a standard book of reference, just as the textbooks by Kotler and Keller have been for advertising and marketing.

Analyzing the Strategic Role of Neuromarketing and Consumer Neuroscience
Author : Atli, Dincer
Publisher : IGI Global
Release Date : 2020-06-19
ISBN 10 : 1799831280
Pages : 304 pages

Marketing research in modern business has developed to include more than just data analytics. Today, an emerging interest within scientific marketing researches is the movement away from consumer research toward the use of direct neuroscientific approaches called neuromarketing. For companies to be profitable, they need to utilize the neuromarketing approach to understand how consumers view products and react to marketing, both consciously and unconsciously. Analyzing the Strategic Role of Neuromarketing and Consumer Neuroscience is a key reference source that provides relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest empirical research findings in the neuromarketing field. While highlighting topics such as advertising technologies, consumer behavior, and digital marketing, this publication explores cognitive practices and the methods of engaging customers on a neurological level. This book is ideally designed for marketers, advertisers, product developers, brand managers, consumer behavior analysts, consumer psychologists, managers, executives, behaviorists, business professionals, neuroscientists, academicians, and students.

The Neuro-Consumer
Author : Anne-Sophie Bayle-Tourtoulou,Michel Badoc
Publisher : Routledge
Release Date : 2020-04-24
ISBN 10 : 1000055485
Pages : 322 pages

Neuroscientific research shows that the great majority of purchase decisions are irrational and driven by subconscious mechanisms in our brains. This is hugely disruptive to the rational, logical arguments of traditional communication and marketing practices and we are just starting to understand how organizations must adapt their strategies. This book explains the subconscious behavior of the "neuro-consumer" and shows how major international companies are using these findings to cast light on their own consumers’ behavior. Written in plain English for business and management readers with no scientific background, it focuses on: how to adapt marketing and communication to the subconscious and irrational behaviors of consumers; the direct influence of the primary senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) on purchasing decisions and the perception of communications by customers’ brains; implications for innovation, packaging, price, retail environments and advertising; the use of "nudges" and artifices to increase marketing and communication efficiency by making them neuro-compatible with the brain’s subconscious expectations; the influence of social media and communities on consumers’ decisions – when collective conscience is gradually replacing individual conscience and recommendation becomes more important than communication; and the ethical limits and considerations that organizations must heed when following these principles. Authored by two globally recognized leaders in business and neuroscience, this book is an essential companion to marketers and brand strategists interested in neuroscience and vital reading for any advanced student or researcher in this area.

The Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Psychology
Author : Michael I. Norton,Derek D. Rucker,Cait Lamberton
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release Date : 2017-03-16
ISBN 10 : 9781107641426
Pages : 780 pages

Why do consumers make the purchases they do, and which ones make them truly happy? Why are consumers willing to spend huge sums of money to appear high status? This handbook addresses these key questions and many more. It provides a comprehensive overview of consumer psychology, examining cutting-edge research at the individual, interpersonal, and societal levels. Leading scholars summarize past and current findings and consider future lines of inquiry to deepen our understanding of the psychology behind consumers' decision making, their interactions with other consumers, and the effects of societal factors on consumption. The Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Psychology will act as a valuable guide for faculty as well as graduate and undergraduate students in psychology, marketing, management, sociology, and anthropology.

Applying EEG in Consumer Neuroscience
Author : N.A
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2018
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 329 pages

Abstract : Purpose: This paper aims to review past papers focused on understanding consumer-related topics in marketing and related interdisciplinary fields to demonstrate the applications of electroencephalogram (EEG) in consumer neuroscience. Design/methodology/approach: In addition to the review of papers using EEG to study consumer cognitive processes, the authors also discuss relevant decisions and considerations in conducting event-related potential (ERP) studies. Further, a framework proposed byPlassmann et al . (2015 ) was used to discuss the applications of EEG in marketing research from papers reviewed. Findings: This paper successfully usedPlassmann et al .'s (2015 ) framework to discuss five applications of neuroscience to marketing research. A review of growing EEG studies in the field of marketing and other interdisciplinary fields reveals the advantages and potential of using EEG in combination with other methods. This calls for more research using such methods. Research limitations/implications: A technical overview of ERP-related terminology provides researchers with a background for understanding and reviewing ERP studies. A discussion of method-related considerations and decisions provides marketing researchers with an introduction to the method and refers readers to relevant literature. Practical implications: The marketing industry has been quick to adopt cutting edge technology, including EEG, to understand and predict consumer behavior for the purpose of improving marketing practices. This paper connects the academic and practitioner spheres by presenting past and potential EEG research that can be translatable to the marketing industry. Originality/value: The authors review past literature on the use of EEG to study consumer-related topics in marketing and interdisciplinary fields, to demonstrate its advantages over-traditional methods in studying consumer-relevant behaviors. To foster increasing use of EEG in consumer neuroscience research, the authors further provide technical and marketing-specific considerations for both academic and market researchers. This paper is one of the first to review past EEG papers and provide methodological background insights for marketing researchers.

Author : Leon Zurawicki
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2010-09-02
ISBN 10 : 9783540778295
Pages : 273 pages

Over the last 10 years advances in the new field of neuromarketing have yielded a host of findings which defy common stereotypes about consumer behavior. Reason and emotions do not necessarily appear as opposing forces. Rather, they complement one another. Hence, it reveals that consumers utilize mental accounting processes different from those assumed in marketers' logical inferences when it comes to time, problems with rating and choosing, and in post-purchase evaluation. People are often guided by illusions not only when they perceive the outside world but also when planning their actions - and consumer behavior is no exception. Strengthening the control over their own desires and the ability to navigate the maze of data are crucial skills consumers can gain to benefit themselves, marketers and the public. Understanding the mind of the consumer is the hardest task faced by business researchers. This book presents the first analytical perspective on the brain - and biometric studies which open a new frontier in market research.

Author : Roger Dooley
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2011-10-21
ISBN 10 : 1118175948
Pages : 304 pages

Practical techniques for applying neuroscience and behavior research to attract new customers Brainfluence explains how to practically apply neuroscience and behavior research to better market to consumers by understanding their decision patterns. This application, called neuromarketing, studies the way the brain responds to various cognitive and sensory marketing stimuli. Analysts use this to measure a consumer's preference, what a customer reacts to, and why consumers make certain decisions. With quick and easy takeaways offered in 60 short chapters, this book contains key strategies for targeting consumers through in-person sales, online and print ads, and other marketing mediums. This scientific approach to marketing has helped many well-known brands and companies determine how to best market their products to different demographics and consumer groups. Brainfluence offers short, easy-to-digest ideas that can be accessed in any order. Discover ways for brands and products to form emotional bonds with customers Includes ideas for small businesses and non-profits Roger Dooley is the creator and publisher of Neuromarketing, the most popular blog on using brain and behavior research in marketing, advertising, and sales Brainfluence delivers the latest insights and research, giving you an edge in your marketing, advertising, and sales efforts.

Neuromarketing in India
Author : Tanusree Dutta,Manas Kumar Mandal
Publisher : Routledge
Release Date : 2018-06-27
ISBN 10 : 1351269348
Pages : 78 pages

How to understand human behaviour has been a very intriguing question to medicine, computer science, economics, psychology and finance. Each discipline has been trying to study and predict human behaviour through surveys, laboratory-based experiments, questionnaires, interviews, statistics, focus groups; the list is endless. The lack of precision in the existing techniques to predict human behaviour has motivated researchers to move beyond the traditional and search for new and improved techniques. Neuroscience has stepped in to fill this gap. It is based on the assumption that human behaviour is a complex process which has a neural basis and the locus of this process is the higher centre of the brain. Both conscious and unconscious processing of stimulus in the brain is responsible for generating behaviour. So if we could develop a deeper understanding of how the brain functions to generate behaviour, we would be more confident in our understanding and prediction of consumer behaviour. The use of neuroscientific techniques, like functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Electroencephalography (EEG), Evoked Response Potential (ERP), and sensors to measure changes in one's physiological state, to understand the mind of the consumer has just begun, and professionals in the field see a huge opportunity for neuromarketing in India. In the domain of neuromarketing, one important question relates to the distinction between Indian and other global consumers of commercial products. Are we different from consumers across the globe? The answer is probably ‘yes’. This is documented by the fact that we find a distinct change in the marketing strategy of companies; the methods to influence Indian consumers are different from those adopted in other countries. This gives rise to the question: what makes us different? The next logical question that arises, assuming that we are different or similar, is can we quantify it? Answering why, what and how we are different marks the beginning of the book, followed by issues related to the ethicality of using such techniques to promote marketing, risk analysis in case of failure and future directions in neuromarketing. The book intends to address each of these issues so that a comprehensive reading in the subject matter would help academicians to decipher consumer behaviour and build theory for possible principles of application in the market.

Astonishing Hypothesis
Author : Francis Crick
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 1995-07-01
ISBN 10 : 0684801582
Pages : 317 pages

Readers will come to appreciate the strength and dignity of Berneta Ringer, a true Western heroine as Doig celebrates his mother's life after finding a cache of her letters, photographs, and childhood writings. It begins with her first winter living in a tent in Montana's Crazy Mountains to the ravages of the Depression on a ranch on Falkner Creek.

Living Brands
Author : Constantinos Pantidos
Publisher : Lid Publishing
Release Date : 2018
ISBN 10 : 9781911498797
Pages : 556 pages

"Successful brands are alive. They are able to activate the very forces of life because they embed our fundamental human motives, the evolutionarily preserved mechanisms that have helped people survive and thrive. Living Brands deciphers this source code of human behaviour and helps marketers, consumer insights managers, innovation managers, communication experts, designers, PR professionals and brand owners bring brands to life. Living Brands puts forward The Wheel of MotivesTM, a tool which goes beyond consumer psychology to establish the links between different disciplines and help practitioners create powerful brands and concepts, increase efficiency of consumer touchpoints, build narratives that engage consumers at a profound human level, and increase the chance of success for new products and new markets." --

Neuromarketing in food retailing
Author : Elena Horská,Jakub Berčík
Publisher : Wageningen Academic Publishers
Release Date : 2017-05-31
ISBN 10 : 9086868436
Pages : 170 pages

Neuromarketing in food retailing' provides the reader with fundamental theoretical and practical neuromarketing issues applied in food retailing. It covers essential terminology, interdisciplinary relations of neuromarketing and neuropsychology, ethical issues, neuromarketing research methods and applications from the sphere of consumer behaviour, visual merchandising in retailing and services. A final chapter is devoted to the future of neuromarketing including new trends in marketing and technologies as well as augmented reality and virtual reality. The book provides the readers (university students, scholars, retailers and other professionals) with tips on how to use neuromarketing techniques to reveal and understand hidden consumer reactions and make conditions for shopping more convenient and effective.