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A Systematic Survey of Computer-Aided Diagnosis in Medicine: Past and Present Developments
Author : Juri Yanase,Evangelos Triantaphyllou
Publisher : Infinite Study
Release Date :
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 51 pages

Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) in medicine is the result of a large amount of effort expended in the interface of medicine and computer science. As some CAD systems in medicine try to emulate the diagnostic decision-making process of medical experts, they can be considered as expert systems in medicine.

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
Author : Ayman S. El-Baz,Jasjit S. Suri
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2021-04-02
ISBN 10 : 0128174285
Pages : 372 pages

Computer-Assisted Diagnosis: Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease brings together multifaceted information on research and clinical applications from an academic, clinical, bioengineering and bioinformatics perspective. The editors provide a stellar, diverse list of authors to explore this interesting field. Academic researchers, bioengineers, new investigators and students interested in diabetes and heart disease need an authoritative reference to reduce the amount of time spent on source-searching so they can spend more time on actual research and clinical application. This reference accomplishes this with contributions by authors from around the world. Provides valuable information for academic clinicians, researchers, bioengineers and industry on diabetes and cardiovascular disease Discusses the impact of diabetes on cardiovascular disease Covers statistical classification techniques and risk stratification

Digital Mammography
Author : Nico Karssemeijer,Martin Thijssen,Jan Hendriks,Leon van Erning
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2012-12-06
ISBN 10 : 9401153183
Pages : 519 pages

In June 1998 the Fourth International Workshop on Digital Mammography was held in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, where it was hosted by the department of Radiology of the University Hospital Nijmegen. This series of meetings was initiated at the 1993 SPIE Biomedical Image Processing Conference in San Jose, USA, where a number of sessions were entirely devoted to mammographic image analysis. At very successful subsequent workshops held in York, UK (1994) and Chicago, USA (1996), the scope of the conference was broadened, establishing a platform for presentation and discussion of new developments in digital mammog raphy. Topics that are addressed at these meetings are computer-aided diagnosis, image processing, detector development, system design, observer performance and clinical evaluation. The goal is to bring researchers from universities, breast cancer experts, and engineers together, to exchange information and present new scientific developments in this rapidly evolving field. This book contains all the scientific papers and posters presented at the work shop in Nijmegen. Contributions came from as many as 20 different countries and 190 participants attended the meeting. At a technical exhibit companies demon strated new products and work in progress. Abstracts of all papers were reviewed by members of the scientific committee. Many of the accepted papers had excellent quality, but due to limited space not all of them could be included as full papers in these proceedings. Papers that were rated high by the reviewers are included as long or short papers, others appear as extended abstracts in the last chapter.

Diabetes and Retinopathy
Author : Ayman S. El-Baz,Jasjit S. Suri
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2020-05-12
ISBN 10 : 0128174390
Pages : 246 pages

Diabetes and Retinopathy brings together the multifaceted information about the research and clinical application from academic, clinical, bioengineering and bioinformatics perspectives. The editors bring together a stellar cast of authors to pull together this diverse and interesting field. Academic researchers, bioengineers, new investigators and students interested in diabetes and retinopathy need an authoritative reference to bring this multidisciplinary field together to reduce the amount of time spent on source-searching and more time on actual research and the clinical application. This reference depicts the current clinical understanding of DR as well as the many scientific advances in understanding this condition. Provides valuable information for academic clinicians, researchers, bioengineers and industry on diabetes and retinopathy Discusses the impact of diabetic retinopathy, a major cause of new-onset visual loss in all the industrialized nations Covers statistical classification techniques and risk stratification

Artificial Intelligence in Decision Support Systems for Diagnosis in Medical Imaging
Author : Kenji Suzuki,Yisong Chen
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2018-01-09
ISBN 10 : 331968843X
Pages : 387 pages

This book offers the first comprehensive overview of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in decision support systems for diagnosis based on medical images, presenting cutting-edge insights from thirteen leading research groups around the world. Medical imaging offers essential information on patients’ medical condition, and clues to causes of their symptoms and diseases. Modern imaging modalities, however, also produce a large number of images that physicians have to accurately interpret. This can lead to an “information overload” for physicians, and can complicate their decision-making. As such, intelligent decision support systems have become a vital element in medical-image-based diagnosis and treatment. Presenting extensive information on this growing field of AI, the book offers a valuable reference guide for professors, students, researchers and professionals who want to learn about the most recent developments and advances in the field.

Computer-aided Diagnosis in Medical Imaging
Author : Kunio Doi
Publisher : Excerpta Medica
Release Date : 1999
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 563 pages

Hardbound. Over the last decade or so, many investigators have carried out basic studies and clinical applications toward the development of modern computerized schemes for detection and characterization of lesions in radiologic images, based on computer vision and artificial intelligence. These methods and techniques are generally called computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) schemes. The development of CAD has now reached a new phase, since the first commercial unit of detection of breast lesion in mammograms was approved in June 1998 by the FDA for marketing and sale for clinical use.This book, Computer-Aided Diagnosis in Medical Imaging, presents papers from the First International Workshop on Computer-Aided Diagnosis held on September, 1998 at the University of Chicago Downtown Center. The meeting provided a forum for leading researchers and practitioners in this rapidly expanding field, encompassing automated image analysis, quantitation of im

Cumulated Index Medicus
Author : N.A
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2000
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 329 pages

Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis in Medical Imaging
Author : Qiang Li,Robert M. Nishikawa
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Release Date : 2015-03-17
ISBN 10 : 1439871779
Pages : 454 pages

Improve the Accurate Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer and Other Diseases Despite the expansion of the CAD field in recent decades, there is currently no single book dedicated to the development and use of CAD systems. Filling this need, Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis in Medical Imaging covers the major technical advances and methodologies shaping the development and clinical utility of CAD systems in breast imaging, chest imaging, abdominal imaging, and other emerging applications. After a historical overview of CAD, the book is divided into four sections. The first section presents CAD technologies in breast imaging, which is the most advanced area of CAD application. The second section discusses CAD technologies in chest and abdominal imaging. The third section explores emerging CAD technologies in a wide range of imaging modalities designed to address a variety of diseases. The final section describes the current use of CAD systems in clinical practice as well as how CAD will play an important role in quantitative image biomarkers and imaging genomics research. This book brings together existing and emerging CAD approaches at a level understandable to students, CAD system developers, basic scientists, and physician scientists. Newcomers to CAD research will learn about fundamental aspects in the process of CAD system development. Developers of CAD systems will gain insight on designing new or improved CAD systems. Experienced researchers will get up-to-date information on the latest CAD technologies.

Technology Trends
Author : Miguel Botto-Tobar,Guillermo Pizarro,Miguel Zúñiga-Prieto,Mayra D’Armas,Miguel Zúñiga Sánchez
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2018-12-29
ISBN 10 : 3030055329
Pages : 709 pages

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Technology Trends, CITT 2018, held in Babahoyo, Ecuador, in August 2018. The 53 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 204 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on communications; security and privacy; computer and software engineering; computational intelligence; e-government and e-participation.

Machine Learning in Bio-Signal Analysis and Diagnostic Imaging
Author : Nilanjan Dey,Surekha Borra,Amira S. Ashour,Fuqian Shi
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2018-11-30
ISBN 10 : 012816087X
Pages : 345 pages

Machine Learning in Bio-Signal Analysis and Diagnostic Imaging presents original research on the advanced analysis and classification techniques of biomedical signals and images that cover both supervised and unsupervised machine learning models, standards, algorithms, and their applications, along with the difficulties and challenges faced by healthcare professionals in analyzing biomedical signals and diagnostic images. These intelligent recommender systems are designed based on machine learning, soft computing, computer vision, artificial intelligence and data mining techniques. Classification and clustering techniques, such as PCA, SVM, techniques, Naive Bayes, Neural Network, Decision trees, and Association Rule Mining are among the approaches presented. The design of high accuracy decision support systems assists and eases the job of healthcare practitioners and suits a variety of applications. Integrating Machine Learning (ML) technology with human visual psychometrics helps to meet the demands of radiologists in improving the efficiency and quality of diagnosis in dealing with unique and complex diseases in real time by reducing human errors and allowing fast and rigorous analysis. The book's target audience includes professors and students in biomedical engineering and medical schools, researchers and engineers. Examines a variety of machine learning techniques applied to bio-signal analysis and diagnostic imaging Discusses various methods of using intelligent systems based on machine learning, soft computing, computer vision, artificial intelligence and data mining Covers the most recent research on machine learning in imaging analysis and includes applications to a number of domains

Classification in BioApps
Author : Nilanjan Dey,Amira S. Ashour,Surekha Borra
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2017-11-10
ISBN 10 : 3319659812
Pages : 447 pages

This book on classification in biomedical image applications presents original and valuable research work on advances in this field, which covers the taxonomy of both supervised and unsupervised models, standards, algorithms, applications and challenges. Further, the book highlights recent scientific research on artificial neural networks in biomedical applications, addressing the fundamentals of artificial neural networks, support vector machines and other advanced classifiers, as well as their design and optimization. In addition to exploring recent endeavours in the multidisciplinary domain of sensors, the book introduces readers to basic definitions and features, signal filters and processing, biomedical sensors and automation of biomeasurement systems. The target audience includes researchers and students at engineering and medical schools, researchers and engineers in the biomedical industry, medical doctors and healthcare professionals.

Medical Imaging in Clinical Applications
Author : Nilanjan Dey,Vikrant Bhateja,Aboul Ella Hassanien
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2016-06-03
ISBN 10 : 3319337939
Pages : 506 pages

This volume comprises of 21 selected chapters, including two overview chapters devoted to abdominal imaging in clinical applications supported computer aided diagnosis approaches as well as different techniques for solving the pectoral muscle extraction problem in the preprocessing part of the CAD systems for detecting breast cancer in its early stage using digital mammograms. The aim of this book is to stimulate further research in medical imaging applications based algorithmic and computer based approaches and utilize them in real-world clinical applications. The book is divided into four parts, Part-I: Clinical Applications of Medical Imaging, Part-II: Classification and clustering, Part-III: Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) Tools and Case Studies and Part-IV: Bio-inspiring based Computer Aided diagnosis techniques.