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Cold Cold Heart
Author : John Leo Organ
Publisher : FriesenPress
Release Date : 2020-09-24
ISBN 10 : 1525573160
Pages : 448 pages

Maybe you were there. Or you might be one of the many that, young and old, can’t get enough of these true but fantasy-like life stories involving Strange Places, smiling Faces and Magical Times. Stories about the Sixties, bikers, the Beatles, soaring through High School, the Seventies, Rochdale College, JFK, the encroaching Counter Culture, Our era of pure sex, drugs and Rock ‘n Roll, RFK, Woodstock, LSD, etcetera, etcetera... I am One of the Survivors of what Jerry Garcia referred to as ‘a long strange trip’. We Baby Boomers were born with impeccable Timing; from Elvis to Elvis Costello. And beyond! This is my story of growing up in a Cosmic Time that was despised by the Older Generation and enamored by the Young Prophets of Spiritual Adventurism. To clarify; this was an extraordinary and audacious Time of peace, love and misunderstanding. My collaborating colleagues and I learned ‘street smarts’ in dark ‘separate school’ hallways of rigorous vicissitudes. Street smarts that prepared me for a career with the Attorney General in a Time that coincided with a Decade of Cocaine, fast women, bosomy beaches and Castles made of Sand. If You have a sense of humour and a flare for the Dramatic then follow these journeys and escapades of this Paperback Writer through a Time and Space that will never be forgotten or authentically duplicated. Read, relax, reload and Enjoy!

Cold Cold Heart
Author : James Elliott
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1995
ISBN 10 : 9781857978681
Pages : 344 pages

Author's first novel. Thriller. CIA-agent-gone-bad Mike Culley is sent to track down KGB defector and counterfeit rackateer, John Malik, also known as T̀he mix-n-match killer'.

Cold, Cold Heart
Author : Ann Williams
Publisher : Silhouette Books
Release Date : 1993-03
ISBN 10 : 9780373074877
Pages : 252 pages

Cold, Cold Heart
Author : Frank Cho
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2007-01
ISBN 10 : 9781582407203
Pages : 144 pages

Follows the happenings at the Liberty Meadows Animal Sanctuary, the home of several crazy animals, a shy veterinarian, and a beautiful animal psychiatrist.

Cold, Cold Heart
Author : A.J. Cross
Publisher : Severn House Publishers Ltd
Release Date : 2018-12-01
ISBN 10 : 1780109997
Pages : 256 pages

Professor Kate Hanson and the Unsolved Crime Unit unearth some shocking findings when they re-examine a 10-year-old murder case. For the past ten years, David Lockman has been serving a life sentence for the murder of Della Harrington. Now an appeal judge has decreed the forensic evidence unsatisfactory and the original verdict unsafe. Tasked with re-examining the case, forensic psychologist Kate Hanson and her colleagues unearth serious flaws in the original police investigation. But if Lockman didn’t kill Della Harrington, who did? As they question those involved, it becomes clear that not everyone is telling the whole truth. But have the detectives been working from the wrong assumption from the outset? In following her hunch, Kate makes a professional decision which undermines her colleagues, and threatens her very future with the Unsolved Crime Unit.

A Cold Cold Heart
Author : John Nicholl
Publisher : Bloodhound+ORM
Release Date : 2018-01-31
ISBN 10 : 1913682331
Pages : 258 pages

A detective’s hunt for a serial killer takes him unsettlingly close to home in this psychological thriller from the author of Portraits of the Dead. Det. Inspector Gareth Gravel couldn’t be happier to have his daughter Emily home after finishing law school. Her company is a welcome respite from his latest case—hunting a vicious and demented serial killer. But when Emily accepts a job with the solicitor Charles Turner, Grav’s work and home life merge in the most disturbing way possible. Emily has become the killer’s latest obsession, and the madman will stop at nothing to make his grotesque fantasies come true. But as Grav’s investigation uncovers more victims, the killer makes a bold attempt to derail his progress. Now it’s up to Grav to catch a killer who is hiding in plain sight.

Cold, Cold Heart
Author : Christine Poulson
Publisher : Lion Fiction
Release Date : 2017-11-17
ISBN 10 : 178264217X
Pages : 272 pages

Midwinter in Antarctica. Six months of darkness are about to begin. Scientist Katie Flanagan has an undeserved reputation as a trouble-maker and her career has foundered. When an accident creates an opening on a remote Antarctic research base she seizes it, flying in on the last plane before the subzero temperatures make it impossible to leave. Meanwhile patent lawyer Daniel Marchmont has been asked to undertake due diligence on a breakthrough cancer cure. But the key scientist is strangely elusive and Daniel uncovers a dark secret that leads to Antarctica. Out on the ice a storm is gathering. As the crew lock down the station they discover a body and realise that they are trapped with a killer...

Cold, Cold Heart
Author : Karin Slaughter
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release Date : 2016-08-23
ISBN 10 : 0062663291
Pages : 40 pages

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes revenge. In this sensational short story from the bestselling author of The Kept Woman and Pretty Girls, fifty-two-year-old Pam has done her utmost as a loyal wife to her now ex-husband John. He dropped her cruelly . . . but with a terminal illness about to claim his life, Pam now sees an opportunity to settle the score, in a way that no one—not their children, not her ex, and certainly not the reader—will see coming . . . Surprising, suspenseful, and diabolically clever, Cold, Cold Heart offers old fans and new readers alike a taste of the writer Gillian Flynn calls “one of the finest crime novelists at work today.”

Cold Cold Heart
Author : Tami Hoag
Publisher : Penguin
Release Date : 2015-01-13
ISBN 10 : 0698157273
Pages : 368 pages

A thrilling novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag, “one of the most intense suspense writers around” (Chicago Tribune). Dana Nolan was a promising young TV reporter until a notorious serial killer tried to add her to his list of victims. Nearly a year has passed since she survived her ordeal, but the physical, emotional, and psychological scars run deep. Struggling with the torment of post-traumatic stress syndrome, plagued by flashbacks and nightmares, Dana returns to her hometown in an attempt to begin to put her life back together. But home doesn’t provide the comfort she expects. Dana’s harrowing story and her return to small-town life have rekindled police and media interest in the unsolved case of her childhood best friend, Casey Grant, who disappeared without a trace the summer after their graduation from high school. Terrified of truths long buried, Dana reluctantly begins to look back at her past. Viewed through the dark filter of PTSD, old friends and loved ones become suspects and enemies. Questioning everything she knows, refusing to be defined by the traumas of her past, Dana seeks out a truth that may prove too terrible to be believed...

Your Cheatin' Heart
Author : Chet Flippo
Publisher : Plexus Publishing (UK)
Release Date : 2014-04-08
ISBN 10 : 9780859652322
Pages : 256 pages

In this vivid portrait of a tragic hero who lived the songs he wrote, Hank Williams, the "Cadillac Cowboy", comes to life like he has never done before. From the man to the legend, Hank Williams' six-year career is chronicled and illustrated with eight pages of photos.

The Cold Heart Vampire And the Slave
Author : shivani sharma
Publisher : BookRix
Release Date : 2019-09-13
ISBN 10 : 3743896516
Pages : 478 pages

(Completed) Vampires, Werewolf and demons rules while humans are at the bottom.....Logan the cold heart vampire prince meet the slave girl that he can't control himself every-time he is around her......but will his heart melt for once?

Cold Iron Heart
Author : Melissa Marr
Publisher : Melissa Marr
Release Date : 2020-05-21
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 284 pages

How far would you go to escape fate? In this prequel to the international bestselling WICKED LOVELY series (over a million copies sold), the Faery Courts collide a century before the mortals in Wicked Lovely are born. Thelma Foy, a jeweler with the Second Sight in iron-bedecked 1890s New Orleans, can see through the glamours faeries wear to hide themselves from mortals, but if her secret were revealed, the fey would steal her eyes, her life, or her freedom. But when the Dark King, Irial, rescues her, Tam must confront everything she thought she knew about faeries, men, and love. Unbeknownst to Tam, she is the prize in a centuries-old fight between Summer Court and Winter Court. To protect her, Irial must risk a war he can’t win--or surrender the first mortal woman he's loved. "What a delight to discover how much I loved being back in the Wicked Lovely world, discovering details about beloved characters that made me want to race back for a series reread. This is Irial's story set in 1890s New Orleans, brimming with faerie court drama and steamy romance. Can we. and should we, outrun fate? And if so, are we prepared for the consequences? I could not put it down." --Angela Mann, Kepler's Books, Menlo Park CA "Set 100 years before the events in Wicked Lovely, Cold Iron Heart finds Irial, the king of the Dark Court, in New Orleans and entranced by a mortal. Is his interest in Thelma Foy just a passing fascination, or could it change the course of her life and the world forever? Melissa Marr masterfully rises to challenge of writing a prequel by both expanding on the mythology of the original series while telling a story that exists wholly on its own. Fans of the series will inhale this delicious glimpse into Irial’s past.”--John McDougall of Murder by the Book, Houston TX