cognitive radio technology

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Cognitive Radio Technology
Author : Bruce A. Fette
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2009-04-28
ISBN 10 : 9780080923161
Pages : 848 pages

This book gives a thorough knowledge of cognitive radio concepts, principles, standards, spectrum policy issues and product implementation details. In addition to 16 chapters covering all the basics of cognitive radio, this new edition has eight brand-new chapters covering cognitive radio in multiple antenna systems, policy language and policy engine, spectrum sensing, rendezvous techniques, spectrum consumption models, protocols for adaptation, cognitive networking, and information on the latest standards, making it an indispensable resource for the RF and wireless engineer. The new edition of this cutting edge reference, which gives a thorough knowledge of principles, implementation details, standards, policy issues in one volume, enables the RF and wireless engineer to master and apply today’s cognitive radio technologies. Bruce Fette, PhD, is Chief Scientist in the Communications Networking Division of General Dynamics C4 Systems in Scottsdale, AZ. He worked with the Software Defined Radio (SDR) Forum from its inception, currently performing the role of Technical Chair, and is a panelist for the IEEE Conference on Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing Industrial Technology Track. He currently heads the General Dynamics Signal Processing Center of Excellence in the Communication Networks Division. Dr. Fette has 36 patents and has been awarded the "Distinguished Innovator Award". * Foreword and a chapter contribution by Joe Mitola, the creator of the field * Discussion of cognitive aids to the user, spectrum owner, network operator * Explanation of capabilities such as time – position awareness, speech and language awareness, multi-objective radio and network optimization, and supporting database infrastructure * Detailed information on product implementation to aid product developers * Thorough descriptions of each cognitive radio component technology provided by leaders of their respective fields, and the latest in high performance analysis – implementation techniques * Explanations of the complex architecture and terminology of the current standards activities * Discussions of market opportunities created by cognitive radio technology

Cognitive Radio Techniques
Author : Kandeepan Sithamparanathan,Andrea Giorgetti
Publisher : Artech House
Release Date : 2012
ISBN 10 : 1608072037
Pages : 369 pages

Providing an in-depth treatment of the core enablers of cognitive radio technology, this unique book places emphasis on critical areas that have not been sufficiently covered in existing literature. You find expert guidance in the key enablers with respect to communications and signal processing. The book presents fundamentals, basic solutions, detailed discussions of important enabler issues, and advanced algorithms to save you time with your projects in the field. For the first time in any book, you find an adequately detailed treatment of spectrum sensing that covers nearly every aspect of the subject. Moreover, this valuable resource provides you with thorough working knowledge of localization and interference mitigation as enablers of cognitive radio technology. The book includes all the necessary mathematics, statistical and probabilistic treatments, and performance analysis to give you a comprehensive understanding of the material.

Trusted Platform Module Basics
Author : Steven L. Kinney
Publisher : Elsevier
Release Date : 2006-09-13
ISBN 10 : 9780080465166
Pages : 368 pages

Clear, practical tutorial style text with real-world applications First book on TPM for embedded designers Provides a sound foundation on the TPM, helping designers take advantage of hardware security based on sound TCG standards Covers all the TPM basics, discussing in detail the TPM Key Hierarchy and the Trusted Platform Module specification Presents a methodology to enable designers and developers to successfully integrate the TPM into an embedded design and verify the TPM's operation on a specific platform This sound foundation on the TPM provides clear, practical tutorials with detailed real-world application examples The author is reknowned for training embedded systems developers to successfully implement the TPM worldwide

Introduction to Cognitive Radio Networks and Applications
Author : Geetam Tomar,Ashish Bagwari,Jyotshana Kanti
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2016-10-03
ISBN 10 : 1315350548
Pages : 324 pages

Cognitive radio is 5-G technology, comes under IEEE 802.22 WRAN (Wireless Regional Area Network) standards. It is currently experiencing rapid growth due to its potential to solve many of the problems affecting present-day wireless systems. The foremost objective of "Introduction to Cognitive Radio Networks and Applications" is to educate wireless communication generalists about cognitive radio communication networks. Written by international leading experts in the field, this book caters to the needs of researchers in the field who require a basis in the principles and the challenges of cognitive radio networks.

Focus on Cognitive Radio Technology
Author : Hector C. Weinstock
Publisher : Nova Publishers
Release Date : 2007
ISBN 10 : 9781600212154
Pages : 95 pages

Book & CD. Cognitive Radio (CR technology) has the potential to provide more innovative, flexible, and comprehensive use of the radio frequency spectrum, while at the same time minimising the risk of interference to other spectrum users. CRs can be developed that have the technical capability to adapt their use of the spectrum in response to information external to the radio. As a result of this technical and operational flexibility, CR technologies may also make it possible to use spectrum that may be available in a particular geographic location or during a particular period of time and would otherwise go unused. At this time, there is not a clear boundary between CR and software defined radio (SDR) technologies. In many instances, SDR will be used as the basic platform on which to build CR technology. This book provides the first details of this new and innovative technology.

Cognitive Radio Technology Applications for Wireless and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Author : Meghanathan, Natarajan
Publisher : IGI Global
Release Date : 2013-06-30
ISBN 10 : 146664222X
Pages : 370 pages

Radio interference is a problem that has plagued air communication since its inception. Advances in cognitive radio science help to mitigate these concerns. Cognitive Radio Technology Applications for Wireless and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks provides an in-depth exploration of cognitive radio and its applications in mobile and/or wireless network settings. The book combines a discussion of existing literature with current and future research to create an integrated approach that is useful both as a textbook for students of computer science and as a reference book for researchers and practitioners engaged in solving the complex problems and future challenges of cognitive radio technologies.

Cognitive Radio, Software Defined Radio, and Adaptive Wireless Systems
Author : Hüseyin Arslan
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2007-09-05
ISBN 10 : 1402055412
Pages : 469 pages

Today’s wireless services have come a long way since the roll out of the conventional voice-centric cellular systems. The demand for wireless access in voice and high rate data multi-media applications has been increasing. New generation wireless communication systems are aimed at accommodating this demand through better resource management and improved transmission technologies. The interest in increasing Spectrum Access and improving Spectrum Efficiency combined with both the introduction of Software Defined Radios and the realization that machine learning can be applied to radios has created new intriguing possibilities for wireless radio researchers. This book is aimed to discuss the cognitive radio, software defined radio (SDR), and adaptive radio concepts from several aspects. Cognitive radio and cognitive networks will be investigated from a broad aspect of wireless communication system enhancement while giving special emphasis on better spectrum utilization. Applications of cognitive radio, SDR and cognitive radio architectures, spectrum efficiency and soft spectrum usage, adaptive wireless system design, measurements and awareness of various parameters including interference temperature and geo-location information are some of the important topics that will be covered in this book. Cognitive Radio, Software Defined Radio, and Adaptive Wireless Systems is intended to be both an introductory technology survey/tutorial for beginners and an advanced mathematical overview intended for technical professionals in the communications industry, technical managers, and researchers in both academia and industry.

Flexible and Cognitive Radio Access Technologies for 5g and Beyond
Author : Ertuğrul Basar
Publisher : Telecommunications
Release Date : 2020-10-22
ISBN 10 : 1839530790
Pages : 500 pages

This comprehensive book is intended to be both a tutorial on flexible and cognitive radio access technologies for 5G and beyond and an advanced overview for technical professionals and managers in the communications industry, as well as researchers in academia and industry.

Cognitive Radio and Interference Management: Technology and Strategy
Author : Ku, Meng-Lin
Publisher : IGI Global
Release Date : 2012-08-31
ISBN 10 : 1466620064
Pages : 354 pages

Broadcast spectrum is scarce, both in terms of our ability to access existing spectrum and as a result of access rules created by governments. An emerging paradigm called cognitive radio, however, has the potential to allow different systems to dynamically access and opportunistically exploit the same frequency band in an efficient way, thereby allowing broadcasters to use spectrum more efficiently. Cognitive Radio and Interference Management: Technology and Strategy brings together state-of-the-art research results on cognitive radio and interference management from both theoretical and practical perspectives. It serves as a bridge between people who are working to develop theoretical and practical research in cognitive radio and interference management, and therefore facilitate the future development of cognitive radio and its applications.

Cognitive Radio Networks
Author : Chee Wei Tan
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2018
ISBN 10 : 9781536130683
Pages : 331 pages

Over the past two decades, there have been rapid and significant developments in the field of wireless networking, especially with the emergence of wireless cognitive radio network technologies. There are, however, fundamental limits to communications and radio resource is scarce in the face of demand. This gives rise to new challenges in jointly managing resource allocation and interference management in a cognitive manner. The first cognitive radio wireless standard, IEEE 802.22, was only published in 2011, whereby white space referring to the unused frequency spectrums that are location-specific in television channels can be identified for use by other devices in a cognitive radio network. Recently, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has also recognized the importance of wireless cognitive radio network technologies in military and civilian applications, and organized the 2017 DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge to spur new ideas and experimentation to overcome spectrum scarcity. The need to cognitively access the increasingly-crowded electromagnetic spectrum has never been greater. This book, written by a team of leading experts, aims at providing the readers with a series of tutorials on a variety of cognitive radio network technologies ranging from efficient dynamic spectrum sharing and interference management to optimal resource allocation and to fundamental limits in communications. Emphasis is on cutting edge research in theoretical tools, algorithms and engineering insights to provide guiding principles, making this an ideal reference book.

Essentials of Cognitive Radio
Author : Linda Doyle
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release Date : 2009-04-30
ISBN 10 : 052189770X
Pages : 234 pages

The key concepts and challenges you need to know about in a quick, practical guide, with minimum mathematics.

Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks
Author : Mohamed Ibnkahla
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2018-09-03
ISBN 10 : 1466570792
Pages : 349 pages

Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks: The Complete Spectrum Cycle provides a solid understanding of the foundations of cognitive radio technology, from spectrum sensing, access, and handoff to routing, trading, and security. Written in a tutorial style with several illustrative examples, this comprehensive book: Gives an overview of cognitive radio systems and explains the different components of the spectrum cycle Features step-by-step analyses of the different algorithms and systems, supported by extensive computer simulations, figures, tables, and references Fulfills the need for a single source of information on all aspects of the spectrum cycle, including the physical, link, medium access, network, and application layers Offering a unifying view of the various approaches and methodologies, Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks: The Complete Spectrum Cycle presents the state of the art of cognitive radio technology, addressing all phases of the spectrum access cycle.