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Chinese Herbal Formulas: Treatment Principles and Composition Strategies E-Book
Author : Yifan Yang
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date : 2010-01-26
ISBN 10 : 070204783X
Pages : 464 pages

Traditionally the study of Chinese herbal formulas has involved memorizing hundreds of classic formulas, and recognizing and summarizing the relevant treatment rules and formula-making strategies in order to create appropriate formulas for treatment. This new book by Yifan Yang, author of Chinese Herbal Medicines: Comparisons and Characteristics (which pioneered the comparative method of single herb study), introduces a new approach to formula study. The reader is shown how to use the basic treatment rules and composition strategies, abstrated from hundreds of formulas, in order to create individual formulas for treating a variety of syndromes. The method is clear and easy to understand, with a systematic approach and an emphasis on essential knowledge. Key features 19 common syndromes and 60 sub-syndromes are described and discussed in detail, illustrated with clear line drawings Chinese diagnosis of syndromes are realated to the Western disease names Treatment principles and plans are given for each syndrome Principles of herb selection are introduced with recommendations and explanations of specific herbs in relation to each syndrome 166 classic formulas are given as examples Treatment strategies in complicated syndromes, treatment sequences, cautionary advice for herbs and combinations with Western drugs, dosage management in a variety of conditions and commonly used pairs of herbs are all discussed Detailed indexes and contents lists facilitate quick reference and searching within the text. Chinese Herbal Formulas: Treatment Principles and Composition Strategies is written by an experienced practitioner and lecturer of Chinese herbal medicine. It is the ideal companion to Chinese Herbal Medicines: Comparisons and Characteristics, by the same author.

Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications
Author : John K. Chen,Tina T. Chen
Publisher : AOM Press
Release Date : 2009-01-01
ISBN 10 : 9780974063577
Pages : 1622 pages

Companion volume to Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology. This book takes the next step in presenting not only the traditional usage of Chinese herbal formulas, but a combined perspective of the pharmacological effects of formulas themselves with clinically relevant research evidence. As competencies in multiple health care disciplines continue to be raised the need for integrative understandings rise with it. Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications brings together Chinese Herbal Medicine and expands this with the pharmaceutical effects and clinical research findings to use herbal medicines exclusively or in combination with the allopathic medicine. Enhancing the understanding of herbs and herbal formulas from multiple perspectives, Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications is a resource for improved patient care and therapeutic outcome. OUTSTANDING FEATURES: Comprehensive explanation of the pharmacology of herbal medicinal formulas, and concurrent uses of herbal formulas and pharmaceuticals Documentation from clinical studies and published research Profiles of the doctors without whom there would be no Chinese medicine: insights into the historical context and backgrounds of those famous individuals who shaped our understanding of disease patterns, treatment strategies and herbal formulas. Contributions from over 100 academic, clinical, research and regulatory professionals who reviewed the text before publication, to complement the work of the authors. PLUS Detailed traditional and modern uses, preparation, administration, dosages, combinations, cautions, contraindications and toxicology. Authors comments are drawn from clinical experience. Appendices on herbal medicine for pregnancy and postpartum care and much more.

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Author : Chongyun Liu,Angela Tseng,Sue Yang
Publisher : CRC Press
Release Date : 2004-07-28
ISBN 10 : 9780203493892
Pages : 904 pages

A roadmap for easily navigating through the complexities of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine: Modern Applications of Traditional Formulas presents information about herbal formulas in a practical and easy-to-access format. Bridging the gap between classroom study and the clinical setting, the book supplies information on disease sym

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Author : Volker Scheid,Dan Bensky,Andrew Ellis,Randall Barolet
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2009
ISBN 10 : 9780939616671
Pages : 1019 pages

The new 2nd edition of Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies, the companion volume to Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica, is designed to serve as both a textbook for students and an authoritative reference for practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine. Included in the new edition are over 800 medicinal formulas drawn from both classical and modern sources, which provide more than twice the information in the earlier edition. For each of the 340-plus principal formulas there is a discussion of its therapeutic actions and indications, analysis of the functions and interactions of the ingredients, method of preparation, and a list of modifications to customize the formula in the clinic. Over 460 variations and associated formulas offer additional options for the practitioner. The commentary to each formula has been considerably expanded. This section deepens the reader's understanding of a formula's genealogy, presents an overview of controversies regarding composition, usage, and other issues, describes the extension of a formula's application to a wider range of disorders, and provides key clinical pointers to facilitate use of the formula in the modern clinic. A new section on comparisons has been added to this edition. This is intended to help students and practitioners focus on the distinguishing characteristics of each formula by contrasting it with other formulas that are similar in terms of composition or indication. Tables at the end of each chapter reinforce these distinctions by comparing and contrasting formulas across a wider range. The introduction to the book traces the historical evolution of the formulas, and provides practical pointers for their preparation and use. Detailed timelines depict the key events, authors, and texts in the 2,000-year history of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, placing the contents of this book in historical context. Among the appendices are a pinyin-to-English cro

Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine
Author : Huang Huang
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2009
ISBN 10 : 9780939616688
Pages : 337 pages

Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine provides a practical path to a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese herbal formulas. Dr. Huang discusses the core aspects of the ten most important families of formulas in the classical formula tradition in a way that is both profound and accessible. By introducing the concept of constitutions and the attendant vulnerabilities of those constitutions to certain types of disorders, he hands the reader a very useful key to understanding how and when to use these formulas in the clinic. The ten families of formulas are grouped around the following herbs: Cinnamon - Cinnamomi Ramulus (gu zh) Ephedra - Ephedrae Herba (m hung) Bupleurum - Bupleuri Radix (chi h) Gypsum - Gypsum fibrosum (sh go) Rhubarb - Rhei Radix et Rhizoma (d hung) Coptis - Coptidis Rhizoma (hung lin) Aconite accessory root - Aconiti Radix lateralis preparata (zh f z) Dried ginger - Zingiberis Rhizoma (gn jing) Astragalus - Astragali Radix (hung q) Pinellia - Pinelliae Rhizoma preparatum (zh bn xi) For each family of formulas, Dr. Huang describes the associated presentation and constitutional aspects common to all members of the family, then turns to the individual formulas that are especially useful for treating particular aspects of that presentation. The discussion is embellished with case histories and relevant clinical research.

Handbook of Formulas in Chinese Medicine
Author : Volker Scheid,Andrew Ellis
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2016-11-10
ISBN 10 : 9780939616848
Pages : 406 pages

Chinese Herbal Medicines: Comparisons and Characteristics E-Book
Author : Yifan Yang
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date : 2009-12-09
ISBN 10 : 0702047813
Pages : 268 pages

Students and practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine must learn hundreds of commonly used herbs as the first step in studying Chinese herbal medicine. Additionally, junior practitioners lack the clinical experience required to ensure that they can skilfully select the appropriate herbs to use in the formulas. This presents them with a major challenge. Chinese Herbal Medicines: Comparisons and Characteristics presents a method of learning individual herbs through vivid and clear discussion of their characteristics and through a comparison with other herbs of their characteristics and strengths. This clear and logical approach makes it easy for the user to understand and memorize the functions of specific herbs. It also enables experienced practitioners to improve their therapeutic results through the use of better formulas. Key features of the new edition Retains the same easy to follow format as the first edition Presents detailed comparisons and discussions of commonly used Chinese herbs Provides a series of thought-provoking questions with very detailed answers Structured to help the reader to learn and memorize the content more easily The easy-to-use question-andanswer format is convenient to apply in the consulting room Includes discussion of clinical applications to help with the practical use of the information in clinical setting Revised and updated with particular emphasis on the safe use of Chinese herbal medicines New appendices provide information on safe dosages, commonly used herbal combinations and the meanings of Chinese words used in herbal names Provides a sound foundation for the study and practice of Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese Herbal Medicinse: Comparisons and Characteristics is already wellknown to students and practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine. This new, improved edition will continue to be of value to students and practitioners alike. It is now supported by a new companion volume by the same author entitled Chinese Herbal Formulas: Treatment Principles and Composition Strategies. Together these two books provide a sound foundation for the study and practice of Chinese herbal medicine. Detailed and vivid comparisons and discussions of Chinese herbs to help the reader memorize and understand their characteristics Structured as a series of thought-provoking questions with very detailed answers, again to help memorize the content Includes "clinical applications" subsection within each section, to help the reader understand how to apply information better and more accurately in the clinical setting.

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Author : Leon I. Hammer,Hamilton Rotte
Publisher : Thieme
Release Date : 2012-10-24
ISBN 10 : 3131697210
Pages : 312 pages

Chinese Herbal Medicine gathers the herbal formulas of master practitioner Dr. John H. F. Shen in one volume for the very first time. Not only does it incorporate the experience of Dr. Leon Hammer, who studied directly under Dr. Shen for nearly three decades, but it also presents the stimulus, rationale, and thinking behind many of the formulas Dr. Shen created. This book is a unique compendium that includes expert analysis and commentary by the authors along with the clinically-tested herbal formulas used to treat conditions that affect people from infancy to old age. Special Features: Logically organized in two sections: the first by standard medical systems ranging from cardiovascular to respiratory; and the second by life cycle progression and developmental milestones Offers valuable insights on the etiology, symptoms, pathogenesis, and clinical signs of each disease Combines pulse diagnosis with herbal medicine for superior therapeutic outcomes Builds on the prominent Ding-Menghe lineage in Chinese medicine, dating back to the early 1600s Offering a window into the mind and practice of one of the greatest innovators in Chinese medicine, and integrating the knowledge and expertise of two foremost modern practitioners, this book is the only complete source available on Dr. Shens herbal heritage. It is essential reading for all Chinese medicine practitioners, herbalists, and other medical professionals prescribing herbs.

Essentials of Chinese Materia Medica and Medical Formulas
Author : Shengyan Xi,Yuewen Gong
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2017-05-01
ISBN 10 : 0128127236
Pages : 1020 pages

Essentials of Chinese Materia Medica and Medical Formulas: New Century Traditional Chinese Medicine presents specific knowledge about the source, medicinal nature, action and application of more than 800 commonly-used Chinese materia medica, as well as the efficacy and application of more than 740 kinds of commonly-used Chinese medical formulas. Notably, all of the content is presented in table form, making the information easier to access, understand and apply. Each primary herbal medicine is introduced with color pictures, and each primary formula is presented with efficacy analysis pictures. The book provides readers with essential information on Chinese materia medica and formulas and how to use them accurately, including the most common Chinese materia medica used in clinics and in commonly used clinical formulas. This is an essential reference for traditional medical professionals and those interested in traditional Chinese medicine, including advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students. Includes over 800 Chinese materia medica and 740 medical formulas with their essential information Combines 514 color pictures of medicine material crude slices and 255 formulary efficacy analysis pictures Organized with concise forms, facilitating understanding and memorization

The Healing Power of Chinese Herbs and Medicinal Recipes
Author : Joseph P. Hou,Youyu Jin
Publisher : Routledge
Release Date : 2012-11-12
ISBN 10 : 1136415750
Pages : 846 pages

A modern reference guide on the benefits of incorporating traditional Chinese medicine into modern-day therapies! The Healing Power of Chinese Herbs and Medicinal Recipes is an easy-to-follow introduction to the history of traditional Chinese phytomedicine. This useful guide clearly explains the basics of this unique medical system and describes in detail the therapeutic properties and use of medicinal herbs and herbal recipes. The book includes a bibliography, glossary, contact information for herbal dealers and Oriental medicine schools, and an indexed list of 300 commonly used Chinese medicinal herbs and 245 herbal recipes. In The Healing Power of Chinese Herbs and Medicinal Recipes, you will find the fundamentals, evolution, and development of the herbal formulas of the 4,000-year-old Oriental Materia Medica, also known as ben cao. The book contains 11 sections documenting the therapeutic applications, dosages, precautions, and modern research findings of 138 of the most popular medicinal herbs. In addition, this resource provides 101 of the most frequently prescribed master recipes by famous ancient physicians, including their origin, ingredients, actions, indications, and modern clinical uses. The Healing Power of Chinese Herbs and Medicinal Recipes offers an in-depth education on: tonic herbs herbs that adjust the yin and yang of the body herbs that invigorate circulation of vital energy, qi, and blood herbal tranquilizers herbal diaphoretics herbal expectorants, antitussives, and antiasthmatics herbal pain killers herbs which regulate digestion and elimination herbal diuretics herbal antipyretics, antimicrobials, and detoxicants antitumor herbs The Healing Power of Chinese Herbs and Medicinal Recipes provides up-to-date information on the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as how to use Chinese medicinal herbs in conjunction with Western conventions. This comprehensive reference will benefit healthcare practitioners who want to include Oriental medicine in their practice, and anyone who is interested in Chinese herbs or patients for whom conventional medicine has offered no relief.

Seventy Essential TCM Formulas for Beginners
Author : Bob Flaws
Publisher : Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc.
Release Date : 1994
ISBN 10 : 9780936185590
Pages : 267 pages

At TCM colleges in China, undergraduates learn a basic repertoire of between 50 and 100 herbal formulas. This includes one or two formulas from each of 21 major categories. By learning to modify this core group of formulas with additions and subtractions, one will have a basic repertoire of formulas for most clinical occasions. This book is not meant to replace or compete with Bensky & Barolet's Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies. It is meant as an outline for prioritized study and use by under-graduates and new practitioners.

Chinese Herbal Patent Formulas
Author : Huang Cheng,Jake Fratkin
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1997
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 352 pages