cancer of the skin

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Cancer of the Skin E-Book
Author : Darrell S. Rigel,Robert Friedman,June K. Robinson,Merrick I. Ross,Clay J Cockerell,Henry Lim,Eggert Stockfleth,John M Kirkwood
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date : 2011-06-09
ISBN 10 : 1437736149
Pages : 720 pages

Cancer of the Skin, edited by Drs. Rigel, Robinson, Ross, Friedman, Cockerell, Lim, Stockfleth, and Kirkwood, is your complete, multimedia guide to early diagnosis and effective medical and surgical treatment of melanoma and other skin cancers. Thoroughly updated with 11 new chapters, this broad-based, comprehensive reference provides you with the latest information on clinical genetics and genomics of skin cancer, targeted therapy for melanoma, the Vitamin D debate concerning the risks and benefits of sun exposure, and other timely topics. A new, multi-disciplinary team of contributors and editors comprised of leading experts in this field offers truly diverse perspectives and worldwide best practices. Broaden your understanding of all aspects of skin cancer—from the underlying biology to clinical manifestations of the disease to diagnosis, and medical and surgical treatment—with this easy-to-use, comprehensive, multimedia reference. See conditions as they appear in practice with guidance from detailed full-color images and step-by-step procedural videos. Stay current with the latest advancements and therapies! 11 new chapters cover clinical genetics and genomics of skin cancer, targeted therapy for melanoma, the Vitamin D debate concerning the risks and benefits of sun exposure, and other essential topics. Get truly diverse perspectives and worldwide best practices from a new, multi-disciplinary team of contributors and editors comprised of the world’s leading experts Access the complete text online—including image bank and video library—at

Skin Cancer - A World-Wide Perspective
Author : Reinhard Dummer,Mark R. Pittelkow,Keiji Iwatsuki,Adèle Green,Nagwa M. Elwan
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2011-01-15
ISBN 10 : 9783642050725
Pages : 398 pages

Over the last decades the incidence of skin cancers is dramatically increasing world-wide. This is not only confined to the incidence of melanoma but includes also other skin cancers such as basal cell carcinomas. Based on the recent WHO classification of skin cancers, this lavishly illustrated reference book covers comprehensively the epidemiology, histology and pathology, as well as diagnostic signs and treatment options of skin cancers. Homogenously and reader-friendly structured, it links the diagnostic and genetic features of each disease in order to guide the reader to the most appropriate therapeutic strategies for the best possible treatment outcome. In order to demonstrate the world wide activities in the field, all chapters cover the variations of the individual experiences and expertise in different nations.

Skin Cancer Management
Author : Deborah MacFarlane
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2010-03-11
ISBN 10 : 9780387884950
Pages : 299 pages

The editor of Skin Cancer Management: A Practical Approach, Dr. Deborah MacFarlane, gathers experts in selected techniques related to the assessment and management of skin cancer and has them critically review the existing literature in light of their considerable experience delivering care. The authors make recommendations for the best way to perform procedures. The tables provided in each chapter then become a manual of how to perform these procedures, and may in time be adopted by the wider universe of dermatologists as the standard of performance. The detailed descriptions of technique and treatment pearls lead the novice through the sequence of events in a way that instills confidence in their ability to safely perform the procedure. An example of the painstaking expla- tions is found in Chapter 5, Intralesional and Perilesional Treatment of Skin Cancers. The reader is advised to place eye protection on the patient and those performing the injection of methotrexate into a keratoacanthoma with a central crust. Rest assured that there will be a spray or stream of methotrexate emitted from the crusted area. Having eye protection will prevent methotrexate from accidentally getting into someone’s eye. Since we all learn to assimilate new information by taking action on the recommendations that we read, it would be a good idea for the physician to create, where relevant, a checklist for each procedure in the text. The checklist can be given to the office staff to set up the equipment for the procedure.

Managing Skin Cancer
Author : Eggert Stockfleth,Ted Rosen,Steven Schumaak
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2010-02-26
ISBN 10 : 9783540793472
Pages : 226 pages

Skin cancer is the most common malignant neoplasm and its incidence is rising worldwide. The epidemic increase in such tumors calls for efficient management by the application of appropriate guidelines for therapy and prevention. Clinicians managing these patients need to keep up to date with the latest advances, allowing them to provide optimal treatment. This practical guide offers the reader a comprehensive overview of the options for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cutaneous cancer. It covers all common skin cancers and also rarer lesions. Employing an "evidence-based medicine" approach, this truly international work presents a well-illustrated text in a reader-friendly format with step-by-step guidelines and visual flowcharts. Dermatologists, oncologists, and all other interested physicians will find this book an extraordinarily valuable resource for the clinical management of cutaneous cancer in their daily practice.

Fast Facts: Skin Cancer
Author : Karen L. Agnew,Christopher B. Bunker
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2013-09-16
ISBN 10 : 9781908541505
Pages : 116 pages

Fast Facts: Skin Cancer has been written by three international experts to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary diagnostic skills and treatment options to save lives.

Cancer of the Skin
Author : Robert J. Friedman
Publisher : W B Saunders Company
Release Date : 1991
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 620 pages

A sourcebook which focuses on all aspects of cutaneous malignancies. It emphasizes practical information on clinical features, dermatopathology, and management strategies. The book also covers the cutting edge of knowledge from the basic sciences. Multi-authored by internationally recognized experts in dermatology, pathology, plastic surgery, and general surgery. The book features the most current data available,

Skin Cancer
Author : Robert A. Schwartz
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2008-04-30
ISBN 10 : 0470695633
Pages : 536 pages

The second edition of Skin Cancer: Recognition and Management is a definitive clinical reference which comprehensively examines the wide range of premalignant and malignant cutaneous disorders, including melanoma, Kaposi's sarcoma and other sarcomas, cutaneous lymphoma, cutaneous metastatic disease and cutaneous markers of internal malignancy, with emphasis on the most recent advances in diagnosis and management. Fully revised and expanded, this new edition now includes full colour photographs and illustrations throughout to aid recognition and diagnosis, and covers the latest developments and treatment modalities. New chapters include: Merkel Cell Carcinoma Dermoscopy Skin Cancer: Recognition and Management is a definitive clinical reference for dermatologists, oncologists, residents and any medical practitioner with an interest in skin cancer.

Non-melanoma Skin Cancer of the Head and Neck
Author : Faruque Riffat,Carsten E. Palme,Michael Veness
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2015-09-30
ISBN 10 : 8132224973
Pages : 201 pages

Non-melanoma skin cancer is a global public health issue. With an ever-increasing, and ageing, world population coupled with increasing numbers of immunosuppressed individuals the number of patients continues to rise. The head and neck is overwhelmingly the most frequent location for the development of a non-melanoma skin cancer and as such challenges the clinician with its complex anatomy. The importance of maintaining the aesthetics of the face and the function of the anatomy cannot be overstated, yet ultimately it is always the aim of curing a patient with the minimum of morbidity that clinicians strive for. However, the spectrum of presentations and subsequent management varies widely, ranging from patients with the ubiquitous low-risk mid-face basal cell carcinoma to those diagnosed with relatively uncommon but potentially life-threatening high-risk squamous cell carcinomas (e.g. involving metastatic lymph nodes or with perineural invasion present) and Merkel cell carcinomas.

Cancer of the Skin
Author : Darrell S. Rigel,Leonard M. Dzubow,Jean-Claude Bystryn,Robin Marks
Publisher : Saunders
Release Date : 2005
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 711 pages

Skin cancer is a rapidly growing epidemic, and a condition that is highly treatable if detected early. This resource provides comprehensive guidance on all aspects of skin cancer, from undelying biology to clinical manifestations of disease, diagnosis, and treatment. The CD-ROM features illustrations from the text which can be used as slide presentations.

Radiation Therapy for Skin Cancer
Author : Armand B Cognetta,William M. Mendenhall
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2013-06-13
ISBN 10 : 1461469864
Pages : 251 pages

Photon Radiation Therapy for Skin Malignancies is a vital resource for dermatologists interested in radiation therapy, including the physics and biology behind treatment of skin cancers, as well as useful and pragmatic formulas and algorithms for evaluating and treating them. Dermatology has always been a field that overlaps multiple medical specialties and this book is no exception, with its focus on both dermatologists and radiation oncologists. It is estimated that between 2010 and 2020, the demand for radiation therapy will exceed the number of radiation oncologists practicing in the U.S. tenfold, which could profoundly affect the ability to provide patients with sufficient access to treatment. Photon Radiation Therapy for Skin Malignancies enhances the knowledge of dermatologists and radiation oncologists and presents them with the most up-to-date information regarding detection, delineation and depth determination of skin cancers, and appropriate biopsy techniques. In addition, the book also addresses radiation therapy of the skin and the skin’s reactions to radiation therapy.

Sunlight, Vitamin D and Skin Cancer
Author : Jörg Reichrath
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 3030462277
Pages : 329 pages

Skin Cancer
Author : Alfonso Baldi,Paola Pasquali,Enrico P Spugnini
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2013-08-21
ISBN 10 : 1461473578
Pages : 569 pages

Skin Cancer: A Practical Approach presents a comprehensive and up to date overview on skin cancer. With an emphasis on practical aspects that will set the basis for guidelines of treatment, the volume presents different diagnostic tools to help physicians obtain the proper diagnosis. Written by a worldwide base of experts selected on their recognized expertise on the different themes discussed, Skin Cancer: A Practical Approach is a valuable resource for investigators in the field of skin cancer, including pathologists, medical and surgical oncologists, dermatologists, general surgeons, and veterinary oncologists