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The Pocket Guide to Brilliance
Author : Bart King
Publisher : Gibbs Smith
Release Date : 2008-12-18
ISBN 10 : 9781423607748
Pages : 272 pages

Punctuated with both sharp and dry wit, Bart King presents a wealth of fascinating trivia. Brilliant people are those who walk farther, think deeper, and talk louder than the rest of us. They do what it takes to get the job done, and then some. The masters of brilliance include presidential candidate George Wallace, who released chickens into a crowd in order to spur on a debate; the first female journalist, Anne Newport Royall, who forced an interview with John Quincy Adams after catching him skinny dipping; and Benjamin Franklin, who of course coined the phrase "A penny saved is a penny earned," but also offered the lesser known "A man who lives on hope, dies farting."

Author : Amy Lombardo
Publisher : LifeTree Media
Release Date : 2019-03-26
ISBN 10 : 1928055486
Pages : 225 pages

The Brilliance of Bioenergy
Author : Ralph E H Sims
Publisher : Routledge
Release Date : 2013-11-05
ISBN 10 : 1134072260
Pages : 328 pages

The time for modern biomass has come. It has long been overshadowed by other, more widely-publicized renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar and hydro, and still retains an outmoded image in comparison to its apparently more attractive cousins. The potential for biomass to act as a store of solar energy, and yet to be converted efficiently when required into heat, power, transport fuels and even substitutes for plastics and petrochemicals, is not widely appreciated. The increasing abundance of well-designed, successful bioenergy projects around the world is creating new interest in this renewable, sustainable and low-emission-producing source of energy. The Brilliance of Bioenergy covers all the main resources and technologies, principles, practice, social and environmental issues as well as the economics involved. The book also presents valuable, practical experiences - both 'how to' and 'how not to' - in the form of case studies of both small and large scale projects in both developed and developing countries. The Brilliance of Bioenergy is for those wishing to learn more about biomass, the technologies and the business potential. It will be welcomed by all involved in biomass production, bioenergy utilization, planning and development, and in renewable energies in general, as well as students, academics and researchers in the subject.

Author : Cindy Edelstein,Frank Stankus
Publisher : Lark Books
Release Date : 2008
ISBN 10 : 1600591574
Pages : 228 pages

An illustrated study that showcases original pieces of jewelry created by members of the American Jewelry Design Council based on a given theme includes dramatic photographs of this art jewelry in chapters that cover such themes as Peekaboo, Puzzle, Sphere, Water, Pyramid, Mona Lisa, and Secret Treasure. Original.

Shift Your Brilliance
Author : Simon T. Bailey
Publisher : Sound Wisdom
Release Date : 2014-05-06
ISBN 10 : 0768404584
Pages : 160 pages

Brilliance is a decision, It is time to disrupt your current reality and… Experience Your Shift Into Brilliance. This book is your roadmap, your call to action; your opportunity to create accelerated results professionally, personally and financially. It is time for you to turn every day into a brilliant breakthrough. Shift Your Brilliance will teach you: Strategies for sharpening your focus Steps to clear your vision Actions to harness individual and organizational potential Tools to unearth what really sets you on fire Tips on how to become a Chief Breakthrough Officer It is now time for you to Shift Your Brilliance!

The Brilliance of Black Children in Mathematics
Author : Jacqueline Leonard,Danny B. Martin
Publisher : IAP
Release Date : 2013-03-01
ISBN 10 : 1623960819
Pages : 399 pages

This book is a critically important contribution to the work underway to transform schooling for students who have historically been denied access to a quality education, specifically African American children. The first section of the book provides some historical perspective critical to understanding the current state of education in the U.S., specifically for the education of African American children. The following sections include chapters on policy, learning, ethnomathematics, student identity, and teacher preparation as it relates to the mathematical education of Black children. Through offering “counternarratives” about mathematically successful Black youth, advocating for a curriculum that is grounded in African American culture and ways of thinking, providing shining examples of the brilliance of Blacks students, and promoting high expectations for all rather than situating students as the problem, the authors of this book provide powerful insights related to the teaching and learning of mathematics for African American students. As is made evident in this book, effective teaching involves much more than just engaging students in inquirybased pedagogy (Kitchen, 2003). The chapters offered in this book demonstrate how mathematics instruction for African American students needs to take into account historical marginalization and presentday policies that do harm to Black students (Kunjufu, 2005). Empowering mathematics instruction for African American students needs to take into consideration and promote students’ cultural, spiritual, and historical identities. Furthermore, mathematics instruction for African American students should create opportunities for students to express themselves and the needs of their communities as a means to promote social justice both within their classrooms and communities.

Brilliance by Design
Author : Vicki Halsey
Publisher : Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Release Date : 2011-01-10
ISBN 10 : 1605099619
Pages : 216 pages

Many subject matter experts are just that, subject matter experts--not experts in the art of teaching, facilitating, or designing. Thousands of authors, trainers, and speakers have great content, but they lack the skills required to convey their content in a way that inspires learners to unleash their brilliance and move the learning to practice.. They often spend 70% of their time on WHAT they are going to teach, and 30% of their time on HOW, when they should be spending 30% on WHAT, and 70% on HOW. Their instructional techniques often are at odds with their message of inclusivity, eagerness for people to learn, and hopes that their content will change lives and organizations. “Brilliance by Design” outlines how to design learning interactions (such as meetings and workshops) that enable people to do their best thinking. Using the tested, signature ENGAGE model, it helps anyone who brings people together for the purpose of learning, problem-solving, or innovating to develop a clear, high-impact training design that unleashes brilliance. It presents a model that enables teachers to analyze learner and teacher needs, create objectives that meet those needs, and incorporate interactive tools that “fire ‘em up,” ensuring all key outcomes are met. To help readers unleash the brilliance in others, this book provides the structure, tools, language, and models needed to create optimal learning experiences from their ideas, practices, models and books. In learning these techniques, readers will achieve powerful outcomes, building communities of learners who share best practices and communicate at a deep and profound level while doing real work.

Author : Rosalind Laker
Publisher : Severn House/ORIM
Release Date : 2012-08-01
ISBN 10 : 1780103174
Pages : 281 pages

After a shattering betrayal, a Frenchwoman finds a new role during the birth of the film industry, in a “truly interesting” historical novel (Booklist). When Lisette Decourt discovers her fiancé in the arms of her newly widowed stepmother, she flees her Paris home in shock and sorrow. Her wanderings bring her in contact with Daniel Shaw—a traveling “lanternist” who tells stories through a strange new art known as slide projection. Learning more about moving pictures, Lisette finds her passion for film growing—along with her passion for the Englishman Daniel. But their love will be tested as fate threatens to pull them away from each other, and as Lisette follows her path to becoming one of the first movie stars of the twentieth century. “The birth of the film industry is just as much a character in Laker's tale as Lisette, who overcomes personal tragedies to triumph in a truly interesting and wonderfully informative story.” —Booklist

The Age of Eternal Brilliance: Shen Yüeh (441-513)
Author : Richard B. Mather
Publisher : BRILL
Release Date : 2003
ISBN 10 : 9789004135796
Pages : 367 pages

Summary: Borrowing Brilliance
Author : BusinessNews Publishing
Publisher : Primento
Release Date : 2013-02-15
ISBN 10 : 2806222699
Pages : 10 pages

The must-read summary of David Kord Murray's book: "Borrowing Brilliance: The Six Steps to Business Innovation by Building on the Ideas of Others". This complete summary of the ideas from David Kord Murray's book "Borrowing Brilliance" shows that that new ideas are always constructed out of existing ideas. What appears to be genuinely original ideas always combine snippets of one idea with parts of another to come up with something which has never before been combined in that way. To be specific, when you look at the creative process from a big picture perspective, you’ll always find the genesis of any new idea comes through a six-step process. By working through this six-step process, you come up with something new which combines aspects or elements of old and established ideas into a different mix. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand the key concepts • Increase your business knowledge To learn more, read "Borrowing Brilliance" and discover where to borrow the materials from and how to put them together and determine your creative ability.

Natural Brilliance
Author : Irini Nadel Rockwell
Publisher : Shambhala Publications
Release Date : 2012
ISBN 10 : 1590309324
Pages : 189 pages

Outlines the ancient "five wisdoms" system, explaining how to understand one's primary intelligence and cultivate complementary skills in accordance with personal circumstances to meet modern challenges.

Beadweaving Brilliance
Author : Kumiko Mizuno Ito
Publisher : Japan Publications Trading
Release Date : 2007
ISBN 10 : 9784889962253
Pages : 82 pages

Just in time for holiday hand-made-gift-making, comes this beautifully illustrated book that shows crafters how to create colorful and unique beaded accessories. Using a single needle and thread, readers will learn a variety of stitches, including herringbone, peyote (also known as gourd), brick, square, right angle weave and African helix, to weave beads into a flat fabric or 3-dimensional object. The off-loom beading technique lends itself to fashioning striking accessories; and in Beadweaving Brilliance, author Kumiko Mizuno offers precise instructions for 30 different projects that will take even a novice beader no more than two hours to complete. The book is divided into sections covering five different types of accessories - rings, pendants, straps, bracelets and necklaces - and also includes sections on basic techniques, color variations and tools.

Borrowing Brilliance
Author : David Kord Murray
Publisher : Penguin
Release Date : 2009-09-03
ISBN 10 : 9781101136270
Pages : 304 pages

In a book poised to become the bible of innovation, a renowned creativity expert reveals the key to the creative process-"borrowing". As a former aerospace scientist, Fortune 500 executive, chief innovation officer, inventor, and software entrepreneur, David Kord Murray has made a living by coming up with innovative ideas. In Borrowing Brilliance he shows readers how new ideas are merely the combination of existing ones by presenting a simple six-step process that anyone can use to build business innovation: ?Defining-Define the problem you're trying to solve. ?Borrowing-Borrow ideas from places with a similar problem. ?Combining-Connect and combine these borrowed ideas. ?Incubating-Allow the combinations to incubate into a solution. ?Judging-Identify the strength and weakness of the solution. ?Enhancing-Eliminate weak points while enhancing strong ones. Each chapter features real-life examples of brilliant borrowers, including profiles of Larry Page and Sergey Brin (the Google guys), George Lucas, Steve Jobs, and other creative thinkers. Murray used these methods to re-create his own career and he shows readers how to harness them to find creative solutions.

Unstoppable Brilliance
Author : Michael Fitzgerald,Antoinette Walker
Publisher : Liberties Press
Release Date : 2015-03-01
ISBN 10 : 1910742104
Pages : 336 pages

How much of what exceptional people achieve can be put down to their own efforts and inner drive, and how much to fate? In this groundbreaking study, the authors argue that the extraordinary achievements of key figures in Irish history were indeed unstoppable - a product of their character and unique way of interacting with the world. In a series of fascinating character studies, Antoinette Walker and Michael Fitzgerald argue that many of those who were crucial to the development of Ireland's political, scientific and artistic traditions - the revolutionaries Robert Emmet, Pádraig Pearse and Éamon de Valera; the scientist Robert Boyle, mathematician William Rowan Hamilton and ethnographer Daisy Bates; and the poet W. B. Yeats and writers James Joyce and Samuel Beckett - would, if they were alive today, be diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. The authors examine the character quirks that lead them to believe that all nine can be seen as 'Asperger geniuses'. They assert that this condition meant that all nine were virtually predestined to become exceptional figures in their chosen field and that, moreover, Asperger's syndrome can be seen as the key to genius in all ages and all cultures.

Unleashing Your Brilliance
Author : Brian E. Walsh
Publisher : Walsh Seminars
Release Date : 2005
ISBN 10 : 0973841516
Pages : 288 pages

The reader is given many tips on how to go beyond conscious learning to more easily absorb information. The content has been designed to appeal to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles. Each chapter can be reviewed with both a crossword puzzle and an online introspective tool. This enables a deeper integration of the material. In easy-to-understand language, this book explains, how the brain processes information, how learning is affected by emotions and core beliefs, and how innate brain is wiring can be altered both intentionally and unintentionally. Ideal for corporate learners, college/university students, home-schooling parents.

Boredom to Brilliance
Author : Timothy Simpson
Publisher :
Release Date : 2011-12-20
ISBN 10 : 3942747111
Pages : 148 pages

There is immense wealth that lies hidden in the recesses of people’s beings and many don’t ever realize it. In an era of dwindling support for the arts in schools and communities, most of us have come of age believing we have no creative ability. We are unaware of the divine gift we receive at birth, and the sacred commission to use that gift to better the world around us. In Boredom to Brilliance, Timothy Simpson helps us to discover that gift, the power of the arts. Whether offering insights from the world of opera, sharing his own journey of discovery, or providing hands-on exercises designed to motivate, he illustrates the necessity of self-expression and gives the reader a practical approach to unlocking the creative spirit inherent in us all. If you haven’t yet found your place in the world or what you want to do in life, this book will set you on your path. “Your dream, your vision, your idea, however small or grand it may be, is a gift to you and therefore your gift to the world.”

The Veiling Brilliance
Author : Devadatta Kali
Publisher : Nicolas-Hays, Inc.
Release Date : 2006-12-01
ISBN 10 : 9780892541287
Pages : 245 pages

Immediately, the seer Medhas challenges King Suratha and the merchant Samachi, saying that nothing in this world is as it seems to be and that what they don't know is the cause of their grief. Gifted with unfailing wisdom, the holy man is at once provocative, unpredictable, and loving as he takes his two new disciples on the journey of a lifetime-a journey to the heart of reality to self-discovery. This story of betrayal and loss, inner conflict, and the way to peace probes ever deeper into to the mystery of human existence and leads to the question, Who am I? Amid the deconstruction od everyday personality and the perplexing world, an astonishing new sense of self begins to shine through. Suratha's and Samadhi's struggles are everyone's struggles, and their growing understanding, nurtured by the irrepressible holy man, reveals the wisdom that resides deep in every human heart. The Veiling Brilliance is a compelling story, but more than that, it is a manual for living the empowers through a transformative vision of life in all its sacredness, where the commonplace becomes miraculous. Inspired by the Devimahatmya, the Sanskirt classic of Goddess-centered Hinduism, The Veiling Brilliance is an imaginative and eloquent novel that reinterprets for today's reader the psychological and spiritual wisdom of India's ancient Vedas and Tantras. At its core, The Veiling Brilliance is a book for seekers of direct, simple answer's to life's perennial questions and a book for those who wish to hear the hidden wisdom of the holy man's teaching simply, directly, and eloquently. Book jacket.

Discovering Your True Brilliance
Author : Sheila Giardina
Publisher : BalboaPress
Release Date : 2013-03-05
ISBN 10 : 1452568855
Pages : 188 pages

Discovering Your True Brilliance leads you on an adventure of transformation. As a spiritual being, I was a part of creating miracles in my life as I released the past to live a more positive life. I’ve come to believe that we all have an opportunity to make changes for the better. Using personal stories plus tips and tools I developed when I was recovering from a broken back brought me out of depression. I learned being more positive in everything I did helped me overcome my past. I have created Power Circles so other people can make the shifts in their lives, helping them heal. I have online Power Circles and people from Canada, India, Australia, and across the United States use them on a daily basis. Making new choices can spark faith, personal growth, and unlimited possibilities just by changing your attitude. “I’ll never forget the outpouring of love and support as the group validated me in ways I’d not considered possible.” —Gail Griffith “Participating in a Power Circle caused me to truly feel heard.” —Toni Costa “Sheila’s positive feelings truly do bring out the very best in everyone.” —Dr. Jim Chou “Sheila’s coaching and real-life exercises through Power Circles has taught me to use only words that express my highest and best good.” —Nancy Garrison

Unlocking Your Brilliance
Author : Karen Purcell
Publisher : Greenleaf Book Group
Release Date : 2012-08-01
ISBN 10 : 1608323773
Pages : 170 pages

Even though Karen Purcell excelled in math and science in high school, nobody ever talked to her about a career in the STEM fields. Finally, in her senior year, when she was frantically trying to decide on a college and course of study, her physics teacher commented that she should consider engineering. Lack of exposure was the first hurdle that Karen would face on her path to success as an engineer and entrepreneur, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last.Tackling an important social issue from a personal perspective, Karen describes the trajectory of her own career in engineering, including the struggles she endured. Through her story and stories from women in other fields, she explores the hurdles women in the male-dominated STEM world must overcome and offers pragmatic strategies for moving beyond them. From gaining exposure to occupations early in life to earning the respect of male colleagues to balancing a personal life with career pressures, Karen will empower you to realize your full talents.Part inspiration, part strategic career advice, Unlocking Your Brilliance can help you pursue your passions and leverage your talents to create the professional and personal life you want.

Buzz to Brilliance
Author : Adrian D. Griffin,Elise Winters-Huete
Publisher : Oxford University Press on Demand
Release Date : 2012-12-20
ISBN 10 : 0195395972
Pages : 287 pages

Contains practical tips for buying a new trumpet, selecting a mouthpiece, creating a practice schedule, adjusting to braces, and participating in a school marching band, with practice skills, sight-reading, and technique-building exercises.