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Botanical Medicine for Women's Health E-Book
Author : Aviva Romm
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date : 2017-01-25
ISBN 10 : 0702065137
Pages : 720 pages

Use herbal medicines to treat women at any stage of life! Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health, 2nd Edition provides an evidence-based, patient-centered approach to botanical interventions for many different medical conditions. More than 150 natural products are covered, showing their benefits in gynecologic health, fertility and childbearing, and menopausal health. This edition includes new full-color photos of herbal plants along with a discussion of the role of botanicals in healthy aging. Written by Aviva Romm, an experienced herbalist, midwife, and physician, this unique guide is an essential resource for everyday practice of herbal medicine. Winner of the 2010 American Botanical Council's James A. Duke Excellence in Botanical Literature Award! Current, evidence-based information covers more than 150 botanicals for over 35 different conditions. Case studies provide realistic scenarios and help you apply the content to the real world. Treatment and formula boxes summarize the most important information. Color illustrations and photographs of plants enable you to identify herbs visually as well as by substance make-up. Logical chapter organization begins with the principles of herbal medicine and then covers women’s health conditions organized chronologically by lifecycle, from teen and reproductive years to midlife and mature years. Appendices include practical, at-a-glance information on common botanical names, chemical constituents of medicinal plants, and a summary table of herbs for women's health. NEW! Updates reflect the latest research and the most current information. NEW Full-color design and detailed, professional color photos of plants make this a unique, essential resource. NEW! Coverage of the role of botanicals in healthy aging for women features phytoestrogens, Ayurvedic/Chinese herbs, and discussions of health promotion.

Botanical Medicine for Women's Health
Author : Aviva Jill Romm
Publisher : Churchill Livingstone
Release Date : 2010
ISBN 10 : 9780443072772
Pages : 694 pages

With a unique combination of traditional and modern scientific data on herbal medicine, this comprehensive guide has the coverage practitioners need to treat women's health conditions with botanical medicine. Written by an experienced midwife, clinical herbalist, and MD candidate, this text blends a clinician-sensitive and patient-centered approach to women's health issues.

Herbal Healing for Women
Author : Rosemary Gladstar
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 1993-11-10
ISBN 10 : 0671767674
Pages : 303 pages

Discusses the author's theories, practices, and attitudes regarding herbs, and examines the relationship between women and herbs during various stages in life

Women's Herbs, Women's Health
Author : Christopher Hobbs,Kathi Keville
Publisher : Book Publishing Company
Release Date : 2007
ISBN 10 : 9781570671524
Pages : 364 pages

Women's Herbs, Women's Health is a sourcebook of knowledge about how a woman's body works, the major health issues faced by women, and which herbal remedies can be used as a preventive measure or treatment. Includes information on why herbal treatments result in the least amount of interference in the body's natural rhythm, have the deepest effects, and produces the least amount of side effects.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Women's Health
Author : Kathleen Albertson
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release Date : 2009
ISBN 10 : 9781449982027
Pages : 322 pages

Educates readers about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ( acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine), and how women's health problems are effectively treated holistically versus the typical Western, compartmentalized approach. Acquire a basic understanding of TCM - what it is and how it works - as well as its benefits, risks and potential for treatment. Potential benefits of using TCM decrease the discouragement and futility felt by many women who cope with chronic health problems like menstrual irregularities, infertility, insomnia, pregnancy related issues and menopause. Women do not usually consider TCM as a treatment alternative until after receiving failed Western treatment. TCM can be a primary part of health care. Information and knowledge about TCm is lacking. TCM can help many women overcome and resolve health concerns. TCM's potential for early detection, strengthening of the immune system, reversal of symptoms and prevention of disease unfortunately remains unnoticed. * Broadens understanding of how TCM and western medicine differ in diagnosis and treatment. A holistic versus compartmentalized approach. * Explains how acupuncture systems work in easy-to-understand language. * Outlines gynecological, reproductive, and menopausal disorders more naturally and completely. * Approaches disorders including PMS, painful, heavy, irregular menstruation, PCOS, infertility, and pregnancy-related issues from a TCM perspective. * Shares nutritional, lifestyle factors and tips to help you make better, more informed choices about your health. * Discusses other health issues including insomnia, incontinence, vaginal itching, heart disease, and headaches. * Explains how TCM considers the impact of lifestyle, diet and nutritional choices and discusses these as part of the treatment plan. .

Herbal Remedies for Women
Author : Amanda McQuade Crawford
Publisher : Harmony
Release Date : 2011-02-02
ISBN 10 : 0307778665
Pages : 304 pages

More Women Choosing Herbal Alternatives Now, more than ever before, women are taking control of their own health and vitality by choosing herbal remedies as an alternative to traditional medicine. Because every year there are new research findings that women and their health providers need to know about, author Amanda McQuade Crawford, M.N.I.M.H, has used her clinical expertise to develop Herbal Remedies for Women. “[Amanda] is not afraid to speak the truth about women’s health issues and how herbs can help,” said Deb Soule, author of The Roots of Healing: A Woman’s Book of Herbs. “Her words of wisdom and capacity for caring are a gift to women everywhere.” Herbal medicine is, in fact, fast becoming the alternative medicine of choice. Included in Crawford’s book is a broad spectrum of herbal remedies for various ailments such as chasteberry seed for fibroids as well as dandelion root and leaf for endometriosis. Also included is an herbal glossary and information on herbal preparation which corrects many herbal myths. Organized into six sections, Herbal Remedies for Women is designed to offer readers natural and effective therapies for an array of women’s issues including: ·Problem of Menses ·Healthy Reproduction ·Infections ·The Change of Life Crawford also divides each chapter into subheads which cover: definition of the syndrome, symptoms and signs, cause, conventional medical care, herbal treatment, and nutrition. Whether or not they have previous experience with herbal medicine, Herbal Remedies for Women provides readers with simple but effective remedies for self-healing.

Natural Choices for Women's Health
Author : Laurie Steelsmith
Publisher : Harmony
Release Date : 2005
ISBN 10 : 140004796X
Pages : 404 pages

Integrating the key features of natural medicine from both the Western tradition and ancient Chinese teachings, a groundbreaking guide to women's health outlines ten crucial components of a woman's health and provides tips on how to maintain peak condition with a variety of natural, nontoxic methods and therapies. Original. 15,000 first printing.

The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Women's Health
Author : Sat Dharam Kaur,Carolyn Dean,Mary Danylak-Arhanic
Publisher : R. Rose
Release Date : 2005-01-01
ISBN 10 : 9780778801276
Pages : 477 pages

A clear and comprehensive guide on integrating alternative or natural with conventional medicine treatments into a healing program for the distinctive health concerns of women.

The Woman's Herbal Apothecary
Author : JJ Pursell
Publisher : Fair Winds Press
Release Date : 2018-07-17
ISBN 10 : 1631594656
Pages : 256 pages

The Woman’s Herbal Apothecary is every woman’s lifelong guide to herbal remedies for common health concerns. Novice herbalists and advanced practitioner’s alike will learn how to naturally treat the complete spectrum of women’s concerns, including preventative self-care, life transitions, and common feminine ailments. Learn how to prevent, soothe, and heal without resorting to medical remedies, which are often harsh, costly, and include unpleasant side effects. The Woman’s Herbal Apothecary contains 200 natural remedies, covering the topics of menses, pregnancy, menopause, aging, fibroids, bladder infections, and low libido, among others. The book is conveniently divided into the major cycles of a woman’s life: pre-childbirth, reproductive years, menopause, and beyond. Each section discusses specific physical complaints and how to treat them. You will learn which herbs are the most helpful for each phase of life and which are contraindicated or to be avoided. Master herbalist and naturopathic doctor JJ Pursell provides her own herbal solutions and DIY herbal remedies. The concluding section is divided by specific common health issues in women, such as cardiac disease, thyroid disease, and adrenal dysfunction. With The Woman’s Herbal Apothecary in hand, you are on your way to healing, hormone balance, beauty, longevity, and calm—the natural way.

The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution
Author : Aviva Romm, M.D.
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release Date : 2017-01-31
ISBN 10 : 006247636X
Pages : 384 pages

A Yale-trained, board-certified family physician with a specialty in women's health and obstetrics delivers a proven 28-day program to heal the overwhelmed, overloaded systems, and prevent and reverse the myriad of symptoms affecting the vast majority of women today. Weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, and autoimmune conditions—for years, health practitioners have commonly viewed each as individual health problems resulting from a patient’s genetic bad luck, poor lifestyle choices, or lack of willpower. Patients, too, have turned to different doctors to alleviate their specific symptoms: an endocrinologist for a thyroid problem; a gynecologist for hormonal issues; an internist for weight, diabetes, and high blood pressure; a rheumatologist for joint problems, and even to therapists or psychologists. While these ailments may seem unrelated, Dr. Aviva Romm contends that they are intrinsically connected by what she calls Survival Overdrive Syndrome, a condition that occurs when the body becomes overloaded. SOS can result from childhood survival patterns or adult life stressors that are compounded by foods we eat, toxins in our environment, viral infections, lack of sleep, disrupted gut microflora, and even prescribed medications. Two of the systems most affected are the adrenal system and the thyroid, which control mood, hormones, inflammation, immunity, energy, weight, will power, blood sugar balance, cholesterol, sleep, and a host of other bodily functions. When these systems become overwhelmed they lead to symptoms that can develop into full blow illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and heart disease—all of which have medically provable origins in SOS. The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution explains SOS, how it impacts our bodies and can lead to illness, and most importantly, offers a drug-free cure developed through Dr. Romm’s research and clinical work with tens of thousands of patients. In as little as two weeks, you can lose excess weight, discover increased energy, improve sleep, and feel better. With The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution, you can rescue your metabolism, hormones, mind and mood—and achieve long-lasting health.

Natural Woman
Author : Leslie Korn
Publisher : Shambhala Publications
Release Date : 2019-12-17
ISBN 10 : 083484253X
Pages : 320 pages

An herbal guide to support physical, mental, and spiritual health for women and their children at all stages of life--by a healer with over 40 years of experience. Plant medicines are a woman's ally to achieve optimal health; they bring balance and nourishment to daily life and can reduce or eliminate symptoms of physical and emotional distress. They can also provide alternatives to many pharmaceuticals. This go-to herbal sourcebook gives women the tools to thrive throughout their lives, with remedies using common herbs and plants to support a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Leslie Korn brings over forty years of experience in numerous herbal traditions and healing modalities, offering timeless wisdom in this herbal companion that can be shared with friends and passed down in the family for generations. She offers treatments using common and easy-to-obtain herbs to address sleep disorders, menstrual issues, autoimmune conditions, anxiety, headaches and migraines, stomach issues, fertility issues, postpartum recovery, skin ailments, common discomforts that affect children, and much more. Korn also offers herbal guidance for rites of passage, moments of community, psychoactive herbs, and a protocol for end-of-life care, as well as a comprehensive resources section.

The Natural Pregnancy Book, Third Edition
Author : Aviva Jill Romm
Publisher : Ten Speed Press
Release Date : 2014-08-05
ISBN 10 : 160774449X
Pages : 304 pages

A revised and updated edition of the classic handbook for women seeking a safe, organic, eco-friendly, and natural pregnancy, featuring an integrative-based approach with new medical, herbal, and nutritional information. Over the last two decades, The Natural Pregnancy Book has ushered thousands of women through happy and healthy pregnancies. Addressing women's health from conception to birth, Dr. Romm describes herbs that can promote and maintain a healthy pregnancy, and allays such familiar concerns as anxiety, fatigue, morning sickness, and stretch marks. She also discusses the components of a healthy diet, with an emphasis on natural foods. New to this edition is integrative health advice based on Dr. Romm's new credentials as a Yale-trained physician, combined with her twenty years of experience as a midwife and herbalist.