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Author : Anonymous Anonymous
Publisher : Xist Publishing
Release Date : 2015-03-10
ISBN 10 : 1623958024
Pages : 203 pages

Epic poetry at its finest Beowulf is one of the most studied and praised English classic. Originally written over a thousand years ago, the story celebrates Beowulf, a young Swedish nobleman who has battled monsters and dragons to keep his people safe. This Xist Classics edition has been professionally formatted for e-readers with a linked table of contents. This eBook also contains a bonus book club leadership guide and discussion questions. We hope you’ll share this book with your friends, neighbors and colleagues and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it. Xist Publishing is a digital-first publisher. Xist Publishing creates books for the touchscreen generation and is dedicated to helping everyone develop a lifetime love of reading, no matter what form it takes

Author : Anonymous,
Publisher : First Avenue Editions ™
Release Date : 2015-01-01
ISBN 10 : 146778687X
Pages : 190 pages

King Hrothgar of Denmark has a problem: though his land prospers, his great mead-hall is plagued nightly by a horrible beast, Grendel, that pillages and kills his men. Leaving his home in Sweden, the warrior Beowulf sails to the king's aid. Beowulf and his men camp in the mead-hall to wait for Grendel. When the beast attacks, Beowulf grabs him by the claw and rips his arm off, making the beast flee in defeat. But Grendel isn't the only challenge facing Beowulf and, even in his native Sweden, adventures and dangers await. Written between the 8th and 11th centuries, Beowulf is the oldest surviving epic poem written in Old English. This unabridged version is taken from the translation by published by John Lesslie Hall in 1892.

Author : Roy Liuzza
Publisher : Broadview Press
Release Date : 1999-12-06
ISBN 10 : 9781551111896
Pages : 248 pages

The classic story of Beowulf, hero and dragon-slayer, appears here in a new translation accompanied by genealogical charts, historical summaries, and a glossary of proper names. These and other documents sketching some of the cultural forces behind the poem's final creation will help readers see Beowulf as an exploration of the politics of kingship and the psychology of heroism, and as an early English meditation on the bridges and chasms between the pagan past and the Christian present. A generous sample of other modern versions of Beowulf sheds light on the process of translating the poem.

Author : Charles William Kennedy
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1978
ISBN 10 : 9780195024357
Pages : 121 pages

A lengthy introduction discussing historical background accompanies the poem about the monster slayer Beowulf

Interpretations of Beowulf
Author : Robert Dennis Fulk
Publisher : Indiana University Press
Release Date : 1991
ISBN 10 : 9780253206398
Pages : 282 pages

Interpretations of Beowulf brings together over six decades of literary scholarship. Illustrating a variety of interpretative schools, the essays not only deal with most of the major issues of Beowulf criticism, including structure, style, genre, and theme, but also offer the sort of explanations of particular passages that are invaluable to a careful reading of a poem. This up-to-date collection of significant critical approaches fills a long-standing need for a companion volume for the study of the poem. Larger patterns in the history of Beowulf criticism are also traceable in the chronological order of the collection. The contributors are Theodore M. Andersson, Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, Jane Chance, Laurence N. de Looze, Margaret E. Goldsmith, Stanley B. Greenfield, Joseph Harris, Edward B. Irving, Jr., John Leyerle, Francis P. Magoun, Jr., M. B. McNamee, S. J., Bertha S. Phillpotts, John C. Pope, Richard N. Ringler, Geoffrey R. Russom, T. A. Shippey, and J. R. R. Tolkien.

Author : Harold Bloom,Sterling Professor of the Humanities Harold Bloom
Publisher : Infobase Publishing
Release Date : 2009-01-01
ISBN 10 : 1438114419
Pages : 112 pages

Discusses the characters, plot and writing of the epic poem involving the legendary hero Beowulf and his battle with the creature Grendel.

The Art of Beowulf
Author : Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Release Date : 1959
ISBN 10 : 9780520015128
Pages : 283 pages

During the twenty years that have passed since the publication of J.R.R. Tolkien's famous lecture, "Beowulf, the Monsters and the Critics," interest in Beowulf as a work of art has increased gratifyingly, and many fine papers have made distinguished contributions to our understanding of the poem as poetry and as heroic narrative. Much more, however, remains to be done. We have still no systematic and sensitive appraisal of the poem later than Walter Morris Hart's Ballad and Epic, no thorough examination of the poet's gifts and powers, of the effects for which he strove and the means he used to achieve them. More than enough remains to occupy a generation of scholars. It is my hope that this book may serve as a kind of prolegomenon to such study. It makes no claim to completeness or finality; it contributes only the convictions and impressions which have been borne in upon me in the course of forty years of study of the poem. - Preface.

The Dating of Beowulf
Author : University of Toronto. Centre for Medieval Studies
Publisher : University of Toronto Press
Release Date : 1997-01-01
ISBN 10 : 9780802078797
Pages : 228 pages

A seminal collection of studies on the date of Beowulf, now back in print, that overturned previous scholarship and raised much new information.

Beowulf and the Celtic Tradition
Author : Martin Puhvel
Publisher : Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
Release Date : 2010-10-30
ISBN 10 : 1554587697
Pages : 151 pages

The author traces and evaluates the possible influences of Celtic tradition on the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf. He discusses theories of the origins of the poem, draws parallels between elements in Beowulf and in Celtic literary tradition, and suggests that the central plot of the poem, the conflict with Grendel and his mother, is "fundamentally indebted to Celtic folktale elements." The study is well documented and rich in references to Celtic literature, legend, and folklore.

A Beowulf Handbook
Author : Robert E. Bjork,John D. Niles
Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
Release Date : 1997
ISBN 10 : 9780803212374
Pages : 466 pages

The most revered work composed in Old English, Beowulf is one of the landmarks of European literature. This handbook supplies a wealth of insights into all major aspects of this wondrous poem and its scholarly tradition. Each chapter provides a history of the scholarly interest in a particular topic, a synthesis of present knowledge and opinion, and an analysis of scholarly work that remains to be done. Written to accommodate the needs of a broad audience, A Beowulf Handbook will be of value to nonspecialists who wish simply to read and enjoy Beowulf and to scholars at work on their own research. In its clear and comprehensive treatment of the poem and its scholarship, this book will prove an indispensable guide to readers and specialists for many years to come.

Beowulf Cluster Computing with Linux
Author : Thomas Lawrence Sterling
Publisher : MIT Press
Release Date : 2002
ISBN 10 : 9780262692748
Pages : 496 pages

Enabling technologies - An overview of cluster computing / Thomas Sterling / - Node Hardware / Thomas Sterling / - Linux / Peter H. Beckman / - Network Hardware / Thomas Sterling / - Network Software / Thomas Sterling / - Setting Up clusters : installation and configuration - How fast is my beowulf? / David Bailey / - Parallel programming / - Parallel programming with MPI / William Gropp / - Advanced topics in MPI programming / William Gropp / - Parallel programming with PVM / Al Geist / - Fault-tolerant and adaptive programs with PVM / Al Geist / - Managing clusters / - Cluster workload management / James Patton Jones / - Condor : a distributed job scheduler / - Maui scheduler : A multifunction cluster scheduler / David B. Jackson / - PBS : portable batch system / James Patton Jones / - PVFS : parallel virtual file system / Walt Ligon / - Chiba city : the Argonne scalable cluster.

The Narrative Pulse of Beowulf
Author : John M. Hill
Publisher : University of Toronto Press
Release Date : 2008
ISBN 10 : 0802093299
Pages : 119 pages

John M. Hill discerns a distinctive 'narrative pulse' arising out of the poem's many scenes of arrival and departure. He argues that such scenes, far from being fixed or 'type' scenes, are socially dramatic and a key to understanding the structural density of the poem.

A Critical Companion to Beowulf
Author : Andy Orchard
Publisher : Boydell & Brewer Ltd
Release Date : 2003
ISBN 10 : 9781843840299
Pages : 396 pages

A generous, energetic, engaging work... will be important to Beowulf study for years to come. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEW

Author : N.A
Publisher : Red and Black Publishers
Release Date : 2007
ISBN 10 : 0979181313
Pages : 183 pages

" 'Tis better to die than to live in shame." The oldest existing story written in Old English, "Beowulf" is the classic tale of courage and honor. In the Great Hall of Hrothgar, King of the Danes, the warrior Beowulf, son of a Swedish King, wages battle with the monster Grendel. The introduction contains a short history of the English language and a description of Anglo-Saxon culture.

Language, Sign, and Gender in Beowulf
Author : Gillian R. Overing
Publisher : SIU Press
Release Date : 1990
ISBN 10 : 9780809315635
Pages : 137 pages

Not a book about what Beowulf means but how it means, and how the reader participates in the process of meaning construction. Overing’s primary aim is to address the poem on its own terms, to trace and develop an interpretive strategy consonant with the extent of its difference. Beowulf’s arcane structure describes cyclical repetitions and patterned intersections of themes which baffle a linear perspective, and suggest instead the irresolution and dynamism of the deconstructionist free play of textual elements. Chapter 1 posits the self/reader as a function of the text/language, examining the ways in which the text "speaks" the reader. Chapter 2 develops an interactive semiotic strategy in an attempt to describe an isomorphic relation between poem and reader, between text and self. Chapter 3 addresses the notions of text and self as more complex functions or formulations of desire, and thus complicates and expands the arguments of the two preceding chapters. The final chapter examines the issue of desire in the poem, and, to a lesser extent, desire in the reader (insofar as these may legitimately be viewed as distinct from each other).

A Companion to Beowulf
Author : Ruth A. Johnston,Ruth Johnston Staver
Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group
Release Date : 2005
ISBN 10 : 9780313332241
Pages : 227 pages

Overviews the background, plot, themes, and language of Beowulf and discusses the poem's afterlife in contemporary popular culture.

Author : Alfred John Wyatt
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1894
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 242 pages

Author : N.A
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 1893
ISBN 10 :
Pages : 110 pages

The Origins of Beowulf
Author : Sam Newton
Publisher : DS Brewer
Release Date : 1994
ISBN 10 : 9780859914727
Pages : 212 pages

A detailed and passionate argument suggesting that Beowulf originated in the pre-Viking kingdom of 8th-century East Anglia.

Beowulf and the Dragon
Author : Christine Rauer
Publisher : Boydell & Brewer
Release Date : 2000
ISBN 10 : 9780859915922
Pages : 230 pages

The analogues discussed are presented with facing translations and detailed bibliographies."--BOOK JACKET.