animal health sensors and monitoring systems

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Animal Health Sensors and Monitoring Systems
Author : Harshal Arolkar
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2019-06-29
ISBN 10 : 9780128168387
Pages : 350 pages

Animal Health Sensors and Monitoring Systems focuses on the equipment and implementation of different sensors used for monitoring the health of livestock animals. This book examines how to develop and deploy monitoring systems that can track an animal's health scenario on a 24/7 schedule. Animal Health Sensors and Monitoring Systems also provides vital information for combining the use of multiple sensors to acquire the most useful data cohesively and comprehensively. It is the ideal resource for researchers and academics in precision livestock farming (PLF), as well as students and farmers who are interested in combining technological advances with livestock health monitoring methods. Written by a team of sensor technology experts Covers the most current and high-quality monitoring systems Includes a section on the effects of monitoring on animal health

Computational Science - ICCS 2020
Author : Valeria V. Krzhizhanovskaya,Gábor Závodszky,Michael H. Lees,J. J. Dongarra,Peter Sloot,Sérgio Brissos,João Teixeira
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date : 2020
ISBN 10 : 3030504204
Pages : 662 pages

The seven-volume set LNCS 12137, 12138, 12139, 12140, 12141, 12142, and 12143 constitutes the proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Computational Science, ICCS 2020, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in June 2020.* The total of 101 papers and 248 workshop papers presented in this book set were carefully reviewed and selected from 719 submissions (230 submissions to the main track and 489 submissions to the workshops). The papers were organized in topical sections named: Part I: ICCS Main Track Part II: ICCS Main Track Part III: Advances in High-Performance Computational Earth Sciences: Applications and Frameworks; Agent-Based Simulations, Adaptive Algorithms and Solvers; Applications of Computational Methods in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Biomedical and Bioinformatics Challenges for Computer Science Part IV: Classifier Learning from Difficult Data; Complex Social Systems through the Lens of Computational Science; Computational Health; Computational Methods for Emerging Problems in (Dis-)Information Analysis Part V: Computational Optimization, Modelling and Simulation; Computational Science in IoT and Smart Systems; Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence Part VI: Data Driven Computational Sciences; Machine Learning and Data Assimilation for Dynamical Systems; Meshfree Methods in Computational Sciences; Multiscale Modelling and Simulation; Quantum Computing Workshop Part VII: Simulations of Flow and Transport: Modeling, Algorithms and Computation; Smart Systems: Bringing Together Computer Vision, Sensor Networks and Machine Learning; Software Engineering for Computational Science; Solving Problems with Uncertainties; Teaching Computational Science; UNcErtainty QUantIficatiOn for ComputationAl modeLs *The conference was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sensor Networks and Configuration
Author : Nitaigour P. Mahalik
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2007-06-04
ISBN 10 : 3540373667
Pages : 509 pages

This book incorporates a selection of research and development papers. Its scope is on history and background, underlying design methodology, application domains and recent developments. The readers will be able to understand the underlying technology, philosophy, concepts, ideas, and principles, with regard to broader areas of sensor network. Aspects of sensor network and experimental results have been presented in proper order.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems and Informatics 2019
Author : Aboul Ella Hassanien,Khaled Shaalan,Mohamed Fahmy Tolba
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date : 2019-10-02
ISBN 10 : 3030311295
Pages : 1090 pages

This book presents the proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems and Informatics 2019 (AISI2019), which took place in Cairo, Egypt, from October 26 to 28, 2019. This international and interdisciplinary conference, which highlighted essential research and developments in the fields of informatics and intelligent systems, was organized by the Scientific Research Group in Egypt (SRGE). The book is divided into several sections, covering the following topics: machine learning and applications, swarm optimization and applications, robotic and control systems, sentiment analysis, e-learning and social media education, machine and deep learning algorithms, recognition and image processing, intelligent systems and applications, mobile computing and networking, cyber-physical systems and security, smart grids and renewable energy, and micro-grid and power systems.

Cognitive Informatics and Soft Computing
Author : Pradeep Kumar Mallick,Valentina Emilia Balas,Akash Kumar Bhoi,Gyoo-Soo Chae
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release Date : 2020-01-14
ISBN 10 : 9811514518
Pages : 705 pages

The book presents new approaches and methods for solving real-world problems. It highlights, in particular, innovative research in the fields of Cognitive Informatics, Cognitive Computing, Computational Intelligence, Advanced Computing, and Hybrid Intelligent Models and Applications. New algorithms and methods in a variety of fields are presented, together with solution-based approaches. The topics addressed include various theoretical aspects and applications of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics, Automation Control Theory, and Software Engineering.

Automated Software Diversity
Author : Per Larsen,Stefan Brunthaler,Lucas Davi,Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
Publisher : Morgan & Claypool Publishers
Release Date : 2015-12-01
ISBN 10 : 1627057552
Pages : 88 pages

Whereas user-facing applications are often written in modern languages, the firmware, operating system, support libraries, and virtual machines that underpin just about any modern computer system are still written in low-level languages that value flexibility and performance over convenience and safety. Programming errors in low-level code are often exploitable and can, in the worst case, give adversaries unfettered access to the compromised host system. This book provides an introduction to and overview of automatic software diversity techniques that, in one way or another, use randomization to greatly increase the difficulty of exploiting the vast amounts of low-level code in existence. Diversity-based defenses are motivated by the observation that a single attack will fail against multiple targets with unique attack surfaces. We introduce the many, often complementary, ways that one can diversify attack surfaces and provide an accessible guide to more than two decades worth of research on the topic. We also discuss techniques used in conjunction with diversity to prevent accidental disclosure of randomized program aspects and present an in-depth case study of one of our own diversification solutions.

Wearable Monitoring Systems
Author : Annalisa Bonfiglio,Danilo De Rossi
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2010-12-17
ISBN 10 : 9781441973849
Pages : 296 pages

As diverse as tomorrow’s society constituent groups may be, they will share the common requirements that their life should become safer and healthier, offering higher levels of effectiveness, communication and personal freedom. The key common part to all potential solutions fulfilling these requirements is wearable embedded systems, with longer periods of autonomy, offering wider functionality, more communication possibilities and increased computational power. As electronic and information systems on the human body, their role is to collect relevant physiological information, and to interface between humans and local and/or global information systems. Within this context, there is an increasing need for applications in diverse fields, from health to rescue to sport and even remote activities in space, to have real-time access to vital signs and other behavioral parameters for personalized healthcare, rescue operation planning, etc. This book’s coverage will span all scientific and technological areas that define wearable monitoring systems, including sensors, signal processing, energy, system integration, communications, and user interfaces. Six case studies will be used to illustrate the principles and practices introduced.

Sensors in Agriculture
Author : Dimitrios Moshou
Publisher : MDPI
Release Date : 2019-06-12
ISBN 10 : 3038977446
Pages : 354 pages

Agriculture requires technical solutions for increasing production while lessening environmental impact by reducing the application of agro-chemicals and increasing the use of environmentally friendly management practices. A benefit of this is the reduction of production costs. Sensor technologies produce tools to achieve the abovementioned goals. The explosive technological advances and developments in recent years have enormously facilitated the attainment of these objectives, removing many barriers for their implementation, including the reservations expressed by farmers. Precision agriculture and ‘smart farming’ are emerging areas where sensor-based technologies play an important role. Farmers, researchers, and technical manufacturers are joining their efforts to find efficient solutions, improvements in production, and reductions in costs. This book brings together recent research and developments concerning novel sensors and their applications in agriculture. Sensors in agriculture are based on the requirements of farmers, according to the farming operations that need to be addressed.

Research Anthology on Mental Health Stigma, Education, and Treatment
Author : Management Association, Information Resources
Publisher : IGI Global
Release Date : 2021-02-05
ISBN 10 : 1799885992
Pages : 1305 pages

In times of uncertainty and crisis, the mental health of individuals become a concern as added stressors and pressures can cause depression, anxiety, and stress. Today, especially with more people than ever experiencing these effects due to the Covid-19 epidemic and all that comes along with it, discourse around mental health has gained heightened urgency. While there have always been stigmas surrounding mental health, the continued display of these biases can add to an already distressing situation for struggling individuals. Despite the experience of mental health issues becoming normalized, it remains important for these issues to be addressed along with adequate education about mental health so that it becomes normalized and discussed in ways that are beneficial for society and those affected. Along with raising awareness of mental health in general, there should be a continued focus on treatment options, methods, and modes for healthcare delivery. The Research Anthology on Mental Health Stigma, Education, and Treatment explores the latest research on the newest advancements in mental health, best practices and new research on treatment, and the need for education and awareness to mitigate the stigma that surrounds discussions on mental health. The chapters will cover new technologies that are impacting delivery modes for treatment, the latest methods and models for treatment options, how education on mental health is delivered and developed, and how mental health is viewed and discussed. It is a comprehensive view of mental health from both a societal and medical standpoint and examines mental health issues in children and adults from all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds and in a variety of professions, including healthcare, emergency services, and the military. This book is ideal for psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, counsellors, religious leaders, mental health support agencies and organizations, medical professionals, teachers, researchers, students, academicians, mental health practitioners, and more.

Sensors for Health Monitoring
Author : Nilanjan Dey,Jyotismita Chaki,Rajesh Kumar
Publisher : Academic Press
Release Date : 2019-09-09
ISBN 10 : 012819362X
Pages : 322 pages

Sensors for Health Monitoring discusses the characteristics of U-Healthcare systems in different domains, providing a foundation for working professionals and undergraduate and postgraduate students. The book provides information and advice on how to choose the best sensors for a U-Healthcare system, advises and guides readers on how to overcome challenges relating to data acquisition and signal processing, and presents comprehensive coverage of up-to-date requirements in hardware, communication and calculation for next-generation uHealth systems. It then compares new technological and technical trends and discusses how they address expected u-Health requirements. In addition, detailed information on system operations is presented and challenges in ubiquitous computing are highlighted. The book not only helps beginners with a holistic approach toward understanding u-Health systems, but also presents researchers with the technological trends and design challenges they may face when designing such systems. Presents an outstanding update on the use of U-Health data analysis and management tools in different applications, highlighting sensor systems Highlights Internet of Things enabled U-Healthcare Covers different data transmission techniques, applications and challenges with extensive case studies for U-Healthcare systems

Precision Livestock Farming Applications
Author : Ilan Halachmi
Publisher : N.A
Release Date : 2015-06-05
ISBN 10 : 9789086862689
Pages : 328 pages

Environmental Stress and Amelioration in Livestock Production
Author : Veerasamy Sejian,S.M.K. Naqvi,Thaddeus Ezeji,Jeffrey Lakritz,Rattan Lal
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2012-06-05
ISBN 10 : 3642292054
Pages : 570 pages

Given the importance of livestock to the global economy, there is a substantial need for world-class reference material on the sustainable management of livestock in diverse eco-regions. With uncertain climates involving unpredictable extreme events (e.g., heat, drought, infectious disease), environmental stresses are becoming the most crucial factors affecting livestock productivity. By systematically and comprehensively addressing all aspects of environmental stresses and livestock productivity, this volume is a useful tool for understanding the various intricacies of stress physiology. With information and case studies collected and analyzed by professionals working in diversified ecological zones, this book explores the influence of the environment on livestock production across global biomes. The challenges the livestock industry faces in maintaining the delicate balance between animal welfare and production are also highlighted.